Friday, March 31, 2023


The recent acknowledgment by the Catholic Church that the Doctrine of Discovery dehumanized Indigenous peoples and did not recognize their equal rights is an important step towards healing and reconciliation.

This doctrine has been used by governments, including the United States, to justify mistreatment and land theft from Indigenous communities. 

We hope that this acknowledgement is not just symbolic, but leads to a full recognition of the history of oppression and colonialism, not just by the Church but also by governments worldwide.

Tribal disenrollment is a modern-day issue that stems from this history of oppression and discrimination.  The fact that some tribes use racial and discriminatory criteria to strip members of their tribal citizenship is unacceptable and violates the fundamental principles of human dignity,  as we have seen with the Five Civilized Tribes, and more recently with the reported upcoming expulsion of Blacks from The Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians in CA.

Native leaders and native media MUST HAVE difficult conversations and work towards positive change and restorative justice for all peoples.

The resilience (WE ARE STILL HERE) and wisdom of Indigenous peoples are a testament to their strength and faith in a better future. DO THE RIGHT THING Tribal Leaders.



The slow process for justice is nearing the end for the Black Creeks as they will be in court APRIL 4th.  Read JIM CROW REARS IT's UGLY HEAD  for some background.   Over 154 years of INJUSTICE is a lot to bear and the Creek Tribe, a former ally of the Confederate States and slave owners themselves, must be held to answer.

THE BLACK WALL STREET TIMES has the story, here's an excerpt
Plaintiffs Rhonda Grayson and Jeff Kennedy are represented by Greenwood District attorney Damario Solomon-Simmons. They’re suing the Muscogee Nation Citizenship Board for denying them citizenship based on being designated “Freedmen,” the descendants of Black people who were once enslaved by the tribe.

Black Creeks argue that the tribe should respect the 1866 Treaty with the U.S. government. It declared Black Creeks and their descendants perpetual citizens of the tribe with full rights.

Meanwhile, the Muscogee Nation Attorney General represents the Citizenship Board. They argue that the tribe should instead respect the tribal constitution, which was revised in 1979 to exclude anyone who isn’t Creek “by-blood”.

Treaty rights aren't a one-way street.  RESPECT the TREATIES should mean respect ALL THE TREATIES.

READ THE ARTICLE and wish our Creek Freedmen friends good luck in this court battle

Thursday, March 30, 2023

Secretary of Interior Deb Haaland, WE HAVE QUESTIONS for YOU on TRIBAL DISENROLLMENT. WHAT DO YOU KNOW Madame Secretary

Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland had some difficulty this week answering simple questions from congress.  I'd love to give her an opportunity to answer my questions on disenrollment, tribal abuse and corruption.   

Madame Secretary please address these questions for 11,000 Native Americans being sacrificed on the altar of sovereignty

What is your understanding of tribal disenrollment and its effects on tribal members?

Have you had any interactions with tribal leaders or members regarding the issue of disenrollment?

Do you believe that tribal leaders should be held accountable for their actions of violations of civil rights when it comes to disenrollment?

Would you direct the  BIA to facilitate mediation between tribes and disenfranchised tribal members in an attempt to resolve disputes and find a mutually acceptable solution?

In your opinion, what steps can be taken to address disenrollment and its impact on affected tribal members?

How do you plan to ensure that the rights of disenfranchised tribal members are protected and upheld, particularly when it comes to access to essential services and benefits?

Tribal Leaders and Politician's Silence on Tribal Disenrollment Speaks Volumes on Their Priorities. Civil and Human Rights Aren't Priorities

Politicians and tribal leaders turn a blind eye to the abuse of disenrollment, which perpetuates the historical trauma of Native Americans.    HOW HARD IS IT TO SAY THIS?


"As a leader of this community, I strongly denounce the practice of disenrollment. It goes against everything our ancestors fought for and undermines the very foundation of our tribal sovereignty."


"Disenrollment is a painful and divisive practice that only serves to tear our communities apart. We must come together to find a better way to resolve our differences and build a stronger, more inclusive future for all members of our tribe."


"No one should be stripped of their tribal citizenship and all the rights that come with it based on flimsy or non-existent evidence. We must uphold the principles of due process and fairness for all members of our community."


"The elders in our community are the keepers of our culture and traditions, and we must honor and respect them. Disenrollment only compounds the historical trauma our people have faced and perpetuates the very injustices we have fought to overcome."


"As a leader, it is my duty to stand up for what is right and just. Disenrollment is a violation of the basic human rights of our tribal members, and we must put an end to it once and for all."

Tribal Leaders Engage in Disenrollment War of Attrition, Leaving a Trail of Dead and Abused Elders

 It is a despicable truth that many tribal leaders do not care about winning the "hearts and minds" of their communities when it comes to the issue of tribal disenrollment. Instead, they seem to be fighting a war of attrition, leaving a trail of dead elders in their wake.  They are installed in the Tribal Leader's  HALL OF SHAME

Let's DEFINE ELDER ABUSE:    California State Bar Association Elder Abuse:

It is the neglect, exploitation or “painful or harmful” mistreatment of anyone who is 65 or older (or any disabled dependent adult aged (18 to 64). It can involve physical violence, psychological abuse, isolation, abandonment, abduction, false imprisonment or a caregiver’s neglect. It could also involve the unlawful taking of a senior’s money or property.

For those who may not be familiar with the term, even after 16 years of blogging,  tribal disenrollment refers to the process by which tribal members are stripped of their citizenship and all the rights that come with it, often based on flimsy or non-existent evidence of insufficient ancestry or other criteria.  It's tribal terrorism

While disenrollment can have devastating effects on the lives of those affected, including loss of access to healthcare, education, housing, and other essential services, tribal leaders seem to be more concerned with consolidating power and resources within their own ranks than with the well-being of their communities as a whole.

They are willing to go to great lengths to achieve their goals, including using legal loopholes and questionable tactics to strip people of their tribal membership. And when their tactics are challenged, they resort to intimidation, harassment, and even violence against those who dare to speak out.  The want to hold POWER AT ANY COST

What is especially tragic about this situation is the toll it takes on the elders in these communities. Many of them are the ones who have fought hardest for tribal sovereignty and self-determination, only to find themselves targeted and marginalized by their own leaders in their old age.

These elders are the keepers of their people's culture, history, and traditions, and their loss is felt deeply by their families and communities. It is a cruel irony that those who should be held in the highest esteem are instead treated with such callous disregard.

It is time for tribal leaders to realize that their actions have consequences, not just for those they disenroll, but for the entire community. They must prioritize the well-being of their people over their own narrow interests and work to build a truly inclusive and just society. The alternative is a continuation of the war of attrition that leaves only casualties in its wake.

Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Controversy surrounds Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland as Critics Question her Qualifications for the JOB IS she the Pete Buttigieg of the Interior

Sorry Aunty, we expect you to know your job, not just parade around as a diversity hire.  Frankly being the Pete Buttigieg of the Interior is NOT A GOOD LUCK.

Deb Haaland
Secretary of the Interior

All of Indian Country had high hopes for the first Native American Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland when she was chosen.  Well, not all.  The Freedmen of the Five Civilized Tribes were against her choice, you can read about that here   

The Department of the Interior is ALSO responsible for energy in this country, see this tweet, then watch the video of how little she knows after over a year.

You would think that she would study and learn and be fluent in the issues important to her boss, President Joe Biden.  Alas, NO.  See her poor performance today.   This was so weak to be embarrassing.

How can we expect her to understand the issues of disenrollment which affects 11,000 living Native Americans?   Just because she's Native?

Monday, March 27, 2023


 My young friend Cam Foreman, disenrolled from the Redding Rancheria along with 70 of his family,  had this statement to me and twitter today:

External attacks on tribal sovereignty get more attention, while the abuse of power by tribal governments, including the denial of treaty and constitutional rights, risks the sovereignty of indigenous people

Corruption and abuse of power can undermine tribal sovereignty in several ways. First, they can erode the trust and confidence of tribal members in their own government, which is essential for a sovereign nation to function effectively. When tribal leaders abuse their power, it can create a sense of disillusionment and disconnection among tribal members, who may feel that their voices and concerns are not being heard or addressed.

Second, corruption and abuse of power can lead to a breakdown in the governance of the community. When leaders prioritize their own interests over the needs of the community, it can result in a lack of accountability, like at Pechanga with their two large family disenrollments, transparency, and effectiveness in decision-making.

This can ultimately weaken the ability of the tribal government to fulfill its responsibilities and provide for the well-being of its members.

Corruption and abuse of power can also result in the loss of resources and lands that are critical to the sovereignty of indigenous communities. When tribal leaders misuse funds or engage in fraudulent activities, it can lead to the loss of important resources that could be used to support the community.   Similarly, when tribal lands are sold or leased without the consent of the community or in violation of treaty obligations, it can undermine the sovereignty of the tribe and threaten their ability to maintain their cultural practices and way of life.   WE MUST DEMAND accountability

Addressing these issues is essential for ensuring that our indigenous communities can exercise their inherent right to self-determination and thrive as sovereign nations.


 “Heather Rae is not a citizen of the Cherokee Nation,” Scott said in the statement. “She has no affiliation with Cherokee Nation Film Office and was not included in any funding it provided to ‘Fancy Dance.'”  

The Cherokee Nation couldn't moondance away from Heather Rae fast enough.

She joins a LONG list of FAKES, in both Hollywood and Academia and politics with Elizabeth Warren (D).

Cherokee genealogist and tribal advocate David Cornsilk clears up the misconception on Cherokee identification

The estimable ACEE AGOYO of INDIANZ has the full story here

Rae, however, has claimed to be Cherokee since the early days of her decades-long career, one in which she has emerged as a key player in the film and television industry, where American Indian and Alaska Native voices are all but invisible. When asked 17 years ago about being “part Native American,” she had a quick answer.

“What tribe?” the host of the Idaho Public Television show inquired in March 2006.

“Cherokee,” said Rae, who was raised in Idaho and who nodded repeatedly when asked about her heritage.

While asserting to be Cherokee, Rae has centered herself as a creator of Native stories, the kind that rarely get told in Hollywood. She ran the “Indigenous” program at the Sundance Institute, which organizes the largest independent film festival in the United States, before going on to write, direct and produce a series of projects with Native themes, including the Oscar-nominated Frozen River.

The Painful Legacy of Tribal Disenrollment: How Pechanga's Ancestors Are Crying Out for Justice


Dishonors our Ancestors who
have been together from

It is deeply disheartening to witness current council members disregard over three decades of the Pechanga band's history between 1970 and 2000.  It is equally dismaying that they seek to erase the oral depositions recorded by several Ancestors of the Pechanga band in 1915.  BRING ALL our PEOPLE HOME.

We owe it to our shared Ancestry, including those we ADOPTED INTO THE TRIBE, to uphold the honor and dignity of ALL band members, from our predecessors to the present day.

The fact that Allotted Indians at Pechanga can be stripped of their voting rights, water rights, and their rightful share in casino profits is a travesty. It is a dishonor to our Ancestors and their federal and band recognition. Are they the same tribe that was federally recognized?    We cannot remain silent in the face of such injustice.

Our Ancestors deserve the truth, and it is our duty to honor it, ALL OF US. Let us stand together in solidarity and fight against any faction that seeks to undermine our shared heritage and dishonor the legacy of our forebears.

The time has come to demand that our rights be respected and our voices heard.  We will not rest until justice is served, and the truth prevails.  Our ancestors DEMAND it.

READ:  Mark Macarro's Legacy: Harming Indians, Lying to Congress and APARTHEID at Pechanga

The reason why the truth about Pechanga's disenrollment remains unchanged is that the tribe refuses to allow it to be openly discussed in an unbiased forum such as a court of law (The Pechanga General Council, THE PEOPLE) where both sides could present their case. Despite what Pechanga claims about courts, this has never happened.

If you think that our appeal, and that of the Manuela Miranda descendants were fair and unbiased, consider this: the people who ruled and voted against us during our disenrollment were also on the tribal council, and our appeal was heard by the same council. This is a clear conflict of interest and would never be allowed in any court of law or other impartial panel.

When we asked that those who ruled against us from the enrollment committee recuse themselves from participating in our appeal, it was met with ridicule and a refusal to step aside. Can we honestly say that we received a fair hearing? It is akin to asking a thief to sit on the jury of their own case.

This is just one example of the unfairness that the enrollment and tribal council engaged in. There are several by-laws that were not considered and were outright broken. Pechanga is clearly afraid of the truth and is unwilling to face the consequences of their actions

Indigenous Voices Demand an End to Tribal Disenrollment and Upholding Human Rights and Traditional Ways of Honor

Finally, new voices are joining the chorus against the action of disenrollment, which has harmed over 11,000 Native Americans in nearly 80 tribes.   Secretary Deb HaalandVice President Kamala HarrisCA Governor Gavin Newsom  Fawn Sharpof the NCAI, not so much:


We condemn in the strongest possible terms any actions that violate the civil and human rights of Indigenous people, including stripping them of their citizenship and stealing their rightful per capita payments. These actions are not only unethical, but they also violate the fundamental principles of Indigenous sovereignty and self-determination.

We stand in solidarity with those who have been affected by these actions and call for justice, healing, and reconciliation for all Indigenous people. It is our hope that all tribes will work towards solutions that prioritize the values of Indigenous communities, including cultural identity, sovereignty, and community membership, and ensure that the rights and well-being of their people are protected and respected.

We call on policymakers, advocacy groups, and all stakeholders to engage in discussions and work together to address this issue in a way that is respectful of Indigenous sovereignty and human rights. Together, we can work towards a future where all Indigenous people are able to live with dignity, respect, and justice.

Fawn Sharp, Secretary Deb Haaland, Vice President Kamala Harris, CA Governor Gavin Newsom    WE EXPECT BETTER OF YOU

Until the leaders of tribes across the country step up and acknowledge the horrific damage that is occurring in Indian country, the genocide of our elders and future generations will continue unabated. This is not a problem that should be swept under the rug or ignored, as it strikes at the very heart of what it means to be human.

Sunday, March 26, 2023

Native Advocacy Groups' Failure to Address Disenrollment Amounts to Complicity in the Destruction of Indigenous Communities. NCAI, NARF, ACLU ALL ABJECT FAILURES on Disenrollment


It is understandable that not everyone is fully informed or consumed by the issue of tribal disenrollment in Native American communities. It is a completely different matter when individuals attempt to virtue signal by pretending to be concerned without taking any meaningful action to address the issue.

To feign concern and do nothing to combat the injustice of disenrollment is to be complicit in the harm that is being caused to indigenous communities. It is a dereliction of our moral duty to stand up for what is right and to speak out against injustice, no matter how far removed we may be from the issue at hand.

While it is certainly commendable to acknowledge the issue of disenrollment and express concern, it is imperative that we take meaningful action to combat this shameful practice.

Makes you wonder WHAT is bad enough to get our so-called NATIVE ADVOCATES involved?  THIS isn't enough?

•Stripped tribal members of their citizenship
•Denied voting rights to members
•Taken away rightful healthcare to seniors
•Blocked access to land on the reservation
•Denied members due process of law, including legal representation, even writing tools.
•Prohibition of practicing religion, including the right to pray at their ancestor's graves.
•Threatened others if they speak out
•Subjected some to ex post facto laws.

We must keep educating ourselves and others on the issue, advocating for policy changes, and supporting the disenfranchised members of these communities.  Sitting on the sidelines simply will not work.  We must work to support the elders, children and honor our ancestors.

We must move beyond mere performative gestures and take concrete steps to support the indigenous communities that are being torn apart by this egregious practice. 

Failure to act is not only a reflection of our own moral character but also a continuation of the long-standing injustices that have plagued Native American communities for generations.  


 It is a travesty that there are still individuals and groups within Native American tribes who continue to horrifically violate the tribal, civil, and human rights of their own people.

These chieftains and councils that shamelessly engage in practices such as disenrollment, disenfranchisement, moratoriums and dismemberment, tearing apart the very fabric of their communities. They shame the ancestors to which they profess to hold dear

It is simply unacceptable that these individuals and groups work towards furthering the nonrecognition of other indigenous people and tribes, perpetuating the very same colonialist tactics that haveoppressed Native American communities for centuries. Such behavior is not only reprehensible, but it is also deeply concerning and must be addressed with urgency by our federal government.

Equally unacceptable is the lack of significant coverage of this issue by native media.   11,000 victims isn't enough?

We cannot allow the continued oppression and marginalization of Native American communities to go unchallenged.
Those who engage in these practices must be held accountable for their actions and called out for the harm they have caused to their own people. We can do that by exposing these shameful practices to the media, our policians and the tribal casino going public.

We must stand in solidarity with those who have been disenfranchised, dismembered, and disowned, and work together to fight against these injustices. 

It is time for a new era of accountability and justice in Native American communities, where the rights and dignity of all individuals are respected and protected.  And we are NOT here to keep shameful "family secrets" of disenrollment and abuse.

Heed the words of GERONIMO:    "If an Apache had allowed his aged parents to suffer for food or shelter, if he had neglected or abused the sick, if he had profaned our religion, or had been unfaithful, he might be banished from the tribe."  

INSTEAD, politicians like Gavin Newson and Kamala Harris give tacit approval to these horrific acts.

Learn More on Disenrollment, Ethnic Cleansing in Indian Gaming Country at these Links:
Gaming Revenue Blamed for Disenrollment
Disenrollment is paper Genocide
CA Tribal Cleansing
Tribal terrorism
TRIBAL TERRORISM includes Banishment
Nooksack Disenrollment

Pechanga Resort & Casino BUFFET: Chairman's Corruption and Abuse IS RAW, INDIGESTIBLE and DAMAGING

 We aren't talking about the salad bar at Pechanga Resort & Casino. We aren't talking about HOW TO WIN at PECHANGA CASINO  We're talking about the abuses heaped on lineal descendants of Original Pechanga people by Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians Chairman and National Congress of American Indians' Vice President Mark Macarro.

Stories of ABUSE must be
shared, not kept like "family secrets"

Here's what's on the Pechanga Casino Tribe's Buffet of Corruption


The Pechanga General Council, the final arbiter of the LAW at Pechanga voted to END all disenrollment.  Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro IGNORED the will of the people, acted OUTSIDE THE PECHANGA CONSTITUTION and disenrolled the Hunter descendants.  Threats to the remaining tribal members kept them in line and from speaking out.

As discussed in this linked article, YES, Pechanga practices apartheid and NO we aren't comparing the level to South Africa, but if you don't call them out on it, who is to say it won't get worse? It's still distasteful as it is.


Tribal Disenrollment: A Betrayal of Native American Culture and Identity, It's An Attack on Human Rights

Tribal sovereignty should be nurtured and cherished, not dishonored by tribes who wield sovereignty like a club to abuse their own people

Tribal disenrollment revokes the citizenship or enrollment of their own members, effectively stripping us of our tribal identity and the rights and benefits that come with it. This practice is often used as a tool for political control, many times it happened just before tribal elections.  

Tribal disenrollment is morally repugnant. 

It's a violation of fundamental human rights, including the right to self-identification and the right to belong to a cultural community.

For many tribal members, their tribal identity is an integral part of their sense of self and their connection to their ancestors, traditions, and cultural heritage. Disenrollment can result in the loss of access to important cultural and spiritual practices, as well as financial and social support.

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Pechanga Resort Casino Leads Top Ten Tribal Casinos to Avoid. Read WHY

These Ten TRIBAL Casinos are some we chose to STAY AWAY from and NOT spend our entertainment dollars there. In NO particular order, except for Pechanga because they are MY TRIBE and they cheated MY family and dishonored MY ancestors and our young people.  
Pechanga Chairman NCAI VP
Serial Abuser of Tribal People  

There is much more detail at each of the links, please click through
PECHANGA RESORT & CASINO: Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians CA

In 2004, 130+ adult members and their immediate families were disenrolled from the Pechanga Band. The members were all descendants of Chief Pablo Apish, a historically significant leader of the Pechanga/Temecula people. None of the members were allowed to participate in the 2004 tribal elections as a result of their disenrollment.  Why? There family members found evidence of corruption on the enrollment committee, keeping rightful members out of the tribe

Chukchansi Tribe Reportedly Going After Their BLACK INDIANS For Disenrollment

Their is NO purity at the Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians yet, the most egregious of the disenrolling tribes are at it again.  Sources are saying that the tribe will target their "Black Indians" next.  Can you put that disgraceful action out of Chukchansi's scope of actions?

Just when you thought the Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians couldn't be ANY WORSE, they continue to surprise us.   

Who do their think they are?  The Cherokee, A tribe that disenrolled their black slave descendants, but have now restored those rights after a lengthy court battle, and now have welcomed ALL their rightful people home. The Creeks, who are still racially oppressing their Freedmen descendants,  and the other so called Five Civilized tribes?

California Indians have mixed with Europeans for CENTURIES.  Going after groups for being "unpure" is very ... Nazi-like.  There's no one way to look Indian/Native American. We come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.

Chukchansi disenrolled their last language speaker Ruby Roan Cordero , remember?

This is simply disgraceful.  Are you paying attention Gavin Newsom?  Maybe ANOTHER meeting at their casino?

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Is Gavin Newsom Losing Control on California's Tribal Gaming Business? RINCON Goes FEDERAL on Oversight

 Interesting news on the tribal gaming front in California. The Rincon tribe has OPTED OUT of State Oversight according to this San Diego Union Tribune article.   Rincon was one of the first tribes to open a bingo hall in California, and Bo Mazzetti has been fighting for their right of sovereignty for decades.

Photo by 
          Ariana Drehsler / For The SD Union-Tribune

With California and the tribe unable to reach agreement in the years since, Mazzeti said Rincon entered into an interim arrangement known as a secretarial procedure that allowed it to operate its casino under federal approval instead of state approval.  Read Schwarzenegger is a political blackmailer

On Nov. 21, the state and tribe agreed the regulatory role would permanently shift to the NIGC and the tribe would no longer need to reimburse California for regulatory costs, a spokesperson for Gov. Gavin Newsom said in an email. The agreement with the NIGC was signed Jan. 3, said a spokesperson with the federal agency.

Elizabeth L. Homer, a tribal gaming attorney in Washington D.C. and former NIGC vice chair, said that moving away from a state gaming compact can increase sovereignty and self-governance. In California, she said, tribal gaming compacts often include stipulations related to child support enforcement or environmental policies.

“Compacts are really only supposed to govern the conduct of Class III gaming and are not intended as a mechanism for the state to start pressing its policies onto tribal governments,” Homer said.

Although the tribe will no longer be under the state’s gaming regulation, that doesn’t mean there won’t be an abundance of regulatory oversight.

READ the rest at the links above and SHARE to social media

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

The Ethics of Tribal Disenrollment: There is NO Ethical Dilemma in Protecting the Rights of the Abused, As there is in Protecting the Rights of the ABUSER

Tribal gaming has helped many tribes in CA, come out of poverty. My tribe, the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians(led by Mark Macarro )included . Many of the Pechanga people are uneducated and I remember they were so excited when per capita was such that they qualified for a Target credit card.  Unfortunately, the modest growth was not enough, greed soon follows.  

Instead of helping all their people, as promised when they campaigned for casino gaming, including those they placed in a membership moratorium hold, who rightfully belonged to the tribe, they looked at who they could get rid of to increase their per capita checks.   $5,000 a month wasn't enough, $10,000 per month not enough, $17,000 per month not enough, $22,000 per month STILL not enough.  Greed is the proper description.

Tribal disenrollment can raise a number of ethical concerns and violations, including:

Violation of Due Process: Tribal disenrollment can violate due process rights, which guarantee individuals the right to a fair and impartial hearing before being deprived of their tribal citizenship.

Lack of Transparency: Disenrollment processes can lack transparency and accountability, which can make it difficult for individuals to understand the reasons for their disenrollment and to challenge the decision.

Discrimination: Disenrollment can be used to target individuals and families based on their political views, their ethnicity, or other factors. This can be a violation of civil rights and can create a climate of fear and hostility within tribal communities.

Denial of Cultural Heritage: Disenrollment can result in the loss of cultural heritage and identity for individuals and their families. This can be especially harmful for individuals who have invested significant time and resources in learning about their cultural heritage and maintaining their connections to their tribal community.

Elder Abuse: Disenrollment can disproportionately affect elderly individuals, who may be less able to defend themselves against allegations of wrongdoing or to navigate complex legal processes.

But the facts are clear, while most tribes have not treated their people as abominably as the Pechanga, Redding Rancheria, Picayune Rancheria, Pala and others have treated their people. In fact it's more like Tribal Terrorism, using fear and threat to keep their voting membership in line.  Remember, too, the fewer voters, the easier it is to control the general population.

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Justice for Native Americans: Restore Them to Their Rightful Place and End Disenrollment! RIGHT THE WRONGS

Disenrollment is an egregious violation of Native Americans' basic human rights and cultural heritage.  Silence on the issue is tacit approval

The practice of tribal disenrollment is a clear and blatant violation of Native Americans' basic human rights and cultural heritage. This abhorrent practice has been carried out by some tribal leaders who use it as a tool to consolidate their own power and silence those who dare to speak out against their policies.  Many times it has happened just prior to tribal elections.

Native American Hall of Shame 

It is time for those responsible for disenrollment to be held accountable for their actions. Tribal leaders who engage in this practice must be called out and held responsible for their violations of human rights and cultural heritage.

The very idea of disenrollment is an affront to the values of justice and equality that our country holds dear. By stripping tribal members of their identity and denying them access to vital resources and benefits, tribal leaders are essentially robbing them of their basic human rights.

This is not only morally repugnant but also a clear violation of international human rights standards.

Disenrollment is a direct attack on Native American culture and heritage. For centuries, Native Americans have fought to preserve their identity and traditions in the face of oppression and forced assimilation. By denying tribal members their rightful place within their own communities, tribal leaders are effectively erasing centuries of cultural history and identity.

Despite the clear and undeniable harm caused by disenrollment, some tribal leaders continue to carry out this practice with impunity. They ignore calls for transparency and due process, using their power to intimidate and threaten those who stand up for what is right.

It is time for those responsible for disenrollment to be held accountable for their actions. Tribal leaders who engage in this practice must be called out and held responsible for their violations of human rights and cultural heritage. The federal government must step in to provide the necessary support and oversight to ensure that the rights of all Native Americans are protected.

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Red Fox Casino Announces Closing. Cahto Tribe of Laytonville Rancheria

 The Cahto Tribe of the Laytonville Rancheria announces closure of the Red Fox Casino afire 20 years

We had removed this casino from our Top Ten to avoid after we heard they were bringing back the disenrolled Sloan family. Still waiting on tribal confirmation.   Let’s hope that karma follows their new business venture.

Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Nooksack Elders Win EVICTION STAY in Tribal Court Pending Appeal To Supreme Court

Aunt Ollie Oshiro

 Temporary good news on NOOKSACK 306 elders, as reported by noted Native American rights attorney Gabriel Galanda:

Prayers answered. These two Nooksack Elders were able to trigger an eviction stay in tribal court, pending appeal. They and their loved ones remain safe for now. But with the Nooksack tribal council serving as "supreme court," their evictions still appear inevitable. This situation remains a blight upon all Native nations.

This keeps the elder's eviction on hold, but the stated goal of the Nooksack Tribe is to get them out.  The HIGH COURT, will rubber stamp the eviction.

 This belies the statement in their recent newsletter:    

"Many Native peoples have the teaching that we are all related, our clans and kinship systems show us how we are connected to each other. 

Yeah, right..

Nooksack Tribal Council's Flagrant Interference with Justice Leaves Nooksack 306 Lawsuits in Limbo for SEVEN YEARS

Noted Native rights attorney Gabriel Galanda reports on his Facebook page

Nooksack is reviving several Nooksack 306 lawsuits filed SEVEN years ago and seeking dismissal for "want of prosecution."
Why weren't they prosecuted?

Because the Tribal Council fired Chief Judge Susan Alexander before she could rule against them;
READ WHAT The National American Indian Court Association had to say about that   

They disbarred Galanda Broadman; denied business licenses to several other law firms;
"REJECTED" the family's pro se papers;   installed tribal lawyer Ray Dodge as "judge" to gate-keep and then the Federal Government had to pay $35,000 in claims for JUDICIAL MISCONDUCT

And they cordoned off the Tribal Court with armed tribal police to quite literally prevent access to justice.

Monday, March 13, 2023

Cayuga Nation Dispute Coming to a Head. Clint Halftown vs. Traditionalists Shame on the Tyrant.

The New York Times has a very thorough piece on the battles at the CAYUGA NATION
Thank you Jesse McKinley

Men stand guard at a barbed wire blockade, tending a fire they keep burning around the clock and protecting a two-story home that is on the verge of collapse.  Watch this video

The scene is the latest front in a fight that has riven the Cayuga Nation, a federally recognized Native American tribe in upstate New York, pitting two groups within the Nation against each other.

It is a conflict in which homes and property have been destroyed and accusations of thievery and greed swirl. On one side is the tribal government and its longtime leader, Clint Halftown, who has begun to reclaim the land that once belonged to the tribe; on the other is a group of self-described “traditionalists,” who say they do not recognize Mr. Halftown’s administration and who have staked their own claims to some of the property the Nation has bought.

Blood is Thicker Than Water, But Not for The Macarros: Tribal Chairman Keeps His Own Family Members Out of the Pechanga Tribe

Pechanga Chairman and National Congress of American Indians Vice President Mark Macarro's public persona belies his actual demeanor.  We wrote about this story years ago.  It brings to question the Pechanga moratorium, which was put in place 25 year ago, to "correct the record". 


How is it that in 25 years, the enrollment committee couldn't figure out Chairman Mark's FIRST COUSIN, Arlene Macarro and family, rightfully belonged.  25 years. The newborn grandbabies of the Enrollment committee could have graduated from college.  

This story is not limited to Pechanga, here's one from 2000 in the LA TIMES

So, brace yourself for this one.  It's well-known that the Chairman of the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians, Mark Macarro, has allowed the despicable act of wiping out more than 20% of his own tribe via an unlawful disenrollment. And get this, it was against the Pechanga tribal constitution! But that's not even the worst part. This scum, along with his little brother John and cousin Victor, had worked tirelessly to keep their OWN FAMILY members out of the tribe. Can you believe it?  Some of us can, we've experienced it.

Their own cousin, Arlene Macarro, has been languishing in the membership moratorium for over two decades, I repeat, Mark Macarro's OWN COUSIN. and all while these bloodsuckers play their disgusting little games and keep rightful members out of the tribe.  Yes, it's for money as we wrote here

Arlene says she didn’t learn she had lost her tribal membership until she traveled in 1998, to the Temecula reservation to visit her grandfather’s grave and was denied entry by security guards.

Many tribal people THOUGHT they were members, they didn't realize they had to apply for membership.   In fact in the first 1979 membership, Mark Macarro is absent.  Others, not blood related wormed their way into the tribe.   They were not disenrolled. 

And if that wasn't bad enough, it appears they stooped so low as to engage in some shady quid pro quo to get our family out of the tribe.  Former enrollment committee chairman Bobbi LeMere was able to sneak her adult family members into the tribe just after the Hunter disenrollments were confirmed, AGAINST TRIBAL LAW: The Moratorium.   LeMere's family could get in, but NOT THE CHAIRMAN'S?  That sounds shady, doesn't it? Tribe have the sovereign right to be shady AF, and damn if they don't exercise it.

If you want to read about the full extent of this nauseating family feud, check out the link to pechangajournal. But be warned, the details alleged are not for the faint of heart. And as if things couldn't get any worse, Arlene, a member of the Macarro family, has alleged she'd been threatened by Victor Rocha.

It just goes to show you that being a vile, loathsome jerk runs in the Macarro family. Disgusting by any measure.

Just because a tribe has sovereign right to abuse their own, it doesn't make the abuse right.

Saturday, March 11, 2023

Sovereign Immunity Used as Excuse for Injustice: Bureau of Indian Affairs Fails to Uphold Fiduciary Duty to Protect Native American Citizens

Oh, NO!  He's writing a mean post against (gasp!) tribal sovereign abuse again!  And the henchman at the BIA! (well, okay)

The Bureau of Indian Affairs is a shameful disgrace to the United States government. They claim to protect the rights of Indian citizens, yet they ignore illegal acts and racketeering against these very citizens under the guise of "sovereign immunity." This is nothing short of a travesty and a clear violation of their fiduciary duty as government officials.

It is outrageous that the BIA chooses to turn a blind eye to these injustices, effectively condoning them and creating a hostile environment for Indian citizens and the suddenly non citizens. What's worse, these citizens are/were not only members of a sovereign nation, but also United States citizens.

The BIA has a duty to ensure fair treatment for all citizens, not just chiefs and chairmen.

If such civil rights violations were to occur in a foreign country, at least the U.S. citizen would have the support of the U.S. embassy. 

However, Indian citizens are left to fend for themselves, with no protection from the very government that should be safeguarding their rights.  We see that happening now with the Nooksack 306 elders under eviction orders in Washington State.  They are completely ignored by their U.S. Senators Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray.

The BIA's failure to fulfill their legal obligation is not only disappointing, but also deeply troubling. By ignoring their duty to enrolled tribal members, disenrolled members whose membership was not protected and the Band as a whole, they are complicit in creating an environment where hostile takeovers like Chukchansi can occur.

As we keep saying, the issue of disenrollment and banishment of tribal members is a particularly egregious violation of individual civil rights. This practice is often used to cover up lawlessness and corruption within tribal governments, and it can have devastating consequences for those who are unfairly targeted. Being exiled from one's own community, especially from the sacred grounds of one's ancestors, is a deeply traumatic experience that can leave lasting scars.   And that's lateral violence and continues the historical trauma experience by so many Native people.

This is an absolute disgrace, and the BIA should be ashamed of their blatant disregard for the rights and wellbeing of Indian citizens. Secretary Deb Haaland, take the lead on protecting ALL Native Americans, not just the political donor class

Friday, March 10, 2023

Silence is Complicity: Failure to Stand Against Tribal Disenrollment is a Betrayal of Tribal Community and Justice


The fight against disenrollment requires courage, perseverance, and a commitment to justice and human dignity. It requires us to speak out against injustice and to stand in solidarity with those who have been disenrolled or who are at risk of disenrollment.

There are so many reasons why tribal members won't stand up against leadership when they are doing wrongs. For some, it's a sense of loyalty and misguided respect towards the leaders, who may have earned their trust and misplaced admiration over time. This loyalty can be further strengthened by deference to authority figures who professed to care about them.  

A stronger reason may be fear of retaliation or retribution. Leaders who hold significant power and influence within the community may be able to wield that power to punish or ostracize those who speak out against them. This abuse of power creates a climate of fear and silence, where people are hesitant to voice their concerns for fear of being targeted next.

Tribal politics are complex and nuanced, with various factions and interest groups vying for power and influence.  Members may feel pressure to align themselves with one group over another, and may be hesitant to speak out against their own leaders for fear of upsetting this delicate balance of power at any cost. Many have asked, "why is it so hard to do the right thing?"

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Tribal Disenrollment Helps The Federal Government Reduce It's Obligations To ALL Native Americans

Tribal Disenrollment: A Violation of Native Americans' Basic Human Rights and Cultural Heritage

If the government's desire is to get rid of Native Americans, and their obligations to us,  using disenrollment would be a deeply unethical and immoral objective that violates their basic human rights and is completely unacceptable.  But, does the federal government entities really care, when their actions are UNCHECKED?  

We don't even get the decency of a federal review to the loss of our recognition.  If tribes need the government's okay to be recognized, should we get that same "okay" to be UNrecognized?

The United States government has a long and troubled history when it comes to its treatment of Native American communities. From forced removals and assimilation policies to broken treaties and genocide, the government's actions towards Native Americans have been marked by violence, exploitation, and oppression. And now, casino tribes are continuing those policies

Efforts to use tribal disenrollment or other means to remove Native Americans from federal obligations in order to get rid of them would be a continuation of this unjust legacy. The government just says "we can't do anything" and sit back and watch, and count the tribal donations.

CUPENO People and Pala People Were Federally Recognized TOGETHER, NOW ONLY ONE Has The Recognition

The Federal Government has allowed the de-recognition of the Cupeno people, while still recognizing Pala's right to disenrollment them.   The Feds PUT THEM TOGETHER, should they have all the information needed to RECOGNIZE the Cupeno people. 

WHY would the Department of Interior delay in giving the Cupeno people  their rights?   The same reason a dog licks its balls: Because they can.

They restored the rights to the TEJON BAND, they can easily do that with the Cupeno people.  In fact, the Pala Tribe could probably give them all the information.  In fact, President Joe Biden could make this happen:   Historically, federal recognition could arise from treaty, executive order, or course of dealing

Reorganization Act (9th District Appeals)

The Reorganization Act did not apply to any reservation where a
majority of the adult Indians voted against its application “at
a special election duly called by the Secretary of the
Interior.” Id. § 5125. Interior held a single election for the
Indians residing on both tracts of the Pala Reservation—the
Cupeño and the Luiseño. The Indians overwhelmingly
rejected the Reorganization Act. While the Indians residing
at Pala considered themselves distinct, Interior considered it
“one reservation and no distinction [was] made between the
lands acquired at different times.” Some other federal
government records from that period distinguish between the
Cupeño and the Luiseño at Pala.

Feds Pick Winners and Losers
As far as the federal government is concerned, an
American Indian tribe does not exist as a legal entity unless
the federal government decides that it exists,”

Read this history below.

ACEE AGOYO of INDIANZ has the FULL STORY   Robert Smith of Pala eradicated the Cupeno Indians...but only from the Pala band via disenrollment.  They are FIGHTING BACK.

The tribe's unique history had long been reflected in how it appeared on the BIA's annually-published list: as the "Pala Band of Luiseño Mission Indians of the Pala Reservation, California." With the Cupeño descendants largely out of the picture, though, there was no need to remind everyone of the distinct communities on the reservation. Starting in 2016, as the last of the anti-disenrollment lawsuits was defeated in the federal courts, the tribe became simply known as the "Pala Band of Mission Indians."

BACKGROUND for PALA Disenrollment/Injustice

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

The Abuse of Power Against Elders of the Nooksack 306: Formerly Fired Nooksack Police Officer Causing FEAR in the Community; Continues to Menace Families


Could have sent a letter

Jeremy Hoyle, the Nooksack police officer who has been terrorizing Nooksack families and elders at their doorsteps for the past year and a half, was previously fired by the Lummi Nation for his "apparent disregard for the health, safety, and welfare of minors." It is clear that Hoyle is unfit to serve in a police uniform, and his behavior is causing immense fear and distress in the community.

The continuous serving of court papers to Elders could easily be done via certified mail or email, rendering Hoyle's armed presence unnecessary. Yet, Nooksack families live in constant fear that he will resort to physical violence while attempting to evict them from their federal tax credit homes. This situation is unacceptable and inhumane, putting the safety and wellbeing of community members at risk.

It is time for the Nooksack Tribe to take action and address the power and thuggery exhibited by Officer Hoyle. The community deserves to feel safe and protected, especially the most vulnerable among them - the elders. The Nooksack Tribe must hold Officer Hoyle accountable for his actions and put an end to this abusive behavior.  Justice must be served, and steps must be taken to ensure that such incidents do not occur again in the future. The dignity and respect of the community members, particularly the elders, must be preserved at all times.


OPEN LETTER TO Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians Tribal Council Denouncing their INHUMANITY OF Tribal Disenrollment

 Send your email to:

Chukchansi Council

Dear Tribal Council of PRCI,

I write to you with a heavy heart, as I witness the ongoing paper genocide of the Chukchansi People and many other Indigenous Peoples throughout California. It is shameful and disheartening that tribes like Picayune continue to flagrantly violate the tribal, civil, and human rights of their own People through disenrollment and moratoriums on membership, without facing any consequences.

Your council member Chance Alberta once promised that a healthy economy will allow money to be pumped back into tribal programs, but this same promise was made to 1600 Chukchansi People prior to the establishment of Chukchansi Gold. Since then, over 800 tribal members, including elders, future generations, language keepers, and babies, have had their birthright stolen by the PRCI government, which swore to protect the People and their rights.

Your actions have disrespected our Chukchansi ancestors and rewritten history, replacing a once proud Chukchansi Nation with a greedy corporation whose members have chosen to forget the Indian way of respect and caring for one's People. Your talk of continuing audits and disenrollments only adds insult to injury, as currently enrolled tribal members struggle with housing, education, and health insurance for all.

I implore you to do what the Creator planned for our People and bring ALL the People home to Picayune. It is time for you to put an end to the paper genocide and honor the sacred trust between your government and your People. It is time for you to stand up for justice and restore the rights of those who have been wronged. Do not let greed and power overshadow the fundamental principles of humanity and decency.

The eyes of the world are watching, and history will judge you by your actions. Choose wisely.


Monday, March 6, 2023

Oklahoma Indian Territory of Black Creek Freedmen History Exhibit A MUST SEE During OK's Museum's Week


The Governor of the state of Oklahoma has proclaimed March 12th -18th, 2023, as museums week to raise awareness of the cultural and historical societies, historic sites, zoos, aquariums, science centers, botanical gardens, historic houses, natural history museums, children's museums, heritage centers, living history museums, tribal cultural centers, and museums has on our state and our world.

Stop by and visit the Oklahoma Indian Territory Museum of Black Inc  Creek Freedmen History during museum week to explore the unique history of the Creek Freedmen of Indian Territory, March 12th -18th, 2023. The Museum has served as the Black Creek Freedmen's "Museum Without Walls" for over a decade, educating about the history of the Creek Freedmen who were removed from their traditional homelands from Georgia and Alabama via the Trail of Tears to what is now known as Oklahoma.

The museum exhibit features the history of the Muscogee people and the people known as African Creeks, a/k/a Creek Freedmen. The exhibit aims to take the audience back to the days of Indian Territory and the Trail of Tears. The Museum exhibit features an account of The Civil War and life after signing the Treaty of 1866, ordinary Creek Freedmen, and prominent Creek Freedmen leaders.

Creek Freedmen served in both ruling houses in the Muscogee Creek Nation, the House of Kings and the House of Warriors (Similar to the Senate and House of Representatives) in the Muscogee Nation National Council as policymakers, lawyers, translators, and advisors to the Principal Chief of the Nation!

Creek Freedmen (People of African descent) and other Freedmen of the so-called "five civilized tribes" participated in the forced removal from their traditional homelands in the Southeast to Indian Territory, now Oklahoma.

The Creek Freedmen or Black Creeks were granted full Citizenship within the Muscogee Creek Nation under the 1866 Creek Treaty Article II, equal to those with Native Citizenship in the Nation.