Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Native Opinion PODCAST Discusses Trump's Dishonoring The Navajo Code Talkers, and Media Shortcomings

Our friends at NATIVE OPINION, Dr. David GreyOwl and Michael Kickingbear  have a podcast up which includes the insults from President Donald Trump, and the culturally insensitive ruination of an event to honor our Navajo Code Talkers we posted about last week. Included in the discussion:

WHY DIDN'T MAINSTREAM MEDIA COVER THE SPEECH of the Navajo Code Talkers President?  They couldn't honor the code talkers, either?

You Can listen HERE.

In this episode of Native Opinion, our discussion includes our deconstruction of Trumps most recent insult of Indian country…his use of the word “Pocahontas”.

Also, why didn’t mainstream media cover the speech of the president of the Navajo Code Talkers?

We fix that by playing what they wouldn’t. We look at the veterans who went to Standing Rock one year later. 

Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Before the results are even certified, we now see what the NOOKSACK plans are:

Nooksack tribal chairman Bob Kelly said he plans to start a new round of disenrollment hearings this week following an election that seemed to favor incumbents but was clouded by allegations of fraud.

Kelly and his council allies have been trying for five years to kick roughly 300 members out of the tribe, launching a divisive dispute about lineage and power that has gotten national attention, sparked federal intervention and raised broader questions about tribal disenrollment nationwide.

Ryan Zinke signs Pechanga Water Rights Settlement. Rewards Civil and Human Rights Apartheid Practicing Tribe

Trump's new Interior Secretary RYAN ZINKE gives a civil and human rights abusing tribe water rights that should include reservation allottees.

Interior Executes Water Rights Settlement Agreement with Pechanga Band of Luiseño Mission Indians
WASHINGTON – U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke and Mark Macarro, Chairman of the Pechanga Band of Luiseño Mission Indians today signed the Pechanga Water Rights Settlement Agreement (Agreement), formally executing a Congressionally authorized pact that protects the Pechanga Band’s access to groundwater in the region and provides the tribe with more than $30 million in federal funding to pay for water storage projects.



“I’ve been doing the math and it just doesn’t make sense to me,” said Robert Doucette, who ran on a slate promising change in a tribe riven by bitter division over a long-running disenrollment effort.

Seattle attorney Gabriel Galanda, who has long represented those facing disenrollment, attracting national attention, has now taken on Doucette and other members of his slate as clients. On Monday, Galanda filed a challenge to the results with the tribal election board. He said he also plans to lodge a protest with the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA).

OP:  The BIA doesn't care.  They just wanted ANY ELECTION as COVER...

Kelly and aligned council members sought to kick out roughly 300 members in a dispute over lineage and power, the tribal government stopped tending to other matters and resorted to unusual means to enforce its will. It fired a judge for opinions it didn’t like, disbarred Galanda and called off an election that was supposed to be held in 2015.

With some Nooksack council members holding onto power after their terms had expired, the feds deemed the tribal government illegitimate and denied the tribe millions in federal funds. The election was a prerequisite for getting that funding back.
READ THE REST of the story HERE

Thursday, November 30, 2017

Liberal THINK PROGRESS NAILS Liberal Sen. Elizabeth Warren in Cherokee's Op -Ed

You don't often see this, a liberal website going against a liberal politician, so you have to give credit where credit is due.

This OP-Ed, I am Cherokee, Elizabeth Warren is NOT by Cherokee citizen Rebecca Nagle, gets to the heart of the matter:  She is NOT Cherokee, She benefitted from lying, she should APOLOGIZE and even HAS an apology that Warren can use.

Cherokee activist and genealogist David Cornsilk is quoted:

"We don’t get to celebrate her, because we don’t know her. She is not related to us, she does not live in our community. She is not our conduit to the Senate. We are not celebrating her in the Tribal newspaper. Elizabeth Warren is nothing to us, so we have no inroad to that powerful operation that affects our daily lives.”


Elizabeth Warren is NO champion of Indian Country, because she is NOT INDIAN.   Read the article linked above.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Elizabeth "FAUXCAHONTAS" Warren Decries CONTINUED Exposure of her Lies on Cherokee Ancestry

We posted yesterday on President Trumps insensitive remarks at an event honoring Navajo Code Talkers.  This drew a response on twitter from Senator Elizabeth Warren, who is well known to have appropriated native american heritage for her own benefit.


She tweeted:  ".....he came after me with a disgusting slur"

Well, maybe, especially after he called her "Pocahontas" who was a real Indian.  Fauxcahontas, would imply she's a wannabe, a fake, an imposter.  I have the link that details her ancestry that Cherokee genealogist Twila Barnes did after the jump from a story in 2014.

Noted Cherokee attorney Stacy Leeds commented on Warren:

Elizabeth Warren needs to stop, too. When non-natives take identities that do not belong to them, they help create a myth-laden society that normalize the disrespect we saw yesterday. Just stop.

Remember in her 2012 campaign, when she REFUSED to meet with REAL Cherokees on her theft of ancestry?  Remember we posted that Warren's pet agency the the CFPB harmed actual Indians?  Yeah, that agency is back in the news again.

Trump has his own problems, created by himself.  He should be adding to them by ill -timed jokes at events that deserve real honor and respect. And WARREN should own up to her lies, apologize and STOP...JUST STOP.

Windsor High School NATIVE AMERICAN Club Needs YOUR HELP

Here's a chance for ALL Natives to help OTHER Native Youth.  This new Native American Club at WINDSOR HIGH SCHOOL, in Windsor, CA need fundraising help.  The details are in the flyer below.  

Many tribal youth are represented (Hopland, Covalo, Dry Creek...) and some tribal organizations may help.  But your help can start to build their legacy.


Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Nooksack Vote Count To Be Done in Secret. Because TRANSPARENCY is Not the Nooksack Way?

Spotlights make the best disinfectant, and that's why the BALLOT COUNTING for the  Nooksack Tribe will be done behind closed doors.

From the tribal communications Facebook page:

For everyone's safety, the Nooksack Tribal Council Election Ballot Count on December 2, 2017 will not be open to the public.

The Election Board, Tally Markers, BIA Observer(s) and the Nooksack Tribal Police will be present to witness the ballot count to provide assurance to the public that ballots are counted without tampering of any kind.

Unofficial results will be posted at the conclusion of the count at the Nooksack Administration building, the Tribe's website and the Tribe's Facebook Communication page.

The BIA has been informed of this decision.

Hey, they've been trustworthy all along right?  Nothing to see here....

Monday, November 27, 2017

Trump NAILS IT! Couldn't be MORE Culturally Insensitive

With the backdrop of Andrew "Indian Killer" Jackson, President Donald Trump spoils the day of honor for Navajo code talkers

Just stick to the script Mr. President.  It's true, that Elizabeth Warren is a WANNABE and a heritage thief. Readers can find her detailed genealogy done by Twila Barnes who writes Thoughts From Polly's Granddaughter blog, but disparaging a REAL Native, Pocahontas, and using her name in a derogatory manner, IS CULTURALLY insensitive. 

Donald Trump bloviates about
Fake Indian Elizabeth Warren

Yes, the code talkers of World War II day of honor was disgraced, and here's part of the statement by Navajo President Begaye:
“In this day and age, all tribal nations still battle insensitive references to our people. The prejudice that Native American people face is an unfortunate historical legacy,” President Begaye said. “As Native Americans, we are proud people who have taken care of this land long before there was the United States of America and we will continue to fight for this Nation.”
President Begaye said the Navajo Nation does not want to engage in this dialogue between Sen. Warren and President Trump.
The purpose of the day’s event was to honor all Native American Code Talkers who used their native languages to encode sensitive messages and protect U.S. wartime communications in both World Wars I and II.
“It was our Code Talkers that ensured the freedom of the United States and that’s what is important to remember here,” President Begaye said.

Fauxahontas, or maybe IRON EYES WARREN after FAKE INDIAN Iron Eyes Cody?

After Murders, Carjackings and Beatings at PECHANGA CASINO, Law Enforcement holds Active Shooter Exercises

After the crimes at Pechanga of Murder, attempted murder carjacking and beating of a customer (by Pechanga Security no less) tribe holds active shooter exercise.

Sheriff’s deputies, firefighters and emergency medical technicians flooded a Pechanga Resort & Casino parking lot as dozens of people – many seen complaining of injuries – were rushed out of the nearby employment training building. Several onlookers watched calmly from a nearby parking garage.

The surreal scene was part of a planned active shooter training exercise Wednesday night, Nov. 15, which included members of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, Riverside County Fire Department, the FBI and Pechanga Tribal Rangers, among other agencies.

Jason Keeling, fire chief for the Pechanga Fire Department, said recent active shooter situations made members of the department decide it was important to start training for such incidents.

Monday, November 13, 2017


Dishonor and Shame the NOOKSACK TRIBE:

Because disturbing the DEAD is how the NOOKSACK ROLL?  Kelly Faction is beyond shameless.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Felipe Cuevas, Pechanga Veteran, Posthumously Stripped of his Tribal Citizenship, BY Masiel Basquez Crime Family

Here is an appreciation of a father, by his son, ME, that we wrote for last year's Veteran's Day. 
We at Original Pechanga's Blog would like to thank all our veterans from each branch of service for their sacrifices. 

On this Veteran’s Day, I want to remember my father, Felipe Cuevas, born July 13, 1928. He was the son of Phillip and Olive Cuevas.  Olive was the daughter of Mary Ann Miller, who, in turn, was the daughter of Paulina Hunter of Pechanga.  Paulina was the matriarch of the Hunter Clan who was given her 20 acres of land on the Pechanga Reservation as the head of the Family by President McKinley. Her Pechanga Ancestry was proved by noted researcher Dr. John Johnson, who was hired by the Pechanga Enrollment Committee, using Pechanga's own records.

My father grew up in Los Angeles, attending Malabar Elementary, and a graduate of Roosevelt High School.  He the oldest of five children, all of whom served in our military, including his sister Mary Ann Poole and his eldest sister, Matilda Smith, who is the eldest now of the Hunter Family. He entered the U.S. Army in 1948 and served in many capacities, primarily as a drill instructor. He was stationed in Germany, where his wife Alice bore a son,serving as well in South Korea, Ft. Ord, CA (three times), Ft. Lewis, WA where I was born, and Ft. Benning, GA. At all of these posts he trained young men to serve our country. He served two tours in Vietnam, once an advisor with a South Vietnamese Army Battalion, both tours were near the end of his 23 year career.

He always taught us about our family roots at Pechanga, having helped to build the cabin on Hunter Lane in 1957 with his cousins and uncles. My first time on the reservation was when he served his first tour in Vietnam in 1966. My Aunt Tillie and Uncle Bars took my brother and me to spend time at the cabin. That was when you could still hunt on the rez, for rabbit and dove. He was proud to be Pechanga and he was happy that family members were able to bring us to the reservation while he was in Southeast Asia.  At that time, there were few homes on the reservation. It wasn't until after the casino came and many found out that they could avoid state income taxes did they move there ... or build there.

As it is Veteran’s Day, I’m proud to write about one of his achievements. This Pechanga warrior was awarded the Army Commendation Medal with “V” Device (valor).  His first tour was as an advisor to a South Vietnamese Unit, serving with two other Americans.  Since my scanner is down, I’ll re-type the citation here, but will have a copy linked as soon as I can, so there can be no "Rathergate" claims. Here's what the citation says:

Date action: 3 July 1967
Theater: Republic of Vietnam

For heroism in connection with military operations against a hostile force: Sergeant First Class Cuevas distinguished himself by heroic action on 3 July 1967 while serving as Light Weapons Infantry Advisor to the 1st Battalion, 48th Infantry Regiment, Army of the Republic of Vietnam.

On that date, the Viet Cong opened fire on the battalion headquarters compound with machinegun, small arms and 82mm mortar fire. Eight Vietnamese soldiers and dependents were seriously wounded during the initial phase of the attack and an aerial evacuation was requested. Sergeant Cuevas voluntarily proceeded to the helicopter landing area.

Sergeant Cuevas remained in the exposed area assisting in sorting the wounded and determining priority for evacuation. Only when all wounded personnel were safely aboard an aircraft and airborne did Sergeant Cuevas return to a safe position. As result of Sergeant Cuevas’s prompt and courageous efforts, the rapid and efficient evacuation of all wounded was accomplished. Sergeant First Class Cuevas’ heroic actions were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Army and reflect great credit upon himself and the military service.

Colonel, USA
Adjutant General

In a letter home to my mother, my father described what went on and his final reference to the above action which, by the way was his FIRST DAY there was;  " This made points with the troops, So I'm not in bad shape with the ARVN's." (Army of the Republic of Viet Nam)

My father was also awarded the Bronze Star. You don’t “win” these by the way. But he was proud of his service, proud that he was able to make young men ready to defend themselves and our country.

After surviving two tours in Vietnam and countless hours in the field training our military men, he died of a sudden heart attack in April 1979.

Sadly, he was never able to enjoy the largesse that came with the successful opening of the Pechanga Resort and Casino, which brought much needed funds to the reservation and our people. Conversely, he also was never able to feel the sting of seeing his birthright ripped from his family, which now includes five grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren by a "disenrollment" committee that included: Ruth Masiel, Ihrene Scearce, Frances Miranda and Bobbie LeMere. Pechanga proudly displayed his name as a Pechanga Veteran on their website, along with his brother and sisters, yet now, they also say, HE IS NOT PECHANGA. Pechanga has disrespected all their veterans by removing their veteran's page, because most of the veteran's were Hunters.

On July 13, 2006, on what would have been his 78th birthday, the Pechanga Tribal Council heard our family’s appeal of our unconstitutional disenrollment and later did not allow our appeal. Much of that story is written here on this blog.

My father always encouraged my brother and me to do our best, to do what is right and THAT is why we continue to fight for our rights and against the evil that has been done to our family. We may not be triumphant, but we will be successful in shining a light on the corruption in the tribe and forcing them to defend their disgraceful actions.

Dad, thank you for all that you gave to your family and to your country. I am proud to be your son. It is shameful that Pechanga doesn't reward your memory by following the rule of law and the will of the people. Even more scurrilous, the Pechanga Tribal Council has seen fit to remove it's page honoring tribal veterans.


Feel free to discuss YOUR family veterans in our comments.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


Emilio Reyes, Tongva researcher, has a great post up in the DAILY KOS explaining his most recent FOIA lawsuits due to BIA failures to comply.

I have been conducting extensive research in the records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (“BIA”) for many years now. During my five years of research, I’ve located important historical records that relate to my personal ancestry and other members of my tribe. Subsequently, I started researching many family lines in different tribes, including Pechanga, Pala, San Pasqual, who have been affected via tribal disenrollment. 

Friday, November 3, 2017

ELEM Citizens Lose in 9th Circuit

Sad news for some in the ELEM COMMUNITY:

This action is between two groups of the Elem Indian Colony Pomo Tribe (the Tribe), the “Brown faction” (plaintiffs) and the “Garcia Council” (defendants). Plaintiffs sued the Garcia Council over allegedly defamatory statements published in a notification that warned they would be disenrolled if the Tribe’s General Council found them guilty of specified crimes. The trial court ruled the lawsuit was barred by sovereign immunity and dismissed the complaint. We affirm

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Native American Heritage Month : THE PERFECT Time to RESTORE the Citizenship to Disenrolled Native Americans

This month-long holiday is a time to celebrate rich and diverse cultures, traditions, and histories and to pay homage to the important and numerous contributions of Native American people throughout the centuries.

Left unsaid is the issue of over 11,000 Native Americans who suffered the abuse of tribal disenrollment, moratoriums and banishment  at the hand of their own tribes.  This holiday month presents the PERFECT opportunity for tribes to restore their people to their rightful place in the tribe, to bring all the people home.

We have been writing this blog for over a decade. That's much too long for tribal people to be out in the wilderness and for too many young Native Americans to be born without their rightful heritage.

Each picture on my left sidebar tells a different story, there are also numerous links to tribal stories of their heritage and rights ripped by corrupt councils. the RIGHT THING this month, advocate for JUSTICE

Monday, October 30, 2017

Letter to Indian Affairs on NOOKSACK Election "Irregularities" And Dereliction of Duty by BIA

Dear Mr. Black,
I'm quite aware that you are very tired of hearing complaints about Nooksack Indian Tribe especially in regards to the upcoming election; however there are several concerns I and other members believe need to be addressed. We have been informed that B.I.A. was in the vicinity when the ballots were mailed out; however I do not believe that you are aware of the fact that many voting members did not receive ballots. Below is a list of reasons identified so far:

Thursday, October 26, 2017

The Story of Disenrolled Longtime Members of Wilton Rancheria: ELK GROVE BLUE

Proud to be able to publish the beginnings of the story of the Wilton Rancheria Disenrolled and the BLUE family.  This story is repeated many times in Indian Country, yet very little help is available.

This will be in multiple parts, so please, share and look for the installments.

Elk Grove Blue – The Story of Disenrolled Longtime Members of Wilton Rancheria 

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Picayune Rancheria Make Changes to Council, HEADS ROLL

I'm told it was a pretty eventful night at Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians' monthly tribal council meeting. 

After the seating of new council members Jennifer Ruiz, who is now the new PRCI tribal chair, Eugene Lewis vice chair, and Claudia Gonzales, this new mix of council voted to remove long time tribal council member and OPBlog's Hall of Shame member Morris Reid. Reid soundly lost the election in October, but in a rather suspect tribal council move was allowed to resign last week and then be reappointed for another year term replacing sanctioned council member Patrick Hammond 

The general council had spoken loudly and clearly with their vote that REID was not their choice. Hammond's removal is now on the new council's agenda for review....we shall see if this much needed transparency continues. Restoring the honor of this corrupt tribe is a long road.

WHO ELSE is on Chukchansi's chopping block?  An attorney perhaps?

Wednesday, October 18, 2017



* Northwood Casino to close
* River Casino to close
* The Clinic to lose its IHS funding
* The Tribe to lose its BIA funding
* The Tribal Council to lose its recognition
* The Tribal Court to lose its recognition
* The Tribal Police Department to lose its recognition
* A sitting judge to be FIRED for following the law
* EVICTIONS and excess legal fees to be spent

Is it time for change at Nooksack? Or, PAST time?

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


A judge sees through this bullshit argument. St. Regis Mohawks should be called out for potentially weakening sovereignty...AND for getting suckered by the value ALLERGAN gave up...which reportedly..should be considerably higher:  READ the FULL STORY

"The court has serious concerns about the legitimacy of the tactic that Allergan and the Tribe have employed," Bryson writes. In his view, Allergan has paid the Tribe to "rent" its sovereign immunity at the US Patent Office.

Allergan, which does not enjoy sovereign immunity, has invoked the benefits of the patent system and has obtained valuable patent protection for its product, Restasis. But when faced with the possibility that the PTO would determine that those patents should not have been issued, Allergan has sought to prevent the PTO from reconsidering its original issuance decision. What Allergan seeks is the right to continue to enjoy the considerable benefits of the U.S. patent system without accepting the limits that Congress has placed on those benefits...

If that ploy succeeds, any patentee facing IPR proceedings would presumably be able to defeat those proceedings by employing the same artifice. In short, Allergan's tactic, if successful, could spell the end of the PTO’s IPR program, which was a central component of the America Invents Act of 2011.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Picayune Rancheria of Corrupt Chukchansi Indians FIGHTING HARD Against North Fork Rancheria Casino

We can't have ANOTHER tribe interfering with MARKET SHARE, no matter HOW many Native Americans are helped.  Since Chuckchansi harmed so many of THEIR OWN PEOPLE, who among them CARES about their brothers and sisters in another tribe.

The Picayune Rancheria of the Chukchansi Indians sought to upend another California tribe’s plans to build a Las Vegas-style casino less than 30 miles from its own on Friday, warning a D.C. Circuit panel that the project would be disastrous to its bottom line.

The Picayune Rancheria, a federally recognized tribe in Madera County, California, said that the U.S. Department of the Interior ignored an earlier finding that the project would reduce the Picayune tribe's revenue by 19 percent when it approved an “off-reservation” gaming facility...

Monday, October 9, 2017

Some History of the GABRIELENO TONGVA People. Still Not Federally Recognized

The website about S. California and Los Angeles, LAist has a story up about the Gabrieleno Tongva people that might make one or two factions upset.  Until the groups come together....federal recognition will be elusive.

California was home to thousands of people before Spanish settlers arrived—around 350,000 across the whole state—and the Los Angeles Basin in particular was home to the Gabrieliño-Tongva people. The movements of the Tongva peoples set the stage for what would eventually become Los Angeles. Their footpath through the Sepulveda Basin was the original 405 freeway. The L.A. State Historic Park was formerly a fertile basin within a mile of Yaanga, the Tongva people’s largest known village in the area.

Elem Indian Colony EVACUATED due to fast moving FIRE

Pray for the safety of our friends and relations in the north who are affected by fire...

With the fire headed toward the Elem Colony, evacuations were ordered there not long after dispatch as well as at nearby Orchard Shores. In Lake Village Estates, transformers were reported to be blowing

Our friend Michelle Hammock, Hopland disenrolled reports her parents home is destroyed..

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Saginaw Chippewa Disenrollment: Lawyer brings VICTORY for ONE Family the MAYS, LOSS for Another?

Interesting how things turn out.  ONE LAWYER, Two cases, same wording on standards, yet two different outcomes?

"Under the legal standards in effect on the date their membership was certified."  All the previous that were disenrolled should have theirs overturned as well under that language.



Please Native America...stand with this Republican Jewish CPA and REAL Estate broker as he explains what INDIAN COUNTRY NEEDS.....said NO ONE EVER.   The condescension is staggering

Saturday, October 7, 2017

BIA DIRECTOR's NIECE, WHO REPRESENTED PALA A DISENROLLING Tribe will Speak At California Indian Law Association Conference: SHAMEFUL

There will be a segment at the upcoming CALIFORNIA INDIAN LAW ASSOCIATION meeting on TRIBAL DISENROLLMENT.  The segment looks like it's shaping up to be a HOW TO Disenroll with 2 of 3 panelists on the ...PRO disenrollment side.

Tribal Disenrollment and Exclusions: A Discussion of Tribal Interests 
Moderator: Christina Snider, CILA Vice President
Eddie Crandell - Tribal Chairman, Robinson Rancheria of Pomo Indians The LONE panelist who brought HONOR back to Indian Country, by bringing his disenrolled people HOME..
Sara Dutschke Setshwaelo - Counsel, Dentons LLP
Frank Lawrence - The Law Office of Frank Lawrence (LOSER in Cosentino v. Pechanga, ALSO a disenrolling tribe)

We wrote about BIA DIRECTOR AMY DUTSCHKE'S niece Sara, who tried some threatening tactics while 'representing" the Pala Band of Mission Indians. Former tribal chairman of Pala King Freeman was concerned for his LIFE.

Other speakers include ANNA KIMBER, who represented the Jamul Indian Village who BEAT and evicted some of their people.  And Loretta TUELL, who was VERY upset that Osama bin Laden was given the codename GERONIMO, but silent on the abuses of 11,000 Native Americans.

October 13th at
Thunder Valley Casino Resort
1200 Athens Ave, Lincoln, California 95648

NO WORD on whether SHOWERS will be provided to reduce the slime.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Indian Country Today, Owned by Civil Rights Abusing ONEIDA Nations, Donates Operation to Civil Rights Abuse Ignoring NCAI

Wonderful news!  Oh, wait.  Word is out that the Oneida Nation, which bulldozed the chairman's own family's homes (under his orders) will donate their assets of Indian Country TODAY to the National Congress of American Indians which studiously and repeatedly IGNORES the issue of tribal disenrollment.  

Can we even HOPE to see stories on the abuse of Indians....BY INDIANS?    Wonder if the new owners will report on the TAMMY MAHONEY investigation?

The defunct Indian Country Today Media Network will remain in Indian Country's hands thanks to the Oneida Nation.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Civil and Human Rights Abusing Chukchansi Tribe OPENS SOME...

Sierra Star News has the story of the Picayune Rancheria opening enrollment. All is NOT as it seems.

For the first time many in the tribe could remember, the Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians announced it will allow open enrollment, mere days before its annual council election Saturday, Oct. 7.
In a statement put out on the tribe’s Facebook page Friday, application packages will begin to be sent to enrolled members Monday.
Disenrolled Chukchansi Cathy Cory has this comment on her Facebook:

Monday, October 2, 2017

PRAYERS UP for LAS VEGAS in Aftermatch of Mass Shooting

I can only hope that NONE of you were touched in any way by the Las Vegas Mass Murder...sadly, our family and friends have been..

One of my son's asst. managers had a daughter there, she's safe now
A cousin's daughter was there, safe on her way home
Cousin's friend was shot in the shoulder.
Son in Law's nephew's BF's sister was killed
SIL's friends daughter was shot twice but will survive..

PRAY for Las Vegas....

Friday, September 29, 2017


UPDATED to add statement from the videos creator below for clarification, PLEASE, watch and share, and if you are RINCON, you MUST show up to vote and and be heard...

A 20 minute video from the RINCON people on recreating their base roll of membership giving an enrollment committee too much power and this enrollment committee is NOT applying the same rules for everyone.

The is an OPPOSITION to lifting the moratorium on membership.  Lifting the moratorium to these people, bringing more people in "would NOT benefit the Rincon band.

At 16 minute park, an argument on the Census rolls being incorrect. I agree, we SAW Pechanga's enrollment committee member FALSIFIED those documents while employed at the BIA.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Hugh Hefner's PLAYBOY Had Disenrollment Story THREE YEARS before the NEW YORK TIMES

Yes, ladies and gentlemen Playboy beats the NYTIMES to the important issues. 

April 2008 Edition with
While primarily known has a "men's magazine" Playboy also kept up with the issues of the day.  Playboy's April 2008 included a story on ousted Seminole Chief James Billie, with the article focusing on  Billies' fall from power as Chairman of the Seminole Nation and his eventual banishment by an opposing faction of the tribal council.

As a side bar, page 56 highlights the disenrollments at Pechanga:

Tribal Disenrollment YouTube: A PAPER GENOCIDE, by Pechanga Descendant Kent Appel

Wonderful words put to music by singer and Hunter descendant Kent Appel on the disenrollment from the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians, but sadly, it works for all casino Indians who commit paper genocide.  Please ...listen.. 

The refrain:


Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Jacqueline Keeler PODCAST on NOT YOUR MASCOT on Racist Native American Imagery

Noted Native Journalist Jacqueline Keeler discusses the use of R*DSK*NS as mascotry.   Recently, the NFL supports taking a knee during our national anthem to protest against racism by police.  Not lost on many Natives is that the league supports racism via mascotry

Jackie has her FIRST PODCAST on SOUNDCLOUD on this issue. Please support Native issues by listening

Monday, September 25, 2017


If you are NOT tribal leadership, can you ACT LIKE you are and claim SOVEREIGNTY?

This case is not a so-called intra-tribal dispute, or one regarding tribal disenrollment.  This is a dispute about whether a group of individuals should be allowed to engage in mail fraud, wire fraud, and conspiracy, in violation of RICO while masquerading as a “tribal government.”

The answer is “no.”   TURTLE TALK HAS the DOCUMENTS:

Sunday, September 24, 2017


WOW, Roger Goodell, DO YOU DESERVE RESPECT?  Your LEAGUE supports a RACIST themed TEAM...

From 2014 and Gabe's ALL about the MONEY...

Great commentary by Gabe Galanda on the Redskins issue.  Moral Persuasion is needed, just as it is on matters of disenrollment

Bank of America is the “exclusive sponsor” of the Washington Redskins.  Bank of America is also an  exclusive lender–in fact, the leading lender–the $28 billion Indian gaming industry.
Bank of America has paid millions of dollars to Dan Snyder to serve as the “Official Bank of the Washington Redskins.”  Bank of America has received many millions more from Indian Country in gaming deals. Bank of America is so very content to have it both ways, remaining on the sidelines of the Redskins mascot debate
Indian Country now balks at Nike and FedEx‘s Redskins sponsorships. But the hundreds of tribes that bank with Bank of America, and that collectively tout billions of dollars in purchasing power, speak little of Bank of America’s own use of the Redskins mascot or unholy alliance with Dan Snyder.

Simply put, cash is king. Indeed, while Indian country scorns Snyder’s Original Americans Foundation and rejects his blood money, tribes accept donations from Nike’s N7 Fund and tribal casinos continue to do mega business with BofA. It’s all shades of grey, or green.

This status quo will prevail until the money fleets from Bank of America, Nike and FedEx, the NFL, and in turn Dan Snyder.

Maybe Indian gaming money will be the first to go. Maybe not. But only when the money goes, will the name change.

Friday, September 22, 2017

California Native American Day is No Holiday for Thousands of California Indians

California Native American Day is no Holiday for Thousands of California Indians. Today, September 22th, is California Native American Day.

Native American Day was established to recognize the many contributions that California Indians have made for the benefit of the State and the Country. Today, as in Native American Days past, there will be events and celebrations throughout the State honoring and showcasing the rich history, culture, and heritage of California ’s original inhabitants.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

BIA FOIA FOIBLES FORCE FEDS To FIND FREEDOM of Information Act FAIRNESS in Gabrieleno Native's Suit

Emilio Reyes

Word from the courtroom on the meeting with noted researcher Emilio Reyes, of Gabrieleno descent, who's fast becoming a FOIA expert and Attorney for the Justice Dept. Katherine Parker, one that finds common ground, DOING THE RIGHT THING.

Nooksack Tribe's "HOLDOVER" Council Member Canete Exposes UGLY HEART in Comparing 306 to TERRORISTS

Holdover Councilperson Katherine Canete calls the Nooksack 306 and their ancestors "terrorists." Pure hatred, and hardly the language you would expect from a tribal leader, but then, nobody ever accused her of leadership.

Under her "leadership" both tribal casinos were shut down, her council FIRED A JUDGE for ruling against them, the government withdrew services, the courts slapped the tribe down, their forced evictions were halted....  that's certainly NOT..."WINNING" and WHO acts like a terrorist?

Thursday, September 14, 2017

StopTribal Disenrollment Movement HAS Successes: Share THESE STORIES

Paulina Hunter
Original Pechanga Indian
Still Disenrolled, but her descendants still fight

We focus so much on the horror of TRIBAL DISENROLLMENT in the past decade +, the sometimes we forget about the SUCCESSES that have happened.

Injustices can be righted as evidenced in these tribal actions below and with leaders of the movement like attorney Gabe Galanda , Marilyn Vann and Dr. David Wilkins:

Cherokee Freedmen

The black descendants of the slaves the Cherokee dragged on the TRAIL OF TEARS won justice with their TREATY RIGHTS being enforced in court.  HUGE WIN for JUSTICE and ended disenrollments with new members being enrolled as of this writing.

Enterprise Rancheria

Thirteen years after disenrolling 73 tribal members, in a move that was orchestrated and illegal in 2003,  the Tribe sent letters of appeal for potential membership in the tribe.  25 disenrolled members applied for reinstatement.Each member was individually interviewed by the General Council.  A VOTE of the tribe was taken and ALL 25 were returned to the tribe.

Robinson Rancheria

Lack of Due Process and Ex Post Facto Laws Issues in Saginaw Chippewa Disenrollment Hearing

Judge Patrick Shannon, fresh off overseeing the disenrollment of one Saginaw Chippewa family, now is available to do the bidding of the tribe, sitting in on the Stanley case.


Attorney for the Stanley family Paula Fisher said that the Alma family can be traced both lineally and collaterally - meaning membership to the Tribe was based on Native ancestry in both immediate family members and extended.

Stanley’s family was disenrolled in February by the Tribal Office of Administrative Hearings, which decided the case based on summary judgement and did not give Stanley a chance to speak, Fisher said.

In addition, Fisher said the ordinance that was in place at the time Stanley’s family became members of the Tribe is supposed to govern admission.

If the Tribe can continue to change the rules, Fisher said, no member will ever be sure they won’t be disenrolled.

Frank, however, said the Tribal Constitution that was enacted in 1986 includes membership criteria that has not changed and that lineal tracing was required.

Fisher said the Tribe would not exist without Stanley’s chief ancestor.


Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Bob Kelly
The Nooksack tribal election was just announced and there’s already accusations of impropriety.
Chairman Bob Kelly appointed the sister of a council member running for reelection to oversee the vote.  WHAT COULD GO WRONG?  We can TRUST THEM, right?
The Seattle Times reports that councilmember is a Kelly ally.  It's like putting Chelsea Clinton in charge of a recount for Hillary right?
Kelly says in a small tribe, it’s almost impossible to find someone not related to at least one of the candidates.   Why not find one related to the NOOKSACK 306?  Or ONE FROM EACH.
Some disenrolled members of the Nooksack 306 worry the election will be rigged.  As, most everything has been RIGGED AGAINST them, including the tribe FIRING JUDGES who didn't rule the way the tribe expected.
The federal government could send an election observer if requested.
By agreeing to the vote, the tribe gets its federal funding back and can reopen its Northwood Casino.  
The Washington-based tribe had been denied access to an estimated $14 million in federal funds amid a long-running dispute over election and enrollment matters. 
The faction can't represent the "Nooksack Indian Tribe," Judge John C. Coughenor concluded, because it is not recognized by the Department of the Interior. Although the agency's stance took shape during the final year of the Obama era, the new administration has dug in with a remarkably harsh view of the "unelected, unrecognized, and illegitimate" group.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

The FACES of Disenrollment: 7 Years Since Lawrence Madariaga of Pechanga Walked On Without Justice

It's been a busy couple of weeks and I'm sad to say that I didn't get this posted when I wanted to. It's been SEVEN years since our elder, and long lived Pechanga Member Lawrence Madariaga, who was wrongfully stripped of his citizenship in the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians WALKED ON.  

Many of Lawrence's family still live on the reservation, now under an apartheid and segregation policy.  Over 50 years of peace, and then erased from Pechanga history.

We wrote this piece when Lawrence Madariaga walked on, without justice 
Lawrence and Sophie Madariaga
Sad news from the Pechanga Reservation tonight. Lawrence Madariaga, who has resided on the Pechanga Reservation for over 60 years, has died of cancer. Lawrence was the elder of the Hunter family, which was terminated from the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians by the Mark Macarro led tribal council.

The Hunter Family was profiled in the KNBC News Special, "Without A Tribe" which was so highly rated, they showed it in its entirety the very next day. In that news piece, presented by Colleen Williams, Pechanga Chairman Macarro was caught lying in the first 15 seconds of his presentation.

We'll embed a video of a similar story done on local news. The Hunters were the second family terminated en masse by the Pechanga Enrollment Committee. By removing tribal members, the tribal council could control votes and power.

Lawrence helped feed and clothe the very same people who would later terminate him from the tribe. He helped to bring the health clinic and electricity to the Pechanga Reservation. His family served on Pechanga Commissions and were an integral part of the tribal system. Sadly, Lawrence joins his wife Sophie, in death.  Sophie herself was received on final insult in death, as we reported:

As Sophia lived on the reservation, continually for over 40 years and her husband, Hunter family ELDER Lawrence Madariaga, still does. The family was looking to have their memorial at the Pechanga Senior Center. A deposit was placed but the family was turned down by the Silver Feathers, one final insult to the woman who fed, and diapered many of those people's children when they needed it.

See them both in this video

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Nooksack Tribe AGREES that NOOKSACK 306 can VOTE

The MOA for the election just signed between Nooksack Tribal Chairman Bob Kelly and BIA's Mike Black makes pretty clear that EVERYONE belongs for purposes of this election. No ifs, ands or buts about it, say the NOOKSACK 306.

NOW everyone MUST SHOW UP....

Frustration Over BIA Foot-dragging on FOIA Leads to Offers to Help

We've written many stories about our friend Emilio Reyes's adventures with the BIA and the agency NOT fulfilling their obligations.  Now, he's so frustrated that he's offered his help to Native Americans who ALSO have been stiffed by the BIA.  He's had to go to Jessica Rogers in DC to very little satisfaction.  SMDH

If you need help, add Emilio as a friend of Facebook. 

Read MORE about the FOIA ISSUES:

BIA in CA Called out for Inconsistencies
BIA hiding Mexican Indians at San Pasqual
Bureau of Indian Affairs Pullijng OKIE DOKE on FOIA
BIA FOIA: Good enough for Govt Work?
Justice Dept Works OVERTIME Defending BIA on FOIA

Wednesday, September 6, 2017



Genealogist Emilio Reyes, Gabrieleno-Tongva descendant is well versed in the law/policies of FOIA requests.  He reports that the BIA continues to pull some OKIE DOKES on fulfilling the requests.  Why does the agency feel it can skirt the requirement?  Why does the JUSTICE Dept. not step in?

Here's a letter from Emilio explaining to BIA Southern CA superintendant Javin Moore where his department FAILED.

Dear Javin Moore,

I am in receipt of the attached documents pertaining to my FOIA Request assigned BIA-2017-01721. In your correspondence dated August 14, 2017, the SCA provided 25 pages of responsive documents. The 25 pages of responsive documents were redacted claiming exemption 6.

First of all, the exemptions claimed do not apply. If the DOI follows NARA standards, BIA should Know these records don't qualify for redactions as the creation of these records were created 77 years ago, meaning, the individuals can be presumed deceased.

Second, In your correspondence your letter signed by you state these records were located in the NARA. However, I personally went to the NARA to verify the records and the NARA staff confirmed also the records your office provided are not from NARA.

Furthermore, In accordance to 43 CFR 2.23, the BIA has the right to deny a request as done in the other FOIA requests if records cannot be located or is not in the agency's possession or control.

By this email I am requesting two things. Please provide the records as soon as possible with no redactions. Second, please provide the copies from your repository not from NARA. In past request, your offices has never "gone" to the archives to get records. What is special about this one?   (OP:  Could it BE the HANDWRITTEN Notations that were added much.....much later?)

Within seven days of receipt of this email, if no reply is received or no records are provided with no redactions, this FOIA request shall be appeal with the SOL and then with the courts.

Emilio Reyes

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Baker's Speech Takes on HEALING

Cherokee Nation Principal Chief
Bill John Baker

Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Bill John Baker’s voice choked with emotion on Saturday as he addressed the descendants of Cherokee freedmen descendants during his State of the Nation address.

“Our freedmen brothers and sisters made that Trail of Tears journey with us,” Baker said.

“We are taking steps to begin the healing for all parties. It has gone on far too long and inflicted too much pain upon too many people.”

Leonard Peltier RECOVERING from Triple Bypass Surgery

A press release from International Leonard Peltier Defense Committee:

Good morning friends and family, Sept. 2 2017

I just talked to Leonard, And unkown to us he was just released from the hospital and this is his message to all his supporters and friends.
“Good Morning everyone. OK. I know everyone did not-not know this this but it’s been a rough ride for me, BUT I'm one step back from back passing away.

Friday, September 1, 2017

San Manuel Band Donates $250,000 to Help Hurricane Harvey Recovery

The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians is supporting three non-profits to directly address the needs of displaced people and animals following storm  flooding in the wake of Hurricane Harvey that continues to impact the Texas gulf region.   

Chairwoman Lynn Valbuena Announced Donation

In response to a federal disaster proclamation the Tribe reached out to non-profits in partnership to assist with addressing the immediate needs for shelter, emergency response and the care of animals.