Wednesday, June 17, 2020

PROTESTERS PULL DOWN Mark Macarro Statue Over Historical Abuses of Elders and Disenrollment

Enraged protesters were marching through Temecula, CA toppling racist statues when they came upon one standing at the entrance of Pechanga Casino. The  statue looked very, very odd. It even had some kind of obsolete bolo tie.  It kept saying things about people not not belonging and how  Indian kids can't go to the tribal school.

Illustration by I. Cuevas
Disenrolled Before She was Born
It's satire, Macarro is heavier
The rioters threw a lasso around the top of the statue after googling "How to tie a lasso" and arguing for a while about how lassos are racist. They then brought it tumbling down after graffitiing all over it.  DOWN WITH ELDER ABUSER!

Unfortunately, the ugly, abusive statue turned out to be tribal chairman Macarro, who endoresed Kamala Harris for President (loser) . He kept shouting, did Elizabeth put you up to this?  My first cousin, Arlene?   The ROACH will keep this outta the news!!



Anonymous said...

If i ever see a statue of Mark or Robert Smith
i will speed to the nearest farm and load my truck with cow shit and smear the statues from top to bottom.
And i would not give a shit who see's me do it.

Liam Murray said...

Great reead thankyou