Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Tribal Disenrollment Helps The Federal Government Reduce It's Obligations To ALL Native Americans

Tribal Disenrollment: A Violation of Native Americans' Basic Human Rights and Cultural Heritage

If the government's desire is to get rid of Native Americans, and their obligations to us,  using disenrollment would be a deeply unethical and immoral objective that violates their basic human rights and is completely unacceptable.  But, does the federal government entities really care, when their actions are UNCHECKED?  

We don't even get the decency of a federal review to the loss of our recognition.  If tribes need the government's okay to be recognized, should we get that same "okay" to be UNrecognized?

The United States government has a long and troubled history when it comes to its treatment of Native American communities. From forced removals and assimilation policies to broken treaties and genocide, the government's actions towards Native Americans have been marked by violence, exploitation, and oppression. And now, casino tribes are continuing those policies

Efforts to use tribal disenrollment or other means to remove Native Americans from federal obligations in order to get rid of them would be a continuation of this unjust legacy. The government just says "we can't do anything" and sit back and watch, and count the tribal donations.

Such actions perpetuate the harm and injustice that Native Americans have suffered for centuries, and would be a violation of their fundamental rights to dignity, autonomy, and self-determination.

Instead of seeking to get rid of Native Americans, the government should prioritize policies and initiatives that promote greater equity, justice, and respect for their rights and sovereignty. The efforts to address historical injustices, provide greater resources and support to Native communities, all natives, and engage in meaningful dialogue and partnership with tribal governments AND aggrieved Indians to ensure that their voices and perspectives are heard and respected.

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How Convenient said...

In this throw away society. Now we have started throwing away human beings.Apparently legal!