Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Bob Foreman, Disenrolled Redding Rancheria Chairman Remembered,by Grandson

Grandfather/Grandson  Bob & Cam Foreman
My usual June habit is to put up a post honoring the first Tribal Chairman of the Redding Rancheria (after restoration) Bob Foreman who passed Wednesday, Nov. 19, 2008. I was on vacation the 1st two weeks of June, during his birthday, but his grandson posted on Facebook.

From Cam Foreman, a Marine Corps Veteran and Grandson of Bob Foreman Sr.

A lot of my friends have asked why I won't go inside Win-River Casino, why I refuse to "Support the Tribe", or affiliate with organizations or groups with Redding Rancheria.

This Man is the reason. He is my Grandfather, Edward Robert Foreman Sr. Affectionately known by his grandchildren as "Papa Bob", an Achumawi Pit River Indian, a United States Navy Veteran and FIRST Tribal Chairman of Redding Rancheria.

Was one of the founders of the California Rural Indian Health Board (CRIHB) which provides health care services to Indians throughout Northern California and opened the first Native American Health Care Clinic in Shasta County. Through his efforts, several Indian health clinics and facilities were opened to serve the Indian community.

He was instrumental in the re-recognition and re-organization of his tribe, Redding Rancheria and was elected its first Tribal Chairman and faithfully served on the tribe’s governing council for 20 years. And with my father, played a major role in opening Win-River Casino.

In 2004 he was disenrolled, kicked out of the Tribe he founded, by the same people he dedicated his life to, for reasons that were based on and proven to be a lie.
The real reason was Greed but those with no Honor will ever admit that. If those that wronged him asked for his forgiveness he wouldn't have hesitated to forgive them either, that's the kind of man he was.

My Grandfather passed in 2008 when I was in Boot Camp, he never saw justice or his name reinstated. He now rests in the Veterans Cemetery in Igo.

REDDING RANCHERIA could END their shame by restoring the family to their rightful place in the tribe.  DNA tests?  Oh, yeah, they ignored the evidence.

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