Monday, December 3, 2018

Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians' ANTONIO ASHMAN: Custom and Oral tradition

Antonio Ashman
Pechanga's "vaunted" Elder

I was looking through my cousin's old blog T'EETILAWUNCHA BLOG  here he discusses some oral history in 2009. 

Most recently before his death, Antonio Ashman in a sworn affidavit said he knew Paulina Hunter as a member of the Band. He also swore that Paulina stayed at the home of Michelle and Salvador Quiliq and heard they were related. He also stated Paulina was called Aunt by Martin Berdugo, another recognized member of Pechanga. This is recorded oral recognition that the CPP faction says Paulina Hunter did not have.

The enrollment committee also finds that Paulina was given a land allotment on the Pechanga reservation as a Temecula Indian. This confirms Paulina’s status as a Temecula Indian.  (OP: WE STILL LIVE ON THAT Allotment)

The record of decision regarding the descendants of Paulina Hunter says that because John Miller under the Act of May 18, 1928 (45 Stat. L 602), a direct descendant of Paulina Hunter states that his Grandmother “was allotted as a Pechanga Mission Indian, but his Grandmother and Great Grandparents were of the San Luis Rey Mission Indians.”

This statement somehow outweighs hundreds of other documents the enrollment committee has possession of detailing the Hunters as recognized members of the Pechanga band by tribal elders who were alive at the time the reservation was established.

If this reasoning stands true, then the following people have the same problems as the Hunters and should be held to the same standards.

1928 Application Blood Pechanga Descendant

Salazar, Petronilla ---San Luiseno Frances Miranda  (She voted her OWN family out of the tribe)

Leyva, Maximinio ----Mission- San Luis Rey
Ruth Masiel
Irene Scearce  (DEAD)
Jennie Miranda
Raymond Basquez  (DEAD)

Casas, Louisa Ayal----- Full blood San Luiseno

Bobbie LaMere   (In a quid pro quo, her sisters were granted membership in the tribe, DURING the ongoing moratorium as LeMere voted to disenroll the Hunter family)

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Why don't all tribal members/disenrolled show your paperwork/lineage (compare) and see who stacks up and go from there. Time to put up or shut up!