Thursday, June 30, 2016

Democratic National Committee Takes Donations From Civil Rights Abusing TRIBE: Pechanga

Is it any wonder that Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians, whose chairman Mark Macarro, has his wife, high powered IETAN Consulting LOBBYIST Holly Cook Macarro, as Hillary Clinton's Native Adviser, would give so much of the tribe's money to the DNC?
Pechanga Violated Civil and Human Rights
Disenfranchised Voters, Stripped Citizenship
Democrats say, SO WHAT??

Does anyone think that the DNC would CARE about getting money from civil rights abusing tribe's like Pechanga, which tried to keep tried to keep Californians from voting on casinos???

The Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians from California, the Gila River Indian Community of Arizona, the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians in California, the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community of Minnesota and the Table Mountain Rancheria of California each gave $100,200 for the event next month, according to a filing a document filed with the Federal Election Commission. The donations, all of which were made in May, came to a total of $501,000.  The Pechanga Band donated $43,900 for a year-to-date total of $144,100, according to the FEC filing dated June 20.

ANY WONDER that just last week the Pechanga Water Rights Bill came up in the HOUSE? QUID PRO QUO, anyone?

Has the Democratic Party NO DECENCY?   Uh, NO, because they put up former councilmember Andrew Masiel up for state congress.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Nooksack Tribal Court Clerk in CONTEMPT for Following Bob Kelly's ORDERS

WOW, BETTY Leathers got SMACKED!  Will she GO TO JAIL to do the will of BOB KELLY?  Will KELLY allow her to go to jail?
Nooksack Tribal Court Clerk
Betty Leathers..JAIL BOUND?

From court ruling:

IT IS HEREBY ORDERED, that having not heard from the Court Clerk, Betty Leathers, as rquired in our two previous Orders, this Court has no alternative but to find Betty Leathers in contempt.  If the contempt is not purged by the Court Clerk, accepting the return of the Complaint and Motion for Injunctive and Delcaratory Relief from Mssrs. Galanda, Broadman and Dreveskract, on or before July 6th 2016, the Nooksack Chief of Police is ordered arrest and jail Betty Leathers until such time as the return of the documents from Messrs. Galanda, Broadman and Dreveskracht are accepted by a clerk of the Nooksack Tribal Court and the contempt purged.

Tribal Chairman Bob Kelly: TALK IN ENGLISH! Not a Nooksack Meeting

“Talk in English!” ordered Nooksack Tribal Chairman Bob Kelly at a special public meeting last February.  Frank Hopper's story on the disgraceful actions of the Nooksack Council.
Nooksack Chairman BOB KELLY

The words made Deborah Alexander’s blood boil. For three years she’d heard her children and their families slandered and gossiped about. For three years she’d remained silent as they were ostracized for being members of the Nooksack 306. She’d kept quiet as lies were told about them and tribal benefits withheld from them.
But witnessing Kelly order Nooksack elder George Adams to speak English in a tribal council meeting was just too much. She couldn’t keep quiet any longer.
“Next thing I knew I was standing up there and I got upset because they kept telling him to quit talking. ‘Talk in English.’ And I said, ‘Why can’t he talk? Why can’t he speak in his language?’ And I said a few other choice words that I don’t want to repeat because I got upset. And I left,” Alexander told ICTMN.


St. Croix Chippewa Tribal Disenrollment Headed to Wisconsin Court

From the Washburn County Register:

 Five recently disenrolled members of the St. Croix Chippewa Tribe are appealing the tribal council's decision to disenroll 10 of its members. The case will be heard before a judge from the Stockbridge-Munsee tribe in Eastern Wisconsin next month. 

The five, members of two families, have retained legal counsel and are claiming the council's action was without just cause, saying they meet the enrollment requirements set forth by the tribe's constitution. The other five former members have chosen to not challenge the ruling or have not retained legal counsel. 

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Hillary Clinton's Native Adviser, Holly Cook Macarro is Wife of a TYRANT, Who Harms Native Americans and Dishonors Elders

Hillary Clinton, PRETENDING
to care about Natives?
Over Ten Thousand Native Americans have been harmed by their own tribal leaders and they look for justice. Is Hillary Clinton the right president for them? We already KNOW that Trump is not right for America. With her choice for Native American advisor, now we see why her "HONEST and Trusthworthy" poll numbers are so low.

Her Native American Adviser is none other that lobbyist Holly Cook Macarro, who supported her husband's efforts to steal water from Temecula Indian Reservation allottees, and going so far as to write a bill doing just that.  She also advised Macarro on the dismembering of hundred from the Pechanga tribe. Pillow talk to dishonor our ancestors.

Hillary Clinton Advisor Holly Cook-Macarro
and husband Mark Macarro of Pechanga 

Did the HRC team vet Cook-Macarro?

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Rep. Raul Ruiz SUPPORTS Pechanga Tribes THEFT of Water For Casino SWIMMING POOLS

From the hearing today on Capitol Hill, it appears that Representative Raul Ruiz is in support of the Pechanga Tribal Councils plan to usurp water rights from Temecula Indian Reservation Allottee Descendants.

Why does Pechanga want the water so badly?  To fill up their FOUR ACRE swimming pool project.  Mark Macarro doesn't care about water for reservation residents, HE DOESN'T LIVE THERE.  He doesn't maintain gardens and grape vines.  He's selling the FUTURE for money NOW.   As if he wasn't rich enough from stealing per capita from Original Pechanga Descendents.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Watch Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro Get Caught LYING in 20 seconds

As Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians Chairman Mark Macarro is going  before Congress on THURSDAY, I  think it's only right to show him LYING to KNBC's Colleen William and in his intro, get caught in a lie.   PLEASE SHARE

Pechanga Water Rights Bill that CHEATS allottees of Their RIGHTS up for Hearing on Capitol Hill

A bill to settle the water rights of the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians is up for discussion on Capitol Hill this week.

The House Subcommittee on Water, Power and Oceans will hold a hearing on Thursday on a discussion draft of the settlement. A bill hasn't actually been introduced in the House at this point and prior versions have not cleared Congress despite years of lobbying by the southern California tribe.  OP: AND us, the opposition in 2010 and, we knew we were in trouble when Interiors lead negotiator wouldn't meet with us In 2013 we met with Sen. Boxer's people and with the HOUSE Natural Resources to defeat the bill.

On the Senate side, the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs approved S.1983, the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Mission Indians Water Rights Settlement Act, at a business meeting on February 3. The committee did not hold a hearing on the bill but a prior version received a hearing during the 113th Congress.

We wrote a letter to Rep Ken Calvert on the issue but funny, didn't hear from his team either...

Monday, June 20, 2016

NOOKSACK Tribal Court Clerk REFUSING U.S. MAIL Filings

The Nooksack Court Clerk has now "REFUSED"  U.S. Mail-filings from 306 

(1) the Court of Appeals
(2) the Tribal Court
(3) the Tribal Court Judge. Recall she has "REJECTED"  in-person filings.

These "REFUSED" mail-filings included response papers as to why the Clerk should be held in contempt of the Appeals Court's rulings.

STAY TUNED for MORE injustice at Nooksack

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Disenrollment: 21st Century Indian War is ... Indian vs. Indian

This is not the war of racist, greedy whites who wanted to expand westward no matter who was hurt. This time, it's greedy Indians who want more money, no matter which tribal members they hurt. The 21st century Indian War is now Indian vs. Indian.

Tribes such as Pechanga of Temecula, CA,  Grande Ronde, Redding Rancheria,  Nooksack of Washington State,  are violating their members civil rights, eliminating them from tribal rolls and denying them their. And because   of sovereignty, instead of following evidence, the reasons can be "we just don't like you" or "we don't believe the evidence" (are you going to believe me or your lying eyes?),

In California's Indian Country, wealthy casino tribes are gorging themselves with cash, the fruits of their casino, thanks to laws passed by the citizens of California. Prop 1A and Prop. 5 were passed overwhelmingly, spurred by ads that promised not to expand gaming and to help tribes with self reliance. .

To the California populace, this meant that tribes would be able to take care of their own membership. Those living in poverty would be brought forth; non gaming tribes would benefit from a fund to which gaming tribes would contribute. It was sold as a 'lifting of all boats'.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


The dreadful and SHAMEFUL news is coming from The Grand Ronde Disenrolled Facebook page.  No legacy?  Then NO CASINO, right?

Please share this ....

Today I was told that my deceased ancestors have no right to an appeal in tribal court or a right to fight against their own Banishment (aka Disenrollment) because that Banishment has no value that can be tangibly quantified. 
Chief TUMULTH Descendents at
Grand Ronde Court of Appeals

It is ludicrous to me that anyone representing our tribe would even insinuate that there is no value in this earthly plane for our deceased ancestors; that because there is no tangible 'thing' for which to assert or ascertain a value of, that somehow their existence in the spirit world no longer possesses the validity our people once bestow upon our ancestors. 

It is currently the official position of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde Community of Oregon, as articulated on the tribe's behalf by their legal team, that deceased ancestors have no legal standing within our tribal nation and no legacy that is worth protecting. 

I think that Josephine Grenia Towers whose brother, Lt. Colonel Carol Grenia WWII is on the Tribal Veterans Memorial, might have something to say about his legacy had his descendants not been prohibited from fighting his Banishment because he left no tangible 'thing' of value that one might seek redress. 

This shameful non-native practice of discarding our deceased ancestors as nothing more that physics things of value to be left behind and divided up makes me want to vomit. 

Tomorrow we will see how little value the tribes's attorneys place on me, Chief Tumulth, and our treaty rights! We will emerge stronger and victorious because we have not discarded our ancestors in favor of a non-traditional world view! Thank you for all your support!

Monday, June 13, 2016

NOOKSACK 306 Lawyer Describes His Banishment HEARING Before ILLEGAL Council: WE'RE NOT HERE to ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS

This would be an example of a KANGAROO COURT.  Nooksack 306 Attorney Gabe Galanda puts his experience into words.  Bear in mind that the Nooksack Council currently seated is in VIOLATION of their own constitution.  NIGC should SHUT their casino down.  BIA should REVOKE their Constitution..

Yesterday at 2 PM I had my banishment “hearing”--- via Seriously.

25 minutes later, I was gone.

Only four Nooksack “Councilpersons” bothered to show up. A quorum at Nooksack takes five. But even if they had five, they would have still lacked quorum, because the terms of four of the eight on “Council” expired on March 19, 2016. So there really wasn’t a “hearing.”

Bob Kelly administered the “hearing.” None of the other on “Council” were brave enough to speak, or even introduce themselves. How traditional.
I introduced myself traditionally. I let it be known I am the traditional Speaker for 331 Nooksacks, including Bob’s two sons.

I started by asking a series of procedural questions, for the administrative record, as I explained. Bob--I referred to him only as Bob--refused to answer any question of substance.

I asked him, “Who’s the Hearing Officer?” He told me, in what would become like a line spoken by a parrot: “We’re not here to answer any questions, Mr. Galanda.”

ANONYMOUS Discovers DISENROLLMENT: Native American Disenrollment: A Plea To The US Senate

Disenrollment has been garnering a lot of attention and now, a major website has found the issue.   WE ARE ANONYMOUS  which has over 5.2 million followers on Facebook, now has a story focused on our friend Emilio Reyes' contact with the Senate.  Please click the link above for the full story, please share it on Facebook and Twitter and PLEASE, email it out to your family and friends and ask that they do the same.

Tribal Disenrollment is the systematic purging of Native American tribal membership by tribal leaders.  Many tribal members are forced to verify their heritage and if they cannot, they are purged from the tribal roll.  Many times, members are disenrolled because they have ancestors who moved off of tribal lands.  Reyes believes the issue goes beyond heritage and the primary motivating factor behind disenrollment is money.  “Tribal disenrollment is because of Casino profits”, Reyes stated in an interview hosted on his website 

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Grand Ronde Appeals Court will hear the Disenrollment Case of the Chief Tumulth Descendants

The disgraceful actions of the Grand Ronde tribe in disenrolling the descendants of their treaty signing Chief Tumulth will be heard in the Grand Ronde's three judge Court of Appeals on June 13.

Pray for JUSTICE.  The hearing will be in the Grand Ronde Community Center.  YOU can support them with your presence...

 From their GOFUNDME page:

Since time immemorial, our tribe, the Watlala, or Cascade Band of Chinook Indians have lived and thrived in the Columbia River Gorge. In 1856, on the orders of General Philip Sheridan, the United States Army hanged a group of Native Americans for a crime they did not commit.  Among them was  our Great Grandfather, Chief Tumulth, the leader of the Cascade Chinooks, whom only a year earlier had signed a Treaty with the United States Government ensuring his people a safe home for generations to come on the Grand Ronde Reservation. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Pechanga Tribal Leader Andrew Masiel LOSES bid for CA Assembly; Voters Couldn't Stomach Corruption

UPDATE:  Masiel will be the Democrat candidate in NOVEMBER.  This was a primary to  get him in as Democrat candidate.

Apparently, even Democrats couldn't stomach the candidacy of Native American tribal leader Andrew Masiel Sr. from Pechanga.  Leading the extermination of 25% of the tribe that adopted him, was not a vote getter.

Masiel LOSES election

He couldn't even reach the 40% mark in the election, in an election where the Democrats got over 55% of votes.

This should give Mark Macarro pause if he is thinking again of running for Congress.  The opposition to Macarro will be much stronger....

Monday, June 6, 2016

Democrat Candidate Calls for END of Disenrollment: Charly Mercado Flores STANDS UP FOR CIVIL and HUMAN Rights

STRONG WORDS here from Democrat candidate Charly Mercado Flores against disenrollment.  This is what we need to happen, more of these kind of negative statements on disenrollment.  Many will say that it's a tribal matter, or sovereignty issue.  I'm mindful that South Africa was ALSO a sovereign nation.

The Native American people have been thru forced christianization, indoctrination, acculturation, assimilation, termination, relocation, and now Tribal disenrollment. Tribal Disenrollment destroys their connection to their ancestors, their cultural heritage, and their traditions.
Thousands of Disenrolled Native Americans have been stripped or denied the basic due process and equal protection rights provided for in the United States Constitution, the Indian Civil Rights Act of 1968, and Tribal laws. The number of civil rights violations in Indian Country has reached epidemic proportions and we must put an end to this practice.

Watch his VIDEO on the subject HERE   until we can get an embed code..

Thursday, June 2, 2016

SUNRAY: The Legacy of Disenrollment

Cedric Sunray continues the discussion of disenrollment that he and others like David Wilkins and this blog have been discussing for years.  The simple act of keeping the issue out front, has helped others see the light, and now we have prominent lawyers and native journalists adding their voices.

On October 14th, 2011, Indian Country Today Media Network published an article I wrote titled, “Disenrollment Clubs.” Oh how times have changed because of the contributions and activism of too many to count.

My first contact with the issue of disenrollment occurred as a student at Haskell Indian Nations University in Lawrence, Kansas, where it was brought up as a topic in an intro class which regularly debated the issues of the day. The then recent removal of the Seminole Freedmen from their tribe in Oklahoma was on the docket and there was no shortage of opinions.
As the discussion began, an identifiable Seminole tribal member stood up and spoke against the continued inclusion of the Freedmen as she felt they were Black people and not Indian. Seated next to her was a young woman who anyone would believe to be fully white. Her remarks mirrored that of her Seminole classmate. She, it turned out, was a member of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma.

Eventually the chance to speak came to a young man who had a Black racial phenotype. He stood up in the circle and began addressing us all in Mvskoke (Seminole/Creek) for the next minute or so. He then looked directly at our Seminole classmate, invoked the band of Seminole he came from (which was one of the Freedmen bands of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma) and said, “Since I know you can’t speak our language, I will translate what I said into English for you.” I had never seen a brown face become so red in my life. The gasps from all of us were palpable. There was a great lesson in this exchange and one which has seemingly been lost on those who seek to continue the use of disenrollment as a weapon.

When most people imagine disenrollment, they tend to date it back just one or two decades and position it relative to the 70 or so tribes nationally who have partaken in its genocide during this time period. But disenrollment, of course, has existed for well over a century with roots in the Dawes Act which attempted to redefine the Indigenous community in what had become America by breaking up communally held lands; a process which fully disenfranchised some.

Another wave of disenrollment occurred in the Termination period of the 1940s-1960s. During this time, entire tribes of people, or very large segments such as the Mixed Blood Uintas, were excommunicated from Indian Country. Some of these tribes and individuals have never been reinstated. Oranna Felter, one such terminated/disenrolled Ute Indian who is now in her 70s, has spent the better part of her life fighting for the recognition of her people.


9th Circuit RULES 74 Disenrolled Indians QUALIFY for Membership in the TIMBA SOSHONE

It seems the scales are tipping in the direction of JUSTICE in tribal disenrollments. In recent cases, the 9th circuit has scoffed at the weakness of congress and seem to grow weary of the abuses they see. 

After a DECADE of writing about disenrollment, it's good to see justice.

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, however, said the Kennedy faction's complaints didn't matter. Even if the disputed members hadn't participated, the new constitution would have been approved, a three-judge panel stated on Friday.

"In certifying the election results, the Bureau observed that even if all the votes of members that Kennedy Group disputed as qualifying for membership were ignored, the yes votes would have still won a majority," Judge J. Clifford Wallace wrote in the unanimous decision.

"Under the new constitution’s membership framework, there is no dispute that the 74 disenrolled individuals qualify for tribal membership," Wallace wrote in another part of the decision. "Thus, were we to remand for the Bureau of Indian Affairs to reconsider its decision, there would be no possibility whatsoever that the agency would change its reasoning as to the disenrolled individuals because those people clearly qualify for tribal membership under the new constitution."