Friday, September 13, 2019

Dept of Interior in SPAT with Democrats Over Funding and Relocation

YOU MAD, BRO?  A little spat because they have time because they ignore the abuses of human and civil rights under their purview....

The Interior Department announced Thursday it was suspending the practice of allowing congressional staffers for the House Appropriations Committee on department-funded trips, acknowledging a rift between the department and Democratic lawmakers who approve its spending plans.
"The Department of the Interior will not be funding any travel for House Appropriation staff until the ethics issue with their staff is resolved by Chairwoman (Betty) McCollum and the Committee and the assurance is made that all our employees will be treated equally, fairly and respectfully," an Interior Department spokeswoman told CNN.


Thursday, September 12, 2019


Well, Kamala Harris lost MY vote.  Mark Macarro has led the ABUSE of civil and human rights of Native Americans from his OWN Pechanga tribe in Temecula, CA.  We have reported about the APARTHEID and Segregation.  He disenrolled TWO large families to control his opposition and keep the tribe under his thumb.

YES..SHE KNEW  And she had to apologize to Native Americans, remember? Democrats have ALWAYS supported the apartheid policies of disenrolling tribes

   50 Links to #StopDisenrollment Posts

Mark Macarro is NOT a good man, but Kamala Harris is PROUD to have this TYRANT's approval.   Macarro doesn't respect his OWN tribes history and values and is a disgrace to Native America.  Under a HARRIS administration, 11,000 Native Americans who have been harmed by their own tribes, will NOT have her support.

Washington State: Indians PROTEST NOOKSACK Tribe's Police Brutality

Armed police at NOOKSACK
Anti Free Speech, Brutality

Thursday, September 12, 2019, at 9:00 AM, Indians from throughout Western Washington will gather outside the Nooksack Tribal Court to protest the latest rise in Nooksack tribal police brutality and judicial abuse of process.

Families from the Nooksack Tribe and Lummi Nation and other Puget Sound tribal communities, will descend on Deming, Washington, in traditional song and civil protest.

The protest coincides with a 9:30 AM criminal court appearance by former Nooksack tribal member Elile Adams, who Nooksack Chief Judge Ray Dodge has persecuted since March 2017, when she sought a protection order against the father of her now 5 year-old daughter.

In retaliation against her father George Adams' outspoken support of the Nooksack 306, Dodge converted the protection order proceeding into a child custody proceeding, despite knowing then that Elile Adams had already been awarded custody by the Whatcom County Superior Court.

Despite his awareness of that pre-existing Superior Court proceeding, which under the priority-of-action rule prevented the Tribal Court from assuming jurisdiction over any custody action, has issued no less than twenty orders against Elile over the last thirty months.

Dodge recently held her in criminal contempt of court and cited her with ten felony counts of "custodial interference," and issued a warrant for her arrest when her public defender appeared in court on her behalf in July, while she was away on the annual inter-tribal Canoe Journey.

On July 30, Dodge caused Elile to be arrested by Nooksack cops and jailed in the Whatcom County Jail for nearly eight hours. She has never before been criminally cited or arrested in her life.

During her arrest, Nooksack police brutalized her father George Adams, kicking him in the groin, throwing him against a concrete stairway, and breaking his eye-glasses. (Lynden Tribune).

There have now been at least four documented instances of Nooksack police misconduct and brutality relative to the Nooksack 306 disenrollment controversy (Indian Country Today). In each instance, surrogates of the 306 were assaulted or falsely imprisoned by Nooksack cops.

Conditions are so unsafe and unjust at Nooksack that in April 2019, Elile obtained citizenship with the Lummi Nation for herself and her daughter, after relinquishing each of their enrollments with the Nooksack Tribe.

“Dodge has made my life a living nightmare,” said Elile. “So much so that I have sought asylum and protection from him in the Lummi Nation.”

“‘Asylum-seeking Native’ is a phrase I never thought I’d utter," said Dr. David Wilkins, a leading scholar on tribal citizenship issues. "Nooksack ha[s] degraded into a state of an anarchic nation."

Tomorrow members of Elile's new tribe, as well as several other Coast Salish tribes, will take a traditional stand against the injustice at Nooksack.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Carmen Tageant DEFEATS Nooksack Police Chief Mike Ashby in FEDERAL COURT

After YEARS of abuse from Nooksack Tribe, VICTORY against their oppressive police state.

Carmen Tageant has been recalled from public office, sexually harassed, cyber stalked, and physically assaulted by Nooksack political actors. Tageant’s home has been burglarized twice, and Nooksack police looked away. She has sought protection from tribal, federal, and state law enforcement, to no avail. But last Thursday, the former Nooksack Tribal Councilwoman who has been relentlessly persecuted since speaking out against the Nooksack 306 disenrollment in 2016, scored a legal victory in a Seattle federal court against Nooksack Police Chief Mike Ashby, who she alleges assaulted her at the Tribe’s Election Office on January 5, 2018.

U.S. District Court Judge James Robart denied Ashby’s motion seeking to require the United States to defend him from a personal injury lawsuit that Tageant filed against him in Whatcom County Superior Court soon after the incident.

“I am gratified by the Judge’s decision,” said Tageant. “I am grateful for anything that will help protect me or other Indian women or elders from violence or harassment by Nooksack cops.

In her state court suit, Tageant claims that as she attempted to file papers to declare her candidacy for re-election to the Nooksack Tribal Council, Election Superintendent Katrice Rodriguez announced to her, “you’re too late.” Then “Ashby forcefully grabbed both of [her] arms just above her elbows and violently pushed her back” out of the Election Office, which sits on fee lands beyond the Nooksack Indian Reservation. Tageant “was stunned by Defendant Ashby’s action, telling him, ‘what are you doing? Don’t touch me.’”

In March 2018, Ashby tendered Tageant’s state court lawsuit to the U.S. Department of Justice for defense pursuant to the Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA), given a federal “638” funding agreement between the Nooksack Tribe and United States that assures Nooksack officers federal legal protection under the Federal Tort Claims Act for personal injuries they cause while working under that contract.

A year later, both the U.S. Departments of the Interior and Justice denied Ashby’s defense request. U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Washington Brian Moran determined that Ashby was not “acting within the scope of his employment” at the time of the incident because the “638 Contract was not intended to cover Chief Ashby’s off reservation enforcement activities.” 

Ashby then sued to compel the United States to defend him, and the matter ended up before Judge Robart.

Agreeing with the federal government, Judge Robart ruled that because the alleged assault occurred on lands beyond the Nooksack Reservation, the Tribe’s 638 contract did not afford Ashby a federal legal defense because he acted beyond the scope of his employment. Rejecting Ashby’s arguments that his job description and Nooksack law enforcement protocols somehow extended Federal Tort Claims Act protection to his off-reservation activities, Judge Robart explained:

“It's outside the reservation, it's outside Indian Country, and saying that it's in his job description or it's standard operating procedure somehow loops it back to be under [the contract] is simply not factually or legally supportable.”
Judge Robart dismissed the matter of Ashby’s Federal Tort Claims Act defense request with prejudice and remanded Tageant’s case back to Whatcom County Superior Court, where it will proceed towards trial.
In support of Tageant, another Nooksack woman, 

Deborah Alexander, stepped forward to explain to Judge Robart how on December 15, 2016, Ashby also put his hands on and assaulted her, without provocation.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Tribal Disenrollment: Airing A Tribe's DIRTY LAUNDRY in PUBLIC is a GOOD THING: SPOTLIGHTS are a GOOD Disinfectant

Image result for original pechanga images
Elder Lawrence Madariaga Died without JUSTICE

I'm reprising a post from 2007 where Pechanga remaining members (remainers?) were upset that we were speaking out in public about the horrid actions of the CPP haters. We culled the story from the old Paulina Hunters blog on My Space, which is seldom seen. In essence, the remainers are upset about being called out, but NOT upset about violations of civil rights, human rights, Pechanga Constitution, Child Molesters....... 

We've received a lot of comments from families of CPP members that we have spoken out against. They are not the least embarrassed about what their relatives have done to the tribe. 

UPDATE: Sorry, for those who don't know the CPP is part of a splinter group of tribal members that conspired to violate the civil rights of some of the membership.

Here's what A. Basquez wrote to Paulina Hunter's My Space :

Hey dont be mad because you cant prove your ancestors because I am a basquez and I am proud of it I have been enrolled since 1973 when were you enrolled when the casino went up thats what I thought. OP: Kind of sweet don't you think? that's only 25 years AFTER Lawrence Madariaga built his house. He would've needed a new roof by then. Please NO comments on spelling here. After all, he admitted his family, so it's understandable. 
another comment...this time from shawn (A Scearce relation)

From:Just me
Date: May 15, 2007 9:33 AM
Date Sent: 5/15/2007 9:33:00 AM:Please leave my family and my people alone, accept the truth and move on....Thank you...."

Shawn, Thanks for writing. We HAVE accepted the truth. The TRUTH is that we were screwed by the Concerned Pechanga People, which includes Butch Murphy, who has NO Pechanga blood. 
Now, the TRUTH, as proved by Pechanga's own hired expert, (The Hunters DID NOT HIRE HIM, Pechanga did) is that Paulina Hunter was Pechanga. 
The TRUTH is, that Pechanga Disenrollment committee has depositions taken in the Luiseno language from 1915 that prove that Paulina Hunter is Pechanga. 
The TRUTH is that Paulina Hunter has census reports from 1895 that says she's from Pechanga. That's 112 years ago. 
YOUR people, is OUR PEOPLE, Shawn. Educate yourself a little more. Ask yourself why a moratorium is legal? Because of the will of the people? Then why wouldn't that same will of the people, that voted overwhelmingly to halt all disenrollments not followed by the tribal council? 
You need to accept the truth Shawn, and know that if you don't help to right the Pechanga ship, it will go down. Would you fight for your rights to be Pechanga? Or would you just walk away and say...hey, it's no big deal? Pechanga has been overtaken by corrupt people, 

Last one:

Delila V. from Pechanga sent me the following email:

your profile is the most fucken stupidist shit ever a real member wouldnt say shit about the tribe TALK SHIT about other families or about anyone from the REZ. use a person that is no longer here wont say who's profile this is so FUCK YOU AND STOP SENDING ME SHIT. DAMMIT! i dont give a fuck if you got dissenrolled if you were truly from Pechanga Reservation then you wouldn't have got dissenrolled..and can prove that ur from there!

Delila, the problem is that WE DID prove that we were from Pechanga, and in fact, the Pechanga Enrollment Committee PROVED we were from Pechanga, by hiring their own expert, who SAID we were from Pechanga
They chose to believe a child molester instead, and one who stood up in the General Meetings and complained the we weren't voting the way they wanted, and a guy who's two sister's are on the enrollment committee. Gloria Wright, who came to the reservation 100 years after Paulina was there, and of course, one who doesn't even want her brother in the tribe. 
I understand that you don't care if we got disenrolled, you benefit by more people getting kicked out

DIRTY LAUNDRY must be aired, otherwise people can say, "WE DIDN'T KNOW".
How to do it?  SHARE the information...OVER and OVER, on social media, via email.  Let people know WHERE to look for the information.  I think this blog has done a decent job in 9 years,  help it get more notice....

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Los Angeles Clippers star KAWHI LEONARD's SISTER:ACCUSED of the MURDER at Pechanga Resort & Casino in Temecula CA

 ANOTHER MURDER   at Pechanga Resort & Casino.

LA Clippers star Kawhi Leonard is the brother of one of the women accused of the BRUTAL MURDER of a Long Beach woman at Pechanga Resort Casino, his aunt confirmed Saturday, the PE has reported.

Kimesha Monae Williams, Leonard's sister, is being held without bail at Indio Correction Facility.

An elderly woman visiting Pechanga Resort and Casino, a tribal gaming venue know for cheating their own people via tribal disenenrollment, located in Temecula, CA