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Pechanga, What's in a Name?

From Orion the Hunter at: Pechanga.Info

Temecula Band of Luiseno Mission Indians Pechanga Indian Reservation est. 1882
Exva Temeeku-Pechaangayam-Payomkawichum

PREAMBLE We, the members of the Pechanga Indian Reservation, and Temecula Band of Luiseno Mission Indians, sometimes referred to as the Pechanga Band of Mission Indians, hereinafter referred to as "The Band", in order to promote and protect our customs, rights, interest, and common welfare, do hereby adopt this Constitution and Bylaws. This Constitution and Bylaws will supersede any Bylaws and Constitution written in the past.

Above I have copied word for word the title page of the constitution and bylaws and the introduction to this constitution which clearly shows that Temecula and Pechanga are and always have been used interchangably. Luiseno means the Indians of the San Luis Rey Mission and all true Pechanga people are Temecula (Pechanga) and Luiseno (San Luis Rey). The Luiseno can also be from tribes such as Rincon, Pauma, Soboba, La Jolla, Pala, and San Luis Rey (which isn't federally recognized). Plus in the first censuses of the reservation taken in the 1890's the reservation is called "The Temecula reservation,"
The Temecula reservation-San Luis Rey Tribe, or The Pechanga reservation; depending on what year the census was taken and names such as Macarro, Pico, Kengnish, Magee, Hunter, and many others are on all of these records. It sounds like the tribe is trying to rationlize more disenrollments as in both our disenrollment Record of Decision and in the Record of Decision against the Manuela Mirandas the disenrollment committee said that being of the Temecula Band is not good enough that Pechanga was a subset of Temecula. The constitution and bylaws says, "Applicant must show proof of Lineal Descent from origninal Pechanga Temecula people," but it there is no mention of about Pechanga being a subset of Temecula. This is just something concocted by the committee to try to justify their misdeeds. Ironically people from the same family lines put Temecula, Pechanga, or San Luis Rey on 1928 applications. In our case the disenrollment committee said that because a relative of ours put San Luis Rey on his 1928 application, that meant our true tribal affliation is San Luis Rey even though a lot of our other relatives put Pechanga or Temecula on their 1928 applications. The true irony of it all is that family members of enrollment committee members Ihrene Scerce, Ruth Masiel, Francis Miranda, and Bobbie Lemere put Luiseno or San Luiseno and ancestors of the Macarros put Temecula on 1928 applicaitons (not Pechanga).
The problem is they had and have the votes on the committee and the tribal council and I doubt if they are going to vote themselves out! The reasoning for kicking us out in 2006 even though a law to outlaw disenrollment was passed in 2005 was that the new law didn't change the enrollment requirements so I can see how they can keep people out with the same reasoning and kick more people out for the same reason.

It looks like they could actually kick out or keep out one family member and they could keep in another member of the same family line because one put Temecula or San Luis Rey and the other put Pechanga on 1928 applications.
But again, are committee members or tribal council members going to kick themselves out because of what someone put on a 1928 application or are they just going to pick on people who are not in power? I guess they could go back to those census records from the 1890's and kick out everyone who's ancestors were on records that say Temecula or San Luis Rey but that would mean the whole tribe would be disenrolled including themselves.

If the Temecula Band doesn't even follow their OWN constitution, why would the care about due process, civil rights or the US Constitution.

Picayune Rancheria

The Picayune Tribe has disenrolled half their membership so they could enrich themselves with their casino cash. KARMA, baby, if the casino is approved as it's on the more highly traveled Hwy.99. How many people do you think will be sympathetic to you PICAYUNE? You are hateful, greedy people and have destroyed much of your own heritage.

Tribe opposes new Central Valley casino complex
COARSEGOLD April 29, 2008 6:43pm
• Expects it will be shot down by Department of the Interior
• ‘This violates everything we promised California voters’ The leaders of an Indian tribe in the Central Valley that operates its own casino say they are opposed to plans by two other tribes and the state for a massive gambling hall complex north of Madera along Highway 99.
The Picayune Rancheria, based in Oakhurst, says it expects the Department of the Interior to squash the plans because the site is well away from the tribes’ lands.
The Interior Department last year rejected a similar compact that the governor signed with Big Lagoon/Los Coyotes to put land near Barstow – hundreds of miles away from their respective tribal lands – into federal trust for the purposes of gaming.
“We fully expect the federal government to do the same in the case of the North Fork Casino because of the negative impacts it will have on the local community and the terrible precedent it sets for the state,” says Morris Reid, chairman of Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians.
The tribe operates an existing casino, the Chukchansi Gold Casino & Resort, located in Coarsegold.
The rival casino would be about 34 miles away and on one of the Central Valley’s major freeways, Highway 99.

Rest of story HERE

BIA's Carl Artman Resigns Amid Controversy: Cherokee Freedmen, Snoqualmie Pechanga, Picayune.

Artman had done NOTHING for the individual Indian in this country. He was terrible. Good to see him go.

BIA leader resigns amid controversy

By JIM MYERS World Washington Bureau 4/29/2008
His 13 months in office were marked by the Cherokee freedmen dispute.

WASHINGTON -- Bureau of Indian Affairs leader Carl Artman, a major player in the ongoing freedmen controversy with the Cherokee Nation, is leaving office, U.S. Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne announced Monday. Artman, 41, was confirmed to his position 13 months ago.

His entire term in office has been marked by the Cherokee freedmen descendants controversy, which has drawn the interest of Congress. He said last year that an 1866 treaty that the Cherokee Nation signed with the United States affirmed the citizenship rights of the descendants of former slaves and that the federal government would consider taking the tribe to court to enforce that agreement. That was not enough for members of Congress who believed that the BIA should be doing more. OP: The BIA has done NOTHING to help the THOUSANDS of Indians terminated from tribes like Pechanga, which acted UNConstitutionally to disenroll Hundreds of members (Pechanga's OWN Constitution)

In March, four key lawmakers, including two House committee chairmen, met with Artman requesting further clarification. Others recently warned that the controversy could put all legislation supported by tribes across the nation at risk. Cherokee Nation members voted in March 2007 to remove freedmen descendants from tribal rolls. A member of the Oneida Tribe of Wisconsin, Artman had been the Interior Department's associate solicitor for Indian affairs before being tapped for the BIA post, which carries the title of assistant secretary. Artman wrote in a resignation letter to Kempthorne, "I believe at the end of this administration, the work we have done within Indian Affairs will leave not just a legacy, but an infrastructure upon which American Indian and Alaska Natives can build to secure their governmental, cultural and economic futures."
In his own letter, Kempthorne expressed appreciation for Artman's insight on important issues. "The Indian Modernization Initiative, developed and launched under Carl's leadership, has upgraded communications between tribal leaders and the department on a number of priority issues," he wrote. Artman is scheduled to leave May 23.

Jim Myers (202) 484-1424

Shunned Tribal Members Claim Civil Right Violations

OP: More evidence that some tribes in Indian Country are so out of control, that they will end up hurting all tribes.

Shunned tribal members claim civil rights violations
By Stephanie Vosk also by George Brennan April 29, 2008 6:00 AM

Amelia and Steven Bingham, shunned by the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe in December 2006, yesterday filed a civil suit against tribal council leaders in Suffolk Superior Court in Boston. They are asking a jury to overturn the tribal council's sanctions as a violation their of civil rights. The suit also seeks unspecified financial compensation.
Michael Altman, a high-profile Boston lawyer specializing in civil rights cases, is representing the mother and son. The Binghams are arguing that the tribal council violated their civil rights by banning them from tribal activities and benefits for seven years after they filed a separate suit in Barnstable Superior Court, along with tribe members Stephanie Tobey-Roderick and Michelle Fernandes. That action seeks access to the tribe's financial information. "We would hope that the Massachusetts court system would not tolerate any group that seeks to silence people because they're saying things that others don't want to hear," Altman said yesterday.

The tribal leadership remains unruffled. "The Binghams continue to be obsessed with trying to force the commonwealth to impose its laws on our sovereign nation," tribal council Chairman Shawn Hendricks said through a spokesman. "They have failed repeatedly in those efforts." The shunning hasn't stopped the Binghams from speaking out against the tribe's leaders and their deals with casino investors. The pair also cooperated with investigators who launched a probe of tribe finances in September.
In the suit, the Binghams also claim the tribal council violated their civil rights by barring them from the tribe's annual powwow last July. Police were called to the public celebration to enforce a no-trespass order requested by the tribal council earlier that day. "The use of police officers to deny plaintiffs access to a public event constitutes threats, intimidation and coercion," the suit states. With the annual event slated for this July, the Binghams are seeking a court injunction that will allow them to attend.
In a telephone interview, Amelia Bingham said they filed suit after exhausting other attempts to have the shunning lifted. That includes an overwhelming vote by tribe members in January to reverse the shunning order. "We have to do something to stop these people," she said. "They've hurt me to the core by discriminating against me and they're going to have to pay for that."

Full Article HERE

OP: OH, and the shadow Snoqualmie government that is abetted by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, has resulted in this mess:

Snoqualmie Tribe banishes banish 8 members, disenrolls 60

Members of the Snoqualmie Tribe banished eight tribal members Sunday, and more than 60 others have received letters informing them they have been disenrolled from the tribe. A selected group of Snoqualmies designated "preferred voters" (uh, PREFERRED VOTERS?)by honorary(meaning NOT-ELECTED) chief Jerry Enick and tribal council members gathered in an all-day, closed-door meeting Sunday at the Issaquah Hilton to consider punishment of the tribal chairman, vice chairman, treasurer and two council members. They were accused of operating an "illegal, shadow government" after being suspended by Enick (who has NO power to suspend)last fall, when he asserted control of the tribal government.

The banished maintain they are the rightful, duly elected leaders of the tribe. A tribal spiritual leader and a minister of the Indian Shaker church were also banished, along with the chairman's brother. Sunday's events were the latest in a long-running dispute between battling factions in the tribe. At stake are control of the tribal government and what promises to be one of the most lucrative casinos in the state, scheduled to open in November. Today, two councils claim to be the legitimate leaders of the Snoqualmies -- one composed of now-banished members who've gathered regularly in a private home and the other that continues to meet in the tribe's administrative offices.

The accusations against the banished members range from treason to saying a prayer, according to tribal resolutions of discipline issued this month. Banishment is the most extreme punishment in Indian Country, usually reserved for capital crimes such as murder, or drug dealing. The banished lose all right to be on tribal land, claim tribal benefits or even claim Indian identity.

OP: THIS has to be addressed. Some jerk like Enick is saying now that these people are no longer Indians and POOF, the Feds will agree?

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Cherokee Nations Boat of Federal Funds: Is Diane Watson Exercising the Moral Outrage that Other Tribes Should be doing?

Tribes like the Cherokee, Pechanga, Picayune, Redding, Enterprise, Snoqualmie are threatening sovereignty by wielding it like a club. If Congress reacts to this, Indian Country, they could also very well OVER-React. Is this what you are willing to gamble? Express your MORAL OUTRAGE at these tribes by refusing to do business with tribes that violate the civil rights of their people. I believe this is what the CBC is doing right now.

Opinion: Cherokee Nation's boat of federal funds
Friday, April 25, 2008 Filed Under: Opinion

The following is the opinion of Steve Osburn, a Cherokee/Delaware from Oklahoma.

When it comes to the Freedmen, Cherokee Nation Chief Chad Smith keeps saying "Let the courts decide this case," when they already have. The Cherokee Supreme Court ruled that the Freedmen are Cherokee citizens. But he ignored that decision because it didn't go the way he thought it would.

Smith strips other tribes of their federal funding and recognition, like he did to the Delaware Tribe. So what's the big deal -- are Indian leaders only outraged when it happens to the Cherokee Nation? They never stood up and scolded Smith for doing for doing this to the Delawares.

Smith doesn't care if another tribe's federal funds or recognition are taken away but he expects everyone to jump up and down and throw a fit when it's happening to his tribe because he doesn't want the federal government to cut off his flow of money.

He's already ruined the Shawnee Tribe when they separated from the Cherokee Nation, and he's attempting to do even more damage to the Delawares with promises of regaining our federal recognition if he can control all of our federal funding. We said "NO!" to that idea.

Other tribal leaders are jumping on Smith's bandwagon because he's using scare tactics and telling them similar legislation will be attached to everything Congress does in the future for all Indian tribes. The bill sponsored by Rep. Diane Watson (D-California) does not even mention terminating the Cherokee Nation -- it only threatens to cut federal funding to the Cherokee Nation.

Smith is afraid of being in the very same boat he put the Delawares in. A boat with no federal funds!

OP: Cherokee made $110 MILLION in profits last year, why are they getting FEDERAL FUNDS anyway?


Cherokee Freedmen dispute threatens NAHASDAThursday, April 24, 2008
Filed Under: Politics

The Cherokee Freedmen dispute could derail the Native American Housing and Self-Determination Act, the nation's largest Indian housing organization warns.
NAHASDA, first passed in 1996, is set to expire unless it is reauthorized. The House has already passed its version of the bill and the Senate is set to take action within the coming weeks.
But unless the status of the Freedmen within the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma comes to a "creative, equitable resolution," the bill won't become law this year, the National American Indian Housing Council fears. An April 18 letter urges tribal leaders to lobby Congress to address the controversy.
"The NAIHC is very concerned that the Freedmen matter might upend not only the pending NAHASDA reauthorization but the passage of all Indian tribal legislation in this and possibly future congresses," Chairman Marty Shuravloff wrote. "This would be an unfortunate outcome for the hundreds of thousands of American Indian and Alaska Native low income families that would be unwitting victims in a controversy involving one Indian Tribe."
Last September, the House included a provision in H.R.2786 that bars the Cherokees from receiving housing funds unless the Freedmen, who are the descendants of former African slaves, are restored to citizenship

OP: So then the correct headlines could be:

Cherokee Nation THREATENS Hundreds of Thousands' tribal housing because of their actions against their own tribal members.


Cherokee causes damage to tribal sovereignty, erodes it for all tribes.

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Pechanga's Drinking Policies Hurt Sales

Now that Pechanga has had to shut down their high value nightclubs, it looks like they have come to an agreement with the ABC and are limiting their much fewer patrons to ONE DRINK AT A TIME. Since they are losing close to $100,000 a night that the clubs aren't open, NOW, they are limiting their alcohol profits. THAT'S Going to LEAVE a Mark on their profits. What was that FINE they were charged for underage drinking?

The FOIA requests for U.S. government activities at Pechanga are underway. Included is the tax reports for uh, how would you call him..?.. That "punk assed bitch" who sucker-punched a Hunter then went running to the rez govt. office for protection. How did he earn those millions?

So, the tribe didn't get the raise in per capita they were promised either. Question to you, readers is: WHICH FAMILY is NEXT to exit, to that those who remain can get more?

UPDATE: Casinos NOT recession proof: Article HERE Apparently, Pechanga didn't want to say how the current recession is affecting them. Of course, they shot themselves in the foot with their youth's thuggish behavior.

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SNOQUALMIE: A Tribe Divided

Indian Country continues to decimate their own people. You've read about the California tribes such as Pechanga and now, the Snoqualmie story is blowing wide open. These tribes will be responsible for the eroding of tribal sovereignty in the U.S.

Please share this blog with your friends.

View rest of Article: HERE

A tribe divided: Snoqualmie members fight for control of government, casino
By Lynda V. Mapes
Seattle Times staff reporter
A bedsheet covers a window to provide a makeshift screen for PowerPoint presentations. Boxes crammed with files cover the kitchen counter and dining-room table. A safe in the living room holds sensitive documents. This is the war room of the government in exile of the Snoqualmie Tribe, decamped to the home of one of its council members.
Finally recognized by the federal government in 1999, the tribe's fledgling government faces a showdown: As many as 60 members are threatened with disenrollment, and some, including its chairman, may be banished. Tribal members will vote on their fate Sunday.
Bill Sweet, elected tribal chairman last May, says the feud pits family against family and threatens the golden goose that started it all: a casino under construction, just a half-hour from Seattle. To pay for it, the tribe borrowed $330 million from investors who likely know little of the drama unfolding.
The stakes are high: control of this tiny tribe of 637 members, and their casino just off Interstate 90, which promises to capture a lucrative share of the Seattle market. The venture could catapult the tribe into the ranks of some of the wealthiest tribes in the region.
Conflicting claims
Two tribal councils each claim to be the only legitimate government of the tribe. Each has issued proclamations declaring itself to be the only body that can sign checks, contracts and transact official business.
Both bodies continue to meet. Sweet and ousted council members meet in the Maple Valley home of tribal Vice Chairman Carolyn Lubenau. The others meet in the tribe's administrative offices, where the locks have been changed, barring Sweet and others ousted in September. Each side claims the others' elections were invalid.
The federal Bureau of Indian Affairs has so far declined to arbitrate the dispute but has cut off further funding to the tribe. Stanley Speaks, the BIA's regional director in Portland, said it's up to Sweet to exert his authority as chairman.
"If he is the chairman he just needs to stand up and take charge and conduct business," Speaks said.
Such tribal infighting has become common in California, where tribes (OP: Such as,
Pechanga, Picayune, Redding, Enterprise)new to casino wealth have been disenrolling members in droves, in part to save a larger share of gambling largesse for the members who survive the purges.
As tribal casinos have become a $1.3 billion business in Washington state, several Puget Sound tribes have restricted enrollment. The Puyallups have even shut out new members, other than by birth.

Some Snoqualmie tribal members who trace their genealogy back six generations say they are astonished to find their membership at risk.

As for banishment, it is the most devastating blow a tribe can strike. It eliminates tribal members' ability to vote and enjoy government benefits, including health care and housing. But it goes much further, barring members from their tribal land and expunging their very tribal identity.

"It's as if you are erased, like you never existed," said Vice Chairwoman Lubenau, who faces banishment Sunday.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Right now, I have an open comment policy. Please feel free to comment. They are moderated, but I try to get to them right away. Feel free to add your comments. BE NICE.

Snoqualmie Tribal Members who were disenrolled, feel free to use this blog, we will have as much news as we can here. TELL YOUR story. Tell your friends about this.

Casino Revenue Causes Tribal Squabbles Over Membership at Redding Rancheria - Picayune- Pechanga

Some California members of the Congressional Black Caucus, Diane Watson and Maxine Waters are working hard on the Cherokee of Oklahoma issue. While Pechanga has some disenrolled members in Oklahoma, it's time they started looking in California for our problems.


Now that Indian casinos dot the U.S. countryside from Atlantic to Pacific, one would assume that the economic and social plight of Native Americans would be assuaged by the wealth pouring into the tribes' coffers. While the massive revenues have definitiely helped, they have also caused greed and selfishness to divide tribal members amongst themselves.

In California, where some of the nation's richest tribes run hugely profitable casinos, some 5000 Indians have been disenrolled; that is, effectively removed from status as a tribal member. Many of the changes have alledgedly been made to keep monies in smaller circles, and to disown activists who wish a more public accounting of the dispersal of funds.

Because of the sovereign nation status of tribes, there is virtually no oversight nor legal recourse regarding tribal council actions. Those disenrolled have no appeal except to those who made the decision. No explanation of how revenue is allocated is required.

Some of the disenrollments resist all logic. The members of the Foreman family, 76 in number, were disenrolled from the Redding Rancheria because the council decided the family was not descended from a tribal founder as had been believed. The Foremans used DNA testing with the founder's remains to prove its relationship... and the council stood by its decision. OP: Yes, why let FACTS get in the way?

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Why aren't those affected by Tribal Disenrollments Working together

Paulina Hunter's Blog wants to know

Is it because some want to claim credit for "saving" those Indians who won't stand up for themselves?

Do our families really not care enough to do ANYTHING?

The History of the Cherokee Freedmen - John Cornsilk

To help you understand more about the Cherokee Freedmen and what some on the Cherokee Council have perpetrated on their people.

The Cherokee Freedmen Story as an article was submitted by email to American Chronicle as a response to an article on the issue, but it was never published so today I resubmit it via the process.

The Cherokee Freedmen are the descendants of African slaves who played an integral role in the Cherokee Culture during the 1700's and1800's. Many of the Cherokee Freedmen Descendants of today are Cherokee by blood, many with actually more than the Thin bloods White Cherokee that are trying to eliminate them from the Membership of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma (CNO).

However, the Freedmen were listed on the Dawes Commission Rolls during the enumeration of the Cherokee Nation by the Dawes Commission by an Act of Congress in 1893 and ending and the final Roll Closed by the U.S. Congress in 1906, in a Section called the Freedmen Roll that did not classify them as Cherokee by Blood, BUT, simply because their features displayed characheristics of African traits, i.e. black skin and nappy must be noted they were NOT classed any less Cherokee than any of the other entinicities or classes of Cherokee on the other sections of the Rolls, which has led to modern controversies, or it should be said the outright lie and fabrication of misinformation by Chad Smith and cohorts, as to whether or not the Freedmen can claim they are Cherokee.

Please click the link above for the rest of the article. AND, please look at this page of support from ELI GRAYSON:

One thing is becoming clear, that this is not a Indian issue but aCherokee issue along with a few other OK tribes, and Congress isbeginning to understand that the Lakota, Navaho and the other 500 plusfederally recognized tribes have NOTHING to do with this...everycongressional staff person or every Congressmen that I spoke with were shocked to even learn of slavery of among these particular Oklahoma tribes. The fact that the Cherokees are hypocritically screaming termination while terminating their very own slave descendants is laughing stock to the congressional members. Privately, even Indianpeople from other tribes are telling congressional members thatCherokees are not really Indians but just white folks with a Indianancestor five hundred years ago.....this whole thing has gone down adangerous path for the Cherokee Nation.....

Yuba County Supervisors voice concerns over HUGE Enterprise Rancheria Casino that Voters DO NOT WANT

Yuba supervisors voice concerns about casino

Lack of adequate wastewater treatment and an increase in traffic are two major concerns Yuba County supervisors have about a proposed Indian casino.

The county plans to express those concerns to the Bureau of Indian Affairs, which last month released the draft environmental impact statement for the Enterprise Rancheria hotel-casino.
The project would include a 207,760-square- foot gambling facility (As big as the BIGGEST Wal-Marts!)with a casino floor and food and beverage area. It would also feature a 107,125-square- foot hotel with 170 rooms on eight floors.

County voters rejected the project 52.1 percent to 47.9 percent in a 2005 nonbinding measure. Read rest of the article HERE

Seven Reasons WHY you should care about the Cherokee Tribal Elections and the Freedmen

I have bumped this to the top, as it's still pertinent


Seven Reasons Why You Should Care About the Cherokee Tribal Elections

Filed Under
Black/African American Issues, Original Essays and Analysis, Politics, Race and Racism by The Local Crank
Editor’s Note: This is a guest post from The Local Crank. He is a Cherokee, a lawyer, and a Stacy Leeds supporter. You can usually catch him at
his site.
1) Judge
Stacy Leeds is a progressive candidate with a plan to diversify the tribal economy (ending its current dependence on Federal hand-outs and casino revenues), and to better serve the 260,000 Cherokee by forming a tribal credit union and an insurance company, pro-active uses of tribal sovereignty. She wrote the opinion the re-affirmed the Freedmen’s status as Cherokee citizens and wrote the dissent criticizing the petition drive to kick them out.

2) That petition drive
was riddled with fraud, “painfully obvious” forgeries and a “conscious and deliberate…disregard for following the law.” Not to mention some of the truly ugly racist attacks that were launched against the Freedmen in the ensuing election.

3) The Tribal Council
took just 35 seconds to add another Constitutional Amendment to the June 23rd election in an attempt to keep the Freedmen out, even though all absentee ballots have already been sent out and some have already been returned.

Chad Smith accepted a $1,500 donation from Jack Abramoff (in violation of tribal election law). Later, Cherokee Nation Enterprises paid Abramoff $120,000.

5) Chad Smith, a Republican, is nevertheless financially supported by
prominent white Democratic politicians, including Governor Brad Henry and Lieutenant Governor Jari Askins (though they both ran for cover when Oklahoma’s black leadership was suitably appalled). If Chad Smith is receiving financial support from outside the tribe, then failing to support Stacy Leeds is the moral equivalent of standing by and watching someone get mugged.

6) The
Freedmen are getting screwed. They are being kicked out of the tribe for not having “Indian blood,” yet many can prove they do; they are simply being denied the right to do so through a legal Catch-22 based on 19th Century racist notions that “one drop” of “negro blood” made you a “negro.”

7) If a federal judge or the BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs)
delays or (worse yet) voids the June 23rd election, thereby establishing the precedent that the Federal government will intervene in tribal enrollment disputes, it will be a devastating blow to the sovereignty of all tribes, a sovereignty which is already under nearly constant assault.


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Beneath the Glitter of Indian Gaming at Chukchansi

Issues with disenrollment didn't happen overnight in California, it happened as casinos came up.

Tribal Corruption


Beneath the Glitter

As the $150 million Chukchansi resort readies for its casino opening June 25, 200 tribe members kicked out four years ago fight to become members again.

By Lisa Aleman-Padilla and George Hostetter
The Fresno Bee

(Updated Monday, June 16, 2003, 4:23 AM)

The biggest, most expensive and most controversial American Indian casino/entertainment complex in central San Joaquin Valley history is expected to make its debut in eastern Madera County in 10 days. With it comes a long-simmering and increasingly bitter tribal civil war over who will pocket the profits of a business that eventually could rake in $200 million or more a year.

Carved out of a once-forlorn swath of rocks and brush in the Sierra Nevada foothills near Coarsegold, the gamblers' half of the Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino is all but finished.
That's the casino, home to 1,800 slot machines and more than 40 card tables. June 25 is the planned opening date, according to the owners, the Chukchansi Indians of Picayune Rancheria.

The 192-room hotel is expected to open next door in August. The total project's estimated cost: $150 million.
Indian gaming has been a fixture in the six-county central San Joaquin Valley for two decades. Gamblers, though, have seen nothing locally like the Chukchansi digs -- nearly 300,000 square feet of casino, hotel and entertainment venues.

Nor has there been anything here quite like the Chukchansi membership fight that has brewed for four years. Its roots go back even further. Twenty years ago, the tribe had only 30 members, the result of federal policy dating back to the Eisenhower administration designed to terminate Indian lands such as rancherias. The thinking, at least among non-Indians, was that Indians should be assimilated into mainstream America.

It took several decades of court battles, but many tribes finally regained their legal recognition and the right to renew their lives on rancherias. In a word, they were "reconstituted."
By the late 1990s, with the Chukchansi tribe legally reborn, a liberal enrollment policy raised the membership total to more than 1,000.

Then, in 1999, as negotiations with a casino management company neared a critical juncture, nearly 200 people were suddenly kicked out of the tribe.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Former Picayune Enrollment Chair Responds to Goldbergs Comment on Disenrollments being OVERBLOWN

Check out this link from the former enrollment chairperson for the Picayune Rancheria (Chukchansi).

Response to UCLA's Goldberg

For the Record: Goldberg gets MILLIONS from Tribes, nothing from disenrolled/moratorium people. Guess which group she sides with?

More on Pechanga's Genocide of their own people

GAMBLERS: If these tribes will cheat their people, and treat them with so much disrespect, do you think they care about you? Won't they CHEAT YOU?

UPDATE: AIRRO Presidents comments on Goldberg:

I know many people who have read this article found the quote by Carole Goldberg as troublesome, so I think some context is in order. Carole Goldberg appeared in televeision commercials in favor of tribal gaming, and several gaming tribes donate/sponsor/etc. tribal/indian studies programs at colleges throughout California, including her own UCLA.

Considering every word she says on the subject could affect future funding to UCLA, could we really think she would have an objective opinion on this matter? She sounded more like a tribal leader trying to play down the serious human and civil rights violations involved than a college professor providing a thoughtful analysis of the issue. Comments like hers, coupled with the egregious actions of some tribal officials will eventually lead to a thorough review of this issue by the one entity that has the power to address the injustices- the US Congress. So maybe we should be thanking her instead of cursing her.

READ: Disenrollments: Todays Genocide at

Pechanga/Picayune Defender Carole Goldberg

The article linked in a previous post here quotes UCLA Law Professor Carole Goldberg. Who is she and why is she always quoted defending the despicable actions of disenrollment? Is it because tribes are showing her the money?

it was Goldberg’s extracurricular involvement with Native American politics that netted UCLA a handsome donation of $4.05 million from the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians.

Goldberg in the article is quoted as saying: “Carole Goldberg, chair of the UCLA Native Nations Law & Policy Center, called COMPLAINTS OVER DISENROLLMENT OVERBLOWN. Some of the human drama is being amplified," she said. "The tribes concede their sovereign authority if they talk to the non-Indian world, so they don't say much, which just leaves opponents to do much of the talking,”

OP: So Carol Goldberg is in the tribe's pocket and thus, you know where her loyalty is: To $4 MILLION.

Here is what Bryan Galt, disenrolled Picayune member wrote in a letter to Ms. Goldberg:

Who are you to make such a claim that the enrollment issue is overblown? Can you imagine being told that your US Citizenship is being questioned and that you have only 90 days to provide proof that you belong here? Can you imagine going to a hearing with the same rules as Gitmo and providing evidence that is swept under the rug? Can you imagine being told that your Citizenship has been terminated and you must move out of your home and leave the country at once (especially since another ‘Citizen’ needs your house)?

Read this article about Pechanga's TRIBAL FLUSH.

Picayune Rancheria (Chukchansi) and Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians (Pechanga) toss out members .

Picayune Rancheria and Pechanga, two like-minded tribes, getting rid of long time members in an thus far successful effort to enrich the remaining members.

Article linked here

"It's what you do as an Indian. I am a Chukchansi Indian," she said.
She is - and she isn't.
The 77-year-old Martinez has been kicked out of the Picayune Chukchansi tribe in the tiny Madera County town of Coarsegold - the tribe where she was vice chairwoman just two years ago, the tribe that is full of her cousins.
The tribal council threw her out last year, just as it has tossed out almost half its membership that in 2000 was 1,500 strong. It's the biggest disenrollment of any tribe in California, observers say.


They kicked me to the curb so they could keep more money for themselves," Martinez said, tearing up as she visited the historic grinding rock, used by local Indians for millennia, near the tribe's rancheria. "Our ancestors would roll over in their graves if they knew."

OP: This is exactly what Pechanga did to 25% of their tribe! And they will tell you it's not about money. Well, then they'd be lying.

But at least 14 tribes have caused enough protests by ejecting members that activists say they have been able to tally 5,000 people disenrolled in the past eight years.

Down near San Diego, the ax even fell on a cousin of Mark Macarro - the chairman of Southern California's Pechanga Band of LuiseƱo Indians who famously, and successfully, pleaded in TV ads for passage of several Indian gambling ballot initiatives. The cousin was barred from rejoining the tribe after living off the reservation for several years. At least 200 others have been disenrolled. OP: Uh, Mark Macarro went to COLTON High School, his father to San Bernardino High. What a pantsload.

Read these for more information:

Paulina Hunter's Blog
Pechanga's Bad Business
Pechanga Tribes Ouster of Members

Please, those of you with blogs, link to my blog and pass it on to your friends. I'm sending it to my friends in the State Assembly.

Friday, April 18, 2008

San Manuel Members-Mexican Mafia take plea bargains

And it looks like the tribal members get off light, the story says it's prison for La Eme members, a little jail for the people that had the big idea.

How could the San Manuel members have it so bad that they would want somebody killed?

Although tribal officials declined to comment on the matter Thursday, Chairman James Ramos said in a written statement: "The personal conduct of Stacy and Erik Barajas has no connection to the San Manuel Tribal Government or to the San Manuel Indian Bingo and Casino, and therefore it would not be appropriate for us to comment on their cases."

OP: Uh, yes it does Mr. Chairman, it goes to who you are. And their personal conduct reflects on you, just as the Pechanga Enrollment committee taking the word of a child molestor, reflect on them.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Vote NO to Hillary: Video of What She's REALLY Like.

SOME COMPELLING EVIDENCE as to WHY you should NOT vote for Hillary:

UPDATE: Robert Reich, longtime friend of the Clintons and a member of former President Clinton's cabinet endorses BARACK OBAMA. I believe he knows Hillary better than all of us. Sam Nunn also endores Obama. And LONGTIME friend Bill Richardson.

...High Noon At Pechanga: Quiet Reigns Supreme

I visited the Pechanga Resort and Casino in Temecula today at HIGH NOON. The first thing I saw was an electronic sign that said: 386 EMPTY parking spaces in the new parking structure.

The place was quiet, no crowds, but still very smokey. The HIGH LIMIT area had some action at the tables, but only 4 machines were in use. The bar was empty, save for one customer.

I quit counting empty machines at 600 and I didn't even go to the non smoking area and the new wing.

Now, how is California going to get all the tax money that was promised us, if the tribe can't keep it's machines humming 24/7? Now, you'll recall we exposed that lie in January and still the expanded gaming issues passed. HOW will California balance it's budget?

Good to see that you are taking our advice to heart and not going to Pechanga until the tribe does the right thing and brings it's people home where they belong.

Tribes Balk at Paying into Fund for Non-Gaming Tribes

Remember when the tribes told us that they were helping other tribes and would do more when they got more machines? Well, that certainly didn't take long to go away.


Don't bank on it
SACRAMENTO - Legislation that would nearly double the annual subsidy that small and nongaming tribes receive from California's larger Indian casinos squeaked out of an Assembly committee Wednesday, although its future appears bleak.

The bill, AB 2353, would boost from $1.1 million to $2 million the annual payments that 71 tribes receive from a fund bankrolled by gaming tribes. That fund, however, has never collected enough to cover the annual payments.

OP: Do the tribes pay their bills on time?

But, with the state facing an $8 billion deficit, it's doubtful that lawmakers or the governor would approve of an increase in payments to the tribes, some of which operate small casinos and some of which have fewer than a dozen members

OP: WHY NOT? That's what the payments are for. The state lawmakers will support tribes that eliminate members, sending them back on the dole, but not keep their own promises? The states deficit has shrunk to $8 billion? Please, the tribes need to pay more, or we need to support other businesses.

Barack Obama gets Whupped in Debate Last Night; Are we stuck with Liar Hillary?

I had hopes that Barack Obama could be the Democrat candidate for President. After last night's debate, it doesn't look like he can handle it. Running for President is not a job for a rookie, and Barack showed that he is just that. Ed Morrissey has more.

I guess BO doesn't understand more about the economy than McCain.

It looks like the LIAR Hillary will jump ahead. No wonder Pechanga Chairman Macarro's wife campaigns for her. She's used to living with a liar.

Hugh Hewitt has more on Barack looking weak

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

California Tribe Hides behind Sovereignty to Avoid Suit for Shoddy Work.

The Supreme Court will decide next month whether to hear a case against Blue Lake Rancheria, which is operating a business off reservation. Appears the company they bought, did some shoddy work and now they won't stand behind it.
As you know, Pechanga and its chairman Mark Macarro hides behind sovereignty in denying its people basic civil rights and in not following the rule of law (Pechanga Law)

Article on Blue Lake HERE

Tribal sovereignty and alleged shoddy construction at an El Dorado Hills house make strange bedfellows in a legal case that could reach the U.S. Supreme Court.
When Rita Carns hired J & L Construction to build at 216 Knapp Ct., the firm was in no way connected to a Humboldt County American Indian band living on the Blue Lake Rancheria.
But it is now, and her attorneys argue the tribe is liable for damage from water intrusion to Carns’ house.
But tribal officials say nay, nay, not a penny will I pay. Blue Lake Rancheria is one of a growing number of Indian tribes going into business off-reservation, buying or starting ventures in territory not governed by tribal sovereignty.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Unlike Pechanga and Picayune, Hoopa Valley Tribe Does the Right Thing for the Children. Pechanga has eliminated 100 children from the Tribe

Pechanga and Picayune Rancheria, eliminate children and elders, destroying their livelihood and health and on the other side, Hoopa Valley Tribe does the right thing: Bringing more into the fold, adding 800 to the tribe.

Hoopa Valley Tribe changes enrollment requirements
Donna Tam/The Times-Standard

Working in the tribal courts for more than seven years, first as chief tribal judge and then as a judge consultant, Byron Nelson Jr. saw many American Indian children who weren't getting the services they needed because of their race. Or, more specifically, what race they weren't.
”I could see a lot of children slipping through the cracks because they weren't protected by the Indian Child Welfare Act,” said Nelson, who was born and raised in Hoopa and is a member of the Hoopa Valley Tribe.
Nelson said it's the main reason why he campaigned to have the blood quantum for Hoopa Valley tribal membership changed. After months of heated and controversial discussion, the tribe held a special election early last month proposing to change the enrollment requirement from being one-quarter Hupa to one-eighth Hupa.

And THIS is the reason why Pechanga, Picayune, Redding and other tribes that have hurt THOUSANDS of their family, should be held with disdain. Do not patronize those who have hurt so many.

Rep. Diane Watson led CBC Attacks Sovereign Status of Cherokee Nation; Should be attacking Pechanga, Picayune and Redding

Update: Giago brings up this very VALID POINT:

When the CBC begins to use its power to go after some of the tribes of California for ejecting and denying citizenship to their members then, and only then, will their actions against the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma have the appearance of justice or otherwise their objectivity will always be in question to the sovereign people of the Indian nations.

OP: PLEASE, CBC, solve this discrepancy by going after TWO tribes of California FIRST: The Temecula Band of Luiseno Indians (aka Pechanga) and The Picayune Rancheria of Coarsegold. (Even Bill Cosby refused to perform their due ejections and denial of civil rights. Extend your correct actions against the Cherokee to the two tribes above.

Congressional Black Caucus Attacks Sovereign Status of Indian Nations

By Tim Giago (Nanwica Kciji)

The Congressional Black Caucus, in attacking the sovereign status of the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma, is placing in question and in jeopardy, the sovereign status of all Indian nations. At least that is the conclusion drawn by many tribal leaders across America.
OP: How else can the government of the U.S. express it's dissatisfaction with what the nation of the Cherokee has done to it's members? The Cherokee want to get rid of it's black members, or some of them, denying them their rights of well over 140 years in the making, then the US can show it displeasure and disagreement in few ways, one of them, denying them funds. After all, the Cherokee will already benefit in the funds it saves from giving the Freedmen benefits, won't they?
By staying with the expulsion of the Freedman, won't the responsibility of eroding tribal sovereignty be weighted on the Cherokee? Shouldn't the others tribes express their concerns to the Cherokee?

In a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, the CBC, of which Presidential Candidate Barack Obama is member, demanded that he support their efforts to deny federal funding to the Cherokee Nation. The letter reads:

When H. R. 2786, the Native American Housing and Assistance and Self-Determination Reauthorization Act of 2007, was considered and passed the House Members of the Congressional Black Caucus and others insisted that the bill include a provision that would prevent the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma from receiving any benefits or funding under the bill until the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma is in full compliance with the Treaty of 1866 and recognizes all Cherokee Freedman and their descendants as tribal citizens.
We understand that the Senate may be considering a version of this bill that does not include these critically important requirements. We are writing to advise you that the members of the CBC will not support, and will actively oppose, passage of a NAHASDA bill that does not include this limitation. We must send the unequivocal message to the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma that failure to provide full citizenship rights to the Cherokee Freedmen will have severe consequences.


The bill was introduced by Representative Diane Watson (D-CA). Tribal leaders across America feel that this bill could threaten Indian housing nationwide. They also believe that this action by the Congressional Black Caucus could set a precedent where any Indian legislation could be threatened by any special interest group. In a memo sent out by Indian activist Ron Andrade it was noted that Obama is also a member of the CBC. “Someone needs to ask him how he can reconcile his support of the Congressional Black Caucus and his rhetoric about supporting the sovereign status of tribal governments,” Andrade wrote.

OP: Someone needs to ask Andrade why he used county emails to shill for tribes like Pechanga, discussed HERE and HERE . His own corruption should discussed before Obama's membership in the CBC

Click here for the rest of the story. And tell your friends about Original Pechanga's blog. See related stories HERE and Here

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pechanga Tribe: Bad Business Decisions, Lies and Discrimination

Pechanga has not had a good 12 months.

In building their $15 million venue SILK nightclub, they originally named it Jade, which was already taken by a Las Vegas nightclub, forcing a change.

They fired a tribal member, Larry Miranda, son of former spokesperson Jennie Miranda, who lobbied to keep her thief of a son on the job and paid, even though he STOLE from the tribe. He should have been disenrolled for acts against the tribe.

A child molestor, whom their enrollment committee took as facts his rantings from prison in the case of the Hunter family disenrollment, was released from prison and is back on the rez.

The Tribal Council authorized the payments of ENORMOUS sums of money, about $50 million MORE than any of the other three tribes paid to get Prop. 94 passed (only 54% approved this time vs 68% the first propositions) They got the same percentage as the other tribes in victory, but, up until the morning of the vote, the tribal council was unsure of their stance. So, they put a few commercials, with lies and omissions out for public consumption.

Now, the word is that due to 'business climate' the tribal members aren't getting the huge raise in per capita they were expecting. After all, they can't just get by on the extra $100,000 per year they got after eliminating the Hunter family from the rolls.

This year, they are trying to get the Temecula Indian Cemetary property, for FREE, when that property has the remains of many different tribes and is NOT a Pechanga historical property.

And, as of April 1, here is some more discrimination (from a 4/11 letter to the editor of the NC TIMES):

New policy will be remembered

For years I've supported the American Indian tribes by voting to give them the right to open and expand their casinos. At the same time, I've also been critical of the Pala Casino for only allowing those who lose the largest amounts of money in their casino to buy the best seats available for all the concerts that they have there. And yet at the same time, I've admired the Pechanga Casino for taking what I thought was the high road in always making their best concert tickets immediately available to everyone in the general public whenever they go on sale.

But as of April 1, Pechanga has changed its policy and now also only makes its best concert seats available to the people who lose the largest amounts of money in their casino. The rest of us have to wait until all the best seats have already been purchased before we get an opportunity to buy our own tickets. As I don't gamble and voted to support Indian gaming all these years, I'm outraged by this.

The reason these casinos even exist is because those of us in the community who don't gamble voted to give these tribes the right to open up their casinos. And this is the way they thank all of us for giving them this right? All I have to say is that this will definitely be remembered the next time we vote on any measures dealing with tribal gaming in California.

They also got caught lying about their acquisition of hundreds of acres of land, because they wanted to maintain it the way it was in historical times. Well, it turns out it's Victorian England times, you know, when golf was established. They are building a golf course on the land they said they wouldn't develop:

According to its stated purpose at the time, the tribe wanted to maintain existing cultural resources and native vegetation of cultural significance to tribal life, Silver said. Pechanga asserted in its application that given the "vast occurrence of cultural resources found on the site, no development is proposed." Based on that assurance, the Bureau of Indian affairs concluded in March 2001 that the proposed annexation would not harm the environment. By early 2007, however, the tribe was building a golf course on a portion of the land, Silver said. "This golf course development was especially troubling given the parcel's location within...the Western Riverside County Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan," Silver said. LIARS!

Now, the band has to shut down their Silk nightclub and the Eagle's Nest due to bad behavior from customers and Tribal Members throwing their weight around, amid numerous complaints. Well over $500K a week from sales lost, due to misbehavior. BAD BUSINESS!

People of Riverside County, time to head elsewhere? Be safe, don't go to Pechanga. If the Pechanga Tribal Council will cheat their own people as they did with Apis and Hunter Clans, do ya think they will hesitate to CHEAT YOU?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Fights at Pechanga Reservation : The Video. Is it SAFE for you there?

This is not Pechanga Boxing Event, it's what happens when you serve too much alcohol to the young. We told you that Pechanga had to close down their nightclubs here and the video below shows some of the reasons WHY.


Seniors, the young aren't careful when they start fights, you could be hurt just by being in the area. It may be smarter to go to another venue rather than Pechanga. And besides, they kicked a lot of seniors to the curb in 2005 and 2006, taking away their health care and benefits. Why go to Pechanga if you won't be protected?
Church Elders is this where you want your flock to go?

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Temecula Indian Cemetary is NOT a Pechanga Tribal Site.

This will be going to Riverside County Supervisors:

The Temecula Indian Cemetery is not a Pechanga cultural site. The Temecula Indian Cemetery is indeed a sacred and holy site, but based on Pechanga Tribal documents, its establishment and use by individuals who predate the Pechanga Indian Reservation would preclude the site from being a "Pechanga" site.

The County of Riverside should not sell the Temecula Indian Cemetery to any group
who has deprived and/or denied individuals of their human and civil rights. Actions taken by Pechanga Tribal Officials -denial of due process, failure to provide equal protection of the laws, establishment of ex post facto laws, etc. - mirror those which led to the introduction and passage of the Indian Civil Rights Act of 1968 ("ICRA") which was intended to ". protect individual Indians from arbitrary and unjust actions of tribal governments" and to secure for the individual American Indian the broad constitutional rights afforded all other American citizens.

While the ICRA clearly spells out actions which tribal governments are prohibited from participating in, Pechanga tribal officials have failed to comply with the ICRA and have routinely invoked "sovereign immunity" to escape prosecution for their actions. No entity that participates in, supports, or otherwise partakes in human and/or civil rights violations should d be allowed to purchase a site in favor of those of whom they have victimized and who also have legal and cultural ties to the site.

Sale or management of the Temecula Indian Cemetery should include participation of all parties who have cultural ties to this significant site. The Temecula Indian Cemetery contains the burials of many Temecula Indians whose descendants are not or are no longer members of the Pechanga Band. Sale of the cemetery to the Pechanga Band would discriminate against these Indians and could violate our/their religious freedom and access rights. All Indians with ties to the Temecula Indian Cemetery should have ownership and access to the cemetery and should be consulted with regarding any sale, disposition, or use of the site.

In closing, I would request that the Board of Supervisors meet with individuals and/or groups that have ancestral ties to the Temecula Indian Cemetery to further discuss the issues above, and re-state our opposition of the sale of the Temecula Indian Cemetery to the Pechanga Band.

Here are some email addresses to the Riverside County Board of Supervisors:

Please add your voice.

Gamblers being shortchanged at CA's Indian Casinos?

Read article here

This should lead gamblers to go elsewhere if they can't believe that the machines are giving the correct information. We must trust that the tribes aren't cheating us, either on purpose or because of faulty machine software.

Lapses uncovered at Indian casinos
By James P. Sweeney
April 11, 2008

SACRAMENTO – California's first inspection of slot machines at Indian casinos has found widespread software lapses that could be short-changing tribes, the state and millions of gamblers, the state's gambling commission warns in a new report.

Nearly 40 percent of those machines were running software deemed obsolete because the manufacturer had issued upgrades – in some cases, more than four years earlierdesigned to correct flaws that had emerged. Although such software does not always pose a risk, some of the flaws were serious, the commission's staff concluded. OP: If the software had flaws that needed correction FOUR YEARS ago! Why wouldnt' they upgrade it for their customer's?
The software in question has sent incorrect financial information to the central slot-machine accounting system, accumulated credits incorrectly, occasionally bet more credits than players intended and miscalculated progressive jackpots always to the players' detriment, the report said.
Credits reflect the amount of money deposited in a machine and rise and fall with winnings or losses. OP: That means that the customers could have been cheated.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

KNBC's Without A Tribe Details Pechanga's Shameful Behavior, which embarrasses Indian Country

Without A Tribe is KNBC's most shared video on their site. It details the ouster of one family, which has the most documentation of any family. It also has evidence of Mark Macarro lying. Dr. John Johnson, at Pechanga's behest proved that the Hunter family belongs to Pechanga, "more so than any other family."

The 3rd anniversary of this shameful action is coming up. Read more at

It's time to stop spending money at Pechanga. Why allow them to gain, while 25% of the tribe was exiled?

If you patronize Pechanga, please be careful. Remember the story about one of their thugs told here?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

One Year after the Beatings and Evictions at Jamul

It has been over a year since the Jamul Tribe evicted Walter Rosales and Karen Toggery. The overriding reason for the evictions was for the construction of their long awaited casino. Looking back we see no progress towards a casino - only increased disharmony in the community. Since that time we've experienced the following:
Deceit by the San Diego County Sheriff's department and a subsequent whitewashing of the incident.
Lack of support by the San Diego County District Attorney
Leon Acebedo removed as the tribal chairman and subsequently landing on his feet as Executive Director of California Nations Indian Gaming Association.
Bill Mesa being selected as the new tribal chairman

Click the link for more...... Sad, the bruises may heal, but....

Do Pechanga Members PRAY for Forgiveness for Disenrollments and for their Illegal Moratorium?

Since it's the Easter Holiday Season, I thought I'd re-issue this post from last year:

It's interesting to think about what the remaining Pechanga members pray and think about when they go to church.
Do they pray that:

1. God won't remember what they have done to their family and ours?
2. Well, I really didn't believe in the 5th, 8th, 9th or 10th commandment anyway?
3. I can come here and people will see me and think it wasn't me that voted against stopping
4. I can just give a little more to the collection plate and that will get me off the hook.
5. Please, God, let there be more slot machines.
6. Don't they know that $380, 000 per year is not enough for us to share?
7. Why are they always picking on us? Are civil rights, elder abuse, voting rights that important?
8. Why did those Hunters have so much evidence and STILL got disenrolled?
9. I sure hope the tribal council didn't lie about stopping any more disenrollments!
10. Please, God, I'm not really happy about it, but I didn't do anything about it
11. Are the terminated REALLY your people, Lord?
Should Christian customers patronize a business that treats its family so terribly? Should Christians spend money for dinner at a place that abused their elders and children? Should churches hold luncheons at a place like this? Please ask your local ministers and committees to not spend church funds at Pechanga.
Just as interesting a question: What has the parish priest talked to his flock out the situation? How much of the catechism has the CPP broken?
Are they still taking communion? What penance did they get for ruining the lives of so many?

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Congressional Black Caucus; Rep. Dianne Watson lead opposition to Cherokee Funding

Hopefully, we can count on the CBC to help the disenrolled in California to regain their rights.


CBC warns Reid on Cherokee funds
By Kevin Bogardus
Posted: 04/03/08 05:13 PM [ET]

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus have promised Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) that they will try to block a Native American housing assistance bill if the measure does not include language that prevents the Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma from receiving any of the benefits.

The House included such a prohibition in its Indian housing assistance bill passed in September. But the Senate version does not include similar language


Since the flare-up over the Freedmen last year, the Cherokees have increasing come under pressure from CBC members. Rep. Diane Watson (D-Calif.) introduced a bill that would prohibit the distribution of federal funds to the tribe until it reverses its decision on the Freedmen. Watt has been tapped to lead a taskforce on the issue for the caucus.

In turn, the Cherokees have bulked up their lobbying presence here in Washington. The tribe has hired the Podesta Group (aren't they Hillary supporters?)and McBee Strategic Consulting to help sooth relations on Capitol Hill.
Congress has remained attentive to the issue, however. Before the Easter recess, Watson, Watt, Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.), and Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) met with Carl Artman of the Bureau of Indian Affairs to discuss the Cherokees.

Staff aides are working on a final draft of a letter to Artman that will be signed by the four lawmakers shortly, according to a House aide.

John McCain: Answer the call at 3. a.m, it might be your Son. Hillary, where's Chelsea?

While Hillary Clinton lies about her being in danger while hearing poetry in Bosnia, John McCain knows what it's like to be IN DANGER.

And, his son knows too. Why haven't we heard this before?


Can those of us who have had their civil rights violated count on President McCain to help get them back, or should we trust that Hillary Clinton, who has the wife of the Chief Violator as a backer.... look out for us?

Criminal Elements at San Manuel and Temecula

The criminal element has invaded San Manuel and we know already that former Temecula Band of Luiseno Indians spokesperson Jennie Miranda's (who led the disenrollement of two large families of the tribe) son was fired for theft from the casino. Should the Feds step in? Where is the FBI? Remember the story we told you about here?

Where is it safe to go to a casino? If young tribal thugs make it an unpleasant experience, should Californians go elsewhere?


San Manuel Band's new leader vows end to criminal influences

10:00 PM PDT on Friday, April 4, 2008
By MICHELLE DeARMONDThe Press-Enterprise
The new chairman of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians wants to beef up security on his reservation near San Bernardino and quash the gang influence that has many tribal members living in fear.
James Ramos, 41, took office this week amid growing community concerns about organized crime's ties to some tribal members.
"My goal for the next two years of the tribe is really to focus on security policy ... really making sure that tribal members feel safe," said Ramos, who also has served as the tribal unity and cultural awareness director. "You can probably imagine the work that's cut out for me."
Ramos took out a restraining order against a fellow tribal member a few months ago, saying the man threatened him at a tribal meeting and Ramos feared for his safety. Ramos and at least one other tribal family have private security guards for protection.
In an interview Thursday, Ramos stressed that he can't implement these changes by himself; he'll need the support of a majority of the 70 or so voting members of the tribe's general council, and he said it will take time.
Former employees have complained previously that the tribal government has failed to fully tackle the problems. Among the issues are:
The reservation was the site of a Drug Enforcement Administration bust in 2006 that included raids on several homes. The massive investigation targeted the Mexican Mafia, methamphetamine trafficking and street crime. The home of the current tribal treasurer was one of those raided.
Two of the people arrested in that raid were tribal members also charged in a murder-for-hire scheme. They're scheduled to appear in court later this month along with a leading Mexican Mafia member and his brother.
Former tribal employees have said tribal members have been allowed to break laws inside the casino, including assaulting patrons and using drugs, without repercussions. The former employees also say tribal members have instigated brawls and carried weapons into the casino.

Casinos Hit Jackpot

After the recent news of unsafe conditions forcing the Temecula Band of Lusiseno Indians to close down it's dance venues, there is word in this article that they may not add all the slots they are allowed. How, then, will the state reach the $9 billion that the big four tribes promised us?

Add your comments to the article from the San Bernardino Sun


Casinos hit jackpot
Tribes quickly adding up to 17,000 slot machines
Joe Nelson, Staff Writer
Article Launched: 04/06/2008 10:41:31 PM PDT

Casinos owned and operated by Southern California Indian tribes have seen a proliferation in slot machines since voters and state and federal governments approved gambling expansion deals.
Those pacts are enabling tribes in the state to add 17,000 slot machines to their casinos. The state will receive a share of the profits until 2030.
The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians in January got the green light from the U.S. Department of the Interior to have up to 5,500 slot machines in its casino.
On its Web site, the tribe says it has more than 3,500 machines, up from 1,500 last year.
Three other Southern California tribes - the Morongo Band of Mission Indians in Cabazon, the Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians in Palm Springs and the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians in Temecula - faced a referendum on the Feb. 5 ballot that voters approved.

Mejia said the number of slots that will be added in the future will be determined by market demand.
"If there isn't sufficient market demand, we're not going to put them in," Mejia said.

OP: Does that mean they LIED to us?

Hillary Clinton is supported By Pechanga Chairman Macarro's (and civil rights violator) wife on Radio Show

Pechanga's head civil rights violator's wife to stand in support of Hillary Clinton. Dear Senator Clinton, do you care about civil rights or just campaign donations? I offered you $5,000 if you would help my family get their rightful membership back and told you I could convince at least 50 more to donate as much. Has the Macarro's even donated a PENNY to you from their personal fortune?
UPDATE: BUMP to the top, since the DNC took a look at my blog today. WELCOME.
Questions for Mrs. Clinton: Where do you stand of the Temecula Band of Luiseno Indians denying their people basic civil rights? Should African Americans be the only people concerned about civil rights?

Holly Cook Macarro, the wife of Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro, will be on the Native America Calling radio talk show tomorrow. She will be speaking as policy advisor to Presidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Clinton. OP: VOTE FOR OBAMA!

This would be a good opportunity for people to call in and ask Mrs. Macarro about the Senator's stance on individual Indians' civil rights when tribal officials, such as her husband, commit clear violations of tribal and federal laws enacted to protect the individuals basic rights.

For those of you who may not be aware, Senator Clinton showed her true colors in the case of the disenrollment and destruction of homes of the Schenandoah Family at Oneida in upstate New York. After talking with Schenandoah family members/supporters, the Senator stated she would look into the situation. After many months of inactivity on the Senator's part, Schendandoah family members/supporters spoke out at an interview she was having and the Senator was (1) surprised they were there and (2) at a lost for words. To say the least, nothing ever became of the Senator's pledge to look into the issue. Maybe it is because of the millions of dollars the Oneida Tribe and its tribal officials "donate" to various campaigns and political parties. For more info on the tragedy at Oneida and Senator Clinton's lack of respect for basic individual rights, get a copy of "The 14th Family" a documentary chronicling the events, which includes the interview with Senator Clinton.

As for Mrs. Macarro's husband, under his tenure as Chairman of the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians in Temecula, California, there have been numerous gross violations of human and civil rights committed against tribal members. As a result, over 300 tribal members, many elders and children, have been stripped of their tribal citizenship. Many hundred more eligible tribal members have been denied enrollment with the tribe as well. The results of the gross human and civil rights violations did not stop at disenrollment, as each victim was stripped of voting rights, healthcare, education, and elder benefits/assistance.

In spite of all this, Mr Macarro and Pechanga tribal officials have escaped prosecution for their acts by hiding behind the tribe's sovereign immunity.

Just recently, Mr. Macarro was appointed to the Democratic National Committee's Platform Committee- he will have input on the Party's stance regarding many issues- including Indian civil rights. I guess it just goes to show that it doesn't matter you record on rights issues, as long as you can write big checks- and keep on writing them- you can get anyone or any organization to overlook your transgressions.

Link to Native American Calling home page: