Wednesday, June 20, 2018


Jefferson Keel, President of the National Congress of American Indians, a group which has STUDIOUSLY avoided the horrible civil and human rights abuses of many of his member tribes. Including  Pechanga, Hopland, Pala, Chukchansi, Redding Rancheria,  which we have noted many times, including this article by Dr. David Wilkins, should be congratulated for coming out against the human rights abuses of America.

At the same time, we encourage Mr. Keel, to LOOK WITHIN, and speak out for those that have had their tribal citizenship STRIPPED, their elders abused and the apartheid and segregation on many tribal reservation under his sphere of influence.

Get YOUR MEMBERS to live the moral values our nations proclaim to embody, Mr. Keel, and erase the MORAL STAIN of Tribal Disenrollment

Friday, June 15, 2018

BIA CORRUPTION Lawuit: TRUE San Pasqual Indians Get Their Day in Court

The attorney for the True San Pasqual Indians has announced the court date for their trial against the Dept. of Interior for their failures. July 19th in San Diego Federal Court.

Jose Juan

Alexandra McIntosh:

This will be the first time that the true San Pasqual Indians, collectively, have been in court to defend themselves since 1878, when your ancestors were ejected from your aboriginal land. 

However, it is the first time since 1850 that you have been able to have a voice in a California court as the San Pasqual Indians! It goes without saying that this is historic, no matter what the outcome.

So you are more than welcome to pack the court room, but I am sure I need not say . . . . but I will . . . you must be respectful no matter what the outcome.

Second: If you are interested, I would like to take you to show you where Jose Juan, Modesta, and your family members actually executed their 1928 California Indian Applications that have created so much controversy for not only the true San Pasqual Indians, but also nearly each and every Native in California .

I can show you exactly where your ancestors stood on that date before Wadsworth. If you are interested, we will set a time and I will meet you prior to the hearing, which is in a different building, but near by to the hearing in Judge Battaglia's court room

OP:  We hope this effort is successful. The corruption at the BIA is STAGGERING.  True San Pasqual Indians wait for JUSTICE, while white people are in charge of the tribe.

Pechanga and Pala Tribe's Disenrollment Stories Strikingly Similar: Tribal Heritage Erased and Citizenship Terminated.

PALA vs. Pechanga in the race to eliminate Indians.  Pechanga Resort & Casino has brought good fortune but that wasn't enough for some.  Greed won out over honor and tribal history.

Two casino tribes from Temecula the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians and the Pala Band of Mission Indians in Valley Center, both related in Luiseno heritage, have affected their membership's lives by stripping tribal citizenship and erasing their heritage.

KCBS Channel 2 reporter CRISTY FAJARDO reports on disenrollment for greed and power tonight. Pay special attention as to how WEAK the responses are from the two tribal chairmen, Mark Macarro and Robert Smith .  They can lie and obfuscate with ease, because they know that nobody will put them in check.

Here is the video, PLEASE watch and share..

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Nooksack Election FRAUDULENT and Dept. of Interior FAILED to Uphold Their Duties

Nooksack Tribal Election FRAUDULENT

Four Nooksack tribal council candidates who lost in a December special election filed suit Wednesday in Washington federal court, Law360 reports. The suit, filed by the Galanda Broadman law firm is alleging the U.S. Department of the Interior did not properly oversee the election that they said was fraudulent and likely included ballot stuffing.

The suit is the latest in a long-running dispute over who runs the Nooksack tribe and has a say in tribal matters. Candidates Robert Doucette, Bernadine Roberts and others said that the federal government under the Trump administration abandoned its oversight responsibilities when it accepted the special election results despite allegations that rules were improperly changed and the result could not be trusted, according to the complaint.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018 on TRIBAL DISENROLLMENT: The Fight Over Who’s a “Real Indian” Pechanga Casino Tribe a Focus

Jaime Dunaway has an extensive piece on disenrollment in . From an interview we did in APRIL:

.. California’s Pechanga Band of Luiseño Mission Indians, owners of the Pechanga Resort & Casino in Temecula, CA ,  whose tribal council sought to consolidate power by targeting political opponents through disenrollment. “It was simply a political issue,” said Rick Cuevas, who was dismissed from the tribe, along with nearly 100 extended family members, after the council posthumously disenrolled his ancestor in 2006. “There were votes they couldn’t control. It’s not just about the money. It’s about power and control.”

Unlike Crandell, Cuevas’ relatives were allowed to remain on the reservation—in the house that his father {HELPED} built in 1957—albeit without access to tribal resources, such as health care, housing grants, and other benefits provided by the federal government, which were annulled in the disenrollment proceedings. “They’re basically living under an apartheid system,” he said.

“They can’t go to the park without a tribal member. They can’t drink out of the water fountains. They can’t go to the pool. That’s segregation.”


Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Senate Committee on Indian Affairs APPROVES Alaska Native TARA SWEENEYS Nomination to ASIA

AS-IA Nominee
Senate Committee on Indian Affairs today approved Tara Sweeney's nomination as Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs  (AS-IA), now headed to FLOOR VOTE.  VIRTUALLY NO OPPOSITION, says Sen. Murkowski from Alaska. She also says there should be UNANIMOUS CONSENT for approval.


MEDIA recognizes her FAKERY in news of REAL Native American candidate from New Mexico Deb Haaland's primary victory.
Congratulations to Deb Haaland for her victory last night in the primary for New Mexico’s heavily Democrat 1st Congressional District. Haaland, who is Native American, will “likely” be the first Native American congresswoman to serve:

Monday, June 4, 2018


Our friend EMILIO REYES has won a victory against the Department of the Interior! Emilio writes:

“Motion for Costs” on one of the pending FOIA lawsuits was granted by the Court and no opposition will be filed by the Government. Which means, I am now awaiting payment from the United States Attorney’s Office on behalf of the U.S. Department of the Interior. Great things happen when you’re passionate and do things with a humble heart and life always pays back the good actions.  

This PROMISES to be one of MANY.  The BIA/Dept. of Interior has screwed up so much, it HAS TO BE DELIBERATE....  STAY TUNED

Denise Quitiquit, Robinson Rancheria Native Activist Walks On.

Sad news from Indian Country  Denise Quitiquit, longtime Native American Activist, and once disenrolled from the Robinson Rancheria, and since restored to tribal member, has walked on

Denise Quitiquit
As an activist, along with her late sister Luwana, she was among the first group that occupied Alcatraz Island in 1969. In 1996, she joined the “Longest Walk-Free Leonard Peltier” and walked from California to Washington, DC. During that time on her travels to New York, she was invited to read the poetry of Jack Kerouac at an annual festival.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Genízaros: NATIVE AMERICAN SLAVES, Which Were Captured and Native Americans

Forgotten history of a shameful period in Native American history.  Native American SLAVES own by the Spanish settlers in New Mexico.  SOLD to them by Native Americans.  We've oft told the story of the Cherokee slaves, who evolved into the Freedmen of the five civilized tribes.  In fact just recently we wrote about how those descendants are often ignored in the commemorations of the Trail of Tears.

Saturday, June 2, 2018

REMEMBER THE REMOVAL: Cherokee Youth take part in annual Trail of Tears ride MISSING the SLAVE's Ancestors That Were Dragged on the Trail

Riders from Remember the Removal
This event commemorates the 180th anniversary of this horrible event. Here's the description from Cherokee Chief Bill John Baker. Full Story and pictures at  NOTICE WHAT'S MISSING? see below

Friday, June 1, 2018


After losing an initial challenge in February to the Interior Department’s decision to set aside land for a tribal casino, a nonprofit scored a rare court victory that will allow it to assess whether the government wrongly withheld documents from the court record.