Monday, February 11, 2013

Rincon Tribe Gets Fed Approval of Gambling Authorization: Schwarzenegger's Folly

California’s practice of pressuring Indian tribes to share casino profits in exchange for approval of slot machines has been hit with a setback.

The Rincon Band of Luiseño Indians has received approval of its gambling authorization from the federal government, reducing the amount it must pay the state, which has traditionally negotiated gaming compacts and demanded a large share of profits.

Rincon had sued then-Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the state for “illegal taxation” and “bad faith” in renegotiations for a gaming compact in which the tribe was asked to share profits in exchange for the state approving 900 new slot machines for its Harrah’s Rincon Casino and Resort in San Diego County.

Rincon Chairman Bo Mazzetti said getting approval from the federal government protects tribal sovereignty and limits the power of the state to ask for revenue.

 “The federal definition of the goal of Indian gaming is to generate revenues to fund tribal government responsibilities and obligations to provide jobs, healthcare, social and safety services for tribal members, not to pad or fix a state’s budget,” Mazzetti said.

Representatives of Gov. Jerry Brown's office did not return calls for comment.


Anonymous said...

Good, then let the tribes pay for the roads and services so the State doesn't have to.

white girl said...

again lets take what little the natives have. Haven't they givin up enough, now people want them to support the state shame on you we should be paying them rent

Anonymous said...

What little?...the casinos are taking in's the tribes that aren't spreading the wealth by kicking out their own members so the remaining members get more money per month. When the casinos were first being pushed, it was with promises of sharing the money amongst tribes, that didn't happen. With Pechanga members each getting $25,000 a month and San Manuel over $100,000 a month each...I wouldn't call that little.

Anonymous said...

chuckchansi gets 400

Unknown said...

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