Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Nooksack Tribal Council's Flagrant Interference with Justice Leaves Nooksack 306 Lawsuits in Limbo for SEVEN YEARS

Noted Native rights attorney Gabriel Galanda reports on his Facebook page

Nooksack is reviving several Nooksack 306 lawsuits filed SEVEN years ago and seeking dismissal for "want of prosecution."
Why weren't they prosecuted?

Because the Tribal Council fired Chief Judge Susan Alexander before she could rule against them;
READ WHAT The National American Indian Court Association had to say about that   

They disbarred Galanda Broadman; denied business licenses to several other law firms;
"REJECTED" the family's pro se papers;   installed tribal lawyer Ray Dodge as "judge" to gate-keep and then the Federal Government had to pay $35,000 in claims for JUDICIAL MISCONDUCT

And they cordoned off the Tribal Court with armed tribal police to quite literally prevent access to justice.


Thunderbird said...

This sore has been oozing puss a long time! Now it has turned Gangrenous.Time for a Politician with some Stone’s that wants to lead this country to say enough! Time to Amputate!!!

Anonymous said...

I am sickened by this injustice that continues to be ignored!! People's rights are being violated, especially elders!!! What is wrong with people!?! This is not a secret or fake news!! This is REAL & happening under the watch of everyone!!! Who are the authorities to investigate & find the truth?! Don't let corrupt Tribal Leaders get away with theses crimes against their own people.