Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Chukchansi Tribe Votes To ReInstate Disenrolled; Positive Step in the Right Direction. Native America is WATCHING

We got word from our friends at Chukchansi that there was a vote to recognize all tribal people who were disenrolled beginning in 2010.  That's a good step in the right direction.   HOWEVER, that still leaves about 600 tribal people out in the cold.

Tonight the Chukchansi Tribal Council voted 4 yes 3 no to recognize all those who were disenrolled, beginning in 2010, as eligible members of the tribe and can vote in the October 3rd election. It was a heated meeting. The majority of general membership (at the meeting) expressed happiness about the decision. The general membership is ready for the war to end.

Those voting NO were:  Nancy Ayala, Reggie Lewis, and Jennifer Stanley.some of those tribal "leaders" with the most to fear in the event of a forensic audit?   Nah, that wouldn't enter in their thinking, right?


That being said, the question will remain as to whether the BIA will recognize any election that includes the previously disenrolled members.  

Monday, June 29, 2015

Feds Say Missouri Man a FAKE Indian and Charge Him with Misrepresentation of Indian-produced goods...

The recent Rachel Dolezal flap, a white woman posing as black led to a lot of columns about FAKE Indians, something that has happened for over a century,  Iron Eyes Cody, was an Italian actor.  Our Senator from MA, used fake Cherokee heritage for personal gain at Harvard.  
We are in the process of putting out some stories of FAKE Pechanga Indians who usurped power.  Today another story comes out...
HERE we have the story of a man with no membership in any federally recognized Cherokee tribe, misrepresenting himself as Cherokee.

Disenrollment Causes Tribal Classism, Income Inequality - NOT the Indian Way Says Gabriel Galanda

Gabe Galanda of Galanda Broadman Law Firm has a piece up on how tribal disenrollment is

“One hundred fifty years ago, this was utopia — with no (social) classes, no rich, no poor, no starving people. Everyone lived together in 1,000-foot longhouses, and they knew the difference between right and wrong.” —NCAI President Brian Cladoosby, Seattle Times

Disenrollment is destroying the remaining vestiges of the American indigenous utopia.  OP: At Pechanga, the very people who used to come begging for help, with milk or diapers to our family elder, since passed, Lawrence Madariaga, are the same people who worked to disenroll him.

Tribal commercialism, specifically gaming per capita craze, runs roughshod over communal ways. Fueled by Indian political power and financial greed, wrong too frequently prevails over what is right. And tribal communities are being stratified into socio-economic classes—classes of rich, poor and starving Indians.  OP:  Tribes will say 'it's NOT about the money", but that argument is wiped out  by the total stolen, which is now over $800 MILLION.  Greed? Yes, at Pechanga, a rightful family the Tosobol descendents we kept out because "there were too many of them"

In other words, disenrollment causes or exacerbates income inequality within tribal communities.  As Peninsula College economics professor, Dr. Dan Underwood, recently remarked on the tribal disenrollment epidemic, applying tenets of behavioral economics:

[R]ecent studies indicate “selfishness” is a luxury, that becomes culturally acceptable and individually rewarded as income and wealth increase. Thus, historical notions of identity were established when sharing was necessary to reproduce culture. Now, with new sources of revenues, historical conceptions of culture are abandoned to benefit particular class interests. What we observe happening to tribes mirrors the more general movement towards ever great degrees of concentration of wealth and power.

(Such selfishness and classism flies in the face of grassroots Indian movements ranging from the American Indian Movement and National Indian Youth Council, to Idle No More and Last Real Indians, all of which focus(ed) on externalized Indian equality and unity, rather than difference and division.)

More specifically, disenrollment—especially when tribal-wealth or per-capita driven—creates or widens classes of:

Middle-to-upper class Indians, and lower-class Indians;
Employed Indians, and unemployed Indians;
Safe and sound Indians, and homeless Indians;
Solvent Indians, and bankrupt Indians;
Politically popular Indians, and outcast Indians;
“Rez” Indians (including subsets of “from-the-Rez” and “Johnny-come-lately” folks), and “off-Rez” Indians.

READ MORE:  Galanda Broadman Law Firm

Friday, June 26, 2015

NNABA: Duties of Tribal Court Advocates to Ensure Due Process Afforded to All Individuals Targeted for Disenrollment

The stench of the injustice that disenrollment has brought to Indian Country, has gotten the attention of the National Native American Bar Association.  They've come out with some ethical guidance and it strikes to the heart of the corruption that we've seen from disenrolling tribes.

Ethics is a strange word to many tribal councils.  As we've seen in our own family, doing the right thing, such as working to enroll another family and exposing corruption, only to be disenrolled so the abuses won't be brought to light.  Ours isn't the only story, we've had many here, including Nooksack, Redding, Pala, and the worst abuser, The Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi.

Here is what this statement of guidance looks to do:

This Formal Ethics Opinion No. 1 calls on lawyers and tribal advocates confronting disenrollment issues to respect and consider indigenous rights to culture, identity, and citizenship and to reject any path that deprives indigenous people of such rights without due process.

Tribal council of Pechanga ensured we had NO or rather very little due process.  We didn't have attorney's, we couldn't confront our accusers, we couldn't even see the "evidence" against us.  (There was none).



In our discussions with family and friends about tribal justice, our cousin made some points about the wonders of tribal justice, the Pechanga Way:

The two disenrolled families, the descendants of Manuela Miranda and Paulina Hunter , found wrongdoing in thePechanga Band of Luiseno Indians' enrollment committee.   

JUSTICE THE PECHANGA WAY:  Get rid of the families that found the wrongdoing, so that another Indian family won't be enrolled.  Non Pechanga families get to stay in the tribe.

Non members who steal from the tribe; Delvecchio,Robinson, Riley and the Tran theft ring get prosecuted and imprisoned.

JUSTICE THE PECHANGA WAY:  Members who steal from the tribe, get a short "disenfranchisement" period and like Jennie Miranda, get welcomed back into the tribe.

Pechanga whistleblower, and confidential informant who points out corruption in the Pechanga Resort & Casino, has his life threatened, gets fired, has his reputation ruined and is rendered unemployable in the industry because he won't tell the Pechanga Gaming Commission what the federal investigators were searching for.  The Pechanga Tribal Council refused to arbitrate and the appeals court ruled he was intentionally harmed by the gaming commission, denying the tribe's sovereignty argument.

JUSTICE THE PECHANGA WAY:   Tribal Chairman Mark Macarro's brother, tribal attorney John, who couldn't pass the state bar,  yet drew a $300,000 per salary, gets caught stealing from the tribe.. A SECOND TIME, pleads poverty and agrees to repay tribe $1,000 per month....which is essentially a ZERO interest loan without consequence.  He keeps his Mercedes, his Temecula home, his Hawaii home, his vacations in Europe.   Imagine what the tribe doesn't  know about?

This is a direct result of illegally enrolled criminal frauds. This is a case where legitimate Indians booted in hate crime so criminal non-indians can remain in control.  


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mark Macarro of Pechanga Wants to DENY CA Racing Industry a Place at the Internet Gaming Table. Shouldn't BAD ACTOR's Like Pechanga, Pala and San Pasqual BE EXCLUDED?

Gaming website CalvinAyre.com has the full details of the The California State Assembly’s Governmental Organization Committee hearing – titled The Legality of Internet Poker: How Prepared Is California to Regulate It   It seems that the chairman of the the Pechanga Resort and Casino tribe, does NOT want racetracks to share in the bounty.

Mark Macarro, chairman of the anti-PokerStars Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians, noted that tracks have “zero history” with poker of any kind and that allowing ADW sites to add a poker tab would represent an unwarranted expansion of gaming. Macarro said each branch of the state’s gaming entities should “stay in its own lane.”

Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro Says Gaming should be Indians ONLY

Macarro noted that there had been four legislative efforts to expand gaming since the 1995 law that authorized cardrooms and voters had rejected all four. In 2004, 85% voted against adding slots to cardrooms and tracks.

However, Macarro offered an olive branch by suggesting the state’s licensed online poker operators would be willing to divert an unspecified portion of revenue to the tracks. Macarro also suggested tracks could generate revenue by acting as affiliates for online poker operators.

During the Q&A that followed, the Stronach Group’s west coast chairman Keith Brackpool rejected revenue sharing, saying it wasn’t right that the state’s other gaming entities should determine “what morsel” of poker revenue tracks deserved.  Brackpool also suggested there was no one currently in the internet poker “lane” and that all parties were “converging to the middle,’ which must be done “with great care and awareness.”

Should tribes continue to have a monopoly on the gaming industry in CA?  Should certain tribes be excluded as BAD ACTORS, Pechanga, Pala, Enterprise, Redding, Chukchansi, San Pasqual included?  

Send in this OPEN LETTER to your Congress person   to let them KNOW you know what these tribes have done.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Pechanga DENIED Appeal in Cosentino v. Fuller. Embarrassingly Swift Loss for Their Attorneys. Amicus Brief by BIA's Dutschke's Niece NOT Needed. PALA loses.

It was but a FEW SHORT days ago when we wrote that the Pechanga Attorney had filed for a rehearing in the Cosentino v Fuller case, you 'member:

The attorney who LOST a 3-0 decision, wants to re-try the case in his filings in the Benedict Cosentino case.  Attorney Frank Lawrence does what EVERY LOSER does, file for a rehearing.   in his filings linked here it appears that he's trying to argue the case again.  I admit I'm not a lawyer, but I started watching legal shows as a kid, maybe the Defenders or Perry Mason.  I'm pretty sure you can't win an appeal hearing with this.

"OH, wait you're HONORS, I forgot to argue this at trial"  doesn't seem to be a winner.  It makes one think that even Pechanga's John Macarro, who couldn't pass the CA bar, would know that.  WHO's PAYING THESE GUYS?  They had an opportunity to give evidence ... AT TRIAL.

I'd love to think  the appellate court reads my blog, (like the Justice Department, Congress, BIA, and Interior does regularly) but most likely it was so easy to decide, they took a few short weeks from the filing.

How embarrassing to be rebuked in this manner:

The issue we decided was whether sovereign immunity applied to protect Defendants from plaintiffs’ claims, and we decided that issue based on Turner v. Martire (2000) 82 Cal.App.4th 1042, and the other cited cases addressing sovereign immunity for tribal officials. Defendants were given and full and fair opportunity to brief and argue that issue and those authorities. The remainder of the rehearing petition is an attempt to reargue the merits of the case that likewise does not warrant rehearing.


Defendants’ request to depublish the opinion also is DENIED. A depublication request is properly directed to the Supreme Court. (Cal. Rules of Court, rule 8.1125.) A request that we depublish our own opinion is essentially a request that we reconsider our decision to publish the opinion. We decline to do so. 

You can read the Cosentino v Fuller Denial Here .   Oh, and the Amicus brief the niece of BIA's Amy Dutschke filed?   Not mentioned.... LOL...  Pechanga people, DEMAND that Mark Macarro and his council get the HOUSE IN ORDER.  With this kind of management, you could lose EVERYTHING>

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

NNABA Director GABE GALANDA to Advocate for Curing The Tribal Disenrollment Epidemic in Phoenix - Press Release

Phoenix, AZ - On Friday, June 26, 2015, NNABA Director Gabe Galanda will present his recently published Arizona Law Review article Curing the Tribal Disenrollment Epidemic: In Search of a Remedy.

The article, authored by Galanda and Ryan Dreveskracht, provides a comprehensive analysis of tribal membership, and the divestment thereof—commonly known as “disenrollment.” Chiefly caused by the proliferation of Indian gaming revenue distributions to tribal members over the last 25 years, the rate of tribal disenrollment has spiked to epidemic proportions. There is generally not yet an adequate legal remedy to stem the crisis or redress related Indian civil rights violations. Galanda’s goal is to find a cure, before it is too late.

“It is incumbent upon Indian Country to break the silence regarding the tribally taboo subject of disenrollment,” said Galanda. “If we don’t ask and answer tough questions about tribal belonging, others in the Congress or courts will do so, and we won’t like their answers. Candid tribal discussion and education will also lead to preventing further tribal self-termination.”

Read the full article HERE.

In April, NNABA, through Resolution 2015-6 “Supporting Equal Protection and Due Process for Any Divestment of the American Indigenous Right of Tribal Citizenship,” declared that it is immoral and unethical for any lawyer to advocate for or contribute to the divestment or restriction of the American indigenous right of tribal citizenship, without equal protection at law or due process of law or an effective remedy for the violation of such rights.

“I am proud that our national tribal bar has taken the lead in causing civil discourse within Indian Country about the human rights violations associated with disenrollment,” said Galanda.

The 2015 NABA-AZ Annual Meeting will be held at the Capital Grille in Phoenix, AZ, at Noon this Friday. For more information or to RSVP, please contact Kerry Patterson at kpatterson@lrrlaw.com. Click HERE to learn more about NABA-AZ.

Galanda is a founding partner Galanda Broadman, PLLC, a Seattle-based American Indian owned law firm dedicated to advancing tribal legal rights and Indian business interests. Gabe can be reached at gabe@galandabroadman.com or at (206) 300-7801.

Founded in 1973, NNABA serves as the national association for American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian attorneys, judges, law professors and law students. NNABA strives for justice and effective legal representation for all American indigenous peoples; fosters the development of Native American lawyers and judges; and addresses social, cultural and legal issues affecting American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

OPEN LETTER TO CALIFORNIA State Senators and Assembly on Internet Gaming and Tribal Bad Actors

The Viejas Band is running radio spots on internet gaming that is up before the joint committee on Governmental Organization.  They are against Poker Stars having a role, yet do not mention tribal abusers.  PLEASE copy and paste and send to YOUR state Senator and Assembly Members in CA.

Dear Senator and Assembly Members,

You will be having a hearing on internet gaming and the term "bad actor" is being bandied about.  Look closer at who is opposing Poker Stars.

Bad Actors?  You mean, like a tribe such as Pechanga in Temecula that has stripped the citizenship of 25% of it's tribe?  They have stolen over $500 MILLION in per capita payments.   You can find the information on Original Pechanga blog   http://originalpechanga.com.

Bad Actors?  Like The Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians? They have eliminated 70% of their tribe and now have a closed casino.  They have attacked elders with  bear spray and disenfranchised nearly 1,000 Native Americans.

Bad Actors?  Like the Redding Rancheria?  They terminated the family of their FIRST chairman Robert Foreman, AFTER they forced them to dig up an ancestor for DNA, which PROVED they belonged, yet they didn't follow the evidence.  99.9% DNA match wasn't good enough.

Bad Actors?  Like PALA who wiped out 15% of it's tribe, as surely as if they used a smallpox blanket.

Bad Actors? How about the San Pasqual tribe, who run Valley View Casino.  They are keeping rightful members from the tribe, have conned the B.I.A. for decades and Indian Affairs has screwed up SO BADLY, they are afraid to make it right.

THESE are the BAD ACTORS that should be kept away from CALIFORNIA's Internet Gaming.   Don't be fooled by a small donation from tribal  entities that have stolen nearly $800 million in California.  Have your staff DO THE RESEARCH, Senator Hall.

Elder Abuse

THAT's what the tribes mentioned above are practicing.  Sovereignty you say?  SOUTH AFRICA was sovereign too, and had the right to practice Apartheid, if you were against that, as any person who loves freedom should be, then you should NOT reward Tribes that do the very same thing.

DO THE RESEARCH required before you reward these abusers.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Pechanga LOSERS FILE for ReHearing; Tribal Rats Pala Join Sinking Ship, BIA Niece Files AMICUS Brief A YEAR LATE or Too Premature?

Boy oh boy,  there's a bit of premature ejac, uh, filing going on here.  Thanks to the estimable Turtle Talk blog, we have both the filing of appeal and a curious amicus brief for

The attorney who LOST a 3-0 decision, wants to re-try the case in his filings in the Benedict Cosentino case.  Attorney Frank Lawrence does what EVERY LOSER does, file for a rehearing.   in his filings linked here it appears that he's trying to argue the case again.  I admit I'm not a lawyer, but I started watching legal shows as a kid, maybe the Defenders or Perry Mason.  I'm pretty sure you can't win an appeal hearing with this.

"OH, wait you're HONORS, I forgot to argue this at trial"  doesn't seem to be a winner.  It makes one think that even Pechanga's John Macarro, who couldn't pass the CA bar, would know that.  WHO's PAYING THESE GUYS?  They had an opportunity to give evidence ... AT TRIAL.

It seems these attorneys for Casino tribes are telling their clients, who HARM OTHERS, "all we have to do in court is say, "TRIBAL SOVEREIGNTY" and it's a WINNER.    Except, Lawrence and Pechanga got a 3-0 SMACKDOWN on appeal, one that took about a YEAR to determine.

Now, Lawrence is using Public Law 280, sovereignty, the kitchen sink and getting other corrupt tribes like PALA to join in.

Frank, bubby, the TRIBE wasn't sued, it was individuals.  NOW, you throw this crap in your brief:

On remand, the Commission will make a record refuting plaintiff’s allegations that will more than satisfy the improper standards set forth in the Opinion, even if they are not amended after rehearing. Plaintiff’s criminal record, prior adverse licensing determinations by other regulatory entities, financial irresponsibility and instability, failure to abide by the terms of his license, and 37 refusal to provide information 

So we are clear, Pechanga's attorney is going to bring in "plaintiff's criminal record", prior adverse licensing determination, financial irresponsibility... blah, blah, blah"   Frank, bubby, you mean the stuff that was there when Pechanga HIRED him, the stuff they knew about, the stuff that still allowed him a license?  The stuff that was their when they FIRED/eliminated Stella Fuller? The stuff that was there when PECHANGA APOLOGIZED and rescinded their revocation of Cosentino's license?  THAT  stuff?   Stop, Frank, it makes you look silly.

As we stand, near as I can determine it, the court won't want an AMICUS BRIEF either.  If they aren't going to grant a rehearing, WHY would they want a brief to look at?  So BIA's Amy Dutschke's niece wants to be heard?  SO what?  GO AWAY.  If Pala had something to say, why didn't they say it when the case was closed...uh...LAST YEAR?  

Dear tribal attorneys...ain't requests for depublication supposed to go to the SUPREME COURT? (Owen Marshall, Ally McBeal, Damages, Matlock, /snark)

Tribal people, this is what your councils are PAYING FOR?


The is a Nooksack Tribal Meeting TONIGHT, that could be used to determine when the Nooksack River Casino may close.   Earlier this year, the tribe lost its "sovereignty" claim in trying to get their default removed.   Their breach of contract was upheld.  The Bellingham Herald reported in April: 

The Nooksack River Casino’s days could be numbered, pending a ruling in Whatcom County Superior Court later this year.
Since at least 2011, the Nooksack Business Corporation an entity owned by the Nooksack Indian Tribe, has tried to shirk its responsibility to pay back about $15 million in loans it obtained from now-defunct BankFirst in 2006. The corporation, owner and operator of Nooksack River Casino, got the loan to pay off some debt and renovate its Deming casino.
The corporation made payments for about a year before it went into default, kicking off the first of three agreements it would make with Outsource Services Management, a loan servicing company. After the casino failed to make payments under each agreement, Outsource sued for breach of contract in Whatcom County Superior Court.
Though the tribe agreed it had waived its sovereign immunity, it tried to argue the Superior Court didn’t have jurisdiction over the case, and moved for dismissal.
The Nooksack 306 will be attending this meeting, though they have been told they were not allowed in...... STAY TUNED...
UPDATE:  The Nooksack 306 made it inside the meeting after reportedly being banned by tribal chair Kelly.
Turns out that no decision has been made.  The failure of Kelly leadership is showing when the Casino is losing millions.  They are choosing NOT to honor their debts and are threatening closure.

Read more here: http://www.bellinghamherald.com/news/local/article22288788.html#storylink=cpy

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

BIA ADMITS to Having Documents in San Pasqual Membership Dispute

Last week, we discussed the BIA's despicable Amy Dutschke and her lack of effort in handling the San Pasqual membership matter.  In fact, she was part of the problem in this continuing saga. There were FOIA requests that revealed some interesting things.  Click the link above to read about it.

The have been new developments, the San Pasqual people have heard from Assistant Regional Director Dale Risling (hopefully meaning Dutschke has recused herself)

On a Facebook posting to the true San Pasqual people, attorney Alexandra McIntosh described the situation:

On October 1, 2014, I received a telephone call from Robert Eben. He had me on speaker with himself, Frances Muncy and Mr. Smith at Riverside. He was going to ask me for additional time in which to answer the FOIA about notice. However, they realized they had no documents I requested . . . only 3 pages. Also, we received through FOIA the letter sent February 2006 from Sacramento to Washington D.C. So, I suggested to Mr. Risling that Riverside has already had the documents, the ONLY thing that needs to be done is for Sacramento to provide the 48.9 notice. He didn't know about our FOIA. So, I have e-mailed him the documents . . .that includes the letter from Riverside TO Sacramento, as well as the letter from Sacramento TO Washington, in which the descendants did not get their 48.9 notice. He said that he will get back to me this week. Hang tight everyone, we ARE on the right path.

The Sacramento office needs to act, since the Riverside office has done their part.  Congratulations to the true San Pasqual and their attorney, Alexandra McIntosh


Madera County Supervisors REFUSE Chukchansi's Recognition Request: Ploy to Open Casino

When Chukchansi tribal council members recently asked the Madera County Board of Supervisors to sign off on a settlement agreement that will help the tribe reopen Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino, the supervisors refused.

Board Chairman David Rogers, in a letter sent to the tribe’s lawyers, said the board was unwilling to sign an agreement until the issue of tribal governance has been resolved. Questions over tribal leadership and missing audits led to conflict that sparked the closure of the hotel and casino near Coarsegold in October by the state and federal governments.

“No nontribal entity, whether it be federal, state or local, can authoritatively determine who the governing body of the Chukchansi tribe is,” the county letter said. “Only the tribe can do that. Until such time the tribe itself agrees on which council or other group constitutes its legal governing body, Madera County will not attempt to do so.”

The tribe also is in the process of negotiating settlement agreements with federal and state agencies. Such agreements must be in place before the hotel and casino can reopen.

Monday, June 15, 2015

RESEARCH STUDY on Tribal Disenrollment: Respondents Needed To Advance Understanding

A new study is being made about our experiences with Tribal Disenrollment. 

This research will create awareness and promote change.  For those willing to participate, please answer the attached questions and email to: REVISED:     disenrollmentresearch@yahoo.com

All participants remain confidential unless you would like your identity and tribe to be known.   If you know anyone who might be interested please forward and share this post. 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Mark Macarro and The Pechanga Tribe's Paper Trail of Tears: The Manuela Miranda Descendants Belong ...

An article from Vince Beiser from 2006 is still worth the read for those who don't know what gaming has done. We will be bringing back older articles to help those new readers find out what is happening in Indian Country while Congress turns a blind eye.

For many Native American tribes, the success of their gambling operations ends a run of misfortune and dispossession that dates back to when white men first dubbed them Indians.

Since full-scale reservation gambling was sanctioned by Congress in 1988, its annual take has grown to some $20 billion, with more than one hundred tribes doling out profits directly to their members.


The Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians whose reservation is a patch of largely useless scrub-and-rock desert southeast of Los Angeles, rake in well over $200 million a year from a 522-room casino/resort with eight restaurants and 2,000 slot and video-poker machines. The cut for each Pechanga adult: $290,000. But if being an Indian has taken on the imprimatur of wealth, high stakes have also led tribes to deal some of their people out.

Bands from California to Connecticut have expelled thousands of long-standing members, often on flimsy grounds of inadequate Indian ancestry. By thinning their numbers, casino-operating tribes have figured out how to split the pot fewer ways.

Friday, June 12, 2015

NAACP Leader RACHEL DOLEZAL, of White Descent, Claims to be BLACK and Native American UPDATE: STEPS DOWN

UPDATE:   Fake steps down from NAACP.  “It is with complete allegiance to the cause of racial and social justice and the N.A.A.C.P. that I step aside from the presidency and pass the baton to my vice president, Naima Quarles-Burnley,” Rachel A. Dolezal said in a statement that was posted to the chapter’s Facebook page.

Lot's of arguments available here.   If she FEELS she was a black person, inside, how is this different from Bruce Jenner's feeling he was a woman?  Why do people automatically think you can be a different gender,  but not a different race?
Rachel "Swim In Tanner" Dolezal

Local NAACP president for the Spokane, Washington, chapter and Eastern Washington University part-time Africana Studies professor Rachel Dolezal has been posing as a black woman when she was, in fact, born white, according her Caucasian parents.  Larry and Ruthanne Dolezal said they’d been aware of their daughter’s falsifying her race but did not speak out on the matter until the media contacted them, at which point they were also able to produce her birth certificate.
“She’s our birth daughter and we’re both of European descent,” her father told BuzzFeed News on Thursday night. Ruthanne Dolezal said the family’s ancestry is Czech, Swedish and German. She said the family does have some “faint traces” of Native American heritage as well.   “We’re puzzled and it’s very sad.”
“It’s very sad that Rachel has not just been herself,” Ruthanne, Rachel’s mother, told the Spokesman-Review. “Her effectiveness in the causes of the African-American community would have been so much more viable, and she would have been more effective if she had just been honest with everybody
Remember when liberals embraced Elizabeth "FAUXAHONTAS" Warren despite the proven claims that her Cherokee Ancestry was FALSE?   Does it matter that  she's not black?  The NAACP is standing by her so far.   Is this Black privelege or what??


Pechanga's Small Good Gestures Camouflage a BAD NEIGHBOR, Tribal Corruption is ...STAGGERING

It’s been more than a decade and a half since Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro asked the People of California to help Native Americans in their quest for self-reliance. I believe that most people took self-reliance to mean that Native Americans would help take care of their own people with the proceeds of Indian Gambling. This is the messaging of every public relations campaign during every California referendum on Indian Gaming, Each time the leaders of Pechanga were the face of the California Native community.

Unfortunately, self-reliance to Pechanga means keeping rightful people from joining the band and removing people who don’t think the way the leadership wants them to think, so there will be no dissent among the membership. The Council’s policy is cash your check and shut the hell up. The tribal people are now choosing COMFORT, over CHARACTER..

Pechanga’s Constitution and Bylaws provides for OPEN ENROLLMENT each January, yet in 1997 the band approved a petition, which called for a moratorium on member enrollment so that the tribe can get caught up with the applications. There are 10 members on that committee, how long could it take to catch up? The will of the people was the rule of law in an enrollment matter, upheld by the tribal council.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Pechanga Chairman Macarro And Council member RECUSED in JOHN MACARRO MATTER At Pechanga; Tribe wants NO conflicts of Interest in Theft Accusation.

Words from the Pechanga Rez meeting this weekend, one of the topics was the theft of Tribal funds by Chairman Mark Macarro's little brother, John. He is AGAIN, the subject of theft of tribal funds..
John Macarro

Mark Macarro and Mark Luker were recused from council while meeting was handling the subject.
John Macarro got up and gave a speech how he has made some wrong decisions recently and that he was sorry. OP:  I'm sorry to steal from you again, after I promised NOT TO.

Complaint Filed in Cherokee Election that Tribal Government Employee Breached Privacy Ethics

Sad when you can't trust your own tribal government employees to keep the trust they are supposed to  keep.  PRIVACY doesn't mean what it used to to some.

Our  friend, blogger and genealogist Twila Barnes has the details and links on her estimable blog, THOUGHTS FROM POLLY's GRANDDAUGHTER .

The complaint alleges that on March 31 Cornsilk posted At-Large Tribal Council candidate Tommy Jones’ Cherokee blood quantum information in a Facebook group called “Cherokee Nation 2015 Election.” 

“I had an interesting conversation with a couple of ‘Tommy Jones’ supporters last night. A couple of things came to light. First, they knew nothing about any of the other candidates for at large. Second, they had drawn their entire conclusions regarding his skills and abilities on his posts in a facebook group,” Cornsilk writes. “They had never actually met him. That’s not surprising because I see these same people say how much they ‘love’ their facebook friends, whom they’ve never met. Third, these same folks were once mocking Cara Cowan Watts low blood quantum of 1/256, but now support someone who is 1/128.”

The complaint states others in the Facebook group questioned Cornsilk about how he got Jones’ Certificate Degree of Indian Blood information. He implies in a response post that he received the CDIB information from the Election Commission by stating that CN citizens running for political offices must file CDIB cards to prove they have Cherokee blood.

Read more at the link above and keep an eye out for more details.

Former Pechanga Tribal Council Member Raymond Basquez Sr. SUED over Alleged Unlicensed Dealer School

Raymond Basquez, Sr. elder of the Masiel Basquez Crime Family of Pechanga, who was defeated by incumbent chairman Mark Macarro in last year's election, is being sued for fraud, and running an illegal casino school.  Raymond Basquez Sr. is the  uncle of the former Pechanga tribal chairwoman, Jennie Miranda, dismissed from the Pechanga Tribe for stealing from the tribe, is the subject of a new lawsuit which alleges:

Defendants organized and operated CCC in direct violation of California Education Code sections 94886 and 94943(a) for the unlawful purpose of operating an illegal casino school and illegally charging and receiving tuition payments from consumers who Defendants mislead by numerous misrepresentations and falsehoods including, but not limited to, Defendants’ false advertisement that CCC is a “state certified” school, and Defendants’ fraudulent advertisement and use of a long defunct Bureau of Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education license number. Treating the acts alleged herein as the acts of CCC  alone would sanction Defendants’ fraud upon Plaintiff, the members of the class, and the general public and promote illegal use of the corporate form.

Linda Basquez

Raymond Basquez Sr.
Former Pechanga Councilmember

You can Find Lawsuit Filing HERE and it's interesting reading.  The law office of Andrew Twietmeyer has filed for CLASS ACTION status on this suit.   DO YOU KNOW any students of the CASINO CAREER CENTER?   Were you promised a job if you attended the school?  Did you feel cheated?    Here's the contact information for the attorney:

10780 Santa Monica Blvd.
Suite 401
Los Angeles CA 90025
Phone: 310-909-7138

Here is another interesting allegation from the lawsuit:   Defendant Linda Basquez regularly tells students and prospective students that she can guarantee them employment at the Pechanga Resort and Casino because her husband, Defendant Raymond Basquez is a member of the Pechanga Tribe and former member of the Pechanga Tribal Council. 

Trading on her husbands alleged "good name"?  What a tangle web they weave....

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Should BIA's AMY DUTSCHKE Be RECUSED in San Pasqual Matter OR Should She Issue the 25 CFR 48.9 Notice She Failed to Provide in 2006?

It appears that in the San Pasqual matter, BIA Director AMY DUTSCHKE is going to decide whether the acting BIA director at the time made the correct decision on blood degree forthe San Pasqual tribe.       The acting BIA DIRECTOR at the TIME??       AMY DUTSCHKE!  

Amy Dutschke
Bureau of Indian Affairs

This seems very legitimate grounds for recusal in this matter OR will she admit HER error and issue the 48.9 notice to the San Pasqual descendants mandated by the regulations

 A couple of important things to know about her analysis:

1. 25 CFR 48 is THE enrollment statute of the San Pasqual Indians.
This is confirmed in the letter Amy send to Washington by Amy  (this follows the mandate of 48.9)
We will discuss the violation of Acting Assistant Secretary, Michael Olsen, under 48.10 at another time..

2.  She states at paragraph 3, "upon review of the all the documents presented by all parties, . . . "   What?  The enrolled descendants never got notice, and were deprived of their rights to submit THEIR documents.  

This is exactly what the San Pasqual have been writing to the her and Secretary Washburn about for more than a year, THE DESCENDANTS were never given notice under 48.9, never had an opportunity to respond, never had an opportunity to submit their documents to show that the 1928 application is incorrect and that Jose Juan was a full blood San Pasqual Indian.  There is overwhelming evidence from the internal records of the BIA and the National Archives that the BIA failed to consider or put forth!

3.  After a meeting with Robert Eben in April 2014,  attorneyAlexandra McIntosh wrote to Amy Dutschke and provided to her all census records 1852 through 1955. HOW could the BIA enroll anyone without having all of the census 
records because under a FOIA they stated that the only
census records they had were 1886 and 1910.   DON'T THE FACTS MATTER?

4.   55  pages of responsive documents received via FOIA show once again they never gave notice to the San Pasqual descendants enrolled by the SAN PASQUAL TRIBE in 2005.


Spokane Tribe Passes Referendum to PROHIBIT Disenrollment in Most Cases; Does the RIGHT THING

Proving that some tribes KNOW HOW to do the RIGHT THING, and that disenrollment for dollars is WRONG, as practiced by tribes like Pechanga and Chukchansi, the SPOKANE TRIBE gets it RIGHT.

On Saturday, the Spokane Tribe of Indians General Council passed a Referendum that amended the Tribe’s constitution to generally prohibit disenrollment.

The new Spokane constitutional provision provides: “Except in instances where a citizen transfers enrollment to another Tribe, no Spokane Tribal law shall operate to strip citizenship from any person who has previously been recognized to possess citizenship . . .”

Spokane joins a growing list of tribal governments who are amending IRA constitutions—which have been the primary vehicle for disenrollment in Indian Country—to discontinue the colonialist practice.

In 2013, the Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria revised their constitution to prohibit disenrollment.

Pechanga Tribe voted to halt ALL disenrollments, but Pechanga chairman Mark Macarro did not follow the will of the people.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Pechanga Tribal Meeting Today! Look LEFT, Look to the RIGHT, Who CAN YOU TRUST?

Word is about that at the Pechanga General Council Meeting Scheduled for TODAY, Sunday, that "other business" on the agenda may get interesting....

The brother of the tribal chairman, Mark Macarro is gone from his "job" as a high priced attorney who never passed the CA bar.   His credit  card receipts have been flagged for non business spending, unauthorized by Pechanga's Treasurer.   Theft...  The Crime Family of Pechanga (google it) wants him GONE.

Adding to the mix, the Crime Family wants their elderly former chairman Jennie Miranda back in the tribe, I guess feeling she's suffered enough for a paltry million dollar theft of the tribe.

WILL JOHN MACARRO's membership be traded for Jennie Miranda's?  Will the other Miranda's be allowed back  in?    

STAY TUNED.................

Friday, June 5, 2015

Barrasso Says NIGC Needs More EFFECTIVE Methods of Tribal Gaming Accountability and Accuracy.

Well, YEAH!  Ya THINK?  This report is government inefficiency at it's worst.  We found a letter this week from the NIGC to the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians citing them for violations  in 2005 and 2006... from 2014! They were given  LATE AUDIT REPORT VIOLATIONS:

The Chairman of the National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC) hereby gives noticethat the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Mission Indians of the Pechanga Reservation(Respondent or Band), located in Temecula, California, is in violation of the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA) and NIGC regulations for failure to timely submit an annual audit. 

There's no reference in the report to whether or not they COLLECTED the $25,000 per day FINES.

U.S. Senator John McCain (R-AZ) and Chairman of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs, John Barrasso (R-WY), highlighted a report released today by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) entitled: “Indian Gaming: Regulation and Oversight by the Federal Government, States, and Tribes.” 

In the report, GAO finds that federal regulators at the National Indian Gaming Commission (NIGC) are not effectively promoting voluntary compliance with federal guidelines concerning the proper handling of money, accuracy of financial statements, and security requirements at Indian casinos.
“The primary role of NIGC is to maintain the health and integrity of Indian gaming for the benefit of Indian tribes,” said Senator McCain. “If NIGC continues to rely on Indian casinos to voluntarily comply with federal guidelines, then the Commission must at least improve its state and tribal training and consultation initiatives and develop metrics that assess their effectiveness.”

“This new report calls for improvements in the Commission’s methods in maintaining the integrity of the gaming system,” said Chairman Barrasso.  “The NIGC should find more effective methods that will ensure all facets of gaming are conducted with accountability and accuracy.”
Other findings from the GAO report include:
  • NIGC auditors reported that a quarter of all Indian gaming operations were a “high audit risk;”
  • The NIGC has undertaken very few enforcement actions, such as issuing violation notices, since 2010;
  • Indian gaming has grown to a $28 billion annual industry, up from $3 billion in gross revenues in 1995;
  • Approximately 80% of all Indian gaming operations include class III gaming (Las Vegas-style games); and
  • The NIGC’s budget, which is funded by fees collected from tribes, has grown from $3.3 million in 1995 to $19 million in 2015.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

TODAY's THOT: Macarro Corruption at Pechanga


Chukchansi Raid: Court Date Set in Take-Over and Raid at Chukchansi Gold Casino

Preliminary hearings have been set for Ronald Jones, James Glasscock, John Cayanne, and Picayune Rancheria/Chukchansi tribal member Vernon King.

The four will appear before Judge Dale Blea beginning Nov. 16.
These are the final four from the attempted take-over and raid at the casino in Coarsegold, Oct. 2014.

Most of the 15 accused either pled guilty or had charges dismissed. Tex McDonald, who headed the Oct. 9 raid, accepted a guilty plea of felony false imprisonment, and is expected to be released for time served, on July 2.
King and McDonald were the only tribal members involved in the incident. Many of the others lived either out of county or out of state.
It is still unclear as to when the casino, which closed Oct. 10, will reopen.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Pechanga NO LONGER Using HOLLY MACARRO's IETAN CONSULTING Lobbying Firm? $1,220,000 Paid over FIVE YEARS to Chairman's Wife's FIRM.

I was doing some research on OPENSECRETS.ORG and did some calculations on what The Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians paid the TRIBAL CHAIRMAN's WIFE's LOBBYING firm, IETAN CONSULTING.

From 2010 to 2014, IETAN received $1,220,000 according to their filings.  Pechanga now has SPIRIT ROCK, run by Aurene Martin.

Makes one wonder, why so little is now spent by Pechanga to lobby our politicians?  When HOLLY, Mark Macarro wife was gettin' paid....she got $20,000 per MONTH, the new lobbyist is getting $2,000 per month.

WILL MARK MACARRO set up a GOFUNDME account to make up the difference?  That's a big HIT to one's income.

PECHANGA MEMBERS should be asking, "WHAT DID WE GET for that $1.2 MILLION?  It wasn't a water rights bill, because WE beat HOLLY's ass in the halls of congress and got that bill stopped.  We didn't stay at a Holiday Inn Express, but we did have two FREE nights at the Marriott.  I think an itemized accounting of IETAN's spending that got little or no results is in order, don't you, Pechanga members.  Maybe during OTHER BUSINESS...

We discussed our trip to CAPITOL HILL, remember?

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Questions The Riverside Press Enterprise SHOULD ASK PECHANGA CHAIRMAN MARK MACARRO part ONE

I've been sitting around today, chatting online with my family members and we laughed about how lackluster the efforts of RIVERSIDE PRESS ENTERPRISE newspaper are in bringing about, you know, news.   So we started asking questions we thought the PE should be asking and here are some of them. We are nearing 30 of them, but then, it was only a few hours, and we didn't go to journalism school, or, you know work for a newspaper.

Are Press Enterprise Reporters Afraid to ask Pechanga
Tough Questions?  Or do their stories get SPIKED?

QUESTIONS a GOOD NEWSPAPER Reporter should ask Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro

On the Benedict Cosentino Matter:
Was the Benedict Cosentino Firing "retaliatory" for exposing Pechanga members?
Why didn't you rehire Cosentino after apologizing for his termination?
Is the dealer school that supplies your employees run by a convicted felon or his spouse?
Do you feel responsible for weakening sovereignty with your corrupt actions?

On General Tribal Issues :
What did you do with the over $500 million you stole from disenrolled members?
Are any tribal members NOT descended from Original Pechanga people as required? FOLLOW UPS
IF SO, why are ACTUAL members descended from original Pechanga people EXCLUDED in a moratorium? How can only PART of the family be in?  Why are YOUR cousins still excluded when other adults are let in? 
Why would you exclude reservation allottees from water rights? Wasn't the reservation created for all Temecula Indians?  Would allottees receive their fair share of any water and funds from a water rights bill?
How do you spend $829,000 in TANF funds?  Are disenrolled Native Americans from your tribe allowed benefits?

On Criminal Activity at Pechanga :
Why did the Riverside SWAT team enter tribal lands in April? To arrest a tribal member?
Do you have convicted felons on your tribal committees?
Was your former chairwoman Jennie Miranda terminated from the tribe?
What is Pechanga's definition  of disenfranchisement?
Has your tribal attorney and brother, John Macarro passed the California State Bar Exam?
Is it true that your brother John Macarro was stealing from the tribe, and his actions will be brought up in this month's tribal meeting?

ALL questions an enterprising news reporter should ask.  If Pechanga gets federal money, should taxpayers know how those dollars are spent?   If tribal members were disenrolled and some of their benefits absorbed by the state, shouldn't taxpayers know?  If Pechanga has different sets of rules for different groups, isn't that newsworthy?

Monday, June 1, 2015

Pechanga's "Whistleblower" Was Fired For Exposing Corruption At The Casino, Including Pechanga Elected Officials?

I'm  working my way through the filings from the court filings of Benedict Cosentino, because, well, the Press Enterprise won't/didn't think to do  it.

Here are some statements from Mr. Cosentino:

In acting as a confidential informant, I risked my personal safety to help prevent theft from the Pechanga Band and to protect the integrity of the Pechanga Casino's gaming activities. I never asked for any payment or reward, and never received any. I was just doing what I thought any decent person was obligated to do.

Pechanga's attorney calls this..... self serving.

Pechanga's decease elder, and PGC commissioner Norman Pico Sr. brought in the DOJ, the CA DOJ and Riverside County District attorney

the  Commission sought the assistance of the United States Department of Justice, the California
Department of Justice and the Riverside Country District Attorney's Office in investigating
criminal corruption at the Pechanga Casino involving vendors, employees, and elected officials of the PECHANGA BAND.   OP:  MONEY on more than one occasion when the Commission met with investigators to discuss the investigation at the Pechanga Casino, Chairman Pico insisted that Defendant Fuller leave the room.  Recusal?  Why?  Were Pechanga tribal family members involved?  YES! See below:

26. After I left work on March 29, 2011, I made three calls to agents at the California
Department of Justice with whom I had worked in my capacity as a confidential informant.
27. Each of those agents told me that if the Commission asked me about my activities as
a confidential informant, I could not reveal any information about open cases because some of
the open cases involved family members of Defendant Fuller.   OP:  That would be MIRANDA family members.  


Tribal member Raymond Basquez and his wife Linda contacted me in or about October 2011, and asked me to meet with Pechanga Tribal Council member, Ken Perez.  OP:  If FELON Basquez's family were involved, he'd be working to protect them, not report them.  And guess who earned the Basquez  ire for standing up against the crime-family manufactured disenrollments? Yes, Stella Fuller's brother, Anthony, the former head of CNIGA

Stella Fuller was protecting her brother and Father from the DOJ investigation.  Shortly after Fuller's dismissal, Pechanga tribal members Anthony, Andrew and Raymond Miranda were disenfranchised from the tribe for theft.

Read the filing linked above, it has words, TRIAD as part of the claims that Pechanga didn't argue against, they didn't dispute any of the charges, simply focused on the sovereignty issue. Defending sovereignty at all costs, prevents legal exposure of tribal members.   Hiding behind sovereignty prevents CRIMINAL EXPOSURE.....

filings from the court filings of Benedict Cosentino

Is the Riverside Press Enterprise Protecting Pechanga Tribe's Interests By Trying Not to Make them Look Bad?

We thought that The Riverside Press Enterprise has protected the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians for years, but the most recent story concerning Pechanga's loss of a court case seems to drive the point home.

In fact, I'm not sure that the Press Enterprise would have even DONE the recent story on Pechanga's loss in appeals court, if I hadn't sent them an email informing them.  In fact, when I searched the PE site for PECHANGA, I had to go 16 pages for any crime story to show up, but there were articles about BBQ cook-offs and cakes and buffets.  

There were no stories about former Pechanga chairman Jennie Miranda being removed from the tribe for theft of slot  machines.  If  the Robinson/Riley case was news, certain, the Miranda theft issue should be, especially a former chairman, being disenfranchised.  IF there was no case filed by the DOJ,  on slot machines being sold to Mexico, as we understand it, WHY NOT, shouldn't a good newspaper find out?

The PE wrote nice stories about Pechanga buying Pu'eska mountain because it was sacred, but never once mentioned in the stories that Pechanga had also lied to congress the last time they got land, saying they wouldn't build on that sacred land..you know, the land where the GOLF COURSE is now!  Yes, please don't take a deep divot on the burial ground of our ancestors.

Did anyone read about the SWAT team coming to Pechanga a few weeks ago to take out a young tribal member and friends as suspects in the shooting at a Temecula party in mid-April?  SWAT and helicopters on the Rez isn't newsworthy?  Or was the PE afraid to make their advertiser look bad?

See if you feel the same way we do about the PE. If you take a look at the article on Pechanga's loss in appeals court,  HERE , you will notice they gave a sidebar to Pechanga's attorney Frank Lawrence, who was able to put his spin on display. In comparison, they gave the attorney for Benedict Cosentin,  Andrew Tweitmeyer, two quotes.   Really?

Here's attorney Lawerence's quote, with some rebuttal:

"We respectfully disagree with the Court's opinion. The opinion was not a ruling on the merits and did not find any wrongdoing whatsoever by defendants. The Court accepted the plaintiff's self-serving and unsupported allegations as 'facts' for purposes of its ruling, but no facts have been found yet in the case.   OP:  The appeals court does not find rule on the merits of the case, but whether the decision by the lower court was correct.  They actually DID find that the defendants acted outside their scope.  When he says "self-serving" he want us to think "WRONG".  He is also lying when he says there were no facts. Of course their was, check EXHIBIT I.   I guess the Press Enterprise didn't think to look at any case documents?

Michelle Rodriguez: Exposing Disenrollment on College Campuses II: Telling the PERSONAL STORIES

Guest Blogger Michelle Rodriguez, disenrolled from Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians had a positive reaction to a recent post about my cousin, UVINA CAMACHO using her college classes to get the stories out about disenrollment.   Activism can be done in many places, not just a protest in front of the BIA.  Educate our family and friends, our classmates and teachers.

Right on! Keep the word lit Uvina! As tribal disenrollment is becoming more common in Indian Country and is at an epidemic level within what is politically California, our greater Indian community at large is becoming more familiar with it because they have been affected by it directly or know someone who has.

When I was a student at SFSU (2004-2008) I gave power point presentations within the classrooms of the Ethnic Studies department which is home to the American Indian Studies program and classes (BA).

I would open with: When I was in high school a few years back (before we had been disenrolled), my mother and I were on our way somewhere and began discussing in the car how this act on any Indian family was wrong, and how we couldn't believe our tribe (Picayune Chukchansi) was the next on the list to put this practice in place.
Our voices elevated as we furthered how hurt and disgusted we were in even the thought.. we got lost in our own words on the issue and forgot we had our baby of the family in the back. Only 9 years old and her voice cut through our frustration like a hot knife. Baby raised her voice in honesty and confusion."I, I just don't get it! How can we be Indian one day, and not the next?" From the mouths of babes!

This question to the class would lead to touching on the consequences and the further explanation of this identity theft as loss of birth right through paper genocide, and how this directly related to the loss of health care, the loss of education, the loss of opportunity and the loss of home, community and sense of place.

Disenrollment is self destructive insanity, and tribal suicide for those that participate in this untraditional behavior of trimming rolls, and the federal government conveniently says their hands are tied due to "tribal sovereignty."

As I say, how convenient. I felt my family's experience, although emotionally difficult to share with strangers, this difficulty was becoming the experience of so many others that we have to continue to keep talking, because no one else will do it for us, our elders, our babies and those yet to be born. It is our responsibility.

Presenting to the American Indian Studies classes I was taking gave me some clarity on how to process the emotions and thoughts surrounding this plague, and presented the perfect platform for the passing of this information to non-Indians, and Indian professor's who may also be trying to learn more.

With these presentations I found so many non-Indian students were poorly educated on Indian issues and affairs in general but were genuinely interested and unsettled, and the professor's felt they were doing a service as well to our people by providing this safe place for a 21st century Indian woman to express.

Most of those in these classes had raised their hands at least two times each after the presentation was through. Toward the completion of the presentations I wanted to tell my fellow students that this wasn't a fight without hope. I included a list of links to video, articles, and organizations that are related to tribal disenrollment to show our communities rallying against this practice, and to supplement my classmates in what they had taken away from the class if they were interested in learning more.

This issue is not going away, it will keep being talked about, it will continue to come through the halls of academia in the forums of the classroom, and the cases, papers and eventual books of lawyers, analysts and professor's, and it will be dealt with on a larger scale.
Even if the start is informing our non-Indian friends and allies to not provide state compact votes and business to disenrolling tribes, because most often this injustice is intertwined with casino revenues, this is a start. We are with hope, as the tide changes!

Share YOUR story,  Share THIS story:  GOOGLE +, Twitter and Facebook, thank you Michelle