Tuesday, November 30, 2010

ICRA: No recourse against Native American Tribes for Sexual Harrassment

Received a communique from Dennis Chappabitty concerning the need for enforcement of the Indian Civil Rights Act, which we have discussed before.    HERE and ICRA Oversight Request

I am representing a young Indian woman who was subjected to sexual harassment at the Quapaw Downstream Casino and she has no legal recourse to pursue a legal remedy in federal or state courts.   Please forward as we intend to demand that Congress amend the ICRA to allow recourse into the federal courts to seek justice in situations like this

No recourse for women from Native Tribes? Time for a change. Time for tribes to stand up against those tribes that will be responsible for eroding tribal sovereignty.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Pechanga Steals $4,700,000 per month, no news; Gives $42,000 to charities and Local News Swoon

That's right.  Pechanga steals $4.7 million per month, (per capita was $20,000 per month when Hunter Family was disenrolled, over 235 people cut off, including Manuela Miranda family).    They just gave a WHOPPING $42K to some local charities.

Now let's see,  Pechanga keeps an additional $53 MILLION per year, yet gives out about 100 grand.   Let's put this in perspective:

A housewife, spends all day cleaning the home, from top to bottom, windows, dusts the house including baseboards, bathrooms, five loads of laundry, dusts the blinds, changes the sheets mows the yard, front AND back, takes the kids to school and soccer practice, cooks dinner, sews her own clothes, does dishes and puts them away.   Then the husband proudly says,  "look honey, I emptied my OWN ashtray!"

Newspapers:   $42,000 is NOTHING.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

White House Supports CLEAN "Carcieri Fix"; Feinstein Not With The Program

In a story from Indian Country Today, Gail Toensing reports that the White House wants a clean fix without changes to legislation concerning trust land.   In an earlier post, we discussed Sen. Dianne Feinstein's position.

The White House has reiterated its support for a “Carcieri fix” – legislation confirming the federal government’s authority to take Indian land into trust for general purposes, while the Interior Department has distanced itself from a senator’s proposal that would virtually eliminate off reservation trust land for gaming.

“I think everyone in the administration that’s talked about it has made it very clear that we support the clean Carcieri fix,” White House spokesman Shin Inouye told Indian Country Today Nov. 23. “The president has said that, the Secretary (of Interior) has said that, we’ve said that in all our letters and testimony to Congress. Is there some confusion out there about our position?”

If there is confusion, it’s due to a controversy that’s blurring the distinction between two major pieces of Indian law – the 1934 Indian Reorganization Act, which provides land into trust for general purposes other than gaming, and the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, a section of which deals with gaming on “newly acquired land” – that is, land acquired after IGRA was enacted in October 1988.


Follow Original Pechanga's Blog on Twitter: @opechanga     and for more stories on Pechanga Corruption, check out these links:    Apartheid at Pechanga     Pechanga Dishonors Its Veterans     Pechanga Chairman Macarro Lies to Congress

Friday, November 26, 2010

Sen. Dianne Feinstein asks Dept. of Interior to Draft Language Keeping Gaming from Tribes Seeking Land into Trust.

California Senator Dianne Feinstein has received draft language from the Department of Interior, which will place requirements on certain lands to be used for the purposes of Indian gaming.  This will have a direct effect on some tribes gaining the self-reliance that the big gaming tribes received and implemented under Props. 1A and 5.

We have embedded communications, including a response to Rep. Tom Cole asking for information on the matter.

The money portion of the language Sen. Feinstein  is seeking:

gaming shall not be conducted on land taken into trust by the Federal Government after the date of enactment of this aAct, unless the Secretary of the Interior determines when taking into trust for gaming purposes that the Indian tribe demonstrates -

      1. A substantial direct modern connection to the land taken into trust; and
      2. a substantial direct aboriginal connection to the land taken into trust.

WHO benefits from language like this?   Certainly NOT tribes who would benefit from gaming?  Only those tribes that ALREADY have gaming would benefit for the lack of competition for gaming customers.    So is that who Sen. Dianne Feinstein is doing this for?   WHY Senator, would you jump through hoops for tribes that already have gaming, instead of working to HELP tribes that do not?    IF gaming is the engine for tribal self-reliance, wouldn't we want ALL tribes to benefit from Gaming.   Really, Senator, is it more important for tribes like Pechanga, which has stolen $300 million from rightful tribal people, or the Picayune Rancheria, which has eliminated 50% of their tribe to benefit?   Shouldn't you and Senator Barbara Boxer be working on enforcing the Indian Civil Rights Act instead?   Please Sen. Feinstein, don't say you "didn't know" what tribes have done.  We sent you hundreds of letters on Pechanga's Land Transfer.

Who is lobbying for this?  IETAN?

DoI Response to Rep. Cole 11-18-2010 and Sen. Feinstein 11-03-2010.[1]

Senator, please RETHINK this issue.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving to All Original Pechanga's Blog Readers

We at Original Pechanga's Blog would like to wish all of our readers a very Happy Thanksgiving.

We are thankful that we have our family growing and healthy for the most part.   We are thankful that more friends are coming here to find out about our struggles to gain back what is ours.  Have a great day with family everyone.

We hope that Frances Miranda, Ihrene Scearce and Ruth Masiel are thankful that they have destroyed the happiness of hundreds of Pechanga/Temecula Indians.     Will they tell the stories to their young ones, that they have harmed more Indians than the white man this century?    Frances, are you happy for what you have done to your OWN Family?  Your cousins that YOU have helped send back into poverty?   Ruth, you are the eldest, do you have any recollection as to what you have wrought on the descendents of the tribal ancestor that your own expert said had more evidence of being Pechanga that ANY OTHER PEOPLE of the tribe?    Ihrene, do you realize what you have done?   Do you think this is the legacy that you will be known for?  

We'll detail more of what Frances Miranda, Ihrene Scearce and Ruth Masiel have done in upcoming posts.

Foxwood Casino Loses $1 Million to Cheaters; Pechanga Disenrollees Lose $300 Million to Theft

Cheating comes in many forms. What makes news is when a casino like Foxwoods in Connecticut loses almost $1 to cheating:

Four Korean nationals linked to an international casino cheating syndicate and arrested at Foxwoods Resort Casino this week are suspected of bilking casinos out of between $750,000 and $1 million, authorities say. Two of the four, Young Su Gy, 60, and Wookyung Kim, 34, were charged Monday as part of a three-month investigation involving state and federal authorities, along with casino security, according to state police Detective Martin Graham.

Interestingly, what doesn't make news is when tribes cheat their own people.   The Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians has cheated and stolen over $300 milllion  from tribal members that were unconstitutionally terminated from the tribe.   Yet, state and federal authorities will spend three months following four people, but here in California, NO Federal help, No State help for HUNDREDS who have been defrauded by the Pechanga Tribal Council, led by Mark Macarro and Russell "Butch" Murphy.  We continue to shine a spotlight on tribal corruption.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

California Tribal Business Alliance: YOUR Computer Will Be A Gaming Device

CTBA President Leslie Lohse opposes internet gaming unless California Indian Tribes get a say in what goes on in legislation, including identifying YOUR computer as a gaming device.   Because of donations to his campaign, they EXPECT incoming governor Jerry Brown to be compliant to their wishes.

Internet gaming should not be held captive to the whims of tribal nations that have harmed their own people.   Of the over 100 California Indian Nations, not all have gaming and certainly not all benefit the way citizens of CA intended through their passage of Prop. 1A and Prop 5.

It's time to let the tribal gaming compacts expire and legalize gaming in California where we can regulate it, and have it in place in the populous areas of Los Angeles and Orange Counties.     Tribes have received a head start on gaming and some have taken their tribes and built their infrastructures.    Other tribes such as Pechanga, Redding and Picayune have harmed so many of their membership, that our new governor Jerry Brown can't SERIOUSLY care what they think.

Here's the video:

Additionally, we are working on a story about our Senator Dianne Feinstein's work to keep some tribes from getting casinos to help their tribe. Is she supported by the big gaming tribes, who think nothing of letting other tribes suffer?

Blogtalk Radio Show: Bikers of America Discuss Pechanga Treatment of Veterans

Thank you to our friends from Bikers of America Blog and their Blogtalk Radio Program.

Phil and Bill were kind enough to give us time on their show to talk about how Pechanga has treated their own veterans, their treatment of tribal citizens.

The pertinent part of the show begins at the 13:00 minute mark. You can skip ahead. There will be one interlude for a caller about 5 minutes worth and then continued discussions. Please LISTEN

Friday, November 19, 2010

Santa Ysabel Band OUSTS Johnny Hernandez; He Refuses to Relinquish Power

GOODBYE JOHNNY!   What a difference a year makes.    We wrote last year that Johnny Hernandez kept his seat and now that has changed.
 Members of the Santa Ysabel Band of Mission Indians elected a new tribal leader earlier this month, but Chairman Johnny Hernandez has refused to relinquish his power, tribal members say.

Hernandez's refusal is the latest in a series of internal feuds for the North County tribe, whose reservation is located near Lake Henshaw. Tribal members elected Virgil Perez as their new chairman on Nov. 7, two tribal members said.

The tribe also re-elected Vice Chairwoman Brandie Taylor, whom Hernandez tried to fire last year. Perez and Taylor will be sworn in on Dec. 5.

Following the election, Hernandez refused to give the keys to the tribal hall to the new chairman or allow him access to tribal records. Perez and Taylor asked the Intertribal Court of Southern California on Monday to force Hernandez to turn over the keys and abide by the election results.

Hernandez declined to be interviewed. Taylor also declined to comment.

On Wednesday, the tribal court's judge agreed with Perez and Taylor. Judge Anthony Brandenburg authorized them to change the locks on the tribal hall.

"He (Hernandez) is acting like a spoiled child and doesn't want to give up what he has," said June Sortore, one of the tribe's estimated 700 members.

A Remembrance: Robert Edward Foreman Redding Rancheria's First Chairman

Today marks the second year of the passing of Robert Edward Foreman, of the Redding Rancheria.   Mr. Foreman should be regarded as a hero to the Redding Rancheria, as he was responsible for bringing health care services to Native Americans in the north counties.   In 1971, Rural Indian Health Care was opened in Anderson, CA.

Sadly, the Redding Rancheria, led by Tracy Edwards, who is in Original Pechanga's Blog's HALL OF SHAME, disenrolled their FIRST chairman, even after DNA evidence proved their rightful place in the tribe.  

Carla Maslin, Mr. Foreman's daughter told us:   The betrayal of our community is the most unforgettable. It is a crime for them to commit fraud, injustice, & lies to the public about my family's bloodline & heritage. As it would be for any human being whose roots, blood ties and connections to their ancestors is an unwritten and sacred law. It is an outrage.

Please check the link for more on Mr. Foreman.

Redding Rancheria, Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians, Enterprise Rancheria, Picayune Rancheria are all guilty of paper genocide AND Apartheid of Native Americans.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Original Pechanga's Blog in TOP 50 of Native American Blogs

Thank you to our readers for helping us spread the word on corruption and disenrollment issues in Indian Country.  According to the site Master's In Counseling, Original Pechanga's Blog is ranked 31 of the top 50 Native American Blogs.

Over the past three years, we have tried to shine a light on the corruption in Indian Country.   We still need help in spreading the word and helping Washington DC understand what some tribal councils like those of  Pechanga, Redding, Picayune are doing to their bretheren.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Contacts for Temecula Area VFW posts. Please send a message.

We wrote about the Pechanga Band's treatment of some veterans and active duty personnel yesterday.   For those who want to get involved and send a note of protest of their treatment here is some contact information:

Post 4089 Temecula Valley Post

28075 Diaz Rd
Temecula, CA 92590
 Phone: (951) 676-1541  

Post 1508 Richard Elliott Post

PO Box 737
Wildomar, CA 92595-0737
Phone: (951) 674-4735
Post 4379 Winchester Valley PostPO Box 188
Winchester, CA 92596
Phone: (951) 926-5158
A quick call letting them know what you read here about how Pechanga has treated their OWN veterans, and this latest episode could lead to a larger group standing up for the rights of veterans and those of terminated Native Americans.
Here is the contact for VFWCA:
1510 "J" Street, Suite 110

Sacramento, CA 95814
E-Mail address is: administrator@vfwca.org
Telephone (916) 449-8850

Monday, November 15, 2010

Pechanga Tribe mistreats Biker Veterans? But they were going to welcome Mongols? UPDATED

As we have written already, The Pechanga Band has treated their tribal veterans shabbily, including decorated war veterans.  Now, it appears they have treated some other veterans and their wives terribly too.  The Mongols reference goes back to June 2008 when the Mongols were going to rally at Pechanga, before holding their get together on the La Jolla reservation.

From the Biker's of America Website, there's this telling of what happened at Pechanga's "Veterans Eat Free" promotion:

Hi Gill,
I contacted CBS News, NBC News, and ABC News regarding Pechanga's treatment
of the Vietnam Vets. This was done by filling out a form online. Here is what the form said:

Several Vietnam Veterans went to Pechanga Casino today on their motorcycles for the advertised event "Vets Eat Free" at the buffet. They called in advance to make sure they could wear their Vietnam Vet patches on their vests and were given approval.

Security pulled them out of line and told them to leave. They did not want "bikers" at the buffet and they would be arrested for trespassing. The vets explained that they had called in advance. Security allowed them to eat, with a guard present, and then made them leave the casino premises.

I think this is a shameful way to treat our vets and should be looked into further. I BELIEVE THE TREATMENT OF THESE VETS WAS UNAMERICAN. You can call Gill Mellen for more info. His number is 949-xxx-xxxx. Thanks.

In addition, I had email addresses for several reporters from a previous project. I sent them a separate email, of which I copied you. I also filled out a form online with Pechanga Casino with the same info. Attached are the names and contact for several newspapers in that area and information for the Pechanga Band of Indians, which is the tribe that overseas the casino. I think it would be a good idea if all the members sent letters to the editor and letters to both the casino and the tribe
regarding the poor treatment. It should be done quickly.

Let me know your thoughts. MJ

VETERANS, it's time to show Pechanga your moral outrage by NOT visiting the casino or hotel.  Avoid shows at the casino.    Send the tribe, headed by Mark Macarro a fax (951) 695-1778 letting them know WHY you are not patronizing them anymore.    Pechanga likes their felons, but don't appreciate their veterans.

UPDATE:    This is from the comments section of another post:


On Thursday, November 11, Veterans Day, eight Veterans, seven Vietnam Vets and one active duty Marine, as well as two of their wives, were threatened with arrest and told to leave the Casino.

After leaving the Menifee Veterans Memorial Dedication ceremony in Menifee we headed to Pechanga for the complementary buffet offered to honor Veterans. While in line for about 20 minutes we were approached by Pechanga Security and told we would have to leave because we were wearing our vests with a mc on the back. MC stands for Motorcycle Club. Also on the back of the vest was a patch that said VIETNAM VET, and USA , THE COUNTRY WE FOUGHT AND MANY DIED FOR. Lt Jim, of their Security, said he would have us arrested for trespassing if we did not leave. As Vietnam Vets, this was the same treatment we received in 60’s and 70’s. This is the year 2010, you would think that Veterans deserve more, not this. It was embarrassing and humiliating to be treated with such disrespect in front at least 40 patrons, who could not believe what was happening.

I, Robert Ingersoll, a former Marine and retired school teacher of 35 years, had called the Casino a week earlier to make sure that wearing our vests would not be a problem. I was assured that it would not be a problem by SGT Moreno (spelling may not be right). He said he would tell everyone in the days briefing that Veteran Motorcycle Clubs may be attending. We have been in many other Casinos in the area, without a problem. In fact the Vietnam/Legacy Vets, along with the Rez Riders, an Indian Motorcycle Club, have sponsored Toy runs for Years at other Casinos.

There are many Veteran Motorcycle Clubs in the area, Vietnam Vets, Legacy Vets, Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW), American Legion Riders, Brotherhood of Marine Corps Riders, Leathernecks, Rough Riders, and many more.

There have been court cases that state: DESCRIMINATION AGAINST BIKERS ON THE BASIS OF CLOTHING OR MOTORCYCLE CLUB MEMBERSHIP IS ILLEGAL IN CALIFORNIA. Unruh Civil Rights, Act CC 51et seq and Cohen V California, a Supreme Court ruling, that stated that individuals have the right under the First Amendment to wear clothing which displays writing or designs.

The last time I looked, Pechanga Hotel and Casino is in California and part of the United States.


After leaving Pechanga we headed to Applebee’s on highway 79 in Temecula. There we ate, were treated with respect and dignity, and the manager ask to take a picture of us for their wall. Pechanga should send its staff to Applebee’s for training on how to truly honor and respect Veterans.

Robert Ingersoll

Murrieta , California

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The City of Bell and The Pechanga Tribe have Commonality? Their Auditors

Original Pechanga's Blog contributor Attila the CPA found that The Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians, who are well known to have cheated hundreds of tribal members out of their rightful tribal benefits including: Per Capita payments, healthcare coverage, voting rights and educational assistance and the CITY OF BELL, CA share AUDITORS.

Attila the CPA:

The Bell City government leaders have spent time behind bars for paying themselves huge salaries and pensions from funds extracted from the people of the city of Bell. Both the city of Bell and the Pechanga tribal Government headed by Mark Macarro share the same Governmental Accounting requirements, and, as it turns out, employ the same accounting firm.

According to the LA Times, “Accountants gave Bell clean reports, ignoring red flags that pointed to excessive salaries, illegal taxes and failure to follow reporting requirements. A Times review finds Bell is far from being alone. The U.S. Justice Department is investigating potential civil rights and voting rights violations by the city, and the state controller, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the State Department of Corporations also have launched investigations into Bell's finances.

The scandal in the city of Bell has resulted in seven separate investigations and one round of criminal charges against former City Administrator Robert Rizzo and other current and former officials. But year after year, during a period marked by record salaries, illegal taxes, loans to insiders and arbitrary fees on businesses, the cities outside auditors, Mayer Hoffman McCann, gave Bell's financial record a clean bill of health.”

Meyer, Hoffman McCann has been the Auditor for the Pechanga Tribal Government for the past four years and a review of the relationship is appropriate. The tribal Membership of Pechanga has an obligation to insist on an accounting of the salaries and benefits paid to tribal Officials, and that the abuses in the City of Bell’s finances are not repeated in the Pechanga Tribal Government.

OP:    Does the membership know where the salaries are at this point?   Where the expenses are going?   There was a large contingent in Washington DC recently, visiting on the water rights issues we've written about previously  HERE    HERE looks like more than the ICRA should receive attention from Congressional oversight hearings.

Friday, November 12, 2010

American Indian Rights & Resource Organization (AIRRO) in United Nations Report

Good news from Geneva, Switzerland, in the Summary prepared by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights report to the United Nations, AIRRO is mentioned.

The American Indian Rights and Resources Organization (AIRRO) is a Native American rights organization which is dedicated to the protection, preservation, and enforcement of the human rights of individual Indians throughout United States Indian Country.

Please view AIRRO's website at http://www.airro.org/ and consider becoming a member.

Abuses by tribes such as the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians, Redding Rancheria, Picayune Rancheria, Enterprise Rancheria, Snoqualmie (WA) have led to the growth of this organization.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Felipe Cuevas: Decorated Military Veteran Ousted Posthumously from Pechanga

We at Original Pechanga's Blog would like to thank all our veterans for their sacrifices. Thought they are offering free meals to veterans today, what they really want is for them to spend their retirement pay on their slot machines.   Vets would do better by taking a baggie of shrimp home from the buffet.

Here is an appreciation of a father, by his son, ME that we wrote for last year's Veteran's Day.

On this Veteran’s Day, I want to remember my father, Felipe Cuevas, born July 13, 1928. He was the son of Phillip and Olive Cuevas. Olive was the daughter of Mary Ann Miller, who, in turn, was the daughter of Paulina Hunter of Pechanga. Paulina was the matriarch of the Hunter Clan who was given her 20 acres of land on the Pechanga Reservation as the head of the Family.

My father grew up in Los Angeles, a graduate of Roosevelt High School and the oldest of five children, all of whom served in our military. He entered the U.S. Army in 1948 and served in many capacities, primarily as a drill instructor. He was stationed in Germany, where his wife Alice bore a son, as well as Korea, Ft. Ord, CA, Ft. Lewis, WA where I was born, and Ft. Benning, GA. At all of these posts he trained young men to serve our country. He served two tours in Vietnam, once an advisor with a South Vietnamese Army Battalion, both tours were near the end of his career.

He always taught us about our family roots at Pechanga, having helped to build the cabin on Hunter Lane in 1957 with his cousins and uncles. My first time on the reservation was when he served his first tour in Vietnam in 1966. My Aunt Tillie and Uncle Bars took my brother and me to spend time at the cabin. That was when you could still hunt on the rez, for rabbit and dove. He was proud to be Pechanga and he was happy that family members were able to bring us to the reservation while he was in Southeast Asia.

As it is Veteran’s Day, I’m proud to write about one of his achievements. This Pechanga warrior was awarded the Army Commendation Medal with “V” Device (valor). Since my scanner is down, I’ll re-type the citation here, but will have a copy linked as soon as I can, so there can be no "Rathergate" claims. Here's what the citation says:

Date action: 3 July 1967
Theater: Republic of Vietnam

For heroism in connection with military operations against a hostile force: Sergeant First Class Cuevas distinguished himself by heroic action on 3 July 1967 while serving as Light Weapons Infantry Advisor to the 1st Battalion, 48th Infantry Regiment, Army of the Republic of Vietnam. On that date, the Viet Cong opened fire on the battalion headquarters compound with machinegun, small arms and 82mm mortar fire. Eight Vietnamese soldiers and dependents were seriously wounded during the initial phase of the attack and an aerial evacuation was requested. Sergeant Cuevas voluntarily proceeded to the helicopter landing area. Sergeant Cuevas remained in the exposed area assisting in sorting the wounded and determining priority for evacuation. Only when all wounded personnel were safely aboard an aircraft and airborne did Sergeant Cuevas return to a safe position. As result of Sergeant Cuevas’s prompt and courageous efforts, the rapid and efficient evacuation of all wounded was accomplished. Sergeant First Class Cuevas’ heroic actions were in keeping with the highest traditions of the United States Army and reflect great credit upon himself and the military service.

Colonel, USA
Adjutant General

My father was also awarded the Bronze Star. You don’t “win” these by the way. But he was proud of his service, proud that he was able to make young men ready to defend themselves and our country. He served 23 years in the Army.

Sadly, he was never able to enjoy the largesse that came with the successful opening of the Pechanga Resort and Casino, which brought much needed funds to the reservation and our people. Conversely, he also was never able to feel the sting of seeing his birthright ripped from his family, which now includes five grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren by a "disenrollment" committee that included: Ruth Masiel, Ihrene Scearce, Frances Miranda and Bobbi LeMere. Pechanga proudly displays his name as a Pechanga Veteran on their website, along with his brother and sisters, yet now, they also say, HE IS NOT PECHANGA. On July 13, 2006, on what would have been his 78th birthday, the Pechanga Tribal Council heard our family’s appeal of our unconstitutional disenrollment and later did not allow our appeal. Much of that story is written here on this blog.

My father always encouraged my brother and me to do our best, to do what is right and THAT is why we continue to fight for our rights and against the evil that has been done to our family.

Dad, thank you for all that you gave to your family and to your country. I am proud to be your son. It is shameful that Pechanga doesn't reward your memory by following the rule of law and the will of the people.  Even more scurrilous, the Pechanga Tribal Council has seen fit to remove it's page honoring tribal veterans.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pechanga Veteran's Day: Mary Ann Cuevas Poole An Appreciation

A tribute to Pechanga’s military veterans for this year’s Veteran’s day.   You may recall that we wrote earlier that the Pechanga Band recently scrubbed their page honoring Pechanga’s military veterans.   We believe it was primarily because the Hunter family and the Manuela Miranda descendents constituted the majority of their veterans.   Well, you can’t honor those you have dishonored by disenrolling them, can you?     Well, Pechanga took credit for them for over four years, so obviously, they have no shame, or their webmaster was incompetent.

This post honors our aunt, Mary Ann Poole, who is a descendent of Paulina Hunter, through Mary Ann Miller.    Her enrollment number was in double digits, much lower than Tribal Chairman Macarro, or the previous chair Jennie Miranda.

Here’s that Veteran’s story.    Yes, in the 1950’s Pechanga women served in our military.   Her husband, Paul Poole relates the story.

All five of Olive Miller Cuevas’ kids were active at the same time, the boys in the Army, Matilda in the Air Force, and Mary Ann in the Navy

A lot of military brats were raised by that crew, with Matilda marrying an Air Force career guy and Mary Ann marrying a career Navy guy. (OP:  14 of them! Some veterans themselves) Then there's Felipe, who stayed in the Army,  Tommy and David spending two separate hitches in the Army and marrying Inge from Germany - and bringing Russell home to LA when he got discharged.  I'll say this - coming to LA on leave, and possibly finding one of the other siblings (with family) at home at the same time, was a blast. 

Each one KNEW that his branch of the military was the BEST, and arguments ensued.  It was a patriotic bunch, I'll say that.  Mom and Pop wer proud of us all, and we were proud to serve. 
As for Mary Ann - she joined the Navy in early 1954 and went to Boot Camp in Bainbridge, MD.
She got to Radio School at the Naval Radio Station, Imperial Beach, CA, in May of '54.  That's
when we met - she joined my radio school class which was already in progress.  In that Basic
Radio school we were taught the Morse Code (sending and receiving) plus basic typing.  She had
a little problem with Morse Code but, since she had already been a secretary, she could type
over a hundred words a minute - and she and the typing instructor would sit at the back of the
class and "race" on their typewriters. 

After radio school we both were advanced to the classified part of the schooling, where we
began to learn about our future military intelligence duties.  In that school we separated into
different skills.  Mary Ann was taught about teletype circuits and how to send and receive
messages containing military intelligence to and from other U.S. military installations as required. 

We graduated from the Communications Technician school in December 1954, having been
married a week earlier.  I should note that our "rating" was later changed from Communications
Technician to Cryptologic Technician. 

In any case, Mary Ann was transferred to Wash DC and I went to Kami Seya, Japan.  She spent an interesting year in DC.  She worked for the National Security Agency (NSA) in their communications center. 

Also, since she was one ofthe service women who had a Top Secret security clearance, (OP: Anyone think the Pechanga Tribal Council could get one?  Or the Masiel Crime family?) and was deemed trustworthy, she was asked from time to time to babysit the kids of the "big wigs".  She wound up sitting with Gerald Ford's kids on several occasions, a job that she was proud of, especially since he later advanced from just a US Congressman from Michigan to the US Presidency. 
Mary Ann was honorably discharged in Dec 1955, and in January 1956 she joined me in JapanAfter that she was with me, along with our two boys, in other duty stations overseas, including Puerto Rico, Okinawa, and Japan (again).  Son Roger was born at North Island Naval Air Station, Coronado, and Greg was born at an Army hospital in Puerto Rico.    She was happiest when we spent time at our trailer on the reservation.

HAPPY VETERANS DAY to all veterans.

Monday, November 8, 2010

New Website: NDN Market by our friend Tamra Brennan of NDN News

A friend to Original Pechanga's Blog, Tamra Brennan has started a new business venture.  Check out NDN Market  which has NDN books, DVD's and Tunes.   It's always good to be able to help your friends out.   GOOD LUCK Tamra!

And for more news from NDN country check out Tamra's site:    NDNNEWS.com       Tamra has been good enough to link stories from our blog to hers and help spread the news about the scourge of tribal disenrollments.      Remember she had some communication with Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro and his Cousin Victor Rocha?

More on Mark Macarro

Anna Prieto Sandoval, Influential Sycuan Leader, Dies

When Anna Prieto Sandoval became leader of the Sycuan Band of Mission Indians in 1972, its reservation near El Cajon was a tumbledown settlement of wooden shacks with outhouses, a 100-year-old Catholic church and a cinder-block meeting hall. About 80 members lived on the tribal land, and none had a steady job.

When she stepped down two decades later, the Sycuan had risen from abject poverty to become a national model of tribal self-sufficiency, a transformation that Sandoval was largely responsible for — and that she came to regret.

Her dedication was tremendous. It was all about her people, about native people," said Daniel J. Tucker, current chairman of the Sycuan band.

Tucker said Sandoval's vision and drive led to dramatic improvements. New houses for every family replaced the dilapidated structures. She built a new church, a medical clinic and a fire station. As the gambling operation grew, the Sycuan became one of the largest employers in east San Diego County, with 600 workers and almost 1 million visitors annually.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Feinstein Proposal to Limit Off Reservation Casinos Coming in Lame Duck Session?

Indian gaming tribes are readying for a possible lame duck lobbying battle amidst indications that the senior U.S. Senator from California is working on an amendment to curtail the ability of tribes to establish off-reservation casinos.
Sen. Dianne Feinstein is working on a proposal to limit the ability of tribes to establish off-reservation casinos, and may even try to attach the measure to an omnibus appropriations bill in next month’s lame duck session of Congress, sources have confirmed.

A move by Feinstein would mark an escalation in the battle over an issue that first saw the Bush administration issue some regulatory restrictions on the ability of tribes to establish off reservation facilities, and then became more complicated still through a February 2009 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that raised further legal questions for some tribes.

Interior Department officials already have vetted language in Feinstein’s proposal and sent it back to her, but she hasn’t made a final decision about when she will introduce it, according to a Senate source.

“She could stick it onto the appropriations bill, which may be the only piece of legislation Congress passes during the lame duck,” said Joe Valandra, a tribal gaming lobbyist and former chief of staff of the National Indian Gaming Commission.

Sources said Feinstein’s proposal, should it pass, would effectively amend the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act of 1988 by prohibiting tribes from having newly acquired land taken into trust for gaming purposes.

Feinstein, a Democratic member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, has been one of the most prominent opponents of off-reservation gambling in Congress.   Maybe it's time for Californians to allow gaming throughout the state.

Richmond Voters OPPOSE Point Molate Casino in Measure U.

A majority of voters in Richmond appear opposed to an American Indian tribe's plans for a $1 billion casino and resort at Point Molate.
Figures from the Contra Costa County Elections Division early Wednesday morning show 57.5 percent of voters oppose city approval of the project while 42.5 percent support it.

The ballot measure—known as Measure U—is only advisory. The project requires approval from state and federal officials, who could still choose to move forward.   Let's hope state officials follow the will of the people.

The Guidiville Band of Pomo Indians has proposed a Las Vegas-style casino with an 1,100-room hotel, nightclubs, restaurants, a ferry terminal and housing for the tribe.

The project is being backed by the Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation, which operates the Cache Creek Casino Resort in Yolo County.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Congratulations to Darrell Issa and Mary Bono Mack for Mid-Term Wins

The mid-term elections are over and we hope that your favorite candidates won.   With the new Congress, those of us that have been looking for current Resources Committee Chairman Nick Rahall to hold hearings on enforcement of the ICRA, will now have to put our hopes to a Republican leadership.

That leadership MUST understand that  protecting individual Indians is not accomplished by merely giving the chiefs all that they want.    This site has many posts of the corrupt leadership of CA tribes.     There are thousands of Indians that have been harmed by tribes that are asking for concessions from Congress.

We know that they have lied to Congress and we are asking the new majority to exercise due diligence in dealing with tribes such as Pechanga, Picayune Rancheria, Redding, and Enterprise among other.

Here's how to exercise your moral outrage at a sovereign nation.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Eviction of The Temecula Indians from Temecula And Testimony from Antonio Ashman

The history of Pechanga  (A PLACE, not a people) begins with the ancestral home village of Temeeku. Now under Redhawk, where Margarita road cuts south through a bluff, the Temeeku Village was home to the Temeekuyam and a center for all LuiseƱo Tribal peoples.

After the establishment of the state of California in 1850, a group of Temecula Valley Ranchers petitioned the District Court in San Francisco for a Decree of Ejection of Indians living on the land in Temecula Valley, to which the Temeekuyam could show no clear written title on April 15, 1869. The court later granted the decree in 1873. Several attempts by the Temeekuyam captains to stay the decree were unsuccessful, and our fate was sealed.

In 1875 a posse led by the sheriff of San Diego County, Mr. Hunsaker, began three days worth of evictions. Among those in the posse were Jose Gonzalez, Juan Murrieta, Francisco Sanjurjo, Pujol, and Louis Wolf. Murrieta and Sanjurjo were two of the ranchers— sheep farmers— who successfully petitioned for the decree.

The Temecula Indians were advised and warned by our friends that, for our own protection, rather than resist any longer we should submit. We complied, and our possessions are carried away in wagons while we walked behind. We were taken into the hills south of Temecula River. The location is now near the west end of Loma Linda Road on the Temecula Creek Golf-course's fairway. The late Antonio Ashman, a vaunted Pechanga Tribal member born three years after the eviction recounted how the eviction-trek ended: "They just dumped them here"— pointing to a low hill near the golf-course. "Just dumped them!"

Being strong of spirit, most of our dispossessed ancestors moved upstream to a small, secluded valley; they built new homes and re-established their lives in this valley. A spring located 2 miles upstream in a canyon provided them with water; the spring we have always called Pechaa'a (from pechaq = to drip). This spring is the namesake for Pechaa'anga or Pechaanga, which means "at Pechaa'a, at the place where water drips."

Creation of the ReservationOn June 27th, 1882, seven years after being evicted, an Executive Order of the President of the United States (Chester A. Arthur) was issued, thereby establishing the Pechanga Indian Reservation. Several subsequent Trust Patents were issued in 1893, 1931 and 1971, each one increasing the size of Pechanga. In 1891, 1,233 acres of the reservation's lands were allotted to adult heads of household in 20 and 10 acre plots.    Read more about Traditional Sites.

Mr. Ashman, who was born in 1875, swore under oath that our ancestor, Paulina Hunter was a Pechanga Indian, also proven by the allotment she was given by President McKinley's order.

In subsequent depostions taken in the Luiseno Language, true,sworn ORAL history, in 1915 three Pechanga members, including a relative of current tribal chairman Mark Macarro, swore Paulina Hunter was a member.

Sadly, modern-day Pechanga people didn't believe anyone who knew Paulina when she was alive, choosing instead to believe hearsay of people who were born decades after Paulina Hunter died.