Thursday, September 29, 2011

Sierra Star News: Chukchansi Issues Disenrollment Letters; Tribal Incompetence Shown, BIA Ineffective

Carmen George of the Sierra Star News has an excellent article up detail the latest round of disenrollments at the Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians.

When 87-year-old Ruby "Roan" Cordero of Oakhurst received a letter a few weeks ago stating she would be disenrolled as a member of the Picayune Rancheria of the Chukchansi Indians, she couldn't understand the piece of paper.
Cordero only speaks a little English. Her Alzheimer's Disease has pulled her mind back to an earlier time, family members say, to childhood when she still spoke in her native language -- Chukchansi Indian    OP:  Yes, that's right, the tribe is going to eliminate one who spoke the language.  One who could use the help of her tribe.

The Roan descendants were given 15 minutes before the session began, as stated in their letters, to view evidence presented against them at their disenrollment hearings this week.

Opponents say certain families are being targeted, with disenrollments rooted in greed over casino profits, old grudges between individuals, and because many live in neighboring Mountain Area towns, like Mariposa, away from the rancheria   OP:  15 minutes!  To view the evidence against them AT THE HEARINGS!  Not weeks ahead of time to prepare their defense.   Lack of due process anyone?  Anyone?

Tribal Council Chairman Reggie Lewis, showing his incompetence couldn't even put a proper total on how many his tribe has stripped citizenship from:  While Lewis estimated total disenrollments for the tribe since its inception between 400 and 500, Laura Wass, Central California director for the American Indian Movement and a leading advocate for disenrolled Indians, said the real number is estimated at 800, the majority of disenrollments since the tribe opened Chukchansi Gold Resort and Casino in 2003.

OP:  The BIA shows it's unecessary: A disenrollment means tribal members lose monthly stipends, currently about $280 a month from the rancheria's multi-million dollar casino revenues, and benefits for housing, education, medical, and elder and child services.

"We're no longer a direct service provider," said Troy Burdick, superintendent of Central California Bureau of Indian Affairs with 55 tribes beneath him. "I can't think of anything my agency would provide as a direct benefit to them if they are not a member of a federally recognized tribe    OP:  THEN WHY DO WE NEED YOU, TROY??

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smokeybear said...

Come on now! When are these TREASONOUS ACTS" going to stop? Where the "Hell" is the "White Man's Whore: "Larry Ecohawk" and the B .I.A.?" They just stand back and allow this "Treachery" to unfold (Illegally) and won't even lift a finger to help. These Tribal Leaders, such as Picayune, Disenroll a block of their Membership, then stand back and wait to see if the Government (Indian Affairs) will take a stand agaist them(Sanctions). Then when that doesn't happen (Of Course) they take another run at Disenrolling more of their Membership, "Because they now know that no one will stop them!" But they've known all along that the Government(Indian Affairs) wouldn't "Bite the Hand that Feeds Them!" They enacted the "Indian Civil Rights Act," I think in 1968(help me with this one,Cuz), knowing full well that there was nothing in it for Judical Review, or the power to stop "Corrupt Indian Tribes" from Destroying the Rights of the true "Native American Indian" given to them by their Constitutons and Bylaws that have stood the test of time before the advent of the Casino! For this is "BLATANT TREASON" against a sovereign nation by "Corrupt and Greedy Tribal Governments" from within, "Because They Can!" I'll say it again: The Government(Indian Affairs) acts like a common street "JUNKIE" waiting for their next "FIX" from Tribal Leaders and then they dance "Like a puppet on a string" and then they bend "Over" to the Will of Corruption within these Tribal Nations. "Money talks" and "again," there is no "Money" in helping Disenrolled/Banished Native Americans. And we all know it's "ALL ABOUT THE MONEY" with the "Government(Indian Affairs)and they don't give a "Tinkers Damn" for the rights of the true Native American. So I ask youu ? Why do they even "Exist?" They are allowing the "Casino Indians" to erase any and all Legal Native Americans from existence as the "White Man tried to do in the "Days of Old!" We need to follow the "Money," for that is what it is going to take to bring down these "Corrupt and Greedy" Tribal Leaders. And maybe we could see to what extent the Government(Indian Affairs) envolvement in these corrupt acts. Again, these are blatant "Treasonous Acts" by "Tribal Leaders" against their own, and the "Government(Indian Affairs)" backs all of their (Illegal) actions without question. "WITHOUT QUESTION!" Remember when we tried to get an audience with the "White Man's Whore, Larry Echohawk, at the Tribal Leaders Conference? He blew us off! There is no "Compassion" or "Empathy," in the B.I.A. for the rights of "Native American Indians!"

Anonymous said...

South Africa was able to get away with apartheid and destruction of their black population because nobody stood up for decades.

Who will stand up for the individual Indian?

Anonymous said...

Dear Troy Burdick,

Thank you for your ineffective leadership of the BIA Central CA. How much are we as taxpayers paying you for doing nothing.

Pretty soon, under your leadership, there will be MORE ex-Chukchanski tribal members, than there are current tribal members.

How does that make you feel?

Anonymous said...

First and foremost, How is the name "Reggie Lewis" even considered Native. He must be of real thin blood line or no Native blood at all. Where is the so-called BIA in all this? Or are they getting financial kick backs as well. The true Natives of that current reservation, if they were still alive I'm sure they would object to his absolute greed. "Reggie, your (roots) are not from the Original Kumeyaay. I should give you a lesson on the History of the real Kumeyaay. You will fall just like fake Native Mark Macarro of Pechanga".

Anonymous said...

Reggie Lewis is a Native name, the same way Butch Murphy is a Native name.

Glenda Nelson

Anonymous said...

Wow Glenda, you really have not done your research. Reggie Lewis is not Native one bit. By association does not define Native blood. You must be a paid spokesperson on behalf of the APARTHEID committee. You must not know the Original Kumeyaay's...

Anonymous said...

You guys need to get 60 Minutes to do a story on these greedy new tribes...does everyone forget that it was the "white man" that let the tribes have these casinos through a vote and the "white man" can take them away with a vote?.
And maybe California which needs revenue so bad can start taxing this income that the tribal members get like he rest of he "white men" pay....and sales tax on purchases as well...and it's time for the California Franchise Tax Board to start looking into these phony tribal members that don't live on the reservations, but still take this tax exemption....WAKE UP WHITE MAN!!

for ALL nations...for ALL chukchansi people said...

last night i wrote to senators feinstein and boxer, and house representative peolosi in regard to the tribal, civil, and human rights violations in indian country, and attached a copy of the sierra star article...

these are but a few of the numerous contacts and visits i and others have made to these congressional offices...every violation that has and is occurring should be reported, and a demand for justice made!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Troy Burdick, weak and ineffectual. And now an embarrassment... C-YA

Anonymous said...

I write my letters to congress and senators. Boxer does not respond only with her generic job history and if you want to sign up to news letter. Boxer was the author of one of the water bills for Pechanga. When I wrote her on the bill and my right as an allotee with no input or voting rights on it. She dints even respond to my concerns on that bill. As a senator of a bill she wrote she has a responsibility and duty of her office to answer questions of that bill from the people that it affects. Let us know how boxers responds.

Anonymous said...

Senator Boxer will only respond to someone, only if you are (1) a voter (2) if there is public notoriety that will boost her political career and (3) If we all wrote in and flooded her office (D.C. office) with or concerns in a letter form.

Anonymous said...

The Bureau of Indian Affairs...what a waste of governmental dollars.

Should they be disbanded and let the courts handle things?

Anonymous said...

Termination is unlawful; however, United States is still practicing termination.

The United States is grounded in theft and murder. All continental U.S. is still Indian Country.

Indian Country has been commodified. Indians are standing way of corporations who have bought the services of politicians.

Corruption is now systemic.Academia is one base used by turds like Goldberg. The fact that Carole Goldberg feigned an affinity with Indians to worm her way to attack Indians with her malicious practice of 'Indian Law.' aka synonymous with injustice.

The kicker....Deron Marquez;San Manuel, are financing Carole Goldberg's despicable practices.

Marquez is sham for Goldberg. He lends his Indian sham for 'business'
Indian law bull-shit.

Shame, Marquez!