Wednesday, November 30, 2016

NM Senator Martin Heinrich Expresses GRAVE CONCERNS over #NoDAPL BRUTALITY

Department of GOOD STARTS.

New Mexico Senator Martin Heinrich, in a letter to President Obama on #NoDAPL expresses grave concerns about the conditions, and POTUS's response to the brutality of ND police.  WHO is next?

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

NOOKSACK Disenrolls 33% of their LIVING Tribal Members; Dead will also be Exterminated

The Nooksack Tribe of Washington has removed 289 "non-Indians" from the rolls, scumbag Chairman Bob Kelly confirmed last Wednesday.
Kelly, who reportedly is ADOPTED into the Nooksack Tribe, did not address claims that his tribe is functioning without a valid governing body. Instead, he characterized the action as a means of correcting mistakes in the rolls.

“This has been a long and difficult process, and the Nooksack people are glad it’s finally over,” Kelly said in a press release. “Both tribal and federal law recognize that sovereign tribal nations have the right to determine their own membership."

According to the press release, the dispute began in 1983, when certain individuals were "erroneously or fraudulently" enrolled in the tribe. Many of those who were removed are part of a group known as The Nooksack 306 and Kelly said they were unable to prove their citizenship.

"The individuals disenrolled today all failed to show that they are lineal descendants of Nooksack tribal members, or that they have at least ¼ degree of Indian blood," Kelly said. "Each was provided a disenrollment hearing, with advance notice, as well as an opportunity to provide proof of membership to satisfy the enrollment criteria set out in the Nooksack Constitution. They either would not, or could not, prove their status as Native Americans, and in fact, they didn’t even try.”   OP:  He did not even MEET with all of them, and has no proof that the right people were on the other side of the line.

The hearings referenced by Kelly took place over the phone -- not in front of the tribal council -- and lasted, at most, 10 minutes for each person, according to accounts shared by The Nooksack 306. Participants derided the proceedings as a mockery of their rights.

"I stood firm in my ways, spoke from the heart and on behalf of my late mother and grandmother," Toni Jones, who was among those disenrolled, said in an account shared by the group. "I will not be bullied by a fake council and I am not scared to stand up to them and speak the truth. Our history is not made up, first of all we have our oral history and second we have the documentation to prove our Nooksack heritage."

Both the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Indian Health Service warned Kelly about the lack of a quorum on his nine-member council. According to the two agencies, four seats on the governing body have been vacant since March, and any actions taken since then -- including the mass disenrollment -- are not considered to be valid.

Yet nether agency has appeared to take any punitive actions thus far. Deborah Alexander, who was among those removed, on Monday said she has been denied medical and dental services at a clinic the tribe operates under a self-determination contract with the IHS.

But failing to comply with the contract could eventually result in some sort of action, the IHS told Kelly in a November 18 letter, a copy of which was posted by Turtle Talk. Although the letter wasn't specific, federal agencies have gone so far as to withhold federal funds in similar governance disputes.

OP:  From Nooksack 306 Facebook page:

Elders are receiving calls from the clinic and are being told they are no longer eligible for services there. Emily at the Clinic is telling them all that she was given a list of people to call with that bad news. Lona surely gave her that list. Utterly disgraceful and dishonorable

To address the apparent lack of a quorum, the tribe is holding a primary on December 17. But an official 2016 voter's list does not include any of the people who were removed in the purge.

The list appears to contain fewer than 600 names so the tribe has cut its rolls by about 33 percent with the removal of the 289 people.

WHO BELONGS to Native Nations? Conference is Arizona on Tribal Kinship March 9-10, 2017

The list of attendees grows, with some heavy hitters including Dr. Matthew Fletcher, David Wilkins and Gabe Galanda.   CAN YOU ATTEND?



As SOMEONE who has actually LOST his citizenship, mine was STRIPPED from me and my extended family and our ancestors by the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians of Temecula, CA, run by Mark Macarro and aided/abetted by his Democrat Hillary Supporting wife Holly Cook Macarro,...Trump's statement offends me.

Lose your citizenship for expressing your 1st Amendment rights? No.    Get your ass kicked for burning our flag...maybe.

Can you name any American that has lost his citizenship in the last 50 years?

Native Americans STRIPPED of Tribal Citizenship explains what happens.  And you DO remember when the DRY CREEK POMOS looked to limit free speech, right?

Monday, November 28, 2016

Cherokee Nation SUES Federal Government over TRUST FUND Accounting.

The Cherokee Nation is suing the federal government in order to secure an accounting of its trust funds.

Citing dozens of treaties and agreements dating to the late 1700s, the tribe said it has never been provided with a proper accounting of the proceeds from land sales, oil and gas development and other activities. A dollar figure wasn't provided but similar cases have been settled for tens and even hundreds of millions of dollars.

“There is a strong desire for resolution of these breach of trust issues,” Chief Bill John Baker said in a press release. “This is long overdue, and the Cherokee people are owed their rightful assets and resources. It is my duty as Principal Chief to make sure the United States upholds their promises to our people.”
The complaint was filed in federal court in Oklahoma on Monday. It comes on the 231st anniversary of the tribe's first treaty with the United States.

"This legal action is necessary because the United States government managed and controlled the Cherokee Nation’s property but never in hundreds of years provided a full accounting as the law requires,” said Todd Hembree, the tribe's attorney general

More than 100 tribes have settled similar lawsuits with the Obama administration. As of late September, the total value has grown to $3.3 billion.
Many, but not all, of those cases had been filed toward the end of the Bush administration because tribes faced a critical deadline to assert their claims. The first big round of settlements arrived in April 2012 and dozens more followed over the years.

It can typically take years for a breach of trust case to reach a point where a settlement might be reached.

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Fidel Castro Dead. why wait to overthrow Tribal Dictators

Good news that a tyrant is dead at 90.  True story that only the good die young. Castro survived Kennedy by 53 years.

Do tribes really want dictators like Bob Kelly of Nooksack, Robert Smith of Pala, and Mark Macarro of Pechanga to stay in power that long?


SHAME that Castro lived to see Cuba opened....

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Mark Macarro's Pechanga Tribe: Standing With STANDING ROCK, But NOT THEIR OWN. #NODAPL

I find some solace in the fact the the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians have gathered together for a photo of support of those real protesters/protectors of Sioux water rights and protecting sacred sites as we see here:

Indian Day at Pechanga
It makes hundreds of us wonder, WHY didn't they do the same for their OWN people? In fact, some of the yahoos in the back of the meeting room threatened to dig up our relatives from the Pechanga Cemetery.  Do THEY really care about sacred sites? We wrote about Redding Rancheria Chairman Potter who went to Standing Rock a dozen years after he was part of a group that forced a family to disinter their mother and grandmother.

Is it because they feared speaking truth to power?  Or, was it because they only thought of enriching themselves at the expense of so many elders and children of other families?

The first picture is eerily similar to the photo below, where the family of Lawrence Madariaga, my cousin,gathered to honor him after he walked on. Some of those in the 1st picture would come to Lawrence for help, for money, for diapers and milk, yet turned their back on he and his family when they needed REAL support, not a photo op.  Or do we hope that it's a good start?


Here is a picture of Lawrence and Sophie Madariaga's granddaughters, ACTUALLY AT STANDING ROCK spending two full days with #NoDAPL protectors:

Della Freeman and Carrie Madariaga

Find it in your heart Pechanga people, to DO the Right thing and bring ALL the people home, where they belong.  You know how to find them...come to the reservation, there's a bunch of the family that live there...unlike you.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Would Trump's AG pick Jeff Sessions BE ANY Better on Native Civil Rights Abuse Than Lynch or Holder?

We have been asking our last two Attorneys General of the United States to have their civil rights divisions look into the civil rights abuses by corrupt tribes of their people for EIGHT YEARS. Crickets chirping was all we heard.
Image result for jeff sessions images
Attorney General Candidate
Jeff Sessions (R for racist) AL
Today, on the Sunday news shows, Democrat minority leader Chuck Shumer expressed concern that new Attorney General choice Jeff Sessions would be concerning to him as a AG choice, because he's unsure if he would keep a strong civil rights division.  While it may be true, the last two have done NOTHING for us.  Maybe we are invisible to Shumer too.

 Remember when we said abut HOLDER:
Eric Holder
Cipher as AG
What is it about Holder?  Is he all flash and no substance?   He got America all riled up thinking he would get a civil rights case against George Zimmerman too, after he won his self defense case in the death of his attacker Trayvon Martin.   Another EPIC FAIL, ERIC.   The failure was not in NOT finding civil rights abuses...but in trying to pull the wool over our eyes in saying that there were.

Remember when we asked Loretta Lynch
Loretta Lynch
No Better
We have all seen the horrendous video of a young girl's violent arrest in South Carolina, which resulted in the firing of the police officer involved.  The FBI and DOJ will be looking into the issue.  WHY THEN, does the DOJ REFUSE to look into the violations of over TEN THOUSAND Native American's Civil Rights?    Is the priority that which gets news coverage?   If so, we must increase our efforts to make news.....
It's time for AG Loretta Lynch to investigate the Bureau of Indian Affairs
.  For failing to protect the rights of Native Americans, from abuse BY Native Americans.  Please fax a letter.

We MUST start anew with Sessions if confirmed...or we can give up and sit on our hands...which MIGHT get results.  The New York times is concerned about illegal immigrant rights and Sessions, but Native American civil rights?  Not at all...

Friday, November 18, 2016

Native Justice: Letter To Senator John Barrasso, Committee on Indian Affairs Chairman, Asking For Field Hearings

U.S. Sen. John Barrasso is the chairman of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs.   (Twitter: @IndianCommittee and @SenJohnBarrasso)  We NEED him to have hearings in Indian Country on the abuses of Native Americans, BY Native Americans.
Senator John Barrasso (R-WY)

The Wyoming Republican said when he took the leadership of the SCIA that he looks forward to working with others to pass legislation that helps improve the lives of people across Indian country.
Barrasso has already held field hearings in Wyoming and Alaska.  Let's ask him to improve the lives of Native Americans by seeking justice.

Here is a letter than you could send the chairman:

Senator John Barrasso
30y Dirksen Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510
Main: 202-224-6441
Fax: 202-224-1724
Tollfree: 866-235-9553

Dear Chairman Barrasso,

A report by the Government Accountability Office (“GAO”) referenced the fact that internal tribal disputes “seem to be occurring more and more frequently”. Such disputes have resulted in the disenrollment, which is the stripping of citizenship in one's own tribe, banishment, denial of membership, loss of voting rights, and/or denial of health/medical benefits of thousands of Indians, including children and elders.

In response to the growing number of these types of disputes, the GAO felt it was necessary and appropriate that nominees to the Secretary of Interior be asked how they would address such issues. Since most of the civil and human rights abuses have occurred under Democratic leadership, I believe it is also important to know how your committee will work with individual Indians in trying to resolve or prevent such disputes.

The TRUST RESPONSIBILITY of the United States Government is NOT just to the chiefs, chairmen and tribal councils, it's to all Native Americans, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs has failed to uphold the trust responsibility to the individual Indian.

Your role as Chairman should be to help facilitate (1) internal tribal disputes that harm Native  Americans and (2) the protection and preservation of individual Indians’ basic rights in internal disputes. The BIA has abdicated responsibility and are leaving it to the IBIA to overturn their decisions.  In fact, the BIA may be culpable in some of the misdeeds, as we've seen in the San Pasqual descendants issue, where Indian Affairs has allowed NON natives to control tribal interests.

In addition, do you believe that tribal sovereignty and the protection of basic individual rights are mutually exclusive of each other?  
Should sovereignty be wielded like a club to beat the weak and defenseless?  

I eagerly await your response to the questions raised above, and look forward to you setting hearings for California, where the majority of disenrollments have occurred and finding true justice for all Native Americans who have been harmed by their tribes.

Respectfully submitted,

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Tribal Disenrollment, Nooksack Style: Dial 1-800 YOURESCREWED and ASK NO QUESTIONS

Bob Kelly
Chief Justice of Nooksack Kangaroo Court
We are getting word of the disgusting Dialing for Destruction  of the Nooksack 306 today.   They are supposed to get 10 minutes, but it appears that is not happening.

Here are some excerpts of what is going on, I will ADD more as I get them:

NEW:  Today I had my 10 minute telephonic hearing with the holdover council. I started by letting hem know that this disenrollment hearing is illegal. The council does not hold a quorum because the seats of Lona Johnson, Abbie Smith, Rick George and Kathernine Canete have expired in March of 2016. I then shared my oral history which must have struck a nerve because Bob Solomon tried to rudely interrupt me to tell me that I am screwing up his family tree. I reminded him that this is my 10 minutes not his and his job was to be quiet and listen. I stood firm in my ways, spoke from the heart and on behalf of my late mother and grandmother. I will not be bullied by a fake council and I am not scared to stand up to them and speak the truth. Our history is not made up, first of all we have our oral history and second we have the documentation to prove our Nooksack heritage. I am Nooksack, Will always be Nooksack and I will never leave Nooksack. You cannot take away our birthright. 

I only got5 minutes of my 10 minutes for the charade conference call. My angle was questioning their morals, leadership, why a "teleconference" asked, why can't they face us with this?
And I went at them Spiritually with their lack of respect, pointing fingers at Nooksack elders is not our culture, our traditions states we are all one people, and I told them my Uncle George Adams (#307) said there is no word for "disenrollment" in the Nooksack language...I said, oh that's right you wouldn't know cause you wouldn't let him teach. Then I heard a "click"....
I just gotoff the phone on a 6 minute call. Rick George announced me and I told them who I was and enrollment #. I also asked them to speak louder because I am an elder of the Nooksack Tribe witout coucil because they denied me that right. 

I am asked to announce myself and am told it is an closed meeting. Our lawyer Gabe Galanda was not allowed into the conference call. They do not announce themselves and tell me I have 10 minutes. No instructions. I informed them per the letter from the Secretary of Interior any actions after March 2016 are null and void and they could be sued for violating my rights for council. I asked if they received the letter dated yesterday from Larry Roberts and their response was "They are not here to answer any questions just to listen.

OP:  This is shameful and looks bad on all Indian Country....please, share and spread the news of this outrage.

BIA LAWRENCE ROBERTS Refuses to Recognize Tribal Disenrollment Referendum of Corrupt NOOKSACK TRIBE

WELL NOW...BIA Director Roberts comes out BLASTING at CROOKED BOB KELLY of the corrupt Nooksack tribe.

Dear Chairman Kelly :

I have received your letter dated October 25, 2016. I want to reiterate that pursuant to our Nation-to-Nation relationship, the Department of the Interior (Department) will not recognize actions by you and the current Tribal Council members without a quorum consistent with the Nooksack Tribe's (Tribe) Constitution and decisions issued by the Northwest Intertribal Court System.

STOP BEING AN ASSHOLE  (sorry, that was ME, OP)

I reiterate that elections or actions inconsistent with 1) the Court of Appeals' Order of March 22, 2016, in Belmont v. Kelly; 2) the trial court's decisions of January 26, 2016, and February 29, 2016; and 3) Nooksack law will not be recognized by the Department. Finally, with regard to your request to meet, I have asked my staff to make arrangements to meet with you at Nooksack tribal offices or in the Regional Office in the near future. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

See the entire letter 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


I've heard from many people that with all the "helpers" coming to Standing Rock, many forget that they DO NOT SPEAK for the Sioux, a sovereign nation on this issue.  #NoDAPL
It's NOT a concert, while appreciative of the support, they are NOT their to serve YOU.    Take a look and share.

My cousins, who WERE there in September say:

Two stories I will relate from our time there. One, there was a woman in a white dress acting strange, she stood staring at the sky for about in hour in the road. Maybe that's how she prays in her culture? Two, there was a man who brought a bottle of whisky to the frontline on September 3, to keep warm. This was quickly poured into the outhouse so as not to pollute the ground. Upon returning from standing rock it was clear even natives here don't know much about the camp as we didn't before arriving. 

SO you Want To BOYCOTT Some Indian Casinos? Here's a SAMPLE LETTER to send them

I've gotten so many comments about boycotting tribal casinos of tribes who disenroll their own people for cash.  Well if you stop going,  HOW WILL they know the reason, if you don't tell them?    I've put together a sample letter than you can use to send to your choice of casinos to boycott, feel free to modify to your needs and fill in the blanks.  

Dear (Insert Tribal Name) Tribe 

I will no longer support tribal businesses that violates the civil and human rights of their people.  Your tribes disgusting actions include:

•Stripping tribal members of their citizenship
•Denial voting rights to members
•Taking away rightful healthcare to seniors
•Blocked access to land on the reservation
•Denying members due process of law, including legal representation, even writing tools.
•Threatened others if they speak out
•Subjected some to ex post facto laws. 

I choose to spend my entertainment budget on companies that support civil and human rights any yours obviously does not.

The action of stripping citizenship from American Indians is wrong. What is going on in casino tribes who disenroll is wrong.  The casting away of Elders and Children IS NOT THE INDIAN way.  Dancing on the graves of the ancestors, while increasing their per capita is worse. 
Thank you for your excellent service in the past.    If (Insert Tribal name) ever changes their course of action, stops wielding sovereignty as a club and brings all the people home, I will gladly come back to your tribal enterprise.   

Don't be silent anymore!  Be proactive.   Share with your friends, ask them to do the same.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

SAN PASQUAL DISENROLLMENT: ALTO Family Disenrollment UPHELD. Is Justice Served Here?

The appeals court has ruled in the Alto Descendants Case.  This is a long simmering case that we've posted on many times.  Is justice served? You decide

Read More about the case:

San Pasqual's Alto Family SUES BIA
Larry Echo Hawk Overturns his own BIA in Alto Family Ruling
BIA Ruling Reinstates Alto Family
Judge RULES in favor of Alto Family

In their ruling linked here:

Several documents support the finding that Maria Alto was not Marcus Alto
Sr.’s biological mother. The newly submitted 1907 baptismal certificate for
Marcus Alto Sr. lists “Benedita Barrios,” not Maria Alto, as his mother. Newly
submitted affidavits from Band members also support that finding, as does Maria Alto’s enrollment application from 1930, which states that she had “no issue.”


While we acknowledge that there are inconsistencies and inaccuracies in the
record, in light of our “highly deferential” standard of review for agency decisions,
see Nw. Ecosystem All. v. U.S. Fish & Wildlife Serv., 475 F.3d 1136, 1140 (9th Cir.
2007), we cannot say that Assistant Secretary Echo Hawk’s decision was arbitrary, capricious, or an abuse of discretion, 5 U.S.C. § 706(2)(A).

Thursday, November 10, 2016

THE NIGC Should SUSPEND NOOKSACK TRIBE's Recognition and Right to Run Their Casino for DENYING Counsel to Nooksack 306

Nooksack Tribe is out of control and their constitution and rights should be SUSPENDED.   Here is a letter threatening noted attorney Gabe Galanda of Galanda Broadman for standing up for his clients.

Is this a 6th Amendment violation?   The Nooksack Tribal council is NOT recognized as legitimate...why are they still enjoying the benefits they are not entitled to?

Tribe Tells Nooksack 306 Woman: You GET NO STINKIN' CIVIL RIGHTS

A Nooksack woman facing eviction from her home on tribal land was given a few weeks’ reprieve by a Nooksack Tribal Court judge Wednesday, but could still face a fight to stay there.   Her attorney, Gabe Galanda wasn't allowed inside.  After kicking the tribe's ass in court for years, they refuse to allow him in court.

Read about the NOOKSACK CIVIL WAR 

While Margretty Rabang was inside the court fighting eviction without an attorney, about 30 people gathered nearby at the railroad tracks where First Street meets Deming Road in Deming.

Most of those present were members of three families who have been facing disenrollment from the tribe since late 2012, who call themselves the Nooksack 306. Others there were supporters.

Read more at the Bellingham Herald and watch the VIDEO here:

“My sister deserves representation!” an emotional Deborah Alexander told the officers. “How is it going to be fair if she has no attorney in there, and they have other attorneys in there?”

“She’ll have appeal rights. She can appeal it,” Gilliland said.

“Are you kidding me?” Alexander asked.

Galanda and Dreveskracht asked how she was supposed to appeal if the tribe wasn’t currently recognizing its own court of appeals. Apparently, kangaroo courts don't need rule of law, civil rights, or even a hint of the constitution...

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Pechanga Terrorist and Corruptocrat, Native American Democrat Andrew Masiel Sr. DEFEATED In CA District 75:

Hopefully, WE had something to do with this.  No need to thank us.

With 43% of the votes counted, it looks like Rep. Marie Waldron made short work of Andrew Masiel Sr., which this blog came out against.  District 75 made a wise choice to go #NeverMasiel.  We'll have updated totals tomorrow.

Image result for Andrew Masiel images

Andrew Masiel Sr.
(Party Preference: DEM) 19,493 36.0%
*Marie Waldron
(Party Preference: REP)  34,611 64.0%

UPDATE:  The numbers held through the night:

Andrew Masiel Sr.
(Party Preference: DEM) 36,593 36.4%
* Marie Waldron
(Party Preference: REP)         63,811 63.6%

Monday, November 7, 2016

Nooksack "Civil War" Rages on Facebook Pages. Humble Tribal People Hate the Rule of Law?

Amazing the lengths the Nooksack Tribe will go to lie, cheat, steal from the Nooksack 306.  I've attached a couple of pictures, which were posted on FB pages from the Nom de Plume of Keith Williams, purported to be on of the Nooksack Council, who won't go "on record"  Here they call themselves HUMBLE?


click to enlarge the pictures

AND the NOOKSACK 306 Response, taken from Facebook pages:

This is Pure"excuse my French"

BULLSHIT at its best! For one, this guy "Keith Williams"'is a fictitious person--Fake at its best! He wants to talk truth but writes under a fake name! 2 the Kelly Faction is not humble, and are definitely hateful to put it mildly... If not, tell me how come the 306 children were the first to be targeted---refusing them school clothes, school

Supplies and Christmas distribution for 4 years...when they aren't disenrolled? They are protecting the integrity of the membership? Wrong again... they are disrespecting our elder who enrolled the 306 back in the 80's with BIA calling them incompetent! Yes you are Keith by posting that in 2013 there was a more competent enrollment department put into place...Next they targeted our elders...Tell me how informing the elders and disabled they can no longer attend lunches and activities with the other elders is Not hateful? Not hurtful? No harm or damage? Really? And I'm sorry but Madeline Jobe was married to Our Dear Annie George's dad Matsqui George who yes eventually moved to Matsqui but was Nooksack... 

Keep in mind that there was no border so If you jump the invisible line next to the Nooksack Northwood Casino--guess what? Your in Matsqui... I'm sorry to bring my dear neighbor Char Swanaset's name into the picture but she and her children have always claimed us/the 306 as family... Her Great grandma was Madeline Jobe.. When my late Father Leonard Gladstone Teathquathul's great grandma passed Away 2 days after giving birth to his grandma Annie George, Madeline Jobe became her stepmomma.. Her and Matsqui went on to have other children--Annie's siblings.. So as you can see, my dad and Char Swanaset would be cousins because Madeline Jobe married Annie's father... The issue is that this Faction--yes Faction--refuse to accept any documentation except for a 1942 census... 

Our documentation clearly supports that Annie and her father were both Nooksack...

Friday, November 4, 2016

After World Series Loss, Cleveland Indians To Change Name to the CRACKERS. Offending Catholics is a Larger Market and May Turn the Tide

After a stunning defeat to the Chicago Cubs in the World Series, Cleveland Indians officials believe the defeat was the result of NOT offending enough people with their Chief Wahoo mascot.

Red Face Chief Wahoo
Doesn't offend enough people
"Hey, we were only offending SOME Indians" say Director of Operations, Stanley Honkie.  "It's time we went after a larger market and make our mascot something that can offend many more people" he continued. "It may lead to a better TV deal"

One new logo thought to be in the front running is the communion wafer.  If they call it a cracker, they can offend America's 100 million Catholics and their sympathizers.

Let's offend Catholics!
Stay tuned.....

*yes, of course it's satire......

Chukchansi Tribe, Missing $49 Million Dollars, STIFFS LANDLORD, Waived Sovereignty, GETS SUED

CAN the CHUKCHANSI tribe AFFORD to pay jackpots?  If they will cheat their OWN people, cheat their landlord...won't they cheat their customers?

Doesn't anyone ELSE wonder  WHERE IS THE MONEY? at the Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians?   We know there is $49 million or so missing from their coffers, money that should be going to programs for the tribe.

NOW, Marc Benjamin of the Fresno Bee has the story of them being stingy with the RENT.

A lawsuit, filed Oct. 28, said the tribe hasn’t paid $749,699 in late rent and interest dating back to April 2014 under its lease with River Palm Partners, owners of the River Bluff office park at 8080 N. Palm Ave. that overlooks the San Joaquin River bluffs.

Reggie Lewis' faction signed the lease AND a waiver of sovereign immunity:

A key issue in the updated lease is a “limited waiver of a claim of sovereign immunity” that the tribe agreed to.
“Otherwise we would not be able to sue them,” said Douglas Thornton, lawyer for River Palm Partners.

Lewis said he resents being blamed and said the new council has had nearly a year to resolve the lease issue with revenues from the casino. Those revenues weren’t available earlier, he said, and thus bills went unpaid.

Read more here:

Read more here:

Read more here:

Thursday, November 3, 2016

BREAKING: Judge Patrick Shannon Rules AGAINST Saginaw Chippewa Disenrolled

We are getting reports from Michigan that the Judge Patrick Shannon's version of justice not serve justice.

We know that this case was filed based on alleged due process violations that can impact the ability of the Tribal Members affected to receive a fair hearing and properly participate in all aspects of the cases against them, including discovery.


We know  the OAH and Certifiers in this case's failure to suspend the proceedings against these Tribal Members while   this   case   was   pending   has   resulted   in   irreparable   harm   to   some   of   these   Tribal Members including the loss of their Tribal Membership, in violation of their due process rights and he Indian Civil Rights Act

WHO NEEDS LAWS right, or DUE PROCESS..when you can hope they DIE, waiting?

The story is developing...stay tuned...

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Hillary Clinton and her Friend Donald Trump: NEITHER Are FOR #NoDAPL:

One more reason to be #NeverHillary and #NeverTrump
Friends think alike on #NoDAPL

Republican nominee Donald Trump has invested his own money in Energy Transfer Partners, a private entity that's building the pipeline, and he owns stock in Phillips 66 Company, a publicly-traded company with a stake in the pipeline. He has vowed to lift "roadblocks" to large infrastructure projects like Dakota Access.

Hillary Clinton

The Democratic nominee, has refused to take a stand on the issue either way. Her campaign refused to meet with youth from the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe when they marched on her headquarters last Thursday.

"No one from the campaign wanted to talk to us. We called out for leaders from her campaign management," Danny Grassrope told Democracy Now! after the march in New York City. "And the security officers didn’t want to take the letter that we’re demanding to oppose this pipeline."
Was this her Native American Adviser Holly Macarro's advice?

After all, her husband's tribe STAND with STANDING Rock....even after harming their own people

AP: FUNDS for Native American "Land Buyback Program" WILL RUN OUT

The AP reports:

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — An ambitious effort to restore tribal control over huge areas of privately owned land on American Indian reservations is projected to run out of money with millions of acres still unaddressed, according to a U.S. government report obtained by The Associated Press.

The Obama administration established the "land buyback program" under a 2009 legal settlement that determined the government squandered billions of dollars it held in trust for tribes from royalties on oil and gas leases, grazing and other uses of Indian lands.

As part of that deal, federal officials agreed to spend $1.6 billion to purchase so-called fractionated parcels of land that have multiple owners, which makes them hard to sell or develop.

Yet more than 4 million acres potentially eligible for purchase will remain when the settlement money runs out in 2022, according to an Interior Department report.

The report was scheduled for public release on Tuesday. It was obtained in advance by The Associated Press.
To date the buyback program has paid out almost $900 million to purchase the equivalent of 1.7 million acres on more than two dozen reservations.
The eligible parcels expected to remain after the settlement money runs out collectively are worth several billion dollars, said Deputy Interior Secretary Michael Connor.

"We're making progress but there will still be a sizeable amount of acreage out there at the end of 2022," Connor said. "We thought it appropriate to start thinking through that long-term issue right now."

Interior officials said in the report they are considering asking Congress to make the program permanent so the land purchases can continue. A final decision will be made following consultations with lawmakers and tribal leaders, Interior officials said.

A spokesman for Wyoming U.S. Sen. John Barrasso, chair of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee, said the Obama administration emphasized when the case was settled that it needed only a 10-year window to accomplish its goals.
"It is important to address the issue of highly fractioned land in a manner that is fair to both the affected land owners and to tribes, while also demanding the requisite accountability from the administration," Danylak said.
Parcels of land bought through the program are transferred to tribal governments to be put to beneficial use — such as for home sites or business locations — or preserved as cultural or ceremonial sites

An 1887 law known as the Dawes Act split tribal lands into individual allotments that were inherited by multiple heirs with each passing generation.
The result has been that parcels of land on some reservations are owned by dozens, hundreds or even thousands of individual Indians. That makes it all but impossible to sell or develop the land because of difficulties reaching consensus among so many owners.

The legal settlement resulted from a class-action lawsuit brought by Elouise Cobell of Montana's Blackfeet tribe. Cobell, who died in 2011, successfully argued that Interior officials for decades mismanaged trust money being held on behalf of hundreds of thousands of Indian landowners.