Sunday, March 26, 2023

Pechanga Resort & Casino BUFFET: Chairman's Corruption and Abuse IS RAW, INDIGESTIBLE and DAMAGING

 We aren't talking about the salad bar at Pechanga Resort & Casino. We aren't talking about HOW TO WIN at PECHANGA CASINO  We're talking about the abuses heaped on lineal descendants of Original Pechanga people by Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians Chairman and National Congress of American Indians' Vice President Mark Macarro.

Stories of ABUSE must be
shared, not kept like "family secrets"

Here's what's on the Pechanga Casino Tribe's Buffet of Corruption


The Pechanga General Council, the final arbiter of the LAW at Pechanga voted to END all disenrollment.  Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro IGNORED the will of the people, acted OUTSIDE THE PECHANGA CONSTITUTION and disenrolled the Hunter descendants.  Threats to the remaining tribal members kept them in line and from speaking out.

As discussed in this linked article, YES, Pechanga practices apartheid and NO we aren't comparing the level to South Africa, but if you don't call them out on it, who is to say it won't get worse? It's still distasteful as it is.


NO, lifelong reservation residents, land owners and rightful Pechanga people are NOT allowed to use the reservation facilities, such as playgrounds, bathrooms, and water fountains  And our children can't attend the tribal school.  IN FACT, Macarro's council had Rangers escort our children from school, and, like George Wallace standing in the doorway decades ago, won't let our kids attend. And he had the Rangers TRESPASS on private property to warn us about TRESPASSING!

Elder abuse

Just months after awarding our elder,  Lawrence Madariaga a Silver Feather award, and decades after some tribal members begged him for money, which he gave them, the tribal council, deprived him of his rights and stripped his citizenship.  They wouldn't even allow him to honor his wife Sophie at the tribal hall.    Some thugs had threatened to have our ancestors dug up from the tribal cemetery.

Loss of tribal social services

Some 100 elders of the Hunter and Manuela Miranda clans are no longer able to attend functions for elders, the health facilities, the Silver Feathers benefits they deserve as rightful members of the Pechanga Band.

Children had their Heritage STOLEN

200 children have lost the right to be connected to their heritage through their birthright, while children of Pechanga "members" who were adopted into the tribe, have all the benefits that should be for native Americans.  Pechanga blood is NOT GOOD ENOUGH for Macarro's group

Loss of Healthcare

Pechanga provided members and their families a "Cadillac"  health plan, with excellent insurance and low deductibles.  After disenrollment, hundreds became part of the State provided care, rather that what they deserved as rightful tribal members.

Theft of ONE BILLION of Per Capita Dollars and Benefits

Yes, nearly ONE BILLION DOLLARS, stolen during the more than a decade of disenrollment.  The tribe will tell you it's NOT about the money, but then, they'd also tell you that Hunters do not belong, even though the tribe's  hired expert used Pechanga's OWN DOCUMENTS to prove we did. And there are still APIS descendants, of whom Manuel Miranda was also descended that are STILL in the tribe.  Add what the Petra Tosobol descendants were keplt from and the totals are STAGGERING

WILL YOU SPEAK OUT AGAINST THIS ABUSE?  Even sharing this post to your social media will help expose these abuses

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Chief MoFo said...

I will not take this ASS RAPIING lying DOWN. I will not take this to my grave without yelling screaming fighting and biting my perpetrators.It’s in my blood!!!