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STOP DISENROLLMENT GAINS MAJOR ALLY: Association on American Indian Affairs

 The Association on American Indian Affairs has worked to protect NAGPRA, Indian Child Welfare and NOW, support of the #stopdisenrollment movement with this tweet:

The Association on American Indian Affairs is the oldest non-profit serving Indian Country protecting sovereignty, preserving culture, educating  youth and building capacity. 

Nooksack 306 UPDATE: Elder EVICTIONS Paused for Two Months


 Nooksack 306 attorney Gabe Galanda announced on his twitter (@ndnlawyer) that evictions have now been paused for two months thanks to @UN_SPExperts & the Fourth Estate. Ross Cline's re-election campaign may also be a factor. But it remains a question of when, not if, Nooksack authoritarians will resume evictions. We're standing guard.

The Fourth Estate is media and YOU for sharing the information, thereby keeping pressure on.  DO NOT STOP, re-share and retweet all the previous media.

Over 40 Nooksack stories here

Friday, February 25, 2022

Paskenta Band of Nomlaki Indians Embezzlement Case, 13 years in the Making, Tribe's Leaders are SENTENCED


EIGHT YEARS ago, we posted about the corruption at Paskenta here:  

Has the California Tribal Business Alliance JUMPED THE SHARK? Two of Three Member Tribes UNDER FIRE for Corruption  and 

PASKENTA Tribal Dispute is Going CYBER: DATA BREACHING Claimed

TODAY, JUSTICE is DONE.   Leslie Lohse, Ines Crosby and former FBI Agent John Crosby were sentenced to PRISON!

The level of corruption is staggering:

Some of the money John Crosby stole went to buy an $838,000, five-bedroom house on a seven-acre plot in Redding, while another $600,000 was spent on adding a pool and spa, patio, full-sized basketball court and a garage to hold his Boss 302 Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 and other exotic vehicles.

Tribal Disenrollment Restrospective: The Enterprise Rancheria Disenrolled Members for Speaking OUT. Who Needs 1st Amendment Rights. Eighth in the Series


Here's a story of the ENTERPRISE RANCHERIA who disenrolled over 70 members in 2003, please take a look.  Oh, and there is an update at the end

Please keep in mind, the numbers may look small but they equate to a significant population of a tribe.   For instance, the Picayune Disenrollment would equate to 16,000,000 Californians being eliminated as state citizens, with no rights to vote, or any state services.   Enterprise Rancheria disenrollments would equate to over 4,000,000 California citizens being denied their rights.  

Thirty former members of Enterprise Rancheria protested in front of the tribal office Saturday, while one disenrolled member waited for an appeals hearing at the Palermo Grange.

In November 2003, the Enterprise Rancheria booted 70 tribal members who questioned the way the tribal council spent a human services fund, according to Robert Edwards, a disenrolled member. Later two more tribal members were disenrolled.

Tribal Disenrollment Retrospective Series: Pala Band of Luiseno Indians Disenrolls 154, Nearly 17% of the Tribe Seventh is the Series

 Margarita Brittain

February 2012 brought more bad news from California's Indian Casino Country.  The disenrollment of 154 citizens of the Pala Band of Luiseno Indians, with some subterfuge from the current chairman Robert Smith.  He had Margarita Brittain's blood quantum changed. THE BIA stepped into the membership dispute

On the official 1913 Pala enrollment documents, Margarita Brittain is listed as a full-blood CupeƱo Indian. In the 1970s, however, it was discovered that someone had gone into the document, circled Brittain’s blood degree, and in ink changed her blood quantum to ½ and her children’s to 1/4. Her descendants speculate that the change was made out of spite, because Margarita Brittain had married a white man and taken his name.


Thursday, February 24, 2022

Tribal Disenrollment Retrospective Cahto Tribe of the Laytonville Rancheria, OUT, Then Back In, Then OUT Again Sixth in the Series

 “As far as we’re concerned, we would rather not be involved in enrollment issues,”  “But if an issue comes up, we have to comply with their laws.”
Dale Risling  - Bureau of Indian Affairs

Cahto Tribe's 
Gene Sloan

Gene and Alice Sloan have been fighting for their rights for 25 years.  After wrongdoing was discovered, former tribal chairman Gene Sloan was disenrolled.  Their crime?  Exposing the criminal activity

For years, tribes in California and across the country have been kicking out members – sometimes over objections that those being “disenrolled” have legitimate claims to being part of the tribe. In most cases, the federal government can do nothing, and hasn’t tried.

That’s what makes the Sept. 22 federal district court ruling against the Cahto Tribe of the Laytonville Rancheria so unusual. The appeals court ruling essentially told the tribe to let 22 members back in, or risk losing most federal benefits. The tribe has 60 days from the ruling to file an appeal.

Tribal Disenrollment Retrospective: Saginaw Chippewa Disgraces Grandma Grace Fowler and Descendants Fifth in the Series

 You'd think a tribe like Saginaw Chippewa, that were victim of JACK ABRAMOFF would stick together.  But, alas, no

Grandma Grace Fowler

In 2009 the Fowler family was DISMISSED with PREJUDICE in their second dis-enrollment hearing only to be over turned by the Tribes appellate court in 2014. It was overturned 5 years after the case was dismissed because the Tribal Council made a resolution to their Ordinance #14 allowing them to re-open previous cases. The Tribal attorney's called it an administrative action to correct procedural issues, the paid for by the Tribe appellate court judges ruled they could reopen the cases. This family has been up for dis-enrollment three times, discriminated against by corrupt non- natives!!

The family was dis-enrolled in 2016

The Saginaw Chippewa Tribe has proceeded with Disenrollments and has changed it's Ordinance #14 to continue to exclude members of the Tribe. 

These changes include a " No statue of limitations" on membership dis-enrollment, meaning no one is safe, EVER, NO ONE!!! 

The Saginaw Chippewa Tribe also has the distinction of being one of only two tribes in the Unites states that disenroll deceased members. A disgrace to our ancestors and not the way of the true Saginaw Ojibwe Anishinabek!

Get involved, be informed, let your voices be heard. RISE UP AND FIGHT!

I am linking here to a column from Saginaw Chippewa disenrollee William Masterson  please read and learn more.  An excerpt:

Seven generations ago my paternal and maternal grandfathers, of whom I am a direct lineal descendant, signed the 1855 treaty that was used to establish Saginaw Chippewa tribal lands, yet I was recently notified of my disenrollment. 

I ask again, how can this be? The newly elected Tribal Council can correct the deficiencies in the way in which membership is determined, but they need to hear it from the community. 

Tell them you do not want a system in which some members can be picked and chosen for membership by Council motion while others in the exact same circumstance are disenrolled. 

Tell them you do not want leaders that prefer taking the easy path rather than providing true leadership. Tell them you do not want leaders that shun their responsibilities solely based on what is good for them politically. Tell them you want leadership that addresses issues based on honest and truthful assessments of the facts before them.

OP: Some current members in control can't seem to be traced to.the 1982 BASE ROLL yet disenroll others.  That's a pattern we have seen in other disenrollments.  Equal justice is denied

Read what disenrolled member JUDY POTTER related about disenrollment before she passed.


Saginaw Chippewa Seeks Investigation over Recognition
Saginaw Chippewa JUDGES say Tribe CAN Ruin lives...
Disenroll Saginaw Chippewa to SAVE MONEY
Disrespecting the Saginaw Chippewa Ancestors
Spineless BIA is MIA in Michigan

Tribal Disenrollment Retrospective: Robinson Rancheria Corrupt Chairman Tracey Avila Leads Disenrollment. Fourth in a Series


Tribal disenrollment can happen for many reasons, but two are prominent  GREED and POWER.  That's the keys at Robinson Rancheria, Tracey Avila  corrupt, embezzler is the perfect example of that.  There is Good NEWS at the end of the story, however, please read and share.

TRIBAL DISENROLLMENT: Robinson Rancheria Moves Forward with Disenrollments


Late last week, certified letters that dozens of Robinson Rancheria Band of Pomo tribal members were dreading began to arrive.
Sent out to several dozen Pomo, the envelopes contained resolutions for each person, passed in a 3-0 vote held by the Robinson Rancheria Citizens Business Council on Dec. 5, informing them that they had been disenrolled from the tribe and their names removed from its rolls.
The resolutions were signed by Tribal Chair Tracey Avila and Secretary-Treasurer Kim Fernandez on Dec. 10.
Avila had previously told Lake County News that 60 of Robinson's 347 tribal members had been under consideration for disenrollment.
On Tuesday, she said six people had proved their lineage and so were allowed to retain their tribal membership, while several more had asked for special consideration to be able to secure documents proving their lineal descent from tribal members on the tribe's original rolls.
EJ Crandell, who was elected tribal chair in June in an election that was decertified by the tribe's election committee, has asserted that as many as 74 tribal members faced disenrollment, and supplied Lake County News with a list of about 50 names of people who he said had confirmed receiving the disenrollment resolution.
Crandell's wife's family was among those disenrolled. He said he's concerned that he and his immediate family may be next.

Tribal Disenrollment Retrospective: Redding Rancheria Expulsion of Virginia Timmons Descendants and Bob Foreman, their FIRST CHAIRMAN After Restoration Third in a Series

Redding Rancheria Shames
Indian Country

We continue our series reminding all of the early beginnings of Tribal Disenrollment. Tribal disenrollment is afflicting over 11,000 Native Americans. That would make the disenrolled on of the largest tribes on the west coast, but now it leaves them culturally homeless and without a tribe.  Bob Foreman of the Redding Rancheria brought health care for Indians in N. California.  He was elected the first chairman after restoration.  The despicable Barbara Hayward Murphy and Tracy Edwards led the disenrollment. Read the shameful story and share.  Consider BOYCOTTING the Win River Casino until the restore the Foremans to their rightful place.

Complete article from the Times of Los Angeles of this complete act of abuse of tribal sovereignty

The late Virginia Timmons was among the 17 Indians still living on the Redding Rancheria when it was disbanded by federal order in 1959, one of the sad milestones of the Indian experience in California.

Her daughter, Lorena, was among the 130 original members enrolled in the tribal group after its reestablishment 24 years later, a restoration that came about partly through the efforts of her grandson, Bob Foreman.

To this day, many of Virginia Timmons’ 75 descendants remember her as the cheerful woman they called “Nano.” She loved the music of Elvis and used to startle guests by uttering phrases from a near-forgotten tribal language in her sleep. Many of her offspring have served the rancheria as members of the tribal council, executives of its health clinic, administrators of its educational programs or managers of its thriving Win-River casino.

By almost any measure, Timmons’ family would have to be ranked among the leading clans of the Redding Rancheria, which sits on 30 acres of land in the shadow of Mt. Shasta. So one can only imagine their dismay at the movement to kick them all out of the tribal organization.

Our history’s always been here,” says Carla Maslin, one of Virginia Timmons’ great-granddaughters. “I think it’s a crime when people start trying to take others’ heritage away.”

Maslin’s father, Bob Foreman -- the same man who was instrumental in reestablishing the tribe -- is more succinct. “It’s greed,” he says. “Out and out, that’s what it is.”

Foreman, now 67, is alluding to the feature of tribal life that hangs over the so-called disenrollment case like a shroud: the disbursement of roughly $3,000 that every tribal member receives from the casino each month. Disenrolling the family, which could cut the size of the tribe to about 186 members from 261, could consequently mean an increase of about 40%, or $1,200, in every remaining member’s monthly take.

“This proves the truth of an old Chinese aphorism, ‘You never really know someone until you share an inheritance with them,’ ” says the family’s Las Vegas-based lawyer, Michael V. Stuhff.

Tribal representatives say the case is not about money, but about the tribe’s legitimate interest in establishing its own identity under conditions in which there just happens to be money at stake. “If the Foremans have produced any evidence other than the circumstances to suggest this is about money, I’d like to know what it is,” says David Rapport, the tribe’s outside lawyer.

It’s unclear whether the Redding situation is a harbinger of more such conflicts over tribal membership. Only a handful of disenrollment cases have arisen in California in recent years, including a Pechanga reservation case that reportedly has been dropped. “The incidence rate in California is pretty amazingly low,” says Michael Pfeffer, executive director of Oakland-based California Indian Legal Services, an independent agency providing a neutral hearing officer in the Redding case.

Still, it’s only now becoming widely appreciated how burgeoning casino wealth means that tribal membership might confer not merely cultural identity but substantial financial reward too.

The challenge to the Foreman family dates to June 2002, when the tribal council received two letters alleging that Virginia Timmons bore no children. The letters, which were written by an elderly tribal member named Dorothy Dominguez shortly before her death, implicitly attacked the bona fides not only of Timmons’ only child, Lorena (who was born in 1916 and died in 1995), but of Lorena’s five children, their 17 offspring and the two generations that have followed.

The family contends that Dominguez, who they openly deride as an aged, bitter alcoholic, could not have had any grounds to challenge Lorena’s parentage. Among other things, they say that Dominguez was 16 years younger than Lorena and therefore not in any position to know the circumstances of her birth. They contend the 10-member tribal council -- which currently includes three Foreman family members -- should have rejected the allegation out of hand.

Instead, an enrollment committee examined Lorena’s file and determined that it included neither a birth nor a baptismal certificate. The panel asked the family to provide such documentation, even though it would have been highly unusual for an Indian born in 1916 to have had a formal birth certificate.

The Foremans delved deep into dusty family and public archives. They turned up federal Indian records, census rolls and other contemporary references establishing Lorena’s lineage. They offered up pages from the Foreman family Bible recording births and deaths, all of this from a period in which there could be no conceivable gain, financial or otherwise, from fabricating such a familial relationship. They even exhumed Virginia Timmons’ body, obtaining a bone sample for a DNA test that established a statistically likely maternal link between Timmons and one of Lorena’s living children.

Despite this mountain of evidence, the tribe has continued to press the disenrollment case, raising the family’s suspicions about its motives. The Foremans believe the chief threat to its standing, however, is not the question of documentation, but the quasi-judicial procedures the tribe has established in the matter. These include a merging of an evidentiary hearing before the tribal council with a general vote on the disenrollment by a secret ballot of all adult tribal members present later this month.

With the hearing and the balloting combined, the family fears they are being set up to lose a massively self-interested vote. Their concern is intensified by the tribe’s plan to bar the Foremans from voting, on the grounds that they have a direct financial interest in the outcome.

2004 Flashback on Tribal Disenrollment Protests GROUND ZERO Begins in Sacramento During Schwarzenegger Administration Part Two in A Series

Tribal disenrollments started making national news in 2004.  To understand what's happening now with the Nooksack 306 eviction issue, it's good to get the history of the disenrollment struggles.  Redding Rancheria had disenrolled the Lorena Butler descendants and their first tribal chairman Bob Foreman. Pechanga had disenrolled the Manuela Miranda descendants, over 130 adults.

From James May in Indian Country Today 

Several hundred disenrolled members of various California tribes staged a lengthy and loud protest on the steps of the state capitol asking Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and the state legislature to immediately halt signing new compacts with the state's tribes as a first step toward creating an inter-tribal appeals process for disenrollees. (OP: Money over morality won Ahnuld was worthless)

At least nine tribes were represented at the July 14 demonstration and are
perhaps a testament to a growing controversy in which increasing numbers of
the state's tribes are finding themselves left without tribal membership.

The tribes at the protest represented a fairly balanced geographical cross
section of the state and have formed an organization called California
Indians for Justice. Organizers said this demonstration represents the
first step that the group plans to take and claim that they will
demonstrate at various tribal casinos as well as the U.S. Congress in
Washington, D.C.

Though questions of Indian policy and issues are usually handled by the
federal government, organizer Laura Wass, who works with the Fresno chapter
of the American Indian Movement, felt it was important to start in

READ the full article at the link above, and share on your social media.

Tribal Disenrollment Review of Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians Disenrollment. Looking Beneath The Gaming Glitter One in a Series


Most Egregious Disenrolling Tribe

As our Nooksack 306 relations are bringing much needed media attention to their tribal disenrollment and forced evictions, my editorial board* thought it important to bring some reviews of the histories of disenrollment.  The most egregious, the Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians, which is in Coarsegold, CA  north of Fresno which has destroyed the heritage of nearly HALF of their tribe.

The Fresno Bee had been on top of the corruption at Chukchansi for over a DECADE when we posted this story from 2008.  The corruption is staggering.  The civil and human rights violations that the BIA, the State of California, and the local county governments are still ignoring are STAGGERING.   PLEASE read and share on twitter and Facebook.   

Read the horrors from this 2003 Fresno Bee article

The biggest, most expensive and most controversial American Indian casino/entertainment complex in central San Joaquin Valley history is expected to make its debut in eastern Madera County in 10 days.

With it comes a long-simmering and increasingly bitter tribal civil war over who will pocket the profits of a business that eventually could rake in $200 million or more a year.

Carved out of a once-forlorn swath of rocks and brush in the Sierra Nevada foothills near Coarsegold, the gamblers' half of the Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino is all but finished.

That's the casino, home to 1,800 slot machines and more than 40 card tables. June 25 is the planned opening date, according to the owners, the Chukchansi Indians of Picayune Rancheria.

The 192-room hotel is expected to open next door in August. The total project's estimated cost: $150 million.

Indian gaming has been a fixture in the six-county central San Joaquin Valley for two decades. Gamblers, though, have seen nothing locally like the Chukchansi digs -- nearly 300,000 square feet of casino, hotel and entertainment venues.

Nor has there been anything here quite like the Chukchansi membership fight that has brewed for four years.
Its roots go back even further. Twenty years ago, the tribe had only 30 members, the result of federal policy dating back to the Eisenhower administration designed to terminate Indian lands such as rancherias. The thinking, at least among non-Indians, was that Indians should be assimilated into mainstream America.

It took several decades of court battles, but many tribes finally regained their legal recognition and the right to renew their lives on rancherias. In a word, they were "reconstituted."

By the late 1990s, with the Chukchansi tribe legally reborn, a liberal enrollment policy raised the membership total to more than 1,000.
Then, in 1999, as negotiations with a casino management company neared a critical juncture, nearly 200 people were suddenly kicked out of the tribe.

Membership fights are nothing new among casino-owning tribes. For example, Table Mountain Rancheria in Fresno County has been the center of a long struggle among four extended families of Mono-Chukchansi Indians who own Table Mountain Casino and several hundred Indians who say they have been illegally excluded since the tribe was reborn in the early 1980s.

The Chukchansi battle, though, is different. This doesn't involve people on the outside who want in. These are Indians who were full-fledged tribal members one day and the next day found themselves out in the cold for what they say is no good reason.

Please follow the series

* Editorial board is Me, Myself and I

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Interior Secretary Deb Haaland Goes After the LOW HANGING FRUIT of the word SQUAW, Silent on REAL abuse Of Disenrollment


Nicknames Matter

Maybe if 11,000 living Native Americans who have been disenrolled, called ourselves FORMER REDSKIN SQUAWS Secretary Deb Haaland might take notice of us?

U.S. Interior Secretary Deb Haaland in November formally declared the term squaw derogatory and initiated a process to remove the word from use by the federal government and to replace other existing derogatory place names.  She has NOT declared disenrollment for power and greed wrong. 

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Native American Rights Fund Shows It's WARRIOR SPIRIT On Tribal Disenrollment

 This week, I called out NARF on it's Valentine's Day Fundraising effort in this post

I Call on All 11,000 Disenrolled Native Americans to GIVE NARF What they Deserve: ZERO Hard Earned DOLLARS

Guaranteed to Remain Blissfully
Ignorant on Disenrollment

Looks like they're mad at being exposed as not giving a shit about 11,000 of us who have been harmed by their tribes.   No support for us EVER, yet they ask for donations to help with JUSTICE   

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Pechanga Tribal Per Capita Theft Totals OVER $890 MILLION. Still Think Disenrollment is NOT About the MONEY?

Per Capita Theft is REAL

In a recent conversation with an ABC News journalist for an upcoming segment, the subject of per capita came up as it always does. 

Many tribes that disenroll their relatives will utter the phrase "It's NOT about the Money" when disenrolling some members. 
Well, it's not ONLY about money, disenrollment also about POWER, but the money can be STAGGERING as well 

Follow the Casino Money at Pechanga.

I Call on All 11,000 Disenrolled Native Americans to GIVE NARF What they Deserve: ZERO DOLLARS

The Native American Rights Fund is soliciting donations for Valentines Day

NO MONEY for Native American
Rights Fund.

Instead of flowers, give fairness.
Instead of jewelry, give justice.
Instead of chocolate, give change.
This #ValentinesDay, give the gift of justice to the ones you love by donating in their honor!

I call on all 11,000 Disenrolled Native Americans to GIVE @NDNrights (twitter) the support they have given we disenrolled over the past two decades.

Seattle King 5 News Has Segment on Nooksack Tribe's Eviction of Octogenarians of Nooksack 306

 The MEDIA has focused attention of the cruel eviction process against Nooksack 306 elders by the corrupt tribal leaders.  Please watch and SHARE

NCAI Statement in Wake of Bunky Echohawk Arrest for Molestation Brings Memory of Same Trauma At Pechanga By Former Chairman

 This NCAI statement below makes me want to PUKE. The National Congress of American Indians has studiously IGNORED the ongoing trauma brought by their own Vice President Mark Macarro who took the word of an imprisoned child molester in the Paulina Hunter disenrollment  

The breaking news this weekend of the arrest of noted Native artist Bunky Echohawk has seen many Native groups moving swiftly away from him.   The statement above from the NCAI is ass covering, without mentioning the offender that prompted it. 

The sordid issue with Bunky, harming a child, reminds many of us from Pechanga that one of the strongest voices against our family, was an imprisoned child molester Vincent Ibanez, pictured below
Child molester/predator
Vincent Ibanez.

Despite the unequivocal proof of Paulina Hunter as an original person of Pechanga Temecula the ROD (record of decision) notes “Raymond (Felon) Basquez, Sr., Gloria Wright, and Vincent Ibanez (then imprisoned for child sexual abuse) provided affidavits and statements to the Committee contending that Paulina Walla Hunter and her heirs were not historically recognized as Pechanga members.”    NONE of these "fine citizens" were alive when Paulina Hunter was, like vaunted elder Antonio Ashman, who gave an affidavit that he KNEW HER as Pechanga.   

ALSO, while a member of the Enrollment Committee, Mr. Ibanez signed the enrollment cards and official date stamped letters welcoming Hunter family members to the tribe.

So if Mr. Ibanez never believed we the Paulina Hunter descendants are Pechanga, then why would he sign cards and official documents saying that we are Pechanga and then turn around and say the opposite years later? 

So was he lying when he gave a statement against our tribal membership or was he lying years earlier by signing cards and documents affirming that we are Pechanga?

Either way Vincent Ibanez is quite “a piece of work” and he is not a credible source of information

Ibanez the fine, upstanding citizen of Pechanga was released prison, and later, was arrested AGAIN for sexual abuse

IF the NCAI really gave a F**K about the "moral obligation" to protect our communities as the proclaim, they wouldn't avoid the tough issue of the stripping of federal recognition of 11,000 Natives through disenrollment.  And recognize the harm it's doing to generations of us.  

Monday, February 7, 2022

National Congress of American Indians VP Mark Macarro, Violator of The Civil and Human Rights of HUNDREDS of American Indians

Mark Macarro

Mark Macarro of the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Mission Indians was elected to the First Vice President of the National Congress of American Indians.  Can we really believe this purported civil rights group cares about our civil rights?   

Under Mark Macarro's leadership, Pechanga tribal officials have been responsible for the mass disenfranchisement of over 300 adult tribal citizens, including many who still live on the Pechanga Reservation, which then comprised 25% of the tribal adult population.  The children have never been included in the disenrollment totals, nor the dead ancestors also disenrolled.

Citizenship is a birthright, membership in a church or other groups are a voluntary act. Tribal laws must be followed or there should be some ramifications not rewards or honors, like a leadership role at NCAI. 

It was no coincidence that the mass removals from Pechanga, and the denial of votes the members held,  occurred just prior to two regularly scheduled tribal elections in which Mr. Macarro ran for re-election as tribal chairman. Needless to say, Mr. Macarro was re-elected both times, as were other corrupt leaders. 

The actions to remove these citizens from the tribal rolls, and deny hundreds more their citizenship, have been characterized by lack of due process and equal protection of existing tribal and federal laws. In fact, laws enacted by the United States Congress to protect Indian individuals from arbitrary and capricious acts of tribal officials, such as the Indian Civil Rights Act of 1968, have gone largely ignored during Mr. Macarro's tenure. 

Saturday, February 5, 2022

BEIJING OLYMPIC Games: I will NOT Be Watching the Communist China Games

 I will be that ONE grain of sand that might get into the eye of an oppressive government.  Will you?

They violate the rights of millions of people, China gave the world the COVID 19 virus that killed my friends.    WHY would I watch?  I'm not getting money from China, like LeBron James

China won't bow to pressure from us, because it's not widespread enough.  I'll be an arrow in that quiver for justice. Will YOU?

I do not spend my money at tribal casinos of tribes that have violated the humanity of their own people via disenrollment.  I have a TOP TEN LIST of tribal casinos to avoid.  Currently our friends in the Nooksack 306 are in the media over their elders being evicted from their homes.  Boycott them as well.

Corrupt Nooksack Tribe DEMANDS United Nations RETRACT Their Statement On Forced EVICTIONS of ELDERS


The Nooksack Tribe has it's feathers ruffled by the act of the United Nations.   Apparently, they are upset that the UN took the word of Attorney Gabriel Galanda, whom they DISBARRED and banished from their kangaroo court system, because he was kicking their asses so badly.

You can read their letter below.  The Nooksack disenrollment was not lawful.  The Tribal Leaders are NOT to be trusted.  Learn more about the Nooksack issue here   The Nooksack tribe REFUSED to take filings from the 306, should the UN respond in kind?

Thursday, February 3, 2022

BREAKING NEWS: United Nations Calls for END of FORCED EVICTION Process for Nooksack 306 Elders

 UN human rights experts* today called on the United States of America to halt the planned and imminent forced evictions of 63 people who self-identify as belonging to the Nooksack indigenous tribe in northern Washington State. 

Twenty-one families face eviction from their homes by the Nooksack Tribal Council, which earlier took steps to remove them from its membership. The move has been prohibited by the tribe’s courts, but their decisions have been ignored by the Council. 

The families’ homes were constructed by the tribe on land owned by the US Government and with funds from the Federal Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The HUD provides the tribe annual funding for public housing at Nooksack in part pursuant to the Native American Housing and Self-Determination Act (NAHASDA). The families are at various stages of acquiring ownership of their homes, and some are due to take full ownership this year. 

Many are elderly, women and children - some with disabilities and chronic diseases – and have lived in their homes for over a decade. The imminent evictions will significantly impact the health of some of the vulnerable during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“We are also concerned that the forced evictions will deny them the possibility of enjoying their own culture and of using their own language in community with others,” they said. 

Tribal Disenrollment Is CRUEL and UNUSUAL PUNISHMENT For Disagreement and Political Opposition

The author Julia Stinson, here is talking about tribal disenrollment due to criminal activity.  But in our case at Pechanga, we had criminals working to disenroll us.   If it's cruel and unusual to disenroll for a crime, isn't it even MORE cruel to disenroll over disagreements, or political opposition?

NOOKSACK 306 Elders Eviction Action Temporarily Halted, But NOOKSACK TRIBE WANTS THEM OUT

 Former citizens of the Nooksack Tribe, known as the NOOKSACK 306 have won temporary respite from being evicted from their federally-funded homes in Washington state.  Acee Agoyo from Indianz has the story

The tribe agreed to put the evictions on “pause” until Tuesday, Vice Chair Rick George wrote in an email to Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs Bryan Newland. The move came as the Biden administration investigates a situation that has been attracting more high-level attention in recent weeks.

“I am hopeful that this investigation will be the last, as this issue has been depriving deserving enrolled Nooksack tribal members of housing for more than six years,” George wrote in the January 12 message.

Look at the last line... depriving deserving enrolled Nooksack of housing....  the Nooksack 306 elders WERE enrolled when they got housing.  Build NEW homes for the current members, instead of giving them old homes....

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

NCAI Prez Fawn Sharp Is NOT HAPPY with NFL Team's Washington Commanders New Name, With No Remorse

 Imagine how 11,000 of us who have suffered for decades from disenrollment, including 400 who have been exterminated from YOUR Vice President Mark Macarro's Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians.

Your organization holds NO disenrolling tribe accountable for their cruel actions and civil and human rights violations.