Thursday, August 6, 2020

New Mexico Rep. Deb Haaland and National Congress of American Indians FINALLY Bring Tribal Disenrollment UP


Premiere Indigenous Law Firm Galanda Broadman has a good capture of yesterday's events with #stopdisenrollment in Indian Country politics.  Both the NCAI and Rep. Haaland spoke/wrote about tribal disenrollment in the SAME DAY, thanks to CAM FOREMAN, grandson of the honorable Bob Foreman, who has been going like gangbusters on social media.  HOW hard?  Well, Fawn Sharp BLOCKED him on Twitter!  LOL

Here's NCAI's statement, the rest of the story you can read at Gabe Galanda's blog

For our young readers  BE LIKE  CAM FOREMAN, come out swinging


Anonymous said...

I get your point however it's not the Tribes that are disenrolling there members.
It's the Leaders of these tribes that are the guilty ones.
In some of the disenrolling tribes tribal members never get the chance to vote on disenrollments because the corrupt leaders find away to bypass their constitutions and the membership of the tribes are never afforded the chance to vote or ever have a say in these matters.
So it's not the tribes that are killing off true members it the corrupt leaders.

Malcolm Davis said...
My families site where we continue to expose the truth and how leaders will falsify documents to get a family removed.

Anonymous said...

"Criteria" has nothing to do with disenrolling. As of today Anyone can be enrolled or disenrolled, regardless of the criteria.