Monday, January 27, 2020

Visual Aid for The Number of DISENROLLED in Indian Country, You'd need a Train 3 miles long to hold JUST the LIVING

We use the number 11,000 for the disenrolled in Indian Country.  In trying to make the impression with math, I used this metric:  An Amtrak rail car can hold roughly 65 passengers and is 85 feet long.

To hold all disenrolled, the train would have to have 169 passenger cars that are 85 feet long and with the needed engines, it would be THREE MILES LONG.  And, that would NOT include our deceased ancestors that were ALSO stripped of their citizenship...some a CENTURY after they died.

THE 6 cars here must be multiplied x 28 to get the true visual

Six cars times 28 = 168 cars, STILL SHORT for 11,000

How To Contact YOUR Senators and other Representatives: VOICE YOUR OPINION

Too much is going on to stay silent, whether it's a native issue of tribal disenrollment, or violations of civil and human rights at our borders.  GET INVOLVED. 

Our elected representatives in Sacramento and in Washington D.C. need to be made aware of this situation. Letters, phone calls and faxes are the most effective - emails just get lost

The point is that they are elected to address our concerns, if they hear from enough people, they will become aware. We are the voters - we have the power --
Yes this may cost a few stamps and long distance phone calls --

Another option is to find and join one of your local Democratic clubs and put the issue to them, and ask if they will take action.
Find some here:


Our California U.S. Senators are Kamala Harris and Diane Feinstein --
Contact their field offices, (not the D.C. Offices)

Ask for hearings and investigations into the civil rights abuses and enforcement of the Native American Civil Rights Act

Senator Kamala Harris
Los Angeles Office
11845 West Olympic Boulevard, Suite 1250W
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Phone (310) 231 - 4494
Fax (202) 224 - 0357

Senator Diane Feinstein
San Diego local office
750 B Street, Suite 1030
San Diego, CA 92101
Phone: (619) 231-9712
Fax: (619) 231-1108

FInd your U.S. Congressmen in Washington DC, and your State legislators in Sacto here:  type in your zip code -- then click on 'contact' when the reps name comes up it will give you mailing addresses and phone numbers
for congressmen - contact the local field office - it takes ages for anything to be read as far as mail in DC phone calls to DC would be okay - but letters take too much time.

For the state representatives, contact the local field offices and their Sacto offices

I would also suggest contacting state attorney general Xavier Becerra's  Sacramento office

Attorney General's Office
California Department of Justice
Attn: Public Inquiry UnitP.O. Box 944255 Sacramento, CA 94244
(916) 322-3360 or
(Toll-free in CA)
(800) 952-5225

Emilio Reyes on U.S. Federal Censuses Inaccuracies. BIA Caught Allowing it

Emilio Reyes, founder of Stop Tribal Genocide posted this on Facebook earlier.  Remember when he exposed the Bureau of Indian Affairs wrongdoing in regards to Census Tampering?
Emilio Reyes founder
Stop Tribal Genocide

Census enumerators visited numerous homes over large areas. Simple human error certainly occurred. Sometimes individuals who answered the census questions may have been mistaken regarding certain details about their family members. Due to this, we cannot fully rely on the information provided on federal censuses. Before the 20th century it was not important. In such cases, if no one was available, the census enumerator will provide the information for the individual. Census information can also be inaccurate because of the people falsely adjusting the census. That is known as “padding the totes.” (Arlene Eakle, Ph.D.)
The object of padding the totes was most often to manipulate things to achieve statehood or other political goals. Adjusting the census for political reasons was not uncommon. (Minnesota 1857 census) Jurisdictions facing increased taxes might also understate their populations to keep overall per capita taxes lower.

INDIANZ.COM Focuses on the #StopDisenrollment Campaign WITH HUGE ARTICLE

Thank you  Kevin Abourezk  for this article on tribal disenrollment and the #stopdisenrollment campaign.  We have a host of links about disenrollment here

The 9-year-old girl couldn’t understand.
How could anyone tell her she was no longer Modoc? And if she was no longer Modoc, what was she?
Her mother Syd Colombe struggled to answer her questions.
She tried to convince her daughter to not allow their family’s disenrollment from the Modoc Nation to affect her sense of identity.
“You’re always Modoc,” Colombe told her. “Nobody will ever tell you that you’re not. Nobody can ever take that from you.”
In May, Colombe learned her tribe’s leadership had removed her and most of her family from the tribe’s citizenship rolls, adding them to the thousands of Native people to be stripped of their tribal citizenry.

Read the FULL INDIANZ story here

Friday, January 24, 2020

#stopdisenrollment Visual Advocacy Event Scheduled for February 10 2020

The fourth annual #stopdisenrollment visual advocacy event is happening February 10th this year.

Please simply share the following Stop Disenrollment FB page  to your FB pages and other social media

As always, you're dedication to eradicating disenrollment and helping over 11,000 Native Americans harmed by disenrollment is appreciated.

More information will be coming shortly.

Thursday, January 23, 2020

Mark Macarro Destroyed Pechanga Children's Heritage

Many Nations are working to protect Native Children.. Mark Macarro and Pechanga, not so much.  Over 100 CHILDREN have had their heritage stripped by the Pechanga Enrollment committee headed by Bobbi LeMere and with Ruth Masiel and Frances Miranda.

I WILL CALL THEM OUT, put your tribe that's disenrolled in the comments.

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Redding Rancheria Chairman PRAYS on Martin Luther King Day

Object is larger than it appears
A civil rights VIOLATOR prays and walks in memory of a man who stood for civil rights. Hypocrite, thy name is Jack Potter.Redding Rancheria Tribal Chair Jack Potter was one of several spiritual leaders who offered a prayer before the march in Redding on Martin Luther King day.  Is it like a guy who kills his parents then, prays because he's an orphan?

Jack Potter helped disenroll the family of the first tribal chairman Bob Foreman..but NOT until AFTER they forced the Foreman family to desecrate their ancestor for DNA. YES digging up her remains for DNA, and the NOT ACCEPTING the findings, because you know, 99.8% wasn't conclusive enough. 


Remember he was at STANDING ROCK
Praying for Sioux ancestors after desecrating his own tribal kin?

Falmouth Institute Getting Another Look for their Disenrollment Seminars

We know that many tribes have attended the Falmouth Institutes seminars which include HOW to disenroll.  In fact, we know that Pechanga sent enrollment committee members. Even Mark Macarro's cousin had a representative there as speaker
No photo description available.
Click to Enlarge

This past week, we've seen their name again, like it's new news. it's not.  Dr. David Willkins wrote about Falmouth in 2014 along with other for-profit institutions.  I commented about them in 2017 Native America Calling story. But, we must keep re-telling these stories, so that more people can learn, and fewer people can say, we didn't know.

Indian gaming has brought these groups forward, they used Falmouth in 2006.
The Eastern Band of Cherokee used them for an enrollment audit. Pechanga wouldn't because they knew the evidence that Paulina Hunter was Pechanga was OVERWHELMING and would destroy their narrative. If the tribe wanted the real story, and Falmouth was any good, the number of people removed would be staggering.

Thursday, January 16, 2020

POWERFUL Picture of Disenrollment at Wilton Rancheria. BIA Subterfuge

As we come upon the #stopdisenrollment visual advocacy event Feb. 10 2020, this picture of historical families of the Wilton Rancheria encapsulates the effects of disenrollment.   Those on the left side are now disenrolled, those on the right including lineal descendants are still enrolled.  Read below how BIA Director Amy Dutschke is ...involved.

Here's a new picture... all disenrolled

A bit of History:

Monday, January 13, 2020

Judge Rules DOI must Reevaluate Rule on Tribal Recognition

Image result for free images for scales of justice

A federal judge declined on Friday to order the government to allow the Chinook Indian Nation to reapply for federal recognition, but he did toss out the Department of Interior’s decision to ban such second tries and told the department to reevaluate the rule.  Read Chinook Tribe Seeks Recognition

The Chinook have lived at the mouth of the Columbia River since time immemorial, but they don’t have a reservation on their historical land. They don’t have the health clinics or hunting and fishing rights that recognized tribes have. Tribal recognition could provide a land base and bring resources they need.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Pala's Robert Smith Eradicates CUPENO INDIANS Who Get NO JUSTICE from their 1903 Trail of Tears

ACEE AGOYO of INDIANZ has the FULL STORY   Robert Smith of Pala eradicated the Cupeno Indians...but only from the Pala band via disenrollment.  They are FIGHTING BACK.

The tribe's unique history had long been reflected in how it appeared on the BIA's annually-published list: as the "Pala Band of Luiseño Mission Indians of the Pala Reservation, California." With the Cupeño descendants largely out of the picture, though, there was no need to remind everyone of the distinct communities on the reservation. Starting in 2016, as the last of the anti-disenrollment lawsuits was defeated in the federal courts, the tribe became simply known as the "Pala Band of Mission Indians."

BACKGROUND for PALA Disenrollment/Injustice