Thursday, January 17, 2019


Native American Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-OK) told Breitbart News that House Democrats blocked his proposed legislation to fund Indian Health Services (IHS), whose annual funding is in jeopardy due ongoing partial federal government shutdown.

In a Tuesday interview on SiriusXM, Mullin explained that Democrats on the House Rules Committee blocked his amendment, called the Pay Our Doctors Act, which would fund health services for Native Americans through the fiscal year. Democrats voted it down on an 8 to 4 party line vote.


Wednesday, January 16, 2019

PART 2: Tribal Disenrollment a VIOLATION of the Indian Civil Rights ACT

Civil Rights Attorney Donald Daines gives us a supplement and clarification to his prior post “Are Disenrollments a Violation of the Indian Civil Rights Act? But in the end, the solution does not lay in what the BIA or the US Courts decide, but within ourselves.”    To save space, the post will has a break in it, PLEASE read the entire supplement and add your questions and comments. OP

Pala Casino REPLACES CEO Amid Fierce Competition In San Diego

 The Pala Band of Mission Indians, a tribe that exterminated Indians via disenrollment, is struggling at their casino.   Karma?  San Diego UT has the story.

Pala Casino Spa & Resort, has replaced its CEO.  In March, former CEO Bill Bembenek acknowledged to the Union -Tribune that an unspecified number of layoffs — coming amid its planned $170 million expansion — was due in part to the economic pressures from “an increasingly competitive Southern California casino resort market.”

Tribal Disenrollment a VIOLATION of the INDIAN CIVIL RIGHTS ACT?

Civil Rights attorney Donald R. Daines has written a post for us concerning the BIA and those with a "BIA Agenda", which surprisingly can be some tribal leaders. We repost that today.

The US BIA only violates Sovereignty when it is in their best interest. That’s why the BIA is known as the Bureau of Indian Annihilation. Once the BIA inserts the people its wants in power over the Tribal Nation, then when the People object and want their real leaders, the BIA says it cannot interfere because the dispute (which the BIA created in the first place) is an ‘internal’ problem which Tribal sovereignty prevents the BIA from interfering with. What took place in 1993 with the Oneida Indians of New York (not the Oneida Indian Nation that has existed for a 1,000 years as part of the Haudenosaune, but an entirely new ‘tribe’ called the Oneida Indian Nation of New York) is a textbook example of how the BIA (Bureau of Indian Annihilation) works.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Government Shutdown: Is The Bureau of Indian Affairs NON-ESSENTIAL?

Non Essential Personnel?
Curious that after sending some our our B.I.A employees a link to my post of Emilio Reyes' lawsuit regarding the department's failures in providing documents under the Freedom of Information Act, I got these bounce messages:

BIA SUED by Gabrielino Indian for FOIA ABUSES AGAIN. Justice Department Defends the Indefensible

My friend, Emilio Reyes has filed another lawsuit against the B.I.A.   After winning so many judgements (OP: It's been pointed out to me that there have been NO JUDGEMENTS against the BIA. There have been SETTLEMENTS.  Sorry for my confusion) against them so far, the Department of Justice is HAPPY for the shutdown to minimize their workload that the BIA is forcing them to defend.

Emilio states in his STOP TRIBAL GENOCIDE website:

The Bureau of Indian Affairs failed to adhere FOIA deadlines, unlawfully withheld historical records, wrongfully asserted fees, failed to consult with the Solicitor, acted arbitrarily and capriciously on 1 Privacy Act Request and 10 FOIA requests.

Emilio is under attack from attorneys purportedly working on the San Pasqual enrollment issue, and from their hired genealogist, who came at ME trying to smear him.    She works with the Kizh of San Gabriel Valley, a federally unrecognized tribal group.

GOOD LUCK Emilio.  And my readers can see the filing at the link above.

Monday, January 14, 2019


NCAI denounces President Trump's invoking of Wounded Knee Massacre and Battle of Little Bighorn in political attack and encourages increased public education on tribal nations and Native peoples

Things NCAI DOESN'T Denounce
  • Apartheid on tribal reservations
  • Tribal Disenrollment
  • Elder Abuse
  • Civil rights violations
  • Segregation of Indians on reservations
  • Child Abuse by disenrolling tribes
  • Moratoriums
  • Ex Post Facto Laws to make disenrollments  possible
  • Abuse of DEAD ancestors, who are stripped of citizenship

President TRUMP Thinks Wounded Knee Massacre Would Be POPULAR for Fake Elizabeth Warren

This IS partly Elizabeth Warren's doing.  Had she not FAKED her ancestry and refuse to come clean for decades now, that BLOWHARD Trump wouldn't be able to tweet abhorrent things about Native Massacres.

Call them out on social media.... BOTH OF THEM

Friday, January 11, 2019

Voice Of America Gives Native Americans A Chance to Speak Out on the SHUTDOWN

Cecily Hilleary, who did excellent work on the tribal disenrollment story last year ( Native American Tribal Disenrollment Reaching Epidemic ... ) has a story up today about how some Native's feel about the shutdown. 

Cecily herself is affected by the shutdown...a government employee, working without a paycheck
Pechanga Tribe is protected BY GUNS
I'm lucky to be quoted in the it and share.

Rick Cuevas, a Pechanga Indian from Upland, California, who blogs about tribal enrollment issues, sees the wall as an important component of U.S. immigration policy.
"My Pechanga tribe in Temecula, California, has armed guards at the gate to protect those on the inside, and nobody disagrees with that," he said.
Cuevas said the government should crack down on illegal immigrants already inside the U.S. and take action against people smugglers, so-called "coyotes."

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The Native American Journalists Association Calls Huffington Post Reporting on Elizabeth Warren IRRESPONSIBLE

The Native American Journalists Association expresses concern about the Huffington Post’s “Mainstream Media Is Blowing Its Coverage Of Elizabeth Warren’s DNA Test” article by Jennifer Bendery and its impact on Indigenous communities and tribal citizens.

It is the job of journalists to analyze and contextualize information for audiences, and as per the SPJ Code of Ethics, it is a basic tenet of journalism to “take special care not to misrepresent or oversimplify in promoting, previewing or summarizing a story.” The Huffington Post, however, has not followed this established guideline and has oversimplified a complex topic that is critically important to Indigenous communities.