Wednesday, September 22, 2021

President Biden, After A String of FAILURES, Gets On the Right Track Restoring the Tribal Nations Summit

President Biden is a huge failure, but on this, he gets it right.   Acee Agoyo has the full story at 

As promised by the Biden administration, the White House Tribal Nations Summit is returning after a four-year absence.

Tribal leaders are being invited to attend the summit, which is set to take place during the week of November 8. Amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which has impacted American Indians and Alaska Natives at disproportionate rates, the event will be held virtually for the first time.

“President Biden and the Administration look forward to hosting a robust and meaningful dialogue with Tribal leaders on key issues, policy initiatives, and goals for Indian Country,” the White House said in an email to tribal leaders on Wednesday morning.

OP: A good time to bring up the abuses in Indian Country from corrupt disenrolling Tribes.

Friday, September 17, 2021


FIRST, Let me say, I pray that Gabby Petito's body is found soon and the perpetrator is brought to justice (yeah, we know who did it)

Gabby Petito

My next wish is that our INDIGENOUS Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, Aunties abductions and murders would get the same news coverage.  

Please read articles on the differences in press  coverage linked in this story.

No missing Native women get this type of coverage. The recent DATELINE piece on one missing Native woman was from a years old murder.   Mollie Tibbet's murder coverage was IMMEDIATELY a National story.

Why are white women valued so much by our media over others?  Is it deliberate racism? Or simply ingrained that women of color are worth less?

The comments are open
UPDATE:  FBI announces they have found a body in WY consistent with what they know of Gabby.  PRESSURE works.  Again, I wish they would put this kind of pressure for all our #MMIW who deserve justice, and to be found.  FBI STATEMENT


POWERFUL video from the ancestors of Virginia Timmons and Lorena Butler of the Redding Rancheria and her children, including Leon, Lorena, Leland and Bob and two additional generations.

Please Watch   "SACRED"  and Share


Wednesday, September 15, 2021


Sovereign Immunity is NOT Immunity from Condemnation or Sanctions.  

Disenrolled Redding Rancheria Native American activist Cam Foreman, who has been instrumental in getting Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland on record with disenrollment has this petition on CHANGE.ORG (link fixed) that is building steam.  YOU can help with that by signing the petition and asking your friends and family to sign as well.

Disenrolled Elders, some disenrolled

For nearly 20 Years, over 90 Native American Tribal Nations, most exclusively Tribes with Casinos, have abused & hid behind Sovereign Immunity to violate the Indian Civil Rights Act.

Also Article 9 of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, violate heir own Tribal Constitutions, Treaties. including their Responsibility & Obligation to Protect the Rights of Their Citizens by orchestrating conspiracies to Disenroll & Banish over 10,000 of their Tribal Citizens.   

PLEASE SIGN the petition at the link above.

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Maxine Waters Committee Authorizing NAHASDA with Markup Correcting THE FREEDMEN INJUSTICE

Rep. Maxine Waters just affirmed, Sovereign Immunity is NOT Immunity to Condemnation or Sanctions.  Moral outrage works

We wrote about Maxine Water's efforts last month and it's coming closer to fruition.   

"This is a fight that's about fairness and equality," Rep. Maxine Waters, chairwoman of the House Committee on Financial Services, said at the hearing. "For one minority group to discriminate against another minority group cannot stand. And as chair of this committee, I don't intend for it to stand."

Under the leadership of Chairwoman @RepMaxineWaters
@FSCDems are marking up the reauthorization of #NAHASDA and correcting the historic disenfranchisement of descendants of Black Native American Freedmen. This applies to all FIVE civilized tribes.

THANK YOU Madame Chairwoman

Monday, September 13, 2021

Marilyn Vann Cherokee Citizen of FREEDMEN Descent Elected to Serve In The CNO Government A FIRST for Freedmen Descendants

 My friend Marilyn Vann, who fought for JUSTICE for disenrolled descendants of Cherokee slaves (FREEDMEN) is honored by a nomination to serve her tribe.

Cherokee Nation Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr. announces on his Facebook page:

A special shout out to my friend Marilyn Vann who made history tonight as, I believe, the first Cherokee citizen of Freedmen descent to serve in a Cherokee Nation government post in our modern history, perhaps ever. An engineer by profession with an impressive professional resume of government service, she is highly qualified to join the Cherokee Nation Environmental Protection Commission. It was a great honor to nominate her and to watch her confirmation at tonight’s council meeting.

Marilyn Vann
Cherokee Warrior

She is a perfect choice for the Cherokee Nation, a TRUE WARRIOR

Morongo Band of Mission Indians Petitions Supreme Court to Uphold Indian Child Welfare Act

While other tribes like Pala and Pechanga deny their children their heritage through disenrollment,  the Morongo Band of Mission Indians and four other tribes from across the nation have joined the federal government in petitioning the U.S. Supreme Court to uphold a law that gives adoption preference for American Indian children in state foster care to American Indian families.

In a petition filed Sept. 3, the tribes are essentially requesting that the high court leave intact the Indian Child Welfare Act, a law enacted in 1978 amid a trend that saw an “alarmingly high percentage” of American Indian children separated from their families by nontribal public and private agencies.

U.S. Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland, who is of American Indian descent, also has petitioned the Supreme Court to uphold the law, while the state of Texas, on behalf of Chad and Jennifer Brackeen, have petitioned the high court to repeal the law, claiming it is unconstitutional.


ICWA has withstood legal challenges for more than 40 years, but in the past four years federal judges have been divided on its constitutionality.

Friday, September 10, 2021

Dateline NBC DISCOVERS MISSING and Murdered Indigenous Women. WATCH Carla Yellow Bird's Story


Native Americans from all over should set their DVR's and plan to watch tonight's episode of DATELINE NBC (See trailer at link). Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland will be featured for a bit.
CARLA YELLOW BIRD's abduction will be told.   #MMIW has gone mostly unnoticed, mostly unreported in the national media. 

The Secrets of Spirit Lake' will follow Lissa Yellow Bird, whose amateur sleuthing exposed cracks in law enforcement's investigation into her niece's disappearance in 2016

PLEASE watch the trailer at the link above and share.  IF WE DRIVE RATINGS, they will do MORE STORIES.

We've had stories on #MMIW and #MMIWG here
Biden Don't Erase Trump's #MMIW Legacy  and MO)RE

Kozee Decorah's MURDER by Boyfriend
Savanna's Act addresses the issue
White Women in Jep  Gets all the media. No room for stories about Native women?
Nooksack Stalking of Native Woman  is how it starts

And take a look at this website:  Justice For Native Women

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

OPEN LETTER TO MAXINE WATERS From Redding Rancheria Disenrolled Asking to Withhold FUNDING from Disenrolling Tribes

Asking Chairwoman Waters of the House Financial Services Committee NOT to Ignore the damage done by disenrolling tribes.    

Adapt it to your situation and tribe then USE THIS WHISTLEBLOWER FORM  which gets sent to staff.

Good Afternoon Chairwoman Waters & Committee Members

Throughout The United States, over 90 Native American Tribes, most commonly those with Casinos, have Violated their Respective Constitutions, Treaties, Obligations to Protect their Citizens & their Rights Declared in their Constitutions, The Indian Civil Rights Act & Article 9 of The UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples through Disenrollment, A corrupt Practice in which Tribal Leaders orchestrate Conspiracies to Disenroll Members, specifically Elders, to reduce their Membership to consolidate Money & Politcal Power.

My Grandfather was one of Thousands of these Elders. Despite providing Indisputable evidence proving His Heritage, including a Letter of Support from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, my Grandfather's Rights were ignored & Banished from the Tribe he dedicated his life to. Like Other Tribes, Redding Rancheria Leadership declared it wasn't about Money.

I humbly ask that the Committee investigate this matter & withhold ALL funding to These Tribes. 

If Disenrollment is NOT about Money, than these Tribes should have no problem using their Revenue & increased Per Capita to fund their Tribes, Programs & Projects

Monday, August 16, 2021

AG MERRICK GARLAND, WHAT is your POLICY on Tribe's DENIAL of Basic Civil and Human Rights?


Thank you to our friend and guest blogger Reinstatement Resolution for composing this for former AG Loretta Lynch

HERE is a letter YOU can and SHOULD send to Attorney General  Merrick Garland  It's a request for a policy statement,  which could be as simple as "we won't defend the civil and human rights of Native American people harmed by their own Tribes." And may be far too likely.

To: US Department of Justice
    Attorney General Merrick Garland
    950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
    Washington , D.C. 20530-0001
    Fax Number: 202-307-6777

Re: Request for Policy Statement

Dear Attorney General,
I am writing this request on behalf of thousands of American Indians who have been removed from the Membership Rolls of Federally Recognized Tribes without due process and in violation of their right to equal protection under the law.

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Human Rights Abusing Redding Rancheria Works To Change Redding City Councils Minds on BIGGER CASINO

Looks like the Redding Rancheria, the tribe well known for abusing the civil and human rights its then members of the Foreman family, want Redding City Council to change it's opposition to a BIGGER CASINO.

Should a tribe that cheated  over 10 percent of their tribe, be trusted? If they cheat their own, won't they cheat the people of Redding?

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Cecily Hilleary in Voice of America: Blood Quantum is Formula for 'Paper Genocide'

 The estimable Cecily Hilleary has an excellent article up in Voice of America.  You can read the full article here ...Paper Genocide.. We have used the term paper genocide to describe disenrollment.  It also applies here.


Colonial construct   

For thousands of years, Native tribes understood “belonging” in terms of social kinship. Settler colonialism, however, introduced notions of race to determine social status, eligibility to marry, hold office or own land. 

By the 19th century, terms such as “mixed-blood” and “half-breed” crept into treaties such as that with the Osage in 1825, by which the United States set aside a separate reservation for “half-breeds.”

Gradually, BQ became the standard test for deciding who was eligible for land and treaty benefits.

PLEASE read the full article at the link above