Friday, September 30, 2016

UPDATE: Supreme Court to Decide Whether OFFENSIVE Names Like Redskins or Slants Can be Trademarked

The Supreme Court agreed Thursday to decide whether The Slants, an Asian American rock band from Portland, Ore., can trademark its name despite the government’s objection that it is an offensive term.

This clash between free speech and trademark protection has drawn wide attention in part because the Washington Redskins football team is locked in the same dispute.

The outcome is likely to determine whether Washington’s NFL team will lose its trademark status. Native Americans have sued the team, contending the name Redskins is offensive and disparaging, and the government office agreed its trademark status should be withdrawn. The team has appealed that decision to the high court.

UPDATE:   The Supreme Court rejected an appeal by the Redskins, who hoped to reverse an earlier U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ruling that canceled the team’s trademarks based on a policy that “prohibits registration of marks that may disparage persons or bring them into contempt or disrepute.”

In their appeal, the Redskins cited a list of ridiculously offensive trademarks, including DUMB BLONDE beer, CRACKA AZZ SKATEBOARDS, WHITE GIRL WITH A BOOTY apparel and OH! MY NAPPY HAIR shampoo. The team argued the nickname was not offensive to Native Americans, even though the PTO canceled the team’s six trademarks at the request of Native American activists who found the term offensive and, by definition, “a ‘redskin’ is the scalped head of a Native American, sold, like a pelt, for cash.”

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Bureau of Indian Affairs SUED for $89 Million for ViOLATIONS of ADMINISTRATIVE PROCEDURES ACT and BREACH of Fiduciary Duty

A long simmering complaint of the real San Pasqual Descendants is reaching it's boiling point.  And we have the complaint linked below. 

The Bureau of Indian affairs has wrongfully enrolled non-San Pasqual Indians to the San Pasqual tribe, which is destroying and eroding the culture and tradition of this great tribe.  Director Amy Dutschke seems to have put the BIA in an awkward position with failure to notify the true San Pasqual descendants. 55  pages of responsive documents received via FOIA show once again they never gave notice to the true San Pasqual descendants enrolled by the SAN PASQUAL TRIBE in 2005.   So WHAT were they trying to do?

The 90 or so plaintiffs contend that the BIA have statutory rights to be federally recognized as members of the tribe. They are filing the suit to protect those rights.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Indian Country Today Chooses APARTHEID Reservation Leader as One of 50 Faces of Indian Country

The estimable news site Indian Country Today has chosen Mark Macarro and his 2nd wife Holly Macarro as one of 2016's 50 Faces of Indian Country .  Well, as my cousin reminded me, Time Magazine chose Hitler as their man of the year, and Ayatollah Khomenei, too, so I guess there is precedent.  Disclosure:  I have been published in ICT , thank you very much.  
Holly and Mark Macarro

Now don't get all hot and bothered saying I compared Macarro to Hitler, get real. But Macarro is a tyrant, he does run an apartheid reservation, he does support segregation on the Temecula Indian Reservation.

Macarro is quoted in the glowing piece: 

“Our Pay├│mkawichum/Luise├▒o Bands have endured much in the span of America’s history—especially when so many did so much to make us disappear,”

This is exceptionally rich, considering Macarro is responsible for making over 20% of the tribe DISAPPEAR, via disenrollment of two large families in 2004 and 2006.   

Holly Macarro has been working DILIGENTLY to steal water rights from reservation allottees that have been stripped of citizenship rights.  Effective? Not so much, as her attempts have been stalled by a few of us who had to stay at Holiday Inn Express, rather than the first class accommodations the $250,000 a year Pechanga pays her...uh, her firm.  So, it's been over $1 million..for failure.

Did the sand of time cloud the judgement of the ICT staff? Or was the NICE advertisement (pg.17) paid by Pechanga a factor?  

Mark Macarro, one of the 50 faces of Indian Country, but not a good face.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

NOOKSACK Tribal Appeals Courts RULE: Galanda Broadman Must be Allowed to Practice in Tribal Court

I LOVE the smell of Justice in the Morning, it SMELLS like....VICTORY.

Law360 reports:  The Nooksack Tribal Court of Appeals on Wednesday said attorneys from Galanda Broadman PLLC must be allowed to practice in tribal court and represent members in a pending disenrollment battle, ruling a lower tribal court illegally denied them their right to challenge disbarment.

Gabriel S. Galanda, Anthony S. Broadman and Ryan D. Dreveskracht, who are seeking to represent disenrolled members of the tribe in another tribal court suit, haven’t been able to contest their disbarment, even after the appeals court previously found the tribe's chief of police in contempt for refusing to jail a clerk for the Nooksack Tribal Court who wouldn’t let the attorneys file their suit, according to the appeals court's order.


A three-judge panel ruled Wednesday that while it was unclear whether the attorneys have already been disbarred by the tribal council or disbarment proceedings are underway, the attorneys clearly had standing to bring their due process claims against the council.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Pechanga Injustice: Paulina Hunter's Descendant James Appel, Walks On at 65 Without A Tribe

Sad news this morning that our cousin, James  Appel, walked on.  James was a good Christian family man, who worked his entire life, part time the last few years as a locksmith. He raised three sons and he has two grandchildren. He had a fondness for astronomy, sharing it with his brother Kent. And he loved fishing, which he did with his brother Stan.  A longtime resident of Oregon, he would attend tribal meetings in Temecula, CA, something many resident members didn't do.

A sad loss for the family and another Paulina Hunter Descendant to DIE, without the justice of restoration to the rightful place in the tribe, thanks in large part to Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro.

James used to comment frequently, under the nom de plume LUISENO.  One of his comments was so good, it deserved his own post.  I'm reprinting it here, in his honor.

Cousin Luiseno laid out how a "witch hunt" was started by a lie, perpetrated by Yolie McCarter and Basquez Crime Family Members.   The lies were easily disproved which should have halted all disenrollment activity.   Please read.

There were several statements that were stated as "fact" in the letter provided to the enrollment committee. This "information" was said to be enough to start the disenrollment process going.

1). They stated as a "fact" that a search of the public record revealed that Paulina Hunter never lived on the reservation, and that she was not on any of the reservation census records.

Tribal Disenrollment: Grand Ronde Council Thinks Courts Are ONLY Good When they RULE THEIR WAY?

Tribes like Grand Ronde LOVE Sovereignty, except when other tribes like Cowlitz exercise theirs.   And I'm sure they love the courts, when they rule THEIR WAY, instead of on the side of JUSTICE.

The Statesman Journal has the continuing story of the Chief Tumulth descendants, who were ruled as tribal members, yet the council has yet to re-install them as required.

On August 5, the tribal appeals court ordered that 66 of the 86 dis-enrolled individuals be re-enrolled; 13 of the 86 had dropped their appeals and seven had passed away during the process.

The decision by the appeals court sharply divided the tribe and became the center of campaigns throughout the reservation. Members of the enrollment board — a board separate from the council and charged with overseeing enrollment issues — came out publicly against reinstating the family. Tribal chairman Reyn Leno questioned the appeals court decision on social media and the August 31 council meeting where Anderson spoke descended into a heated debate over why the board had yet to act. Council members said they were removed from the process and the decision was for the enrollment board to make.

According to tribal counsel Robert Greene, the enrollment board is, in fact, responsible for handing the re-enrollment. However, the tribal council has stepped in before, according to councilman Chris Mercier. He said in 2013 council vice president Jack Giffen requested that the enrollment board meet outside of its schedule to re-enroll members of the tribe in time to vote. He was running for re-election at the time.

The enrollment board is not scheduled to meet until the end of the month, 16 days after the September 10 elections and 52 days after the appeals court ordered the family to be re-enrolled.

Grand Ronde officials declined to comment on the matter.

Does the issue become clearer?  We can't have these people VOTE! Who cares about disenfranchisement, as long as we WIN, right?   This council should join
SPITWAD    READ MORE at the Statesman link above, and color the Grand Ronde council.....deplorable

Monday, September 19, 2016

Reps. Ken Calvert, Jared Huffman and Duncan Hunter Letter on Pechanga STEALING Reservation Allottees Water Rights

Well, they've done it again.  Congressman Ken Calvert has literally carried Pechanga's Water Bill, which we've opposed for 6 years, now designated HR 5982, which will eliminate water rights to reservation allottees that live on the reservation, yet have been stripped from their tribal citizenship, and all rights included.

Apparently, Calvert doesn't care about civil and human rights abuses, the apartheid system on the reservation, not the segregation and elder abuses. Even the BIA's AMY DUTSCHKE admitted that we have RIGHTS. WE ARE STILL waiting to be informed, Mark Macarro intimated in a letter to the House Natural Resources committee that we were kept informed.  He LIED again...

I've published a letter just sent Reps. Calvert, Hunter, Ruiz and Huffman...Please consider sending a fax too.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Rep. RAUL RUIZ: Standing Rock Sioux Not Properly Consulted: Meanwhile Ruiz Supports Pechanga Tribe In Their THEFT of WATER

YOU CAN'T MAKE THIS STUFF UP and you won't see it on the OTHER Pechanga news site:
After traveling to North Dakota to see how a proposed oil pipeline might affect a local Sioux tribe, Rep. Raul Ruiz Rep. (D-Palm Desert) is asking for a congressional hearing to determine whether the Standing Rock Sioux were properly consulted before the Army Corps of Engineers approved permits for the project.

Meanwhile, back in his HOME STATE, Rep. Raul Ruiz is on board to support the THEFT of water rights to reservation allottees of the Temecula Indian Reservation.  He seems to conveniently forget  that the trust responsibility of the U.S. Government to INDIANS isn't just to the chiefs and chairmen.  It's to ALL native Americans. 

Pechanga Tribe needs WATER for 
Swimming Pools, not reservations allottees

HUNDREDS of Native Americans will have their water rights stolen if the Pechanga Water Rights Bill HR 5984 Passes.  We've been fighting for 6 years to be heard, to be consulted, to be recognized.  Either Rep. Ruiz is incompetent, or turning a blind eye.   I'm betting on the

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Native Rights Matter: Fundraiser Apparel Sale... Please, HELP!

We KNOW everyone can't come, but many more can HELP, via this fundraiser for NATIVE LIVES MATTER     Please, share with your friends....


Tees are also available.  Great to send to our Native Brothers and Sisters in Standing Rock...


Speaking out of both sides of their mouth, the Grand Ronde tribe, which abused its own people's rights via disenrollment of Chief Tumulth descendants, now seeks to abuse the sovereignty rights of the COWLITZ tribe.

From USAToday:

Oregon’s Grand Ronde tribe is appealing to the U.S. Supreme Court to halt construction of a 368,000-square-foot casino in La Center, Washington, after the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals denied its request on July 29.

"The council has made the decision to approve an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court," tribal attorney Rob Greene said. He expects to file this fall.

The tribe estimates it will lose 41 percent of its revenue if the Cowlitz tribe’s Ilani casino is permitted to open. Tribal officials said they are looking into other revenue sources in response to the estimate.

Currently, Grand Ronde gives 6 percent of the revenue from its Spirit Mountain Casino to the state through the Spirit Mountain Community Fund. According to the fund's grant archive, the tribe issued 34 grants totaling over $1.5 million in January. Recipients included the Center for Hope and Safety in Salem which received $75,000, and the Child Center which offers mental health services for children. It received $100,000. To date, the fund has given $71.6 million.

So, sovereignty is only good if it doesn't cut into revenues?

Friday, September 9, 2016

STANDING ROCK: EVEN CORRUPT TRIBAL LEADERS Take Time to Protest Desecration of Remains. NOT SO FAST Chairman Potter

Standing Rock is SO SERIOUS that even corrupt, despicable "leaders" like Redding Rancheria's JACK POTTER, took the time to attend the protest against the desecration of Native American REMAINS.

Jack Potter helped disenroll the family of the first tribal chairman...but NOT until AFTER they forced the Foreman family to desecrate their ancestor for DNA. YES digging up her remains.  Yet, he's in NDakota, to protect SIOUX ancestors from being desecrated....?

As Carla Maslin put it, It's like being RAPED, then going to the RAPIST for JUSTICE.. MR. CHAIRMAN, do MORE right THINGS...bring the FOREMAN'S home where they belong.

Jack Potter
Redding Rancheria Chair

From a Foreman family member's FB page.

Seriously this is the biggest joke Jack Potter helped disenroll My husband Bobby Foreman and his family from there Tribe Redding Rancheria Win River Casino and if it wasn't for my late Father in law Edward Foreman Sr (Bob) there would be no Tribe or Casino!

My heart aches for the Native Americans who fighting this injustice with the pipe line, but to have a person like Jack Potter going up there and saying he supports them in their injustice is a slap in the face for all of the Native Americans who going or gone through this kind of injustice. Shame on you Jack and Redding Rancheria Win River Casino you're so evil and corrupt, our family will never give up on the fight and justice is coming soon!

Many of you may not of heard of our story of injustice, back in 2004 my husband's family's civil rights were violated, they were kicked out of there tribe Redding Rancheria Win River Casino, go to our family's website and read what we have had to go through and are still going through. along with other Native Americans

PLEASE.....SHARE on social media...

UPDATEU.S. District Judge James Boasberg DENIES Standing Rock Sioux Request for Injuction

Sad day for justice...

The ruling said that "this Court does not lightly countenance any depredation of lands that hold significance to the Standing rock Sioux   and that, given the federal government's history with the tribe, "the Court scrutinizes the permitting process here with particular care. Having done so, the Court must nonetheless conclude that the Tribe has not demonstrated that an injunction is warranted here."

Attorney Jan Hasselman with environmental group Earthjustice, who filed the lawsuit in July on behalf of the tribe, said in the days before the ruling that it'll be challenged.


Thursday, September 8, 2016


Wow, NOTHING more true than this:

"You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before." - Rahm Emanuel Like USE the desecration of Sacred Sites to Raise Money for your CAUSE, while NOT giving to those that ACTUALLY NEED IT?

Heard from friends on FB that is raising funds from a petition about the horrors at Standing Rock.  The Email  asks for $5 a month to support MoveOn's efforts? But doesn't say it will go DIRECTLY to support the Sioux from Standing Rock. I signed the petition, but haven't seen the attempt to raise funds on the issue, stay tuned for that...

The liberal OUR REVOLUTION is also soliciting donations.  But nowhere I could see did it say, YOUR DONATION will go to support the Sioux Tribe of Standing Rock.   So, then, where will the money go?  They are BERNIE SANDERS supporters.   Did Bernie ever GO to Standing Rock?

And, SADLY, Green Party Candidate Jill Stein, who ACTUALLY WENT to Standing Rock...and is under an arrest warrant for defacing private property ALSO sent out a request for funds.  Here's how the LINK reads:

Join the Stein/Baraka Team today with your $29 “declaration of support” for the Sioux tribe and for the planet!  

I'm NOT going to link her donation line, but HERE is what you see:

Show Jill you support her by giving what you can today! Grassroots support from people like you empowers us to run a clean money campaign free from corporate influence.

This page is for making a single donation. To make a recurring monthly contribution, click here.

To donate by check, please make your check out to "Jill Stein for President" and mail it to:

IS IT ME, or is STANDING ROCK MISSING from this request?


Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Disenrollments at Pala, led by their chairman Robert Smith.......related to MURDERS.  Interesting that San Diego Sheriff's came to my site this morning, most likely checking to see if the news had gotten out, before the Union Tribune posted the story this afternoon.

Two people were arrested Wednesday in connection with the March 2 shooting death of a man on the Pala Indian Reservation, authorities said.

Bradley Trujillo, 44, a PALA tribal member who was disenrolled, was found dead inside the garage of a home on Robles Way that was occupied by Anthony Boles and Tyann Louise Allen. Both were arrested at the time. However, charges were not filed and both were released.  They falsely claimed they didn't know Trujillo.

Dakota Pipeline IS OKAY Says Disenrolling Tribes' Leaders' New Group S.P.I.T.W.A.D.: US is a SOVEREIGN NATION and We LOVE To Say SOVEREIGNTY

Wearing T-Shirts that proclaim SOVEREIGNTY is The Sweetest Word, leaders of disenolling tribes including Grand Ronde, Hopland, Nooksack, Pala, Redding, Chukchansi and Pechanga, STOOD with the U.S. Corp of Engineers in approval of the Dakota Access Pipeline. They shouted in unison SOVEREIGNTY!

The tribal chairman, who have sometimes been called LEADERS in mainstream media, which only cares about casinos, not rights, have formed a new group, S.P.I.T.W.A.D. (Sovereignty Promotes Illegal Tyrants & Whores Against Decency)

They think SOVEREIGNTY is the answer for everything that ails ya  S.P.I.T.W.A.D.'s main goal is to shout SOVEREIGNTY after each egregious act.

At a recent N.A.R.F. function, they were asked about Disenrollment, they shouted SOVEREIGNTY!

At a recent HOPLAND Marijuana Patch Weeding by the Mendocino Country Sheriff's Dept. chairwoman Iyesha "'Ere" Miller, when asked, "Hey, weren't those 847 plants a little more than for personal use, she shouted, SOVEREIGNTY!

More abuses are sure to come from  S.P.I.T.W.A.D.  So... SOVEREIGNTY?

yes, it's satire...


The Washington Post has a meandering story about the actions of Native Americans to protect their water supply.   What come through, is that neither HILLARY, Nor Donald Trump have been willing to go on the record.

Is it because they don't know?  Or, more likely, they haven't been told what to think by their supporters.

From the article, this seems like a reason for Hillary to stay silent:  Large labor unions, including the Laborers’ International Union of North America, have supported the pipeline and in a statement characterized protesters as “extremists.”   ET TU Hillary?  EXTREMISTS to want to protect the water, which gives life to all.  

We KNOW why Trump is silent..he hates Native Americans...for kicking his ass for decades on the casino front.

Green Party Candidate Jill Stein was THERE and MAY get arrested

Are YOU being silent?  Will YOU add your voice to those of our Native brothers and sisters who are directly affected by this pipeline and desecration of sacred sites?  

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

BIA Gets the RANT Treatment On Facebook: DEALING with the Government

It's so easy to get disgruntled with the BIA... we've had issues with Amy Dutschke, Frances Muncey, Joaquin Fletcher, amongst others, some were aggressive in their actions, others, hid behind a rock screaming SOVEREIGNTY...

BIA: Where you get the HELP
they want to give.

You know, I guess I should feel worse about what these tribes are dealing with in keeping the feds off their reservation property and protecting sacred sites, but I don't because there's close to no loyalty in the community and here's why.

My hubby and I just got off the phone with the Bureau of Indian Affairs for some documents that he rightfully deserves being a registered, certified, and genetically proven Tongva Native American for a job he's applying for. His cousin is the chief of the tribe for God's sake. How much more do they need to prove the worthiness of this tribe's place amongst the other tribes with other recognized tribes. Guess who's not getting the paperwork though because the Tongva aren't a federally recognized tribe?  THANKS PECHANGA. The Indian politics of keeping smaller tribes unrecognized comes from a spiteful and greedy place.

Here's where it gets even more infuriating.

While the BIA does not recognize the Tongva as a federally recognized tribe, they issue the blood decree for the non-federally recognized tribes. That's right. The very ORGANIZATION that robs the Tongva of worthiness also issues their paperwork of genetic proof that they are Indian. Try and wrap your head around that one.

While his tribe is down to a mere couple of thousand people, other tribes with billions of dollars in California cough cough, like the Pechanga, spend all their time lobbying keeping tiny tribes down and disenrolling their own members. I loathe the Native politics in this country.

Indians attacking other Indians to purposely keep the power, money, and control amongst a small and privileged few.


Monday, September 5, 2016

Tribe Announces They Will Raze Civil War Cemetery for BINGO HALL

Chief Wahoo of the United Band of Wannabe Redskins has announced they will place a bingo hall over the site of what can only be described as old bones of people who fought a war 150 years ago.  It's from the civil war but past the expiration date of memories.

Wahoo stated:  This is the perfect location for a bingo hall, there were other access routes, but we feel a direct route through the graveyard is the best solution.  Wannabe Redskins have been working on this construction plan for years and decades.   If we can desecrate Native sites for a pipeline, surely we can do the same for BINGO.   Bingo now, Bingo tomorrow, Bingo forever!

When asked about desecrating a revered Civil War resting place for deceased soldiers, Wahoo responded, "We believe the Wannabe Access Bingo Hall would be welcomed by its senior clientele and very few people come to the cemetery anyway.  It will save on water, and we natives believe in water, unlike greedy oil company developers."

Nobody cares about those old bones of white people, they are just interlopers, on native land right?  And we'd use the water saved for our dogs, you know, our pets, not the attack dogs like we saw harming our children at the Dakota pipeline.

Wahoo continued, "Nobody respected the graves of Native Americans when they built the Hollywood Casino in Jamul and Pechanga lied to Congress to get land and built a golf course on the land they claimed was "culturally significant", so what so different about a civil war cemetery?"

WE ASK:  What's next? he stated ARLINGTON CEMETERY will become the WANNABE SWEAT LODGE camp.  We feel that pipelines are okay to go through Native sacred sites, we could use the headstones at Arlington as pavers.

Rival Chief Knockahoma of the Eastern Wannabe's of Virginia couldn't be reached for comment...

*satire*... look it up (h/t Steven Paul Judd)

Sunday, September 4, 2016


UPDATE:  ATTACK DOGS used on Native protectors of sacred sites. MONEY QUOTE:  There were no law enforcement personnel at the site when the incident occurred, Preskey said. WTF??  They didn't want police to see dogs released on peaceful protectors?
History Repeating Itself?

Thousands of our Native brothers and sisters are lining up to protect Standing Rock Reservation from a disastrously planned oil pipeline.   I LOVE OIL, we NEED OIL, but we don't NEED to trample over treaty rights and tribal rights to get it.
PHOTO BY: Sarah LittleRedfeather, Honor the Earth 

If I didn't know better, I'd say it was amazing how little traction the actions to protect Standing Rock has received.   Racism?  Maybe, or it's just that it's not little blonde girls that may be harmed.  It's why we STILL hear about JonBenet Ramsey, why we NEVER hear that 1 in 3 Native girls are sexually assaulted, and FEW of us can name ONE of the 64,000 missing black women America.  Minority issues are rarely covered in our media.  Only MSNBC has given it more than cursory airtime....and few watch that channel.

Those of us who cannot go to Standing Rock can use their telephones to CALL their Senators offices and tell them YOU expect them to shut this pipeline down until the treaty is followed and it's proven safe, or with added safeguards.

Click here for a link on how to find YOUR Senator  and call EACH one. If there are multiple office numbers, CALL EACH ONE.  Tell them you expect them to delve deeper into Native  issues.

READ more about Standing Rock Protection Gathering
Standing Rock vs. The Pipeline
Standing Rock PROTECTORS Arrested
Judge Rules Against Protectors

And upcoming, in Sacramento on October 6 & 7, there will be a protest at the BIA over their lack of action, their misdeeds in some cases on Disenrollment.  There will also be environmental issues discussed.   HUNDREDS have already checked in and will attend the two day event.

Saturday, September 3, 2016


Pechanga Tribal leader Mark Macarro is getting his proposals of internet poker REBUKED by the CA Legislature.

The Pechanga Tribe, who once tried to circumvent gaming laws by putting up Class II slots in the casino in numbers ABOVE the limits then mandated by law, wants to keep POKER STARS out of CA gaming, as they took wagers after 2006.

LOOKS LIKE INTERNET GAMING IS DEAD this year after no agreement could be reached.

It's GOOD to know, that MACARRO feels so strongly about the LAW, even though he violated ICRA, tribal law, lied to congress, abused civil rights, lied to the tribe, and looks to strip water rights from allottees to the reservation, didn't report thefts of slot machines to the FBI or embezzlement by his own brother...but POKER STARS is the bad actor?

I guess Macarro's famous temper showed him at his worst in a meeting with Assemblyman Adam Gray.  Where Gray brought backup.

Those of us who were in the tribe, know Macarro's bad behavior well enough.  He is the REAL BAD ACTOR

Friday, September 2, 2016


Just got word via press release from Mendocino County Sheriff of a HUGE pot bust. Tribal members reportedly have seen what appeared to be gang members of Asian descent guarding the Marijuana Patch.

Incident Number: 16-27079

Crime/Incident: 11358 H&S [Cultivate Marijuana], 11359 H&S [Possess Marijuana for Sale], 22010 PC [Possess Nunchaku)

Location: 13800 Block of Nakomis Road, Hopland CA

Date of Incident: 09-02-2016

Time: 10:00 AM

Victim(s): People of the State

Suspect(s): Zachary Diamond, 26 years of age, Hopland CA
Kyle Murphy, 26 years of age, Hopland CA

Written By: Lieutenant Shannon Barney

Synopsis: During the month of August the Mendocino County Sheriff's Office was made aware of a large marijuana growing operation located in the 13800 Block of Nakomis Road but accessed off of Pratt Ranch Road in Hopland CA.  The garden was located within the exterior boundaries of the Hopland Band of Pomo Indian Rancheria.

The Mendocino County Sheriff's Office consulted with representatives from the Federal Government and learned the Federal Government would not be asserting jurisdication in this matter but was not opposed to the Mendocino County Sheriff's Office proceeding with an investigation into the commercial cultivation of marijuana for sale.

On 9-2-2016 around 10:00 AM deputies with the Mendocino County Sheriff's Office, assisted by the Ukiah Police Department, the California Department of Fish and Wildlife and the Mendocino County Department of Environmental Health, served a search warrant at the location.  Hopland Tribal Police did not assist with this operation but were contacted regarding the matter and were provided a copy of the search warrant.

At the location 847 marijuana plants were eradicated.  Three persons were detained, two of whom were later arrested.  Suspect Zachary Diamond was arrested on charges of cultivation of marijuana, possession of marijuana for sale, and possession of nunchaku (a prohibited weapon).  Suspect Kyle Murphy was arrested on charges of cultivation of marijuana and possession of marijuana for sale.  Bail for both suspects was set at $50,000.

This case investigation is on going.  Anyone with information related to this commercial marijuana growing operation is requested to contact the Mendocino County Sheriff's Office tip line at (707)234-2100.  Persons can provide tips and remain anonymous. 

Approved by: Lieutenant Shannon Barney

Were BIA Employees from ELEM COLONY INVOLVED in ELEM Disenrollments?

Facebook has many pages on tribal abuses and one of my posts on the fact that we are getting viewed so many times from Congress and DOI, got some responses that two BIA EMPLOYEES from ELEM, were complicit in the DISENROLLMENT of Elem Colony members.

Elem Colony Disenrollers including
BIA employ Mabel Fourkiller's nephew Augustine Garcia and
Sister Sarah

IS THIS WHAT THE BIA does?  Harm Native Americans to Casino Indians benefit?

A disenrolled Elem Colony member, claims that two BIA employees, of Elem descent  Mable Fourkiller and  Tina Fourkiller, gave guidance to their relative, xxoo, who was able to guide the council on disenrollments.


The families facing disenrollment include the last on-colony speaker of the Southeastern Pomo dialect; keepers of the colony’s two roundhouses; four Vietnam war veterans; and those who have led the colony’s efforts regarding the Superfund cleanup of Clear Lake and to regain control over Rattlesnake Island, a sacred Elem religious site. Tribal members say they are being targeted because they voted against the Elem Colony Executive Committee.

HEY!  Sister and Aunt who work at the BIA....we want control the votes and GET RID OF FAMILY....  WHAT COULD GO WRONG?

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Tribal Chairmen REYN LENO (Grand Ronde) and IYESHA MILLER (HOPLAND) Latest Inductees into OPB's NATIVE AMERICAN HALL OF SHAME

Periodically, we induct some tribal chairpersons who have caused harm to their people, usually via disenrollment  and denial of civil rights, into Original Pechanga Blog's HALL OF SHAME

Hopland Tribe
Today,  Chairman IYESHA MILLER of the Hopland Tribe, who recently spearheaded the disenrollment of the HOPLAND 74, gets the dubious honor. Iyesha used the recommendation of her mother, Wanda Balderama, who was banned 10 years from serving on the tribal council but now sits on the enrollment committee, to disenroll 74 members of Hopland Tribe.  The Hopland 74 has undisputable evidence they belong.  Evidence, Schmevidence

We've discussed the HOPLAND issue many times, the links are below:

Hopland Pomo INJUSTICE
Hopland Casino Under Investigation
Hopland 74 website

REYN LENO of Grand Ronde has been getting his ass kicked in tribal court for a couple of years, squandering tribal funds on a quest to get rid of the Chief Tumulth descendants.      Sorry, the tribal court says NO, they BELONG.
Chief Tumulth was their original treaty signer, who was MURDERED by troops before living on the rez.. but the REZ wouldn't be their if not for HIM...

Reyn Leno
Grand Ronde Tribal Chairman
Here are links to the Grand Ronde Issues
Grand Ronde Hides Disenrollments with TOY DRIVE?
Grand Ronde Disenrollment; Loss of Identity
Reyn Leno Responds to His Defeat   compare to
Mia Prickett responds to Family's Victory in Tribal Court

Both Iyesha and Reyn have well deserved spots in the HALL OF SHAME...

BIA's Amy Dutschke At Center of JAMUL CEMETERY Desecration Claims; Ancestors Remains Gone?

LAW 360 Exposes the BIA's involvement in the DESECRATION of Native American GRAVES

Walter Rosales and Karen Toggery's most recent complaint accuse BIA of allowing building over their ancestor's graves!

BIA Regional Director Amy Dutschke and Division of Environmental, Cultural Resources Management and Safety Chief John Rydzik argued that the claims asserted by Rosales and Toggery fail and should be tossed without leave to amend.

The plaintiffs "fail to state a claim, and both Dutschke and Rydzik are entitled to qualified immunity in any event," the BIA officials said in their reply brief.

The former tribal leaders first launched their suit in May 2015, naming casino developer Penn National Gaming Inc., its subsidiary San Diego Gaming Ventures LLC, construction company C.W. Driver Inc. and a handful of Jamul Indian Village officials as defendants as well.

They alleged their families' remains and funerary objects were illegally dug up from the cemetery and dumped — without their consent and without compensation — despite their preference as descendants to leave the remains in place.

In May, U.S. District Judge Kimberly J. Mueller dismissed a previous 97-page iteration of the complaint, calling it "caustic and argumentative," and saying it ran afoul of federal rules.

The judge ordered the plaintiffs to file a shorter complaint, prompting Rosales and Toggery to file a third amended complaint at the beginning of July.

The former tribal leaders recently argued that they had sufficiently pled claims against Dutschke and Rydzik, and that a jury trial should take place with respect to their alleged violations of Rosales and Toggery's First and Fifth Amendment rights and of the Native American Graves Protection Act, Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act, Administrative Procedure Act, Federal Tort Claims Act and California common law.

But Dutschke and Rydzik shot back Tuesday that the plaintiffs had failed to state either a First or Fifth Amendment claim against them, that their tort claim fails for lack of jurisdiction and for failure to state a claim, that NAGPRA does not waive the U.S.'s sovereign immunity, that they had failed to state an APA claim and that state law does not apply to either federal agencies or their employees.


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