Monday, March 13, 2023

Blood is Thicker Than Water, But Not for The Macarros: Tribal Chairman Keeps His Own Family Members Out of the Pechanga Tribe

Pechanga Chairman and National Congress of American Indians Vice President Mark Macarro's public persona belies his actual demeanor.  We wrote about this story years ago.  It brings to question the Pechanga moratorium, which was put in place 25 year ago, to "correct the record". 


How is it that in 25 years, the enrollment committee couldn't figure out Chairman Mark's FIRST COUSIN, Arlene Macarro and family, rightfully belonged.  25 years. The newborn grandbabies of the Enrollment committee could have graduated from college.  

This story is not limited to Pechanga, here's one from 2000 in the LA TIMES

So, brace yourself for this one.  It's well-known that the Chairman of the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians, Mark Macarro, has allowed the despicable act of wiping out more than 20% of his own tribe via an unlawful disenrollment. And get this, it was against the Pechanga tribal constitution! But that's not even the worst part. This scum, along with his little brother John and cousin Victor, had worked tirelessly to keep their OWN FAMILY members out of the tribe. Can you believe it?  Some of us can, we've experienced it.

Their own cousin, Arlene Macarro, has been languishing in the membership moratorium for over two decades, I repeat, Mark Macarro's OWN COUSIN. and all while these bloodsuckers play their disgusting little games and keep rightful members out of the tribe.  Yes, it's for money as we wrote here

Arlene says she didn’t learn she had lost her tribal membership until she traveled in 1998, to the Temecula reservation to visit her grandfather’s grave and was denied entry by security guards.

Many tribal people THOUGHT they were members, they didn't realize they had to apply for membership.   In fact in the first 1979 membership, Mark Macarro is absent.  Others, not blood related wormed their way into the tribe.   They were not disenrolled. 

And if that wasn't bad enough, it appears they stooped so low as to engage in some shady quid pro quo to get our family out of the tribe.  Former enrollment committee chairman Bobbi LeMere was able to sneak her adult family members into the tribe just after the Hunter disenrollments were confirmed, AGAINST TRIBAL LAW: The Moratorium.   LeMere's family could get in, but NOT THE CHAIRMAN'S?  That sounds shady, doesn't it? Tribe have the sovereign right to be shady AF, and damn if they don't exercise it.

If you want to read about the full extent of this nauseating family feud, check out the link to pechangajournal. But be warned, the details alleged are not for the faint of heart. And as if things couldn't get any worse, Arlene, a member of the Macarro family, has alleged she'd been threatened by Victor Rocha.

It just goes to show you that being a vile, loathsome jerk runs in the Macarro family. Disgusting by any measure.

Just because a tribe has sovereign right to abuse their own, it doesn't make the abuse right.


2 1/2 Stooges said...

Apparently hair jell is thicker than blood as Gov.Gav and Marky Mark seem to get along very well what could they possibly have in common? $$$$$$ $how me the money $$$$$$

Just for Men said...

Hey I’m just trying to get enough comps for a free room OK! You ankle biter’s are really starting to piss me off! Get a life! Already!

OPechanga said...

Fighting for our rights IS part of our life, thank you.

Anonymous said...

I don’t agree with everything he’s done but where is the evidence of this? I thought that u have to be 25% pechanga native and that is the reason of such disenrollments in the past , correct me if I’m wrong about it, but I also haven’t heard u talk about that

Anonymous said...

Just for men: Be careful of your own ankles if you do end up with a free comp room at Pechanga. Heard there’s an epidemic of bed bugs that they can’t get rid of!!

Anonymous said...

Each tribe has its own rules for membership. Some choose 25% blood others like Pechanga choose you have to prove your a descendant of an original Pechanga Indian living at Pechanga when the reservation was formed in 1882. Not only was Paulina Hunter a full blooded Pechanga Indian living at Pechanga then, she was on every census before and after as living there till her death!!