Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Nooksack Elders Win EVICTION STAY in Tribal Court Pending Appeal To Supreme Court

Aunt Ollie Oshiro

 Temporary good news on NOOKSACK 306 elders, as reported by noted Native American rights attorney Gabriel Galanda:

Prayers answered. These two Nooksack Elders were able to trigger an eviction stay in tribal court, pending appeal. They and their loved ones remain safe for now. But with the Nooksack tribal council serving as "supreme court," their evictions still appear inevitable. This situation remains a blight upon all Native nations.

This keeps the elder's eviction on hold, but the stated goal of the Nooksack Tribe is to get them out.  The HIGH COURT, will rubber stamp the eviction.

 This belies the statement in their recent newsletter:    

"Many Native peoples have the teaching that we are all related, our clans and kinship systems show us how we are connected to each other. 

Yeah, right..


Anonymous said...

Great news for now!!

Ain’t Skeered said...

Aunt ollie and the rest of the 306 you guys are the definition of mental toughness!!!

Butt Weiser said...

Here’s to all the Chicken Shit Politicians out there workn hard for the money! Do all you guys got George Santos disease!

ToTell The Truth said...

Organized crime outfit out in Washington posing as Indian tribe beating up on the sick and elderly.Will the Real President with some stones please stand up!!!

Not A Obamaroid said...

It started when good people turned a blind eye and let it happen!

Anonymous said...

Sending many prayers for the Nooksack 306, stay strong and know that all the disenrolled stand with you!

Now as the rest of you may not know, Tribal Court in any capacity is a Kangaroo Court ran by a bunch of unethical, corrupt, evil, greedy white Indians!

Smoke and mirrors, pure and simple, made to look like they give all equal and just treatment. They will proceed with their agenda, the decision has already been made and it will be the Tribe who wins!

Sadly there is no justice in any Tribal Court arena, a bunch of evil clowns ( judges ) and the Ring Master ( tribal chairman) running the biggest, most corrupt Big Top and just wait till they release the monkeys ( tribal police). Sick, evil, corrupt, vindictive and greedy WHITE INDIANS! That is Tribal Court!!!