Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Boy Scouts Err in Awarding Pechanga Tribe for Ethics and Family Values

Is it possible for the Boy Scouts to make a WORSE choice for an award for ethics and family values than the Pechanga Band and its Chairman Mark Macarro? The Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians is getting an award from the Boy Scouts of America Tahquitz District. (contact info at this link, please write with your disapproval) The district will present the tribe with its Distinguished Citizen Good Scout of the Year Award at a dinner at 6 p.m. Sept. 29 at Pechanga Resort & Casino. The award recognizes those whose personal ethics and family values are represented by the Scout Oath and Law. The Boy Scout Oath: On my honor, I will do my best To do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law; To help other people at all times; To keep myself physically strong, mentally awake and morally straight. Dear Boy Scouts, please take some time to read the links and archives of this blog to see how your recipient does not fit with the Boy Scout Oath: Lying to Congress; Eliminating elders from the tribe; physically removing young children from the tribal school; keeping people from their own land; banishment; terminating health coverage for 25% of the tribe; failure to follow tribal law; Denial of Due Process; keeping rightful members from enrolling in the tribe; Theft of Per Capita.

Here is the Boy Scout Law with links that show how Pechanga does not follow the laws of the Boy Scouts. Boy Scout Law A Scout is: •Trustworthy, Loyal, •Helpful, •Friendly, •Courteous, •Kind, •Obedient, (didn't follow tribal law with disenrollment) •Cheerful, •Thrifty, •Brave, (they beat an elderly customer) •Clean, •and Reverent. Original Pechanga's Blog hereby requests that the Boy Scouts rethink this reward, exercise their moral outrage and do not patronize the resort/casino. The Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians, which hijacked the Temecula Band of Luiseno Indian's federal recognition, is well known for terminating Indians from their rightful place in the tribe. Since the advent of casino gaming Pechanga's disenrollment of 230 adults from the tribe is second only to the Picayune Rancheria in the termination of Native Americans in CA.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Pechanga asks Judge to End Liska Case; Judge Says Not Through Yet

Joe Liska received good news in court today. The Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians hired attorney's tried to get the Judge to toss the case today.

The tribe had told the judge that Mr. Liska was guilty of trespass. It was news to Joe, as he never had a trial, never presented a defense. Anyone hear of due process?

There seems to be reckless conduct in Pechanga's handling of this matter. Not to mention the possible conspiracy to defraud Mr. Liska of his tribal heritage. The Judge couldn't believe that there has been a moratorium for 14 years, which was designed to help the tribe "catch up" on a backlog of requests.

The judge want to lean more and the case is continued. She will have orders next week. Congratulations Joe, keep up your fight for what is right. Let's see, maybe the Boy Scouts will rethink giving Pechanga an award for ethics and family values?

And Rep. Nick Rahall, how about those hearings?

Another Crack in Tribal Sovereignty Dam: Victory For Saginaw Chippewa Membership Applicants

The Plaintiffs in this case were denied due process and their own tribal council would not follow their own laws. This is a victory for tribal members over a corrupt council. A great day for tribal country and for this tribe's applicants membership. Another crack in the sovereignty dam.

"The Tribe had previously taken the position it would not honor its own Tribal blood quantum certifications," said Fisher, attorney for Tappen and Ayling. "That resulted in Tribal applicants who were born to Tribal members who had at least one half degree Indian blood quantum, not being allowed to use their parents to prove their members (eligibility).

"The Tribe has taken the position for the last several years that one half of one half does not equal one quarter."

Chief Judge Kevin K. Washburn, Associate Judges Robert Kittecon, and Dennis Peterson issued an opinion and an order that would allow Dennis Tappen, Angela Ayling and Skykur Graveratte "due process rights" with their applications for Tribal enrollment.

Section 6A, of the Tribe's enrollment ordinance provides the documentation that may be used by applicants for membership to establish one quarter degree Indian blood required by the Tribe's Constitution," said Frank Cloutier, Tribal public relation's director. "The Tribe's Court of Appeals ruled in the Graveratte case that the Tribe must allow other types of evidence to be presented and considered when determining whether an applicant meets the one quarter degree Indian blood requirement.

"Similarly, in the the Tappen and Ayling cases, the Appeals Court held that the Tribe must consider its own Tribal certification for blood quantum purposes."

Cloutier said the blood certifications made by the Tribal certifiers are "presumed valid unless the Tribe provides evidence to the contrary."

See the Rest of the Story

Stop Wintu Fraud Blog Has story on Wintu Tribal Fraud in N. California

Our friends at Stop Wintu Fraud blog has a story reminding us of what is happening in Northern California. Pechanga, as we discuss on this blog, is NOT the only tribe in California that are violating the civil rights of it's people. The Redding Rancheria is well know for tribal disenrollments and the Wintu Tribe is another issue:

It has come to the attention of Stop Wintu Fraud Editors that a small group of Wintu Members were disenrolled from the Toyon Wintu Tribe/ Wintu Tribe of Northern California's tribally prepared "base roll", that has not yet been approved by the secreatry of the interior (BIA). Carol Sinclair, Wintu Elder and Cultural Resourse Director for the tribe for the last two decades, was disenrolled as a result of the actions of the tribal council and its enrollment committee shortly after the 2003 Wintu Tribal Elections along with 10 other individuals. These 11 Wintu have become known as the Wintu 11. Ms. Sinclair has gone on record as stating it was following provocation, her and another unidentified Wintu Tribal member concurrently serving on the Wintu Tribe Enrollment Committee began to bring questions to the Tribal Council as to enrollment proceedures, and tribal election proceedures, and brought fourth allegations of vote tampering by the 2002 Tribal Council member Linda Malone, and Carol Martin. Vote tampering allegations that include Ms. Sinclair, "... watching Linda throw ballots out (of the ballot box) and onto the floor, and in the trash...". Taking place in June 2002 at the old Wintu Tribal office at the end of the Downtown Mall on Placer St. in Redding. This is alleged to have occoured in front of Womens Leagure of Voters Officials present to provide oversite to the Tribal Election by an unbiased outside body. But whether or not the League recognises the Results or these Election Officials, or the Officials identities has yet to be verified by Stop Wintu Fraud. Other Tribal members that voted in person in 2003 reported seeing the, "... grey haired non-indian ladies in a seprerate room form the voting chambers...", that were, "...tallying ballots with Carol Martin and Linda Malone present."

In an attempt to assure the intergrity of the vote Sinclair and another un-named Tribal Member tried and failed to gain larger tribal support for recount and later recall of the tribal council in 2004. Actions of which are legal proceedures outlined in the Wintu Constitution. These Individuals were bothat the time of the incident serving on the Wintu Election Committee and serving as Election Officers at the proceedings, and were told ot leave while the "illegal" election proceed. The election results saw the Encumbants all being re-elected, some for the 5 and 6th terms consecutively, reigns of tribal leadership that lasted for over 15 years in some cases. Gary Rickard, a progressive, was elected chairman as a result of this vote while some traditionalists, like Loretta Root, lost by small margins.

Please read the article at the link above.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pechanga Descendent Joe Liska Has Day in Court: August 30

We've discussed the fight that Joe Liska, son of Fred Magee, has been bringing to the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians' Tribal Council. Joe has a court date on Monday August 30, at 10:00 a.m. in San Diego.

The Pechanga Tribal Council was ordered by the court THREE times to go to a settlement conference, refusing to comply with a judge's order. They did finally show up, with Tribal Council head Mark Macarro attending, as did Andrew Masiel. Needless to say, there was no settlement and thus, a court hearing.

Judge Porter DID have concerns about the moratorium and tribes stating they are not enrolling and we know that they HAVE enrolled family members of Bobbi LeMere. Adult members is what seemed like a payback for voting to disenroll the Hunter family.
Mr. Liska argued that it is a breach of trust obligation to the true Temecula Indians, for which the reservation was created. He was able to bring forward that Russell "Butch" Murphy is NOT a true Pechanga Indian, and that the courts must intervene in the breach of trust issue.

In this matter, Joe Liska is acting as his own lawyer, going up against three Pechanga attorneys.

Please pass this post on to your friends. Good Luck Joe, hopefully, you can get past this round and be able to call witnesses. Might I suggest Ruth Masiel she could explain WHY she took the word of a convicted child molestor? It would be comical to get her to point out WHICH passages of the record of decisions in the Manuela Miranda and Hunter family cases she was responsible for.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Temecula's Lawsuit Against Civil Rights Violator Pechanga Tribe Could Have Statewide Implications

Some people say, let the courts decide. Pechanga may have to open it's books as part of the lawsuit brought by the City of Temecula.

The Press Enterprise has a nice article on this situation, it's a good opportunity for citizens (or, as some Pechanga tribal people call us, "normal people") to comment on the situation too.

In February 2008, California voters approved tribal casino-expansion deals that supporters said would ensure aid for surrounding communities.

The agreements for the first time created a process for tribes, Inland cities and counties to negotiate payments to cover off-reservation impacts such as extra police, increased traffic and other expenses.

Temecula City Council Says: Pechanga Owes the City $2 Million

The dispute centers on a March agreement between the tribe and city. It calls for the tribe to pay the city at least $2 million annually to cover the city's casino-related expenses, such as police.

In addition, the tribe agreed to contribute $10 million to improve an Interstate 15 interchange near the casino.

The city expected the tribe to pay $2 million by June 30. But the tribe contended the agreement wasn't finalized until talks with Riverside County concluded
. Nice, the city and county are two separate entities, the tribal council is trying to link them. But, the tribe also installed the slot machines BEFORE the agreement was completed.

Citizens of Temecula should stand shoulder to shoulder with their elected officials. Simply REFUSE to patronize the casino and restaurants and CALL Pechanga and tell them that you are not coming until they settle with the city. That way, the tribe will KNOW why their revenues are suffering. Pechanga lost a lot of "good karma" when they brutally terminated over 25% of their tribe and then, laid off 800 employees. Time for that karma to come around, don't you think?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Another Month, Another SHOOTING on Soboba Reservation

Wow, it's definitely not safe there.

A woman was seriously injured after being shot on the Soboba Indian Reservation, a sheriff’s sergeant said today.

Sheriff’s deputies from the Hemet station responded to a call of an assault with a deadly weapon at 11:42 p.m. in the 43000 block of Castile Canyon Road, Sgt. Stephen Mike said in a news release.

Mike said the woman was traveling westbound on Castile Canyon Road when she noticed a small, dark-colored SUV parked on the side of the road. Multiple gunshots were then fired from the SUV, striking the woman and her vehicle, Mike said.

The victim suffered a serious gunshot wound and was taken to a local hospital, Mike said.

Pechanga Stonewalls Temecula, San Manuel Works With San Bernardino

All tribes are NOT alike. We know that Pechanga cheated its own people, here's a different tribe doing what is right. It seems to be a habit with San Manuel.

The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians will pay the city of San Bernardino about $3 million over the next three years to cover the cost of policing city neighborhoods near the tribe's reservation and casino, officials said Tuesday.
The tribe will pay for six San Bernardino police officers, one sergeant and one part-time detective, as well as for vehicles and equipment, crossing guards and additional police resources for special events.

The new money, which officials said has already been factored into the city budget, will replace money San Bernardino used to get from a state fund - a fund San Manuel is no longer required to contribute to.

Read more: http://www.sbsun.com/news/ci_15808632#ixzz0wyMk2yor

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Update on Pauma Casino Jackpot Winner: Keeps Jackpot, Stays Banned

We told you here story HERE and the latest is:

A San Marcos woman has been allowed to claim a $2,000 jackpot she won at Casino Pauma in May, but the tribe's gaming commission has decided to keep in place a lifetime ban against her returning to the casino.

“I don’t care that they banned me from the casino,” Waters said Monday. “I just care that they don’t do this to anyone else.”

Here's hoping she asks her friends to stay away from Casino Pauma too. Can you say:


Monday, August 16, 2010

Celebration of A Pechanga Life: Lawrence Madariaga, Hunter Elder

This weekend there was a celebration of the life of Lawrence Madariaga, who passed away last month just prior to his 93rd birthday. Lawrence was the elder of the Hunter Family, who descend from Pauline Hunter, who was proven to be an Original Pechanga/Temecula person by the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians' own hired expert.

Lawrence worked to bring electricity to the reservation and a health clinic. He lived on the reservation for 60 years. He was the oldest person living on the reservation and do you think he got his due recognition from the Pechanga officials? Anyone? Anyone?

Just a few of the relatives of Lawrence Madariga

My Cousin. Lawrence Madariaga's granddaughter, described what being disenrolled means to her:

With all this disenrollment going on my Rez in Pechanga I've had many of my people from the tribe and surrounding tribes come and talk and give their support from one Native heart to another. It's amazing you know to see your own people that you were sure you knew through new eyes.

I think the worst part of what I've come to realize from my disenrollment is how few Native people can really see what has been taken from me. It's a shame so many of our people are being blinded by money. But what keeps me going are those of you feel my heartache like your own without me having to say a word.

Thats what I mean when I say Native heart, I've found I can see it in the eyes. Eyes that express emotions shared by Native hearts from a shared pain that runs so deep in our souls we've come to recognize one another by the fire it feeds. I must thank everyone of you who come to me no different then you ever have, and those who come right out and bring it up, or ask how my family is, and most of all, all of you who say "FUCK UM!!" before I ever have too.

In fact I ran into an old friend in the casino last night (hey, it's still mine & where my friends are) I have not seen since it happened and I got to thank him because its people like him who keep me going like nothings changed and remind me of why I love my people so. He comes up to me and the one of the first things he says is " Hey they disenrolled you huh? So how'd that feel?" I was suprised because that was the first time I was ever asked that. To make it even better all I got to say in response was "Man, guy it still..." then he cut me off and said how he couldn't believe they did that to me and how its so fu**** up and not to worry because they will pay for it in the end.

How now all we do is watch them ruin it for all Pechanga cause they can't even see it happening. And therein lies my strength my friends are what holds me up. All of you who say this money ain't worth it and you'd give it up and be poor again just to go back to the days when we all watched over and took care of each other. The ones who love "Rez Life" because it was our life. Something these ones will never know nothing about probably wouldn't want to might disgust them the way we live. But to us it just looks like HOME,baby.Thats what we love not this casino shit.

Keep the $ just give me back my people!! I am grateful for all of you who bother to care for even a moment.

All my Love & all my Life for you, My People.

Friday, August 13, 2010

HOW to WIN at Pechanga Casino: Don't Play

How to WIN at the Pechanga Casino

Get outta here! YOU CAN'T WIN, the machines are designed to take your money. They don't even have to tell you win percentage. And besides if a machine malfunctions, WHO are you going to complain to? The tribe? Heck, even a BEATING victim couldn't win on that one.

Manager's have been fired for cheating THEIR OWN WORKERS, (even though it took MONTHS to fire the son of the former tribal spokesman) you think they care about YOU?

The Pechanga Casino in Temecula features hundreds of table games and over 4,000 slot machines. Do you think they would be able to put all those games and machines in their casino IF there was a good chance you would win money? They are right now keeping $2 Million from the city of Temecula, while the citizens of Temecula play/STAY to the tune of more than $500 Million. Spend that at other locations and the city will get $4-5 Million.

The best thing you can do is take a coupon in for the buffet and start with the expensive items! Lamb, shrimp, crab cakes, steak or sushi (not rolls). Asparagus instead of corn! LEAVE the salads and cheap jello desserts and go for the chocolate. Take a ziploc for snacks and splenda to extend your pleasure! At least you'll take away something.

Avoid the fancy restaurants because a steak is: $38 for a 7 oz filet and a breast of chicken is $32 at the great oak. Shoot, a plate of SPAGHETTI is $13 and that's with NO SALAD at Paisano's.

STAY away from the machines.

REMEMBER, Pechanga has cheated their own people to make their share of the pie much larger. So you know that: IF THEY CHEAT THEIR OWN, THEY'LL CHEAT YOU

Exactly how do you think that each Pechanga member can be paid $360,000 per year? (We heard the per capita was now lower) By you WINNING? Hardly. Take $20 and if you don't hit it big, QUIT. If you win more than 25% STOP PLAYING and go home with your winnings.

Like in the movie War Games, the answer is:
The only way to win is NOT TO PLAY

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The Three Pechanga Massacres: Two Committed By Pechanga Tribe

Bury My Heart in Temecula: The Three Pechanga Massacres

There are three Pechanga Massacres in our last 175 years. 1847, 2004, 2006

1846 - Up to 125 Luisenos were killed in a December attack in retaliation for the killings of 11 Pauma persons who had stolen horses.


2004 - Over 250 Pechanga men, women and children from Temecula Band of Luiseno Indians were eliminated by a corrupt enrollment committee. Members included: Ruth Masiel, Frances Miranda, Ihrene Scearse

2006 - Over 150 more Pechanga men, women and children, including award winning elders were eliminated by same enrollment committee and supported by the corrupt Pechanga Tribal Council headed by Mark Macarro of Colton High School.

Pechanga has eliminated more of their tribe than any outside force in it's recorded history. Congratulations to Pechanga for the mass extermination of their people. Blood drips from the knife wounds in the back........ and thru the heart

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Temecula Council votes 5-0 to Sue Pechanga Tribe for Monies Owed

The Temecula City Council finds their "cojones".

Temecula and the Pechanga Band of Luiseño Indians appear headed for the courtroom after the City Council on Tuesday authorized legal action to force the tribe to pay for its casino's effect on city services.

Council members voted 5-0 to seek a legal remedy to a matter they thought was settled with the council's approval in March of a long-term agreement with the tribe.

"Needless to say, it's not something we want to do," Mayor Jeff Comerchero said after the meeting. "It would be my hope that this matter would be settled amicably."

Can the people of Temecula stand behind their city council? Simply do not go to Pechanga Resort and Casino until this matter is settled. There are plenty of good restaurants in the area and do your gaming at Pala or San Manuel.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Corrupt Tribal Leader Mark Macarro of Pechanga Throws Down Gauntlet to City of Temecula

A statement from known liar, Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro, which throws the gauntlet down to the city of Temecula. The city will quiver and not stand up to Pechanga. Temecula, EXERCISE your MORAL OUTRAGE at what Pechanga has done. BOYCOTT Pechanga.

Tuesday night, the Temecula City Council can decide to continue down a litigious path of conflict and dissipate what remains of any good will between Pechanga and the city. Or, it can honor both the letter and spirit of the Intergovernmental Agreement we reached earlier in the year so we can conclude negotiations with the county of Riverside to complete the agreement.

At the heart of the dispute is a central provision of the deal that calls for the intergovernmental agreements between Pechanga, the city and the county to be interdependent. A primary reason for this interdependence is that the county of Riverside ---- not the city of Temecula ---- provides law enforcement services to the reservation, yet under the proposed agreement Temecula would receive all of the funding for law enforcement and cover the county's law enforcement costs.

Thus, a possibility exists for the county to reject the notion of reimbursement by the city and instead choose to receive the payment directly. In this time of economic recession and chronic government deficits, it would be negligent for the Tribal Council to transfer money before the county signs off on its portion and the agreement is effective.

From Day 1 of the negotiations with the city, we made clear that the intergovernmental agreements were to be interdependent, a fundamental principle that city representatives recognized; otherwise, they would not have approved a clause explicitly requiring the county component also be completed before the agreement were to take effect.

For more than a decade, the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians and the city of Temecula have enjoyed a respectful and beneficial government-to-government relationship. In recent years, the city has received more than $24 million for road improvements and added costs for police and fire services stemming from the Pechanga Resort & Casino.

Thousands of taxpaying jobs have been created for residents of the city, and our tribe has provided millions for youth programs and schools. In addition, we have partnered on initiatives to preserve the heritage and natural landscape of the community. OP: Yes, millions that were taken from rightful Tribal members that were terminated from the tribe in violation of tribal law. That means that Macarro and his family have benefitted from well over $240 MILLION dollars stolen from the Manuela Mirand and Hunter Families, in just the last six years. How much has Temecula gotten, vs Macarro's own family?

Throughout our history with the city of Temecula, not once has Pechanga failed to honor a commitment to the city. So it came as a great shock to learn that the city will be considering filing a lawsuit against us over terms of an agreement that even its own attorney admits is not yet effective.

Regardless of the council decision, Temecula taxpayers will not be paying for off-reservation impacts because the city remains eligible for funding from the Indian Gaming Special Distribution Fund. In fact, earlier this year the city submitted a grant application totaling $1 million ---- half of what the city would receive under the agreement it has now jeopardized. That's right; our agreement this year would provide double what the city would receive from the Special Distribution Fund.

Mark Macarro is tribal chairman of the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians.

Monday, August 9, 2010

JOHN CORNSILK for Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation

John Cornsilk, a friend of Original Pechanga's Blog and from years of reading his website and correspondence is now running for Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation. It's past time that Chad "Our Slaves were well treated" Smith be voted out of office. Here' Johns first flyer. We will continue to promote this change of leadership. Follow us on Twitter: @opechanga
We've previously discussed Chad Smith, an inductee into Original Pechanga's Blog's HALL of SHAME HERE HERE and HERE

John William Cornsilk

For Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation

For All your Cherokee Rights The Right Cherokee for the Job.
See my platform as your Chief here
My Pledge to the Cherokee People if I am elected, I will bring honesty
and true transparency to the Government,

Of course a cliche old as politics. But, I believe from my platform as the
planks are added you will see this is a plan that can only produce what the
Cherokee people desire of their elected officials.

So to all Cherokee People, if you want change, then you must work to get out
the vote on June 25, 2011, and I as a candidate for Chief ask for your vote. We together can fix the ails of the CNO.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Temecula Could Sue Pechanga Over Casino Costs; Should City BOYCOTT Pechanga Casino?

Temecula officials are recommending legal action against the Pechanga Band of Luiseño Indians to cover the costs the tribe's casino incurs on the city.

An item on Tuesday's City Council agenda would direct the city attorney to go to court to get the tribe to pay for the effect Pechanga Resort & Casino has on traffic and city services.

"Given the failure of the Tribe and the County to reach agreement and the consequent failure of the (agreement) to become effective, the City has no alternative but to file litigation to protect its rights ...," a city staff report read.

A lawsuit is a good idea. This will show the city of Temecula how difficult it is to sue for what is right. But, on the good side, it will force Pechanga to defend in court it right to violate agreements with impugnity.

If the agreements with the county, the city and the tribe are interdependent, why didn't Pechanga WAIT until the agreement was in place before they placed the additional slot machines?

Shouldn't the city of Temecula now cancel any planned meetings and events at Pechanga? Shouldn't they advise all city employees to stay away from the casino? Remember, Pechanga has violated the civil rights of many of its members, and made them "former" members via termination, banishment and disenrollment. If you thing AZ's law is a potential civil rights violation waiting to happen, well Temecula citizens, it HAS happened in your OWN BACKYARD. BOYCOTT Pechanga for ACTUAL civil rights violations.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

DOH! Pechanga GUN SHOW CANCELLED. Compact says NO GUNS at the Casino

Pechanga Resort & Casino is very sorry to have to cancel the Elite Firearms Expo this weekend.

Under our agreement with the State of California, “Possession of firearms shall be prohibited at all times in the Gaming Facility” Sec. 10.6.

We apologize for the mistake in originally booking this event. Sales staff honestly did not know that state regulations don’t permit gun shows at the casino.

As much as we were looking forward to this event, it would be illegal for Pechanga to host any type of gun show at our facility due to this prohibition.

The Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians is well known for terminating many of their fellow tribal members in order to take their per capita benefits away, as well as controlling elections. Follow us on TWITTER @opechanga

NC TIMES: Pechanga on Wrong Side of This Deal

The North County Times editorial staff sees something rotten at Pechanga. Something we know TOO WELL.

For most of the 15 years the Pechanga tribe has operated a casino in southern Temecula, it could be counted on to be a good neighbor. OP: Yes, they only hurt their OWN tribal people and allowed a few people to be beaten at the casino by security guards.

It has given generously to local charities, contributed millions to area roads (not entirely altruistically, of course), and hired thousands of local residents for relatively good-paying jobs. OP: So what if they've cheated tribal members out of millions, destroyed the heritage of true Pechanga Temecula Indians?

So it comes as a bit of a surprise that the tribe is effectively reneging on a deal it struck just last year to contribute $2 million a year to Temecula to help compensate for the impacts it has on its neighbor. OP: Surprise to WHOM? Those that turn a blind eye to the civil rights violations? Those that support a tribal enterprise when it's well known they cheat their OWN?

We say "effectively," because the tribe may have a legal leg to stand on ---- just not a moral one.

At the center of the dispute is a ballot measure that voters approved in 2008: It allowed tribes to expand their casinos beyond the limits set in 2000 if they struck deals with the surrounding communities to help alleviate the impact of those larger casinos.

In Pechanga's case, those deals are with Temecula and Riverside County. The deal was struck with Temecula in March, but the county and the tribe have reached a stalemate in their talks over an undisclosed issue or issues.

The Temecula deal called for the tribe to pay the city $2 million a year for 21 years to help compensate for necessary traffic control, road maintenance and law enforcement resulting from casino activity. The first payment was due June 30, but the day came and went without a check arriving.

Subsequent talks gave the tribe until July 30 to deliver the money ---- but that day, too, came and went.

The tribe is falling back on language in the agreement that says the deals become effective when all parties agree. And since Riverside County hasn't come to the party yet, the tribe says it isn't obligated to pay Temecula.

Of course, that technicality didn't stop the tribe from more than doubling the number of slot machines in its casino, as allowed in the ballot measure. It has simply decided to be selective in which parts of the agreement it thinks apply.

At this point, Temecula may be forced to go to court to press the issue. It is unfortunate that what has been a good relationship may be turned sour over what to the tribe is a relatively small amount of money.

We acknowledge that there is more than a bit of irony in local governments being victimized by Indians over treaties ---- or contracts, in this case ---- but we urge the Pechanga to stop hiding behind the letter of the law and to abide by its spirit.

Southern California Freedmen Meeting August 21

The Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians are not the only tribe that has done despicable deeds to rightful members. We have discussed the Freedmen issue many times here. Friend to Original Pechanga's Blog, Allen Mitchell sent us notification of an upcoming meeting of the Souther California Freedmen. Many Freedmen are fighting for their treaty rights to belong to tribes such as the Cherokee, which many do not know, owned slaves and the Creek Freedmen. Here are the details of the meeting: The third Saturday is upon us and the meeting location has been changed to 21200 S. Figueroa St. Carson Ca. Please mark your calendar for 8/21/10 between the hours of 10am to 12noon. The name of the facility is Peace Apostolic Learning Center it is located on Figueroa St. between Carson St. and Torrance Blvd. on the east side of the Harbor Fwy. We are moving forward with our goals and objectives. There will be two guest speakers to present valuable information to all attendees. The subjects matters will be on today's Seminole Freedmen and social networking.

We urge you to read more about the Creek Freedmen HERE

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Petition Requesting Oversight Hearing on ICRA

We now have a link to a petition requesting Rep. Nick Rahall hold an oversight hearing on the Indian Civil Rights Act. Please sign it and ask your friends and family to do the same. Individual Indians need protection to and we can't buy it like the rich casino tribes. Our voices are needed to combat their money.

THE LINK is on the left sidebar, Please sign

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Pechanga Band FAILS to Pay it's Promised $2 Million to Temecula

Is anyone surprised that the city of Temecula has not yet received a $2 million check from the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians, an annual payment for road improvements and police services that, according to the city, was due June 30? WHAT do you expect from a tribe that so easily violated the civil and human rights of their people? Honesty? Integrity?

The tribe signed off on the $2 million a year payment in March when it approved an intergovernmental agreement that has the tribe paying the city $42 million over the next 21 years to offset the city's expenses associated with the recent addition of slot machines at the tribe's casino.

The agreement was spurred by the passage of Proposition 94 in 2008, a measure that changed how the tribe pays the state to offset the local impacts associated with its casino operations.

Previously, tribes paid into the state's Special Distribution Fund, a pot of money divvied up by the counties and governmental agencies affected by Indian casinos. The proposition changed that process, however, requiring the tribes to negotiate directly with surrounding jurisdictions, which in the case of the Pechanga is Temecula and Riverside County.

Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro says, We were told the city is in need of this payment in order to make up its budget deficit. Though we empathize for the city’s budget deficit, this agreement is intended to mitigate reasonable off-reservation impacts, not solve government budget deficits."

Monday, August 2, 2010

Why the Pechanga Tribal Council is UNEthical

We wrote this over two years ago. With Hunter Elder Lawrence Madariaga passing away after suffering the humiliation of unethical treatment from the Pechanga Tribal Council, I thought I would resurrect the post. Just in case Pechanga has become more ethical..... no really.... stop laughing...

Why I say Pechanga in unethical

People have asked me why I use the term unethical in my blog’s banner. Here’s the reasons why.

Recall the five fundamental principles of ethics:

1. Do No Harm - Pechanga has failed miserably in this area. Not only have they caused financial harm to many of their tribal members, stripping them of their per capita, they have left them unprotected in the area of health care. They also have violated the Tribal Constitution and illegally have kept many rightful members out, via a moratorium.

2. Make Things Better - Well, Pechanga started well, with a plan to lift all it’s people from poverty. Many of us weren’t in poverty, but did benefit from the casino. After all, our families’ ancestors were original Pechanga Temecula people. But then, came the moratorium, which kept rightful members OUT and followed that with disenrollments, which made things worse.

3. Respect Others – Pechanga touted elders like Lawrence Madariaga, Paulina Hunter’s great-grandson with rewards like plaques for their service, but then left them out in the cold by kicking them from the tribal rolls and then saying, “go get a job” to 80 year olds. They disregarded their most vaunted elder, Antonio Ashman’s sworn testimony that he knew Paulina Hunter when he was a young man in the 1880’s

4. Be Fair – We will be detailing the unfairness of the tribal council, the disenrollment committee and the CPP, but there was no fairness. The Tribal Enrollment committee did not allow us to question our accusers, did not tell us what was missing in our paperwork, forced us to have red ribbon certified paperwork of over 400 pages and yet accepted a letter of hearsay from an imprisoned child molester as more factual, that the results of their own study.

5. Be Loving – How loving is it to eliminate old people, children, infirm from the tribe? To take away their voting rights, elder care, and educational assistance. The tribal council should have taken their task of looking after the individual tribal members welfare. They did not.

Also, recall that ethical responsibilities apply not just to how we treat others but to how we treat ourselves, too. Although ethics is fundamentally a guard against self-obsession, it is right and good to treat ourselves with respect, fairness, and compassion and to avoid causing ourselves harm. Now, the actions of the CPP are causing harm to the tribe and the tribe is paying the public relations price for what they have done, and that price is already $60 million or more.

Exercise your moral outrage and avoid Pechanga.

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Oldest Living Resident of Pechanga Lawrence Madariaga Dead at 92

Sad news from the Pechanga Reservation tonight. Lawrence Madariaga, who has resided on the Pechanga Reservation for over 60 years, has died of cancer. Lawrence was the elder of the Hunter family, which was terminated from the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians by the Mark Macarro led tribal council.

The Hunter Family was profiled in the KNBC News Special, "Without A Tribe" which was so highly rated, they showed it in its entirety the very next day. In that newspiece, presented by Colleen Williams, Pechanga Chairman Macarro was caught lying in the first 15 seconds of his presentation.

We'll embed a video of a similar story done on local news. The Hunters were the second family terminated en masse by the Pechanga Enrollment Committee. By removing tribal members, the tribal council could control votes and power.

Lawrence helped feed and clothe the very same people who would later terminate him from the tribe. He helped to bring the health clinic to the Pechanga Reservation. His family served on Pechanga Commissions and were an integral part of the tribal system. Sadly, Lawrence joins his wife Sophie, in death. See them both in the video