Friday, April 22, 2016

UPDATE: Tribe confirms JUDGES OUSTER FIRED! Nooksack Tribe SACK Tribal Judge Who Ruled Against THEM: WHO NEEDS CIVIL RIGHTS?

As we reported 3 weeks ago, Nooksack Tribal Idiots  Council confirms firing of judge who ruled against them.
Alexander responded to questions from The Bellingham Herald with a memo, noting she normally refrains from speaking to the media but needed to respond to Kelly’s accusations to “set the record straight.”

In response to Kelly’s reference to advocacy, Alexander wrote, “I have no idea what he is talking about.”

“I am not part of, nor have I ever been part of, in his words, ‘some movement towards changing tribal courts in a certain direction,’” Alexander wrote. “Mr. Kelly says, ‘I don’t claim to understand what it was but that’s what I was told.’ I would surely like to know: Told by whom? And where did that person get the information? The allegation is complete nonsense.”

Word is coming from the Nooksack people that tribal court judge Susan Alexander, who recently ruled against the tribe in their corrupt effort to skirt tribal law against the NOOKSACK 306.

New Nooksack Court may take

Other tribes will hide their heads in the sand and while chanting "SOVEREIGNTY".  But this is abuse of civil rights of the highest magnitude.  This tribe should be SHUNNED. 

Here was the Nooksack Announcement on Alexander hiring

Judge Susan Alexander will be presiding over theTribal Court starting June 1st. We are excited to have her and she came highly recommended by JudgeMontoya-Lewis, who was asked to take a seat at the Whatcom County Superior Court.

SO WHAT HAPPENED? The tribe got LESS EXCITED as they found Judge Alexander followed the LAW and was HONEST?

Great work by the BIA and the Senate/House committees on their oversight responsibilities.



Anonymous said...

I'm confused by this story. It's kind of disjointed.

Anonymous said...

That how it works if the tribe has a judge that follows the then fire them and find a judge that will accept a bribe.

Anonymous said...

The 21st century Natives are starting look like, sound like and walk like White people. Lol they are there own demise.

Anonymous said...

Kelly is proving how corrupt some leaders really are. It is obvious Kelly cannot afford to lose this case, so everything is being thrown out there, firing the Judge, disbarring the Lawyer, what a fool Kelly looks like right now. How sad to be that evil and have to continually try to destroy the lives of the 306, just run away Kelly and leave the tribe to heal.