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Tuesday, August 2, 2022


 Damn it!  Sovereignty allows us to dishonor treaties and ancestors!



WEDNESDAY, July 27, 2022

Mr. Chairman and members of the committee, thank you for the opportunity to testify. My name is Jonodev Osceola Chaudhuri, and I am proud to serve as Ambassador of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation, the fourth largest tribe in the United States.

The Freedmen issue traces its roots to injustices against both Native Americans and African Americans. (OP: Read Jim Crow...)

It goes without saying that slavery is and always was wrong. And just as the United States fought a civil war over slavery, the Creek Nation fought its own civil war over slavery and other trappings of America. On one side were the traditionalist “Upper Creeks” who opposed the imposition of colonial American life in our Nation, including the legalization of slavery. I am a descendant of Fish Pond and other Upper Creek towns. My mom used to explain family oral history, stating that when our family and other Upper Creeks would raid slaveowners, “we would give freed slaves three options: (1) receive our assistance for passage to the North; (2) live among us and with us; or (3) join an autonomous black community within the larger Mvskoke world.

However, these practices conflicted directly with the goals and desires of the Lower Creeks, who sought to fully assimilate every aspect of white American culture into the fabric of our nation, including slavery, cotton, and Christianity.

Instead of allowing the conflict at Creek Nation to play out through our own internal democratic processes, the United States intervened and dispatched General Andrew Jackson to exterminate the Upper Creeks. The United States’ goal was nothing less than complete annihilation. In eight months of massacres, the United States burned nearly ever Upper Creek home and murdered thousands of men, women, and children. My ancestors from Fish Pond sought refuge at Tohopeka, or what became known as the Horseshoe Bend on the Tallapoosa River in Alabama, and they were slaughtered by Jackson and the slave-owning Cherokee leaders, John Ross and Major Ridge, who volunteered to fight with him. At Tallaushatchee, Jackson locked fifty men, women, and children in a cabin and burned them alive.

Horseshoe Bend and the scores of massacres that preceded it silenced the strong anti-slavery faction within Creek Nation. Jackson’s extermination policies against the Upper Creeks created Alabama and resulted in the Indian Removal Act and ultimately the Trail of Tears.

Even so, thousands of Creeks fought on the side of the Union in the American Civil War. Once again we were targeted, our homes burned and hundreds died. In exchange for our loyalty, the United States promised that once the war ended, our Nation would not lose any land and, all of the Loyal Creeks would be financially compensated. Both promises turned out to be lies.

The treaty of 1866 has often been characterized as a reconstruction treaty. For us it was not. It was a land grab unilaterally forced upon us that stripped us of half of our reservation. And my great-grandpa Elmer Hill, who fought for the Union in Kansas, said the final payment from the United States wasn’t enough to buy a Stetson hat.

It is important to note that we are not Cherokee Nation. We are not Chickasaw Nation. We are the Muscogee Creek Nation, our treaty with the United States contains different language than the treaties the United States signed with other tribal nations. Our current constitution was reviewed and approved by the Department of Interior. However, the interpretation of this treaty is currently the subject of ongoing litigation.

Let me be clear that the Muscogee Creek Nation is proud of our diverse citizenry. We have citizens who have mixed ancestry and are also white, African American, Irish, Hispanic, Mexican American, and many other heritages. I myself am Creek and Asian. But whatever else we may be, we are all Creek Indians by blood.

And as a Nation that has endured policies intended to exterminate us because we are Creek Indians by blood, the idea of granting citizenship to any non-Creek person is one that engenders deep, conflicting emotions. Quite frankly, our citizens stand on both sides of this issue. But the solution to this is not another colonial intervention by the United States.

MCN leadership is committed to ensuring that our citizens are offered more than shallow political rhetoric and the yes/no binaries that rhetoric supports. To that end, we have begun a process of developing historical, cultural, and legal research that will help our citizens engage ina thoughtful, informed exploration of this issue as they exercise their sovereign right to determine the future of the Muscogee Creek Nation.

Even as I sit here before you today, the sovereignty of our tribal nations remains under attack.

Two years ago, the Supreme Court upheld our nation’s sovereignty in McGirt v. Oklahoma. Just this past month, the Court chose to abdicate it in order to placate Oklahoma politicians. Congress has a trust duty to protect the sovereignty of our tribal nations. We respectfully ask that you act to protect the sovereignty of our nations, not undermine it. 

Mark Macarro Attacks Kizh Nation, After Pechanga Tribe Took Kizh Ancestor's Bones

 Isn't this RICH?  Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro, a noted civil rights violator, after discussing the tribe's name change, which is NOT historical, blasts the the state for giving the Kizh Nation's  MLD status over bones of ancestors at a recent Native American Heritage.  Pechanga did the same thing to the Kizh Nation, remember?

Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro is a lout, a tyrant, and a liar.  Why should the Native American Heritage committee trust him?  Because the tribe makes a lot of money with their casino?

Thursday, July 14, 2022


Olympic Great

Looks like the International Olympic Committee has already corrected the record books to reflect Thorpe's Olympic victories for the decathlon and pentathlon events in Stockholm’s 1912 Olympic Games.

The Olympics website shows that Thorpe, Sac and Fox and Potawatomi, is the sole gold medal winner for the decathlon and pentathlon for the 1912 games Thursday afternoon.

He was the greatest athlete of his generation and the pride of Native America.   Good for the Olympic committee to right an injustice

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Supreme Court GUTS McGirt, Neil Gorsuch in Dissent on Tribal Sovereignty

 The Supreme Court ruled on Wednesday that Oklahoma can prosecute non-Native Americans for crimes committed on tribal land when the victim is Native American. 

The 5-4 decision cut back on the high court’s ruling from 2020 that said a large chunk of eastern Oklahoma remains an American Indian reservation. The first decision left the state unable to prosecute Native Americans accused of crimes on tribal lands that include most of Tulsa, the state’s second-largest city with a population of about 413,000.

Gorsuch’s lengthy dissent — 42 pages, 17 pages longer than the opinion — makes it clear that he feels that the court just gutted it. And in doing so, Gorsuch accuses the majority of intellectual dishonesty

A state court later ruled that the Supreme Court decision also stripped the state of its ability to prosecute anyone for crimes committed on tribal land if either the victim or perpetrator is Native American.

That would have left the federal government with sole authority to prosecute such cases, and federal officials had acknowledged that they lack the resources to prosecute all the crimes that have fallen to them.

But the high court's new ruling said the state also can step in when only the victims are tribal members.

“The State’s interest in protecting crime victims includes both Indian and non-Indian victims," Justice Brett Kavanaugh wrote for the court.

After the 2020 decision, about 43% of Oklahoma is now considered Indian Country, and the issue of the state's ability to prosecute those crimes “has suddenly assumed immense importance," Kavanaugh wrote.

In a dissent joined by the court’s three liberal members, Justice Neil Gorsuch wrote that the decision “allows Oklahoma to intrude on a feature of tribal sovereignty recognized since the founding.”

The case highlighted the already strained relationship between Native tribes in Oklahoma and Republican Gov. Kevin Stitt, who has fought to return legal jurisdiction over tribal lands to the state.

Thursday, June 23, 2022

NOOKSACK 306 EVICTIONS Three Cases Continued until August 16

 The Tribal Court  granted 86 year-old Auntie Ollie Oshiro and 22 others a continuance until August 16, citing the State Supreme Court’s injunction (but saying isn’t bound thereby) & questioning whether Nooksack is “owner” of the home for unlawful detainer purposes.


Saturnino Javier is among the so-called Nooksack 306 – a group that Tribal Council voted to disenroll claiming a fraudulent ancestral link to the tribe that dates back to the 19th century. The 306 has fought this decision for more than a decade.

Over the winter, dozens of members living on tribal managed land were served eviction notices.

“It’s beyond stressful. You have 86- and 74-year-old elders that are not sure where they will live in a matter of days weeks or months,” said Gabe Galanda, an Indigenous rights lawyer who represents the 306.

It's an eviction process that has gained global attention. Back in February, the United Nations issued a statement calling for the US to “halt” what they called “imminent forced evictions” of former Nooksack Indigenous Tribe members.

“They are at risk of losing those homes and having those homes taken without any form of compensation recompense,” Galanda said.

Just two weeks ago, the Washington Supreme Court intervened, calling for a stop to evictions until the court has time to consider the case. But on Wednesday, via zoom, proceedings continued.

“I’m Native American, and that’s what I am. Want to see my pedigree like a dog or what?” Javier told the court via zoom. “I’m waiting to see the legal document that says I am not Nooksack, I’ve never seen it yet."

Ultimately, no decision was reached by Tribal Court on Wednesday.
For the Nooksack 306, the hearing marked the next step in a procedural saga that spanned a decade.

In a written statement, the Nooksack Tribe said Wednesday's hearing concerned three people who no longer qualify for low-income housing because they have no tribal lineage. 

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Joanne Shenandoah Selected for Native American Hall of Fame


A proper honor, for one of the most accomplished Native Americans.  From the Wolf Clan of the Oneida Nation.  Joanne's husband, Doug George-Kanentiio lets it be known:

Joanne Tekaliwahkwah Shenandoah has been selected for the Native American (American Indian) Hall of Fame.

She will be formally inducted this coming November at a gala event in Oklahoma City. She joins our great friends Vine Deloria and Wilma Mankiller along with Tecumseh, Osceola and Hiawatha.

It is a wonderful honour for a woman I had the amazing fortune to be married to for over 30 years.

And yes, charismatic as she was in public she was loving, kind, generous and beautiful each day

Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Secretary Deb Haaland Releases Investigative Report on Indian Boarding Schools TRAUMA


Department of the Interior Releases Investigative Report, Outlines Next Steps in Federal Indian Boarding School Initiative

WASHINGTON — Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland and Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs Bryan Newland today released Volume 1 of the investigative report called for as part of the Federal Indian Boarding School Initiative, a comprehensive effort to address the troubled legacy of federal Indian boarding school policies. This report lays the groundwork for the continued work of the Interior Department to address the intergenerational trauma created by historical federal Indian boarding school policies.

This investigative report is a significant step by the federal government to comprehensively address the facts and consequences of its federal Indian boarding school policies—implemented for more than a century and a half—resulting in the twin goals of cultural assimilation and territorial dispossession of Indigenous peoples through the forced removal and relocation of their children. It reflects an extensive and first-ever inventory of federally operated schools, including profiles and maps.

The investigation found that from 1819 to 1969, the federal Indian boarding school system consisted of 408 federal schools across 37 states or then territories, including 21 schools in Alaska and 7 schools in Hawaii. The investigation identified marked or unmarked burial sites at approximately 53 different schools across the school system. As the investigation continues, the Department expects the number of identified burial sites to increase.

“The consequences of federal Indian boarding school policies—including the intergenerational trauma caused by the family separation and cultural eradication inflicted upon generations of children as young as 4 years old—are heartbreaking and undeniable,” said Secretary Haaland. (OP:  NOW do Disenrollment) “We continue to see the evidence of this attempt to forcibly assimilate Indigenous people in the disparities that communities face. It is my priority to not only give voice to the survivors and descendants of federal Indian boarding school policies, but also to address the lasting legacies of these policies so Indigenous peoples can continue to grow and heal.”

“This report presents the opportunity for us to reorient federal policies to support the revitalization of Tribal languages and cultural practices to counteract nearly two centuries of federal policies aimed at their destruction,” said Assistant Secretary Newland. “Together, we can help begin a healing process for Indian Country, the Native Hawaiian Community and across the United States, from the Alaskan tundra to the Florida everglades, and everywhere in between.”

As part of the Federal Indian Boarding School Initiative and in response to recommendations from the report, Secretary Haaland today announced the launch of “The Road to Healing.” This year-long tour will include travel across the country to allow American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian survivors of the federal Indian boarding school system the opportunity to share their stories, help connect communities with trauma-informed support, and facilitate collection of a permanent oral history.

“The Department’s work thus far shows that an all-of-government approach is necessary to strengthen and rebuild the bonds within Native communities that federal Indian boarding school policies set out to break,” added Secretary Haaland. “With the President’s direction, we have begun working through the White House Council of Native American Affairs on the path ahead to preserve Tribal languages, invest in survivor-focused services, and honor our obligations to Indigenous communities. We also appreciate the ongoing engagement and support for this effort from Members of Congress and look forward to continued collaboration.”

Volume 1 of the report highlights some of the conditions children endured at these schools and raises important questions about the short- and long-term consequences of the federal Indian boarding school system on American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian communities.

The investigation found that the federal Indian boarding school system deployed systematic militarized and identity-alteration methodologies in an attempt to assimilate American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian children through education, including but not limited to renaming Indian children from Indian to English names; cutting the hair of Indian children; discouraging or preventing the use of American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian languages, religions and cultural practices; and organizing Indian and Native Hawaiian children into units to perform military drills.

Despite assertions to the contrary, the investigation found that the school system largely focused on manual labor and vocational skills that left American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian graduates with employment options often irrelevant to the industrial U.S. economy, further disrupting Tribal economies.

The COVID-19 pandemic and its resulting closures of federal facilities reflect the need for further investigation. The report identifies next steps that will be taken in a second volume, aided by a new $7 million investment from Congress through fiscal year 2022. Recommendations by Assistant Secretary Newland include producing a list of marked and unmarked burial sites at federal Indian boarding schools and an approximation of the total amount of federal funding used to support the federal Indian boarding school system, and further investigation to determine the legacy impacts of the school system on American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian communities today.

Friday, May 6, 2022

Former Mashpee Wampanoag Leader Cedric Cromwell CONVICTED of BRIBERY and EXTORTION

Yes, Cromwell was DIRTY. We've been posting on him since 2009.

Cedric Cromwell Former Leader
Mashpee Wampanoag

Photo: John Tlumacki Boston Globe

Cedric Cromwell, former leader of a Massachusetts Native American tribe was convicted Thursday of bribery and extortion charges related to the tribe's long-planned casino project, federal prosecutors said.

Cromwell,  was cleared by the federal jury in Boston of some charges, including one count of extortion and a count of bribery conspiracy, prosecutors said.

David DeQuattro, Cromwell's co-defendant and the owner of an architecture firm in Providence, Rhode Island, was also similarly convicted of bribery but cleared of other charges, according to the office of Rachael Rollins, U.S. attorney for Massachusetts.

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Chairman Rosemary LaClair, Nooksack Leader Sends ARMED POLICE to Serve Elders Eviction. Is this the 21st Century "Indian Way"?

We can't tell if this officer is wearing jack-boots, or just acting like it

Will they DRAG the elders from their homes?  When does self-defense come in?

For the second night in a row, Nooksack police returned to Elders' homes last night to serve them with 14-day notices to vacate. 

In February, the United Nations wrote “it was not necessary to have an armed police officer serve the families at home.”

Nooksack 306 attorney Gabriel Galanda writes on his Facebook page

Armed police visits are certainly unnecessary; certified mail would suffice. But this isn't about process or protocol. It's about intimidation and dehumanization, under guise of "tribal self-determination."

Sunday, May 1, 2022

CHUKCHANSI Lessons on Disenrollment: If Nothing Stops Us From Harming OUR OWN PEOPLE, KEEP DOING IT!


The Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians, a tribe that is the most egregious in the action of tribal disenrollment, is at it AGAIN.

The Fresno Bee is reporting on the storm clouds brewing for the Chukchansi people, now the the casino debts, after a default, are finally ending, ensuring a larger pot of cash for tribal members.

Is it Greed or Power?

Why can't it be both?  If the pie gets sliced amongst fewer people, they are bigger slices. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Nooksack Tribe Serves 14 Day EVICTION NOTICES to ELDERLY, Infirm. Predatory Seizures of Homes

 You may have seen the ABC News report  earlier this month on this issue, linked here. But now, the dreaded notices that even the United Nations requested be stopped, has begun anew.

She's recovering from pneumonia. She cannot see well, she's had cataract surgeries in both eyes. Nor can she hear well. She cannot walk without assistance. There should be no scenario in which she could be evicted from her home of 24 years--a home she should own outright.  But the act of humanity eludes the Nooksack Tribe

Chairman Rosemary LaClair foreshadowed this act of depravity during the ABC interview.  She lacks heart and continues the abuse the Nooksack 306 has been subject to.  She's no better than the two chairman, including felon Ross Cline, and Bob Kelly.

RoseMary LaClair

Friday, April 22, 2022

Yolanda McCarter, Architect of Pechanga Disenrollments and Destruction of Families and Ancestors, Dies

 Sad news for her family, to the HUNDREDS of Pechanga people who were disenrolled BECAUSE of her, not so much.

It's hard not to speak ill of the dead, but for McCarter, I'll make an exception.

As I wrote years ago in the post Pechanga Disenrollment Decade.. 
In December 2001, apparently in the holiday spirit, Yolanda McCarter (niece of Irene Scearce and Ruth Masiel  OP: She is the porcine one on the Pechanga infomercial saying she could die happy if she didn't have the casino money. Obviously, a lie, as she was looking to gain more per capita via disenrollment) submitted a letter to Enrollment Committee demanding the Committee research several families including ours.  The request stated that "this (be) straightened up before the next election in July." (So that there would be fewer votes for any opposition, a clear sign that they wanted to disenfranchise "several families" from voting.

Maybe she was loved by her family, but for dozens of Pechanga families, it's a hard NO.  May she rest in eternal damnation.

Thursday, April 21, 2022

ABC NEWS REPORTS On Nooksack 306 Disenrollments and Evictions

 A good report from ABC News on the Nooksack 306 evictions from their Washington State tribe.  Our friend Michelle Roberts was given ample time to detail what the experience had meant to her and her family.  Santana Rabang did an outstanding job and did the elder Robert Rabang.  I have embedded it here, please watch.

Many of us contributed to the background of the disenrollment issue and it's important that this information got out to national media.  Please share so ABC news can understand how this affects Indian Country.,  Your views, show them many people are interested,.

Saturday, April 2, 2022

Tribal Disenrollment Retrospective: Moratoriums As Bad As Disenrollments, When You Rightfully Belong. Petra Tosobol Descendants 11th in a Series


Pechanga has a moratorium on membership.  There is also a right to belong.  The Tosobol descendants fit this criteria.  They have cousins in the tribe, the Munoa clan, who has stood in their way.

The moratorium has been in place for nearly 25 years now and it was created to "give the enrollment committee" time to catch up. We again ask: How is that "catch up" going? Can the enrollment committee be so INEPT that they can't look at the applications and see who rightfully belongs?

Below is a story we posted in December of 2008 describing one family. We will post it again in its entirety and would LOVE to read comments from those in the moratorium. Tell us YOUR story, what family you belong to, how many are in your family that SHOULD be in the Pechanga tribe. Let's HEAR FROM YOU.

Thursday, March 31, 2022

HOPLAND Tribe & Robinson Rancheria May Have Casinos SHUT DOWN

The Press Democrat has the full story on this here
Five Indigenous California tribes, including two based in Mendocino and Lake counties, are locked in a legal dispute with Gov. Gavin Newsom’s office over renewing their gambling compacts with the state.

The outcome of the case, experts say, has potential implications for every California tribe that holds casino rights.

Blackfeet Tribal Chairman Timothy Davis' home Raided: FENTANYL RELATED

 Blackfeet Law Enforcement Services and the Federal Bureau of Investigations on Thursday morning executed a federal search warrant at a residence owned by Tribal Chairman Timothy Davis, according to a news release.

Eight people were taken into tribal custody, and Blackfeet Law Enforcement Services said "the investigation remains open and ongoing."

Blackfeet Tribal Prosecutor Josh Lamson, said that despite some rumors, the chairman was not arrested.

"To my knowledge, he was not present," Lamson said.

Lamson said the eight individuals were arrested on tribal charges, not federal charges. Four of the eight people had pre-existing tribal warrants from earlier incidents and were arrested for allegedly selling small amounts of fentanyl to a witness, which Lamson said falls under a tribal charge of the criminal sale of dangerous drugs.

Saturday, March 19, 2022

Nooksack Evictions Resume As Attorney Gabe Galanda Detained For TRESPASS Civil Rights Don’t Matter


As Native American advocacy groups show depraved indifference to to octogenarians being thrown into the cold, and their homes stolen, noted attorney Gabriel Galanda was also left outside facin a warning for trespassing.

If what the corrupt Nooksack tribe was doing was just, wouldn’t it stand up to anything an attorney would have say?  Why is the Nooksack acting under cover?

As our Nooksack 306 friend Michelle Roberts reports 

Monday, March 14, 2022

Casino Tribes' Justice System Are NOT ALWAYS FAIR

Not much has changed since this Onell Soto article came out in 2007.  KNOW BEFORE YOU GO.

Unbalanced Justice

Nellie Lawrence of San Carlos displayed photos taken when she was hospitalized after she was knocked down by a man running in Barona's casino. The deals that California Indian tribes signed with the state for Las Vegas-style casinos require them to pay “all legitimate claims” from people who have been injured.

Critics say not all tribes are living up to the spirit of such agreements, and some lawyers say the system is rigged against them and their clients.

SEE: The late Richard Swan, was a victim of Pechanga Security guards BEATING...

The agreements with the state require tribes to waive sovereign immunity – the right of governments to be shielded from lawsuits – but the way that happens varies.

Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Bill Cosby Gets FULL DUE PROCESS, Disenrolled Native Americans, NOT SO MUCH. Are Native Americans Entitled to Civil Rights Protection?

 Thankful that my cousin Kent, who has written guest posts for me is back to writing.  He also wrote a wonderful song on disenrollment you can watch on YOUTUBE


BY ‘aamokat ( Kent Appel)

On June 30, 2021 the New York Times reported, “Bill Cosby was released from prison Wednesday after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court overturned his 2018 conviction for sexual assault, a dramatic reversal in one of the first high-profile criminal trials of the #MeToo era.”
Last year the state Supreme Court had ruled Cosby's prosecution violated "principles of due process and fundamental fairness." The state judges said, "prosecutors generally are bound by their assurances, particularly when defendants rely to their detriment upon those guarantees." This week the Unites States Supreme Court decided to not hear the appeal of the state prosecutors thereby letting the overturning of Mr. Cosby’s conviction stand.

The purpose of this article is not to comment on whether Mr. Cosby is guilty of being a sexual predator or not but instead it is to compare how Mr. Cosby was let out of jail because his rights of due process were violated and compare it to how disenrolled Native Americans were denied the same due process rights that are supposed to be afforded to all American citizens during the kangaroo court proceedings that resulted in our losing our citizenship in our tribal nation.       OP:  Ironically, Bill Cosby stood against DISENROLLMENT at Chukchansi, refusing to perform there.

In the early 2000s one of our relatives who was serving on the Pechanga tribe’s enrollment committee reportedly was served disenrollment papers from certain fellow committee members against our extended family before any evidence had even been submitted that would warrant opening an investigation towards possible disenrollment. Our family member along with other committee members had found evidence of bias by those certain committee members against certain families when it came to processing membership applications.

The tribal legal department and even Indian legal services were no help in these matters and neither was the tribal council. This first disenrollment challenge was not allowed as obviously nothing had been shown that would be cause for disenrollment.

Fast forward to 2005 when we the Hunter family of Pechanga were served with disenrollment papers to appear in front of the enrollment committee. At the hearings we were not allowed legal representation to appear with us, we were not told why the applications we had originally submitted for membership did not prove tribal membership even though the disenrollment procedures clearly stated the committee was required to do so.

The committee said nothing about why were being disenrolled and the only so called evidence against us were statements by three elders who said we didn’t belong. Not surprisingly one of the statements was by the brother of two of the committee members our family member had accused of wrong doing. Those committee members were allowed to rule on our case even though any fair and reasonable legal proceeding would not have allowed them to do so due to conflict of interest and prejudice against our family. A pure case of unfairness and lack of due process!

We also were not allowed copies of the transcripts of any of the disenrollment proceedings, we were not allowed to record video or even audio of any of the proceedings, and we were not allowed to even take notes as we were not allowed to have pens or pencils in the hearing room!

Related: Are Native Americans Entitled to Civil Rights Protections?

We were given a month to turn in documented proof of tribal membership which all had to be certified or notarized while the statements against us were not certified or notarized. By the way, the statements against our membership, again the only so called negative evidence, was contradicted by statements by three other elders who said they have always recognized us as Pechanga tribal members. Their positive statements confirmed what the documentation of census records, probate records for our land allotment, as we are still allottees on the reservation, and what other documentation showed.

Ironic that Bill Cosby was convicted as a sexual predator but his conviction was overturned because of unfairness of the proceedings while we lost our citizenship in our tribal nation through disenrollment and one of the statements against us was a hand written note from a convicted child molester that was sent from prison where he was serving out a seven year sentence.
So Cosby who was likely guilty gets set free while we who are innocent get to pound sand. 

How fair is that?!

Tribal Disenrollment Retrospective: Pechanga Disenrolls EN MASSE, The Manuela Miranda Descendants TENTH is A SERIES

 MARCH 2004 the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indian's Enrollment Committee authorized the first mass disenrollment of a Pechanga Family, the descendants of Manuela Miranda.  This was purely a POLITICAL action, as a cousin to Miranda, Frances Miranda was one who voted to disenroll, her OWN FAMILY.

Manuela Miranda
You can read the chronology of the Pechanga Disenrollment actions at this post:  Pechanga Indian Removal Acts it's a sordid list.

As I mentioned above, some family were removed others weren't touched.  Read how Law & Rules Apply to SOME in Disenrollments, not all

John Gomez Jr found the Pechanga Enrollment Committee was shuffling papers from the Tosobol family applictions.  The EC didn't want 80 or so rightful candidates to belong to the tribe, even though their Munoa cousins were in.   An excerpt from a Vince Beiser piece on the disenrollment is here   Pechanga's Paper Trail of Tears

The disenrollment of Manuela Miranda descendants happened just before tribal elections, the timing was NOT coincidental.  The same will happened two years after this disenrollment, with the expulsion of the Paulina Hunter descendants, which we will document in a subsequent post.

My cousin Kent Appel, whose song Paper Genocide, laments the disenrollment,  lays out the tribe's constitution on this:

Article V of the Temecula Band of Luiseno Mission Indians’ constitution and bylaws, sometimes referred to as the Pechanga Band of Mission Indians (title from the Band’s constitution and bylaws preamble), states the following


So how was allowing biased enrollment committee members with a clear conflict of interest who were very close relatives of key witnesses against the disenrolled and who made statements prior to the disenrollments such as, “it doesn’t matter what you turn in you are being disenrolled anyway,” not a violation of the Band’s equal protection clause under Article V and how did the families get due process?


Monday, March 7, 2022

Tribal Disenrollment Retrospective: The Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde Ninth in a Series


Amazing story of disenrollment, struggle, using the law to reap justice and VINDICATION.  NPR had a story on it too:

Grand Ronde Disenrollment: Loss of Identity and Belonging

More in this article we posted in 2015

GRAND RONDE, OR – The Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde Community of Oregon Tribal Court has upheld the disenrollment of 86 Grand Ronde Indians.  The terminated members each descend from Chief Tumulth, signatory of the Treaty forming the Tribe.

Sunday, March 6, 2022

OKLAHOMA Is Ground Zero for Freedmen Citizenship and JUSTICE

Excellent article on the quest for Justice for Freedmen of the remaining Five Civilized Tribes after Cherokee Nation has done the right thing.

And excerpt here but the full article at  NONDOC

n 2016, LeEtta Osborne-Sampson, a council representative of the Seminole Nation who is Black, approached some colleagues about a disturbing picture hung on the wall of the Mekusukey Mission, which is used as the Seminole Nation council house and courthouse.

“It was a Black man sitting under a tree,” Osborne-Sampson said. “This Black man had a cloak over his head, a noose around his neck and his hands bound and his feet bound.”

Osborne-Sampson went to the Seminole Nation chief at the time, Leonard Harjo, and asked for the painting to be removed.

“You can’t get that removed,” she says Harjo told her. “It’s history.”

Saturday, March 5, 2022

Genocidal China Calls What U.S. Did to Native Americans Genocide


Human Rights Abusing China
Calls out U.S. Again

China should know, as we've seen them doing this to Uighurs. And this century in Native America, it's the paper genocide BY Tribes via disenrollment  China said something similar in 2011  China Tells U.S. to Quit as Human Rights Judge

Native News Online has the story:

Friday, March 4, 2022

OGLALA SIOUX Gets JUSTICE From Former Hunter Biden Business Partner Devon Archer in FRAUD CASE

Former Hunter Biden business partner Devon Archer will do prison time for a scheme to bilk the Native American tribe out of $60 million. 

Devon Archer on Monday was sentenced to a year and a day for attempting to defraud one of the poorest tribes in the nation, the Oglala Sioux in South Dakota.

From DOJ Press Release


 The hatred and depraved indifference has reared it's ugly head from the Nooksack Tribe.   The news from the Pacific Northwest is that the delayed evictions of elderly Nooksack 306 are resuming.

14 day Eviction Notice

From Nooksack 306 Facebook

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Should Some Tribes Be Worried About Joe Biden's Chief Prosecutor on PANDEMIC FRAUD? CARES ACT Allocations Seemed Suspect

IF the disenrolled are counted as enrolled, 
it's FRAUD

In June 2020, we asked if Disenrolling Tribes Fudging the Numbers for CARES Act  At last nights State of the Union

 We’re gonna go after the criminals who stole billions of relief money meant for small business and millions of Americans,” Biden said during his State of the Union address. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Saginaw Chippewa's FACES of DiSENROLLMENT Real People Abused by a Corrupt Tribal Leadership

 My compatriots from the disenrolled Saginaw Chippewa have responded to my retrospective on their disenrollment and asked me to post this.  Of course I will.  Won't you share it to help?  

Rest in Peace Aunt Dolly Holzhausen who always supported Original Pechanga Blog on her Facebook.  If you need a picture or have what disenrollment means spelled out, HERE IT IS

Disenrolled from the Saginaw Chippewa Tribe
of Michigan

The faces of the disenrolled, speaking more than words ever could. 

They are real people, proud people. Strong people, fighters for what is right and just, walking the path with dignity and honor. As indigenous people they follow the Grand Father’s teachings, believe that we are all interconnected, and that through tradition and culture that we gain our strength.

Monday, February 28, 2022

STOP DISENROLLMENT GAINS MAJOR ALLY: Association on American Indian Affairs

 The Association on American Indian Affairs has worked to protect NAGPRA, Indian Child Welfare and NOW, support of the #stopdisenrollment movement with this tweet:

The Association on American Indian Affairs is the oldest non-profit serving Indian Country protecting sovereignty, preserving culture, educating  youth and building capacity. 

Nooksack 306 UPDATE: Elder EVICTIONS Paused for Two Months


 Nooksack 306 attorney Gabe Galanda announced on his twitter (@ndnlawyer) that evictions have now been paused for two months thanks to @UN_SPExperts & the Fourth Estate. Ross Cline's re-election campaign may also be a factor. But it remains a question of when, not if, Nooksack authoritarians will resume evictions. We're standing guard.

The Fourth Estate is media and YOU for sharing the information, thereby keeping pressure on.  DO NOT STOP, re-share and retweet all the previous media.

Over 40 Nooksack stories here

Friday, February 25, 2022

Paskenta Band of Nomlaki Indians Embezzlement Case, 13 years in the Making, Tribe's Leaders are SENTENCED


EIGHT YEARS ago, we posted about the corruption at Paskenta here:  

Has the California Tribal Business Alliance JUMPED THE SHARK? Two of Three Member Tribes UNDER FIRE for Corruption  and 

PASKENTA Tribal Dispute is Going CYBER: DATA BREACHING Claimed

TODAY, JUSTICE is DONE.   Leslie Lohse, Ines Crosby and former FBI Agent John Crosby were sentenced to PRISON!

The level of corruption is staggering:

Some of the money John Crosby stole went to buy an $838,000, five-bedroom house on a seven-acre plot in Redding, while another $600,000 was spent on adding a pool and spa, patio, full-sized basketball court and a garage to hold his Boss 302 Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 and other exotic vehicles.

Tribal Disenrollment Restrospective: The Enterprise Rancheria Disenrolled Members for Speaking OUT. Who Needs 1st Amendment Rights. Eighth in the Series


Here's a story of the ENTERPRISE RANCHERIA who disenrolled over 70 members in 2003, please take a look.  Oh, and there is an update at the end

Please keep in mind, the numbers may look small but they equate to a significant population of a tribe.   For instance, the Picayune Disenrollment would equate to 16,000,000 Californians being eliminated as state citizens, with no rights to vote, or any state services.   Enterprise Rancheria disenrollments would equate to over 4,000,000 California citizens being denied their rights.  

Thirty former members of Enterprise Rancheria protested in front of the tribal office Saturday, while one disenrolled member waited for an appeals hearing at the Palermo Grange.

In November 2003, the Enterprise Rancheria booted 70 tribal members who questioned the way the tribal council spent a human services fund, according to Robert Edwards, a disenrolled member. Later two more tribal members were disenrolled.

Tribal Disenrollment Retrospective Series: Pala Band of Luiseno Indians Disenrolls 154, Nearly 17% of the Tribe Seventh is the Series

 Margarita Brittain

February 2012 brought more bad news from California's Indian Casino Country.  The disenrollment of 154 citizens of the Pala Band of Luiseno Indians, with some subterfuge from the current chairman Robert Smith.  He had Margarita Brittain's blood quantum changed. THE BIA stepped into the membership dispute

On the official 1913 Pala enrollment documents, Margarita Brittain is listed as a full-blood Cupeño Indian. In the 1970s, however, it was discovered that someone had gone into the document, circled Brittain’s blood degree, and in ink changed her blood quantum to ½ and her children’s to 1/4. Her descendants speculate that the change was made out of spite, because Margarita Brittain had married a white man and taken his name.


Thursday, February 24, 2022

Tribal Disenrollment Retrospective Cahto Tribe of the Laytonville Rancheria, OUT, Then Back In, Then OUT Again Sixth in the Series

 “As far as we’re concerned, we would rather not be involved in enrollment issues,”  “But if an issue comes up, we have to comply with their laws.”
Dale Risling  - Bureau of Indian Affairs

Cahto Tribe's 
Gene Sloan

Gene and Alice Sloan have been fighting for their rights for 25 years.  After wrongdoing was discovered, former tribal chairman Gene Sloan was disenrolled.  Their crime?  Exposing the criminal activity

For years, tribes in California and across the country have been kicking out members – sometimes over objections that those being “disenrolled” have legitimate claims to being part of the tribe. In most cases, the federal government can do nothing, and hasn’t tried.

That’s what makes the Sept. 22 federal district court ruling against the Cahto Tribe of the Laytonville Rancheria so unusual. The appeals court ruling essentially told the tribe to let 22 members back in, or risk losing most federal benefits. The tribe has 60 days from the ruling to file an appeal.

Tribal Disenrollment Retrospective: Saginaw Chippewa Disgraces Grandma Grace Fowler and Descendants Fifth in the Series

 You'd think a tribe like Saginaw Chippewa, that were victim of JACK ABRAMOFF would stick together.  But, alas, no

Grandma Grace Fowler

In 2009 the Fowler family was DISMISSED with PREJUDICE in their second dis-enrollment hearing only to be over turned by the Tribes appellate court in 2014. It was overturned 5 years after the case was dismissed because the Tribal Council made a resolution to their Ordinance #14 allowing them to re-open previous cases. The Tribal attorney's called it an administrative action to correct procedural issues, the paid for by the Tribe appellate court judges ruled they could reopen the cases. This family has been up for dis-enrollment three times, discriminated against by corrupt non- natives!!

The family was dis-enrolled in 2016

The Saginaw Chippewa Tribe has proceeded with Disenrollments and has changed it's Ordinance #14 to continue to exclude members of the Tribe. 

These changes include a " No statue of limitations" on membership dis-enrollment, meaning no one is safe, EVER, NO ONE!!! 

The Saginaw Chippewa Tribe also has the distinction of being one of only two tribes in the Unites states that disenroll deceased members. A disgrace to our ancestors and not the way of the true Saginaw Ojibwe Anishinabek!

Get involved, be informed, let your voices be heard. RISE UP AND FIGHT!

I am linking here to a column from Saginaw Chippewa disenrollee William Masterson  please read and learn more.  An excerpt:

Seven generations ago my paternal and maternal grandfathers, of whom I am a direct lineal descendant, signed the 1855 treaty that was used to establish Saginaw Chippewa tribal lands, yet I was recently notified of my disenrollment. 

I ask again, how can this be? The newly elected Tribal Council can correct the deficiencies in the way in which membership is determined, but they need to hear it from the community. 

Tell them you do not want a system in which some members can be picked and chosen for membership by Council motion while others in the exact same circumstance are disenrolled. 

Tell them you do not want leaders that prefer taking the easy path rather than providing true leadership. Tell them you do not want leaders that shun their responsibilities solely based on what is good for them politically. Tell them you want leadership that addresses issues based on honest and truthful assessments of the facts before them.

OP: Some current members in control can't seem to be traced to.the 1982 BASE ROLL yet disenroll others.  That's a pattern we have seen in other disenrollments.  Equal justice is denied

Read what disenrolled member JUDY POTTER related about disenrollment before she passed.


Saginaw Chippewa Seeks Investigation over Recognition
Saginaw Chippewa JUDGES say Tribe CAN Ruin lives...
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Disrespecting the Saginaw Chippewa Ancestors
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Tribal Disenrollment Retrospective: Robinson Rancheria Corrupt Chairman Tracey Avila Leads Disenrollment. Fourth in a Series


Tribal disenrollment can happen for many reasons, but two are prominent  GREED and POWER.  That's the keys at Robinson Rancheria, Tracey Avila  corrupt, embezzler is the perfect example of that.  There is Good NEWS at the end of the story, however, please read and share.

TRIBAL DISENROLLMENT: Robinson Rancheria Moves Forward with Disenrollments


Late last week, certified letters that dozens of Robinson Rancheria Band of Pomo tribal members were dreading began to arrive.
Sent out to several dozen Pomo, the envelopes contained resolutions for each person, passed in a 3-0 vote held by the Robinson Rancheria Citizens Business Council on Dec. 5, informing them that they had been disenrolled from the tribe and their names removed from its rolls.
The resolutions were signed by Tribal Chair Tracey Avila and Secretary-Treasurer Kim Fernandez on Dec. 10.
Avila had previously told Lake County News that 60 of Robinson's 347 tribal members had been under consideration for disenrollment.
On Tuesday, she said six people had proved their lineage and so were allowed to retain their tribal membership, while several more had asked for special consideration to be able to secure documents proving their lineal descent from tribal members on the tribe's original rolls.
EJ Crandell, who was elected tribal chair in June in an election that was decertified by the tribe's election committee, has asserted that as many as 74 tribal members faced disenrollment, and supplied Lake County News with a list of about 50 names of people who he said had confirmed receiving the disenrollment resolution.
Crandell's wife's family was among those disenrolled. He said he's concerned that he and his immediate family may be next.