Thursday, March 2, 2023

Disenrollment of Ancestors: A Disrespectful and Disgraceful Practice That IS NOT The "Indian Way"

The dishonoring of ancestors through posthumous disenrollment is a reprehensible practice that must be stopped. It has occurred at various tribes, including Saginaw Chippewa and Pala Tribe, and is often driven by non-Indian lawyers representing offending tribes or, more truly their tribal casinos.

Tribal constitutions that are based on lineal descent, must disenroll the dead is because those tribal constitutions include language that says if you descend from an enrolled tribal member (and satisfy other requirements, like blood quantum or on reservation land allotments ), you are entitled to tribal membership too.  They must get rid of the ancestor, to disenroll the living. With no way for an ancestor to confront their accuser or defend themselves, it's a violation of due process and a disregard for the sacredness of the ancestors.

As native elders say, our ancestors never forget the beautiful world that gave them life. They still watch over and guide us to the right paths.  It is our duty to respect and honor them, not only for their spirit's sake but also for our own.

Unfortunately, the federal government pays more attention to BONES, than people.  ELEM, PALA, PECHANGA, PICAYUNE, PINOLEVILLE, SAN PASQUAL and SHINGLE SPRINGS among the recipients of grants of $50,000 or more in order to "locate and preserve artifacts".  We've posted in the past about Pechanga usurping the Gabrieleno Tongva people's ancestor's remains.

Perhaps these disenrolling tribes should worry about preserving their most valuable resource--their Indian PEOPLE--first. It wouldn't take much time, energy, or money to locate the thousands of living Indian people, from whom their corrupt tribal governments have stolen their very birthright through disenrollment and moratoriums.  BONES shouldn't be more important than people

We must call for an end to posthumous disenrollment and demand that offending tribes respect the memory and legacy of their ancestors. Let us learn from tribes like Saginaw Chippewa and Pala Tribe, who hold the sanctity of death in the lowest regard, and strive to honor our own ancestors in a better way... the Indian Way


Walks with fist said...

The Saginaw Chippewa Tribe of Michigan has never honored or respected our ancestors. The 1982 Baseless no trace roll posthumously enrolled deceased persons so that a person could be born to a member, 107 deceased person enrolled themselves. Some were deceased over 50 years.How does a deceased person get themselves enrolled?
They enroll the dead of their choosing but disenroll historical members, members that have lineal descent to the Treaty signers, Chiefs and headsmen that signed for their Reservation, how they gained their sovereignty.

There is no honor among thieves, be it the Tribal Council, The BIA, The DOI all of them thieves!!

The prophecies are coming true, when you no longer value the land or it’s people, when you value things over your own people, when no longer value your ancestors sacrifices, when you no longer listen to your elders, you will be lost and it will be your undoing.

Truth and accountability must be upheld for all not for the few. Bring the disenrolled home and heal the community!


Does this Flagrant Civil Rights Violation look like a enrollment issue to you.This Is Blatant Organized Crime.DOJ we demand these Shysters be removed immediately !

FIST OF FIRE said...

We’re not rolling over we will all keep coming until something is done to these bastard crook’s that like to prey on innocent helpless people!

Spark said...
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Laura Galvan said...

I have been very worried about the remains of our Shingle Springs Ancestors, who have also being usurped by the Kanaka that have taken over our tribal Identity. We must stop NORMALIZING Tribal Identity Theft, as this too leads to many forms of #Disnerollment.

I agree with Chief Fire Walker that all the above are basically organized crime rings. #AmyDutschke and her so called niece Sara need to be charged and sent to prison.

True Shingle Springs
Lineal Descendant of Chief Hunchup (Smith/Hart)


Anonymous said...

There are rumors that the 1982 base roll for the Saginaw Chippewa tribe was never approved by the DOI.Wouldn’t that make their whole constitution fraudulent?