Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Nooksack Tribe Serves 14 Day EVICTION NOTICES to ELDERLY, Infirm. Predatory Seizures of Homes

 You may have seen the ABC News report  earlier this month on this issue, linked here. But now, the dreaded notices that even the United Nations requested be stopped, has begun anew.

She's recovering from pneumonia. She cannot see well, she's had cataract surgeries in both eyes. Nor can she hear well. She cannot walk without assistance. There should be no scenario in which she could be evicted from her home of 24 years--a home she should own outright.  But the act of humanity eludes the Nooksack Tribe

Chairman Rosemary LaClair foreshadowed this act of depravity during the ABC interview.  She lacks heart and continues the abuse the Nooksack 306 has been subject to.  She's no better than the two chairman, including felon Ross Cline, and Bob Kelly.

RoseMary LaClair

Friday, April 22, 2022

Yolanda McCarter, Architect of Pechanga Disenrollments and Destruction of Families and Ancestors, Dies

 Sad news for her family, to the HUNDREDS of Pechanga people who were disenrolled BECAUSE of her, not so much.

It's hard not to speak ill of the dead, but for McCarter, I'll make an exception.

As I wrote years ago in the post Pechanga Disenrollment Decade.. 
In December 2001, apparently in the holiday spirit, Yolanda McCarter (niece of Irene Scearce and Ruth Masiel  OP: She is the porcine one on the Pechanga infomercial saying she could die happy if she didn't have the casino money. Obviously, a lie, as she was looking to gain more per capita via disenrollment) submitted a letter to Enrollment Committee demanding the Committee research several families including ours.  The request stated that "this (be) straightened up before the next election in July." (So that there would be fewer votes for any opposition, a clear sign that they wanted to disenfranchise "several families" from voting.

Maybe she was loved by her family, but for dozens of Pechanga families, it's a hard NO.  May she rest in eternal damnation.

Thursday, April 21, 2022

ABC NEWS REPORTS On Nooksack 306 Disenrollments and Evictions

 A good report from ABC News on the Nooksack 306 evictions from their Washington State tribe.  Our friend Michelle Roberts was given ample time to detail what the experience had meant to her and her family.  Santana Rabang did an outstanding job and did the elder Robert Rabang.  I have embedded it here, please watch.

Many of us contributed to the background of the disenrollment issue and it's important that this information got out to national media.  Please share so ABC news can understand how this affects Indian Country.,  Your views, show them many people are interested,.

Saturday, April 2, 2022

Tribal Disenrollment Retrospective: Moratoriums As Bad As Disenrollments, When You Rightfully Belong. Petra Tosobol Descendants 11th in a Series


Pechanga has a moratorium on membership.  There is also a right to belong.  The Tosobol descendants fit this criteria.  They have cousins in the tribe, the Munoa clan, who has stood in their way.

The moratorium has been in place for nearly 25 years now and it was created to "give the enrollment committee" time to catch up. We again ask: How is that "catch up" going? Can the enrollment committee be so INEPT that they can't look at the applications and see who rightfully belongs?

Below is a story we posted in December of 2008 describing one family. We will post it again in its entirety and would LOVE to read comments from those in the moratorium. Tell us YOUR story, what family you belong to, how many are in your family that SHOULD be in the Pechanga tribe. Let's HEAR FROM YOU.