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Pechanga Councilmember Andrew Masiel is OUT: Resigns amid Ethics Committee Investigation

Andrew Masiel, Sr.  the now former council member for the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians has resigned.  Masiel was well known for helping his family disenroll two large families from the tribe in 2004 and 2006.
Sources say that Masiel had been under investigation by the tribe's Ethics committee. Masiel resigned two weeks ago, and was NOT at the council table at this past Sunday's tribal meeting.

Andrew Masiel Sr.
Son of woman who destroyed
HUNDREDS of Pechanga People's Heritage

Masiel also led the Native American Caucus of the Democratic Party which stood up against Native American's rights during a heated vote in Anaheim, CA.

Word is that Masiel will run for political office.  Really?  Who would vote for this guy?  The opposition research teams will have a field day.   Please check this blog for plenty of reason not  to vote for Masiel. Read this article for MORE links to Masiel and Pechanga Council's corruption

Saturday, September 26, 2015

No Honest Elections At Pala Say Some Britten Descendents: Does Robert Smith Conduct SELECTIONS vs. ELECTIONS?

I occasionally post some information that aggrieved tribal members would like people to know. 

In this case, it's about the voting, which could be unconstitutional.  Again, the BIA should have some involvement in protecting the rights of tribal members.


There has not been an honest election at Pala since Robert Smith took control of the Pala Band of Mission Indians (PBMI). Instead of elections Robert Smith conducts selections. He picks and chooses who he wants to serve as his Executive Committee.

The process of choosing a Selection Committee is in itself flawed. Nominations for the Selection Committee are taken then each person is voted on in a single vote. The Selection Committee is then chosen by descending vote rather than popular vote. It is possible for a person receiving as little as 4 votes to serve on the Selection Committee. As long as the lowest vote getter is in the top 5 they are considered elected to the Selection Committee.

There are so many ways to cheat in the Pala Elections it makes it easy to see that the Elections have transformed into Selections. Most of all it is easy to see that many of the Selection Committee members are easily corrupted. Some have been rewarded with golf jaunts. One in particular was documented with photographic evidence of a trip to Carmel on the Tribe’s NetJet.

So powerful is the Selection Committee (those chosen by Robert Smith) that one Selection Committee chairman was given the position after he covered up Robert Smith’s disgraceful action of urinating in one of the hallways at the Pala Casino. The video tape of the event was destroyed and the other security person that was witness to the event was fired from her job. That witness did provide several tribal members with a signed affidavit attesting to the event.

After the event, the other security officer, a member of PBMI, was publicly promised that he would be rewarded by being selected as the next chairman of the Selection Committee.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

BIA IDLE SOME MORE as Saginaw Chippewa Tribe Reopens Disenrollment of the Dead and their Descendants

The Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe has reopened the enrollment case that was previously dismissed on Aug. 18, 2015, and they sent transmittal letters to 233 members - living and dead - on Sept. 11. who may now face disenrollment.

Attorney Paula Fisher, who has defended tribe members in the past, said upon receival of the letter, they have 30 days to request a hearing from the Office of Administrative Hearing. The reason the court dismissed the case back in August was because the membership was based on collateral trace, which is proving one is related to the tribe through their aunt, uncle and/or cousin.

However according to the press release that was published on the same date, the Tribe now ask that the 233 appellants prove through lineal trace - the grandparent - that they’re related to the tribe.

It also stated that the three independent Court of Appeals judges Robert Kittecon, Andrew Pyatskowit and Dennis Peterson issued the decision to reopen the case. They’re doing so on the basis of Enrollment Ordinance No. 14, which states that the court may disenroll if the Tribe can show that the initial enrollment was a mistake or fraudulent. Based on the Appellate Court decision on Aug. 27, 2013, where members were disenrolled based on lineal trace, the 233 members have failed “to demonstrate a particular violation of the Saginaw Constitution or ordinances,” which is fatal to the case

According to the press release, Tribal chief Steven Pego said, “We cannot strip the rights of individuals to be native. We are merely honoring and executing the requirements of our Constitution so what is best for the many is best for our Tribal community. That is what is traditional.”

Fisher said that with the new council in place, the decision to let the case rest is being affected by a different set of mind. The old council went along with the collateral trace while the current judges in place have gone the opposite way. She added that this has been an on-going case for six years and that some of her clients have gone to court about the matter twice already.

“This concerns a political shift and a different mind set, nothing else,” Fisher said. “Politics are controlling this and that’s not justice. How many times do they have to win these cases before it’s left alone?”

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Corrupt Tribal Officials in CA Can Breathe Easier TODAY! Cosentino V. Fuller ordered Depublished

 The CA Supreme Court has ordered the Cosentino v. Fuller, the decision that held that tribal officials can be held liable when they overstep their bounds, be depublished.

How do you do it?  Well, by getting the court to believe a LIE.   Pechanga attorney Lawrence, provided the court with "evidence" from the Great Western case.  No matter that the court couldn't find the quotes anywhere in the actual decision.  Don't sue me, Frank,'s from the court:

Defendants similarly argue their motivations in revoking Cosentino's license are irrelevant. According to Defendants, the Great Western Casinos court applied sovereign immunity to dismiss intentional
tort claims against tribal officials even though "'[t]he tribal council members' alleged motivations for these actions were plainly illegal and not expressly authorized under applicable law."' - (Rehearing Petition pp. 21& 22)- The Great Western Casinos decision, however, does not include his quote Defendants attribute to it and we have been unable to find that quote in any other reported case. Moreover, this rule also would conflict with Turner's statement tthat a tribal official may forfeit immunity by acting out of personal interests.

As Cosentino attorney Twietmeyer put it in his opposition:

Cosentino vs. Fuller should not be stricken from our state's case law based on the summary, slap-dash, ill-informed and (now) deliberately misleading arguments that have surfaced in the numerous depublication requests filed in this Court. Defendants' disgraceful request is the most potent illustration of why Cosentino vs. Fuller was correctly decided, for, if Defendants arguments had any merit Defendants would not need to fabricate law and evidence to support their position. Cosentino vs. Fuller should remain published.

What this means is that the Cosentino decision STANDS on it's merits, but there was NO NEW LAW made.  Pechanga doesn't WIN here, the OTHER tribes do, as Cosentino can NO longer be used as case law.

The bad guys, and potential bad guys win.  

Interesting Times in CA's Indian Country, Right AMY DUTSCHKE?

Very  interesting times in California's Indian Country and the BIA.

We've posted on what some tribal members from Pala feel are shenanigans by the BIA's Director Amy Deutschke.    We also wrote about San Pasqual descendants evidence of shenanigans, with the same Director.  NOW, some historical perspective.

This February 22, 2004 article from the San Diego Union Tribune, sheds some light on early..shenanigans

A once-tiny, nearly destitute American Indian tribe is pushing hard to build a $100 million casino – but it's not traditional tribal members gunning for riches.

Hundreds of people have been newly added to the Ione Band of Miwok Indians' membership rolls, which were opened up by regional Bureau of Indian Affairs officials. Among the new members are several BIA employees and dozens of their relatives.

Four congressmen have called for an investigation, though federal officials have so far declined to intervene. Rep. Nick Rahall, ranking Democrat on the House Resources Committee, called the BIA's move an apparent "coup d'etat" that should make other tribes "tremble with fear."

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

UPDATE: Purported Attorney for Pala and NIECE of BIA's AMY Dutschke, sends Threatening Letter to Attorney for Agua Caliente Tribe of Cupeno Indians


I've got TWO letters here, one which is a response from Andrew Twietmeyer, attorney for the Agua Caliente Tribe of Cupeno Indians of the Pala Reservation.   The second is from Attorney Sara Dutschke  Setshwaelo, who claims to be the attorney for the Pala Tribe.

The second paragraph addresses that issue.  IS SHE....or ISN'T SHE?

My Client is unaware of any such approval or authorization and believes it to be unlikely.
Therefore, as a courtesy, and to facilitate open and direct communication, please immediately
send me documentary evidence of 1) the PBMI General Council’s and the Secretary of the Interior’s authorization and approval for you to represent the PBMI; and 2) when such authorization and approval was effected.    OUCH

 Another item seems to have Atty Setshwaelo CONFUSED.   She doesn't seem to know the difference in a proposal

 It is a proposal only. In other words, your contention that, my Client’s Proposal that the PBMI should agree to particular terms, somehow operates to misrepresent that the PBMI has agreed to such terms is, quite frankly, absurd. 

Most important, there is a QUESTION as to HOW Attorney SDS came into possession of certain documents.  COULD IT BE her AUNT, Amy Dutschke share documents with her?

Your letter also makes reference to a January 7, 2015 letter. See Tab “A” at p. 2. My
Client sent that letter to the attention of Regional Director Amy Dutschke and her subordinates at
the Pacific Regional Office only. How did you or your client obtain a copy of that letter? I am
given to understand that Regional Director Dutschke is a relation of yours. Is that true? Did she
transmit the letter to you or your client? Please advise immediately as to where you obtained that
letter. The fact that you have cited my Client’s private communications with the Bureau in your letter is very troubling to my Client. 

READ the Documents:

UPDATE:  Word from Pala that Sara Setshwaelo HAS NOT RESPONDED to the request for PROOF she is the PALA ATTORNEY.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Navajo Nation ACCUSE Barack Obama and Democrat Party of ABANDONMENT after Animas River POISONING.

Democrats seem to just watch as disasters happen in Native America.  It's easy to do, especially when Native media accuse Republicans of bad things.    Democrats KNOW they can get away with whatever they want.  They've got the Native vote locked up.   We've seen it with Boxer and Feinstein turning a blind eye to the corruption, abuse and civil rights violations in CA.  Patty Murray has never spoken out against the Nooksack violations.   NOW, the Navajo get a dose of Democrat Party  reality.    

Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye again called on Obama and administration officials to declare the San Juan River a disaster zone.

In August, an EPA accident resulted in 3 million gallons of contaminated water flowing into the Animas River, which runs into the San Juan River. One-third of the Navajo Nation’s people rely on the Animus for water.

EPA officials have insisted the toxins have been diluted. But Begaye said he “doesn’t buy it.” He argues toxins are seeping into ranchers’ soil and threatening livestock and crops.

“There’s no way we can guarantee that the drinking water is safe,” he said.

“We are asking the Democratic Party to have President Obama declare the river a disaster area — and we haven’t gotten anything. Nothing,” he said. “The Democrats? I don’t know what happened. We basically are Democrats. We always vote Democrat. But it seems like they’ve just walked away. And we’re not hearing anything that’s of value to us from the Democrats.”

KING FREEMAN: I AM Pala Band of Mission Indians! DENTON's LAW FIRM & BIA Director's Niece Sara Dutschke Setshwaelo May Cause Harm to Come to Me

King Freeman, former chairman of the Pala Band of Mission Indians, prior to the destruction of lives caused by current chairman, Robert Smith,  wants it to be known that he is not a member of the Agua Caliente Tribe of Cupeño Indians of the Pala Reservation, but he is only a member of the Pala Band of Mission Indians.
Sara Dutschke Setshwaelo
Attorney and Niece of BIA
Director Amy Dutschke

Here is the TEXT of the letter sent to the DENTON's LAW FIRM of San Francisco, where Sara Dutschke Setshwaelo practices law. He claims to be defamed by Setshwaelo.  We wrote about this letter referenced below: Purported Attorney for Pala and NIECE of BIA's AMY Dutschke...

My name is King Freeman and I am an enrolled member of the Pala Band of Mission Indians.  I recently received a copy of a letter dated 1 September, 2015 from your office addressed to Andrew W. Twietmeyer, Attorney for the Agua Caliente Tribe of Cupeño Indians.  The letter was apparently written and signed by Sara Dutschke Setshwaelo, Senior Managing Associate of your Firm.
On page 4 of this letter, Ms. Dutschke states that I am a member of the Agua Caliente Tribe.  I must start by informing you that I am not enrolled nor have I applied for enrollment in any tribe or band other than the tribe I am presently enrolled in PBMI.
In the footnote of the Sara Dutschke letter, she states that I claim membership in another tribe.  In reading paragraph two of page 4 of your associate’s letter she outlines possible ramifications for an individual possessing dual enrollment status.  I have served for twenty plus years as chairman or vice-chairman of the Pala Band of Mission Indians and I understand the sacredness and confidentiality of a tribe or band’s enrollment information.  Given the seriousness of your associates claim I feel I must demand copies of the document or documents that Sara Dutschke referenced that caused her to conclude that I am an enrolled member of a tribe other than the Pala Band of Mission Indians.
Ms. Dutschke’s letter has the potential of causing me serious harm and I have yet to consult with an attorney on this matter but would like to give you opportunity to respond before taking any sanction against Ms. Dutschke and your law firm.  I believe a letter to me and to the Pala Band of Mission Indians correcting the record and an apology from your law firm is appropriate.
King J. Freeman
Cc:       Amy Dutschke, Pacific Regional Office, Bureau of Indian Affairs
            Kevin Washburn, Assistant Secretary, Bureau of Indian Affairs
            Superintendent, Southern California Agency, Bureau of Indian Affairs
            Robert Smith

Friday, September 18, 2015

ANOTHER Example of Justice The Pechanga WAY: CRIME FAMILY WANTS Jenny Miranda Back in the TRIBE. Here's EVIDENCE to GET ALL the CRIMINAL ELEMENT REMOVED from the TRIBE.

What a MESS the Pechanga Tribe has become.   Word from the Rez, is that an upcoming meeting may allow former tribal chair JENNY MIRANDA, who was disenfranchised for theft from the tribe AND sister of councilman ANDY MASIEL  to be reinstated.  Miranda and Masiel are Basquez descendents.

This is a family that has NO Pechanga Blood.   Take a look at some documents we have from the National Archives.


Ruth Masiel, who is ANDREW MASIEL's mother, was ADOPTED, with no proof of Lineal Descent from a Pechanga Indian.  SHOULD his SISTER be brought back into the TRIBE?  Or in fairness, should legitimate Pechanga Indians,disenrolled by the Masiel Basquez families, be restored to their rightful place in the tribe?

THIS is something that should be CORRECTED, MR. MACARRO. YOU CAN STILL do what is right.

Pechanga CORRUPTION allowed this family to stand in judgement of REAL Pechanga Indians  from the descendants of PAULINA HUNTER  and Manuela Miranda.    

FOR MY PECHANGA TRIBAL READERS, here's FURTHER PROOF that Frances LEIVAS was trying to FOOL the Mission Indian Director, he was having NONE of it.  BASQUEZ were NOT PECHANGA born.    GET RID OF THEM, and Bring back both the HUNTERS, and APIS Descendants, who are TRUE Pechanga Indians.


EPA's Gina McCarthy REFUSES to SIT with TRIBAL OFFICIALS. Is She TOO GOOD for THEM? Or Just ASHAMED of Her Departments Actions

From House Natural Resources Committee:

EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy refused to sit at the same table as state and tribal officials at yesterday's oversight hearing on her agency's disastrous Animas River spill. 

During the hearing, Chairman Rob Bishop said “I understand Administrator McCarthy agreed to come only if she appeared first and on her own panel — refusing to sit alongside representatives of states and tribes that traveled across the country to discuss the disaster her agency unleashed in their backyard." 

Per her demands, McCarthy appeared on her own panel, which was followed by a second panel that included the President of the Navajo Nation and Treasurer of the Southern Ute Indian Tribe, whose lands were directly impacted by the EPA’s spill, as well as state officials from Colorado and New Mexico. 

Why do you think she was unwilling to face those hit hardest by her agency's actions?

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Norm Desrosiers OUT at Picayune Rancheria? Are the LEADERS of the TRIBE Driving LEMMINGS off the CLIFF?

From some Chukchansi friends...

BREAKING of today, the recently appointed, and very well respected (in the gaming industry and legal world) Norm Desrosiers walked away from his position at Picayune, after repeated attempts by the Morris Reid supporters on tribal council to gain control over the gaming commission by the passing of various and numerous resolutions to do so. 

With the Lewis people steadfastly, and in writing, promising to contest any election due to the inelligible status of those being brought back from disenrollment 2010 and 2012 and allowed to vote, and the Reid faction on their power trip to control the gaming commission, BOTH of these factions have proven--once again--that they care only for themselves, NOT the best interest of the Chukchansi People. 

Desrosiers said that the council will “not respect the independence of its tribal regulatory agency and  knowingly and willingly will not comply with its own tribal gaming ordinance.”

Read more here:

Undoubtedly, both the NIGC and the investors for Chukchansi Gold must be livid...the "leaders" at Picayune appear to be more interested in "leading" our tribe into oblivion...This is what happens when a tribe becomes a casino, instead of a TRIBE...which is what we exist to be. Next step? Loss of federal recognition...

FEDS say NO F******* WAY to CHUKCHANSI for September Opening of Casino. $49 MILLION Unaccounted for.

An anticipated reopening this month of Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino seems highly unlikely because the National Indian Gaming Commission still is awaiting a significant number of documents from the tribe and an indication that its governance is stable.

A National Indian Gaming Commission spokesman told The Fresno Bee on Tuesday that the commission will wait at least until after the tribe’s election on Oct. 3 for further proof of the council’s stability.

Confirming stability of a new government will take several weeks after the Oct. 3 election, which will likely extend the reopening beyond the one-year anniversary of the closure order issued for the Coarsegold resort on Oct. 10, 2014.

Without the approval of the NIGC, the tribe cannot resume operations at the casino and hotel.

In addition to the election, the federal government also is working on a settlement agreement for two years worth of late audits that sparked a casino gaming office raid and led to the casino’s closure. Auditors found $49.6 million was not accounted for by casino operators.

Read more here:

TRIBES: The Corruption of the Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians

On a long road trip this weekend, I was able to re-listen to this piece from reporter David Ferry, on the corrupt activities of the Councils from the Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians.  I've had it on my ipod for quite a while.

Here's your chance to listen to this and to share too

 Here is the LINK to the story: TRIBES Which, SADLY, is STILL PERTINENT. And the reporter just contacted me last week, wondering where the missing $50 million is.

Disenrollment, is Indian De-Population: Tribal Governments Violating rights, Disenrolling, Disenfranchising, Reclassifying, Denying or placing in Moratorium and Banishing Members

In a recent post by Steve Russell in Indian Country, he said he couldn't name many of the tribes.  Thanks to Alice Langton-Sloan, Vice President of the American Rights and Resources Organization (AIRRO)  WE HAVE the DETAILS.. read them...and weep for the injustice.

In case you don't have your calculator handy, the number EXCEEDS 11,000

Northern California Southern California  The Other 49 States of the United States
V/M Berry Creek - 27 V/M Bishop Timbisha Shoshone - 78 V/M Aroostock Band of Micmacs, ME - 
V/M Cahto - 26 (33% of tribal membership) V/M California Valley Miwoks - 12 V/M Black Seminoles, Oklahoma - 2000
V/M Colusa - 4 V/M Cold Springs - 25 V/M Cherokee Nation Freedman, OK  - 2800
V/M Coyote Valley - 5 V/M Ft. Independence - 60 V/M Comanche Nation of Oklahoma - 200
V/M Dry Creek - 158  V/M Ione Band of Miwoks - 69  V/M Confederate Tribes of Siletz Indians, OR - 1
V/M Elem Colony/Sulfer Bank - 29 V/M Jamul Indian Village -13 V/M Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana - 32
V/M Enterprise - 70 V/M Pechanga - 440 V/M Isleta Pueblo, NM - 15 
V/M Grindstone - 12 V/M Picayune Chukchanski - 1200 V/M Las Vegas Paiutes, NV - 14
V/M Guidiville - 21 V/M Rincon - 72 V/M Mashpee Wampanoag, MA - 4
V/M Hopland - 74 V/M San Pasqual - 210 V/M Meskwaski Sac & Fox , IA - 1524
V/M Manchester/Pt. Arena - 150 V/M Santa Rosa Band - 20 V/M Noonsack Tribe, WA - 306
V/M Me - Wuk Wilton Rancheria - 86  V/M Santa Rosa Reservation - 35 V/M Mixed Blood Unitas Utes of Utah - 490
V/M Mission/Big Valley - 1 V/M Shingle Springs - 400 V/M Narragansett, RI - 140
V/M Mooretown - 85 V/M Table Mountain - 120 V/M Oneida Nation, NY - 60
V/M Paskenta - 4 Families  V/M Viejas Indian Reservation - 3 V/M Ponca Tribe of Nebraska - 3
V/M Pinoleville - 225 V/M Pala Band of Mission Indians-169 V/M Confederated Tribes of Grande Ronde, Or - 95
V/M Pit River Madesi Band - 235 V/M Puyallup, WA - 1
V/M Potter Valley - 21 V/M Sac&Fox Tribe of Mississippi - 18
V/M Quartz Valley-Shasta Indian Nation - 5 V/M Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe, MI - 191 (300 more pending)
V/M Redding - 76 V/M Sauk - Suiattle, WA - 7
V/M Robinson - 73 plus  V/M Shakopee Mdwakanton Dakota Sioux, MN - 100
V/M Scotts Valley - 2 V/M Snoqualimies, WA - 51 updated 2012 Reinstated
V/M Sherwood Valley - 3 V/M Te-Moak Western Shoshone, NV - 600
V/M Habematolel Pomo - Upper Lake  - 179 V/M Tigua Indian Tribe, TX - 10 families

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Death at Pechanga Resort & Casino: Eastvale Man Dies

Sad to report via the Press Enterprise:

A 45-year-old Eastvale man died in a single-vehicle motorcycle crash near the Pechanga Resort & Casino late Thursday night, the California Highway Patrol reported.

The man was identified by the Riverside County Coroner's Bureau as Deon Hall. His body was found in a flood channel along the parking lot of the casino property, according to the bureau.
Ciara Green, public relations manager for the casino, said in an email the motorcyclist pulled into Casino Drive and the crash occurred moments later.

"It's a terrible tragedy," she said.


Friday, September 11, 2015

BIA, NCAI: A SIMPLE way to DEAL with Disenrolling Tribes. Avoid their Businesses.

This little news item today, on how our US Government is dealing with Chinese espionage and abuses of our system:

The U.S. government says it's abandoning decades of tradition and moving out of New York's famed Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, which was purchased last year by a Chinese firm from Hilton Worldwide.

President Barack Obama, his staff and the sizable State Department contingent that trek to Manhattan every September for the annual U.N. General Assembly will work and stay at the New York Palace Hotel instead.

The change is due in large part to concerns about Chinese espionage, although State Department spokesman Mark Toner would say only that it followed a review "to take into account changing circumstances" that included "possible security concerns."

THIS is EXACTLY how the BIA, the National Congress of American Indians and other NATIVE groups should deal with tribes that have harmed Native Americans.  Simply NOT attend ANY functions at that tribes hotel/casino.    Moral Persuasion WORKS.

Do NOT attend functions at
Picayune Rancheria/Chukchansi Gold
Pechanga Resort & Casino
Valley View Casino
Redding Rancheria's Win River

TO NAME A FEW......   add more to the comment sections.

Thursday, September 10, 2015


Can former tribal council members who sat by while 600 Chukchansi people were stripped of their tribal citizenship be put back into power? Is their support for the destruction of Chukchansi lives, a feature, or a bug?

One of the candidates, Patrick Hammond was the chair of the PRCI enrollment committee when 600 Chukchansi people were terminated from the tribe. Other candidates from that period include Dora Jones, Morris Reid (in the HALL OF SHAME)

It does seem like amnesia to forget that the disenrollment STARTED with these people, many who claim to now be anti-disenrollment.

It would seem that they all should be disqualified, for crimes against their own people. If not criminal, at least, morally bankrupt. These people eliminated their own language speakers for pete's sake..

Or, can we believe in forgiveness, if the act to atone for their misdeeds? Is that a question that should at least be ASKED? Will they work to bring ALL Chukchansi people home?

REMEMBER, the evil didn't just start with REGGIE LEWIS and NANCY AYALA


Wednesday, September 9, 2015


Here at Original Pechanga Blog, we get some lively comment strings going.  Particularly so with any posts concerning the PALA Band, whose despicable chairman Robert Smith is currently working to EVICT two people from their property, for SPEAKING OUT against their disenrollment.   This breakdown of some comments was sent to on:


PalaRez made this comment in response to the article titled here and published on Original Pechanga Blog.

PALA Plans EVICTIONS for Speaking Out Against Their Injustice. Bet South Africa Did the Same

Blogger PALAREZ said...

More bullshit stories because the sheriff did show up to the youth camp the coroner report says that man died of cardiac arrest not any sort of blunt force trauma. No one knows what happened to joe Scott there are so many rumors that aren't even close to being true. He never exposed himself to Andrews daughter and him and Andrew were friends I don't know where you people come up with this stuff. Now to the mother fucker that wants to shoot me bring it you punk, all you are is talk trying to stir the pot I promise you won't get far. To r&r your allegations will go away because most of your "facts" are faked or forged and you guys know it that's why a judge won't even look at it. I hope you got a better lawyer maybe this one won't get laughed out of the court room.
September 6, 2015 at 2:52 AM

Why should anyone be concerned about these comments?

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Grande Ronde Tribes Want to TWIST THE DISENROLLMENT KNIFE in the NECKS of Disenrolled: FOR SPEAKING OUT.

The DESPICABLE Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde in Oregon are accusing the descendants of a historic leader and their attorneys of using the media to influence a disenrollment dispute. 

IF you are going to abuse people OWN it you assholes.

From article:

Only a few outlets covered a September 1 tribal court decision that upheld the removal of 86 people from the rolls. Yet the tribe's attorneys want the descendants of Chief Tumulth, who signed the 1855 Willamette Valley Treaty, and the Galanda Broadman law firm to be held in contempt for allegedly violating a gag order in the case.

"Petitioners should be ordered to cease and desist from publishing the parties briefings and otherwise using the media in attempt to influence matters on appeal," tribal attorneys said in a court filing that was posted by Turtle Talk.  OP:  Translation:  We don't care about the 1st Amendment.

Turtle Talk is operated by the Indigenous Law and Policy Center at Michigan State University College of Law. The blog regularly posts filings and documents from a wide range of tribal, federal and state court cases across the nation but otherwise is not involved in the dispute.

As purported evidence, a screenshot from the Facebook page of Gabe Galanda, a principal at the law firm, shows links to posts about the dispute from Turtle Talk, Last Real Indians and Indianz.Com.

"Even if petitioners were to disclaim responsibility for the initial posting of the briefs on Turtle Talk, the willful re-posting of the article and link by Mr. Galanda violates the court’s September 18th order," the tribal attorneys said, citing a September 2014 gag order in the case.
Indianz.Com's September 2 story was based on information submitted by Mia Prickett, a spokesperson for the descendants being disenrolled, and on documents from the tribe's publicly accessible document repository. Neither Prickett, nor anyone from Galanda Broadman, has supplied briefs to Indianz.Com.

Last Real Indians, whose writers have spoken out against disenrollment, also has not published any briefs. Turtle Talk's two most recent posts on the subject, dated September 4 and September 2, appear to be the only place on the Internet where briefs filed in Grande Ronde court can be found.

Read more:

Here are some links to the paperwork...

Monday, September 7, 2015


The word coming from the Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians is that the Reggie Lewis/Nancy Ayala faction is hard at work trying to get the casino open. Are they trying just as hard to figure out where $50 million went, or are they trying to HIDE IT?

This group is a piece of work, first they caused chaos at the monthly meeting to shut it down and to prevent the passing of a new election ordinance.

Second Reggie's followers caused chaos again to shut the next meeting down. That time it was to prevent nomination night.

At the last meeting, Reggie's followers (about 80 people) caused chaos again. This time it was to remove Chance Alberta for the IRS investigation. If Chance had gotten removed and replaced the votes would have been 3 - 3 with Reggie (the chairman) breaking the tie.


These goofballs failed all three times to complete their mission. All those thieves mentioned in the documents ( and their families) were the ones calling Chance a thief (That's not saying he isn't).

Vernon King's family was "off the hook" that night, apprently because of these  documents.

REALLY, is this who the FEDS and county want in charge AGAIN?  Hopefully, the government entities don't approve the opening until a new Tribal Council is seated.

When asked at a meeting "Reggie are you going to step down when you lose the election?" Reggie just laughed. Reggie and his followers absolutely will be trying to do a holdover government again. They must holdover to destroy evidence of their alleged thefts.  Destroying evidence means disenrollment of all members except for his 80 followers.

The 80 will be doing the "honor amongst thieves" thing. Otherwise it's prison time for almost all of Reggie's followers.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

BIA Complicit as PALA's Britten Family In Bunker Mode for Wednesday's EVICTION FARCE. Gina Howard and Kenny Johnson Being Evicted for Standing Up for their Family's RIGHTS.

 WHO NEEDS THE STINKING FIRST Amendment anyway, right PALA, right ROBERT SMITH?  Pala's Britten Family unleashes another smackdown on the BIA's Amy Dutschke and Robert Smith.   

With almost all the facts revealed, the Brittens are now in bunker mode. It is simply a matter of waiting for the appropriate agencies and courts to take action against the crooks of Pala. What have we learned and what have we been able to teach the BIA and the general public about the horrific crimes of Robert Smith, Andrew Smith and their cronies?

We have learned through many sources that the Smiths are quite capable of committing murder.
The BIA via Amy Dutschke, is willing to go to any length to protect Robert Smith even if those actions are illegal.

The Lugo family is from Morongo and the BIA forced the Warner Ranch Evictees to accept them as part of the Band.
  • The Constitution of the Pala Tribe is illegal no matter what Amy Dutschke says about it. She will be arguing the validity of the Pala Constitution from her jail cell.
  • There has not been a legal election on Pala since 1990 due to the corrupt actions of Robert Smith.
  • The County of San Diego will spend millions of dollars at tax payer expense and send out a militarized force to protect Robert Smith from the Warner Ranch Evictees.
  • Robert Smith is the chairman of the Pala Band of Luiseno Mission Indians, California (Old Pala) and that the Pala Band of Mission Indians is not published in the Federal Register and therefore the Pala Band of Mission Indians is not a tribe.
  • Robert Smith is the Pala Band of Mission Indians or better described as Robert Smith doing business as the Pala Band of Mission Indians. It means that Robert Smith can buy, sell or trade any land utilizing moneys and authority meant for the Warner Ranch Evictees. Robert Smith does not need approval of the General Council for anything. Did Robert Smith file his fictitious business name with the appropriate agencies? Probably not but there are plenty of records showing that he uses the name Pala Band of Mission Indians on countless documents.
  • All of the important agreements affecting the Warner Ranch Evictees is carried out in the name of the Pala Band of Luiseno Mission Indians, California (Old Pala) The casino is located on Warner Ranch Evictee land not on Old Pala. Wish we could show you the faces on the agency heads when they realized they were duped by Robert Smith. Of course the BIA and Amy Dutschke started creating their false tribe once they learned they were caught in their lies and deception. Which one is it? And will the real tribe please stand up. Pala, Pala Band, Pala Village, Pala Band or Village, Pala Village of Indians, Pala Reservation, Old Pala, Copa Tribe, Pala Village of Indians, Luiseno, Pala Luiseno, Pala Band of Luiseno Mission Indians, California, Pala Band of Mission Indians. How is that working out for you Amy?
  • Robert Smith is anything but “Honorable”.
  • Robert Smith is willing to use his army of Lugos to do his bidding and evict the true descendants of the Warner Ranch Evictees.
  • Remijio Lugo was paid to help remove the Cupeño People from Warner Springs.
  • The Pala Band of Mission Indians never was a tribe. The illegal approval of the Constitution was a direct violation of the Part 86 Regulations because it gave tribal status to a non-tribe without formal application and review. There is your cue Amy Dutschke. Better start creating the Pala Band of Mission Indians application for federal recognition so you can bury it in the BIA files along with all your other lies. Please put it right next to that Babbit Memo that says Pala Band of Mission Indians is not a tribe. 
  • Robert Smith abuses casino comps, utilizes Net Jets like they were his personal toys and purchases fleets of vehicles without authorization from anyone. 
  • Howard Maxcy, loyal Robert Smith lackey, utilizes the Net Jets for touring the US and Mexico for playing golf at the expense of Warner Ranch Evictees. Oh yes, we also learned that the Maxcys are Lugos and not Warner Ranch Evictees.
  • PalaRez is a composite of people commenting at different times. Anyone can tell when Robert Smith is commenting because of the misspelled words and incomplete sentences. We can tell when Robert’s tech man is commenting as PalaRez because he can’t hide his geek. M.O., well you are just gone. You just couldn’t stand the heat. This last PalaRez is a little more difficult to determine. A little lawyerish with a noted professional word smithing skill. Is that you Doug Elmets? The world’s most famous red apple polisher. No matter how much shine you put on Robert Smith, no matter how much perfume you splash on that pig he will always be Robert Smith. Of course he is your best paying client too so word away PalaElmets. Even your professional skills cannot change the face of that pig. 

  • Saving this one for last because it should get the attention of all the federal agencies. In a laughingly hysterical move on the part of Amy Dutschke she took land in to trust for the Pala Band of Luiseno Mission Indians, California (Old Pala). Old Pala is a landless unorganized federally recognized tribe. Explain that one away Amy. Do your really think it will help you cover up your actions of 2000 when you approved the illegal constitution? Next time you should read documents before approving them. Nowhere in the illegal constitution does it say the Pala Band of Luiseno Mission Indians, California. Nowhere! How is that rut beginning to feel? It just keeps getting deeper and deeper and you are so stuck. Advising Robert Smith to start his evictions is just another one of your sick and loathing moves. Howard Dickstein must have sold his soul to keep you in as Pacific Regional Office, Director. Anyone else would have been in jail by now. 

Things are going to change. We can say that this is only a fraction of the information now in the possession of the Brittens that will bring Robert Smith’s reign of terror to an end. If you think the information here is incriminating you haven’t seen anything yet. It is only the first layer of the onion and there are so many layers left.

To the People of the Village of Pala, nothing else is going to change. No matter what Robert Smith tells you, you will not be hurt by the actions of the Brittens. He is trying to hide behind you and hopes that you will rally to his defense. He is lying to you again. He lied to you about Margarita Britten. He told you your per-capita would go up if you just looked the other way. You did and your per-capita went down.  How’s that feeling for you. Are you feeling a little bit foolish? Don’t be fooled again.

Evicting Britten descendants does nothing for you. It is just another attempt by Robert Smith to intimidate the People of Pala and that is you. Will you really give him this power? Remember he wants his ordinance giving him the authority to evict people from their land assignments. Those are land assignments you approved. Now he wants you to surrender that tribal authority to him. You are the next victims of Robert Smith. It is now just a matter of time. Don’t give him the time.

Take away his illegal powers. Take back your casino. Take back your Reservation. Make life good and progressive at Pala again. You can do it. You have to do it or you will be the next Brittens. 

Friday, September 4, 2015

Man Who Knew Little About Chukchansi Issues, Says Things WILL CHANGE, If you SPEND MONEY THERE

After an October raid led to 15 felony arrests and closure orders by the National Indian Gaming Commission and state Attorney General, Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino remained an empty shell for months.

Chukchansi’s 1,300 slot machines, 40 table games, restaurants, and more than 400 hotel rooms have sat abandoned, and some 1,050 employees were ousted from their jobs.
Christian Goode, who took over as the casino’s chief operating officer in July, has promised to change that entire experience, with a reopening set to take place this month, pending federal, state, and county approval.  OP:  WHY would they approve an opening when nothing has been settled, there're STILL $50 MILLION unaccounted for?

Positive developments for the tribe have taken place, as a collective bargaining agreement was recently struck for some 700 former employees at the casino, with more former staffers and potential new hires being welcomed into the fold.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Original Pechanga Blog PASSES in ALEXA RANKINGS. Disenrollment, Tribal Corruption and Civil Rights Abuses Draw Readers

THANK YOU for reading, thank you for sharing, THANK you for allowing aggrieved Native Americans this outlet. THANK you for continuing to help shine the spotlight on tribal corruption, tribal disenrollment, moratorium and exposing the civil and human rights abuses in Indian Country
Circa 1890 - Original Pechanga Person

I began this blog in 2007 to draw attention to the abuses of disenrollment, moratoriums and banishment by casino gaming tribes in CA.   It was primarily focused on the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians from Temecula CA.  But, along the way, I've met hundreds of new friends, from many tribes who have had the same thing happen to them.   We got little attention, at the time, in fact:

In 2008, we got into a spat with owner (And Pechanga member who voted to terminate HUNDREDS of Pechanga people) Victor Rocha's assistant Rob Schmidt about our blog not being a news site.
He posted a ranking from THE internet site ranker, which I'll put up after this comment he wrote:  
I hope you're happy with these results, because I sure am. The only thing that would make me happier would be to see and ranked higher than Indian Country Today and But we all need goals to strive for. Any questions about where most Indians go for information?

                                                                                           2008                                 2015

Indian Country Today:                         221,841                             35,092                                       259,464                             224,429                         324,108                         1,042,946                                   395,325                            872,184                      3,083,555                           205,913                   4,307,680                        2,063,224                   9,239,654                          762,494

WE OUTRANK ROCHA's site in worldwide and US RANKINGS! In this case, a LOWER number is better:

As of Friday 9/3, the rankings in the US/World for my blog are:  154,657/ 792,494
Current ranking for 7/31 in the US/World for are:  169,603/ 875,857

Or course, has sponsors, gaming and others, so he's making money and has prestige. Ours is the little blog that COULD.  We get the word out on abuses that Rocha's cousin Mark Macarro has inflicted on hundreds.   And we share what's happening to,  sadly, THOUSANDS of Native Americans by their OWN TRIBES. 

Ours gets read by Congress, media and TRIBES!   OUR BLOG, is where people go for information on tribal disenrollment, on tribal civil rights abuses and to see how are government has allowed harm to come to our elders.

Yes, the Pechanga tribe may be our best customer...

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

CUPA NEWS #4: Stand up For WHAT IS RIGHT! Don't Let Ancestors be Disrespected

(People who sleep In the Water)

Descendants from Warners:

Our grandparents and parents went through a lot of hardship when they lost their land at Warners.

Are we going to sit back and let non-descendants do this to us again? Remember, the 1100 acres is our new home land.  Don’t let this happen again!

The agenda for the next tribal meeting wants to evict two descendants. For what reason?  These two meet the requirements for enrollment and have been illegally dis-enrolled.  How disrespectful to our ancestors! What law have they broken?

The agenda is signed by Howard Maxcy Jr. He is also the one who signed the agenda when it was voted on to take away meeting and voting privileges for these two.  Is Robert throwing Howard under the bus again?

We descendants better open our eyes and take back control of this land now! We need to become the majority vote at all General Council meetings.

As hopeless as it seems at times, our fight is right here so we need to take control of the non-descendants rule by becoming the majority vote. The Chairman is not concerned with our rights. He relies on non-descendants to gain the power he now has.

Our Articles, which is the foundation of our Constitution, states that membership is based on descendants from the evictees of Warners, Kupa, San Felipe, and Puerta la Cruz. We descendants must be an example to out upcoming youth. All eligible descendants must go to all General Council meeting and take control of the votes.


Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Grande Ronde Indian Removal Acts: 75 Descendants of TREATY Chief Tumulth Have Been Judicially Stripped of Citizenship

Reports coming in that 75 of the Grand Ronde descendants of Chief Tumulth, who have 
been "judicially disenrolled."  
With this, the Federated Tribes of Grand Ronde has severed it's ties to their TREATY CHIEF.  Should their recognition be severed?
Chair Reyn Leno

Grand Ronde Tribal Court Upholds Mass Disenrollment

Judge relies on ancestor Treaty Chief’s execution by U.S. Army before reaching the Reservation to terminate 86 Indians; 7 deceased

September 1, 2015

GRAND RONDE, OR – The Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde Community of Oregon Tribal Court has upheld the disenrollment of 86 Grand Ronde Indians.  The terminated members each descend from Chief Tumulth, signatory of the Treaty forming the Tribe.

In the Tribal Court’s decision, Judge David Shaw, a private practitioner in Portland, relied on what he called a “pseudo-residency element” and Chief Tumulth’s “lack of relocation to the CTGR area.”  Chief Tumulth did not “relocate” from the Tumulth family’s traditional home at the Cascade locks to the Tribe’s reservation because he was executed by the U.S. Army in April 1856.  Nothing in the Tribe’s Constitution requires a “pseudo-residency element” nor does it call for “relocation.”  In fact, as the Court admitted, the Tribe has long claimed Tumulth as its founding Treaty Chief to advance its governmental interests in off-reservation lands along the Columbia River.

PALA Plans EVICTIONS for Speaking Out Against Their Injustice. Bet South Africa Did the Same

In a recent post we discussed how Pala Chairman Robert Smith is planning to evict some people, including Gina Howard, who is interviewed in the video below, discussing how their improper disenrollment, or stripping of citizenship has harmed her family. Please, Watch and Share. Re-POSTED to let our new readers have an idea how two local tribal casino tribes have affected their membership by revoking tribal citizeship: KCBS Channel 2 reporter CRISTY FAJARDO reports on disenrollment for greed and power tonight.

Pay special attention as to how WEAK the responses are from the two tribal chairmen, Mark Macarro and Robert Smith! They can lie and obfuscate with ease.

Here is the video: