Monday, June 28, 2021

Gavin Newsom Appoint Unenrolled Pechanga Descendant To State Commission on Women and Girls

Dr. Joely Proudfit (Luiseño), 52, of Carlsbad, has been appointed to the Commission on the Status of Women and Girls.

Proudfit has been Department Chair of American Indian Studies and Director of the California Indian Culture and Sovereignty Center at California State University, San Marcos since 2008.

 Proudfit is a member of the National Advisory Council on Indian Education, board chair for Vision Maker Media and a board member of the Rock and Roll Forever Foundation and California Indian Education for All. She is secretary/treasurer of the California Indian Museum and Cultural Center.

She earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree in political science and American Indian public policy and a Master of Public Administration degree from Northern Arizona University. This position requires Senate confirmation and the compensation is $100 per diem. Proudfit is a Democrat, but NOT a Pechanga Tribal Member.

Gavin Newsom bans travel to 17 States because of bigotry, but DOES NOT ban Events at Casinos That


Dear Gavin Newsom if you can ban state travel to 17 states because of bigotry to our two-spirit friends and family, you CERTAINLY can STOP any state travel/events to casino tribes that ABUSE civil/human rights, practices segregation, apartheid

MY gay AND Black family members was disenrolled against the tribe's own laws. Why do you honor the man who continues the abuses on your Truth and Healing Council with a VOTE?
Your apology to Native Americans was sullied by you standing with two tribal chairmen who stripped hundreds of their tribal citizenship. Instead you standing up for 11,000 of us, you stood with abusers. You didn't protect Californians from gathering at casinos either.

HELP protect and defend Native Californians from the civil and human rights abuses.

Tribal Disenrollment at REDDING RANCHERIA, The Protest Still Goes ON

Virginia Timmons

On June 19, Redding Rancheria honored its Original Distributees to the rancheria, which included Virginia Timmons, on whose property the Win River Casino stands.

Virgina Timmons' disenrolled  attended in protest. As we have reported many times, in 2003, Timmons' remains were exhumed for DNA testing along with her daughter , Lorena, who was among the 130 original members enrolled in the tribal group after its reestablishment 24 years after the tribe's termination, a restoration that came about partly through the efforts of her grandson, Bob Foreman.

The requred DNA testing proved her descendants belonged. They were disenrolled anyway. Why? 99.9 wasn't good enough?  NOPE The family was disenrolled in 2004

NEVER GIVE UP.  Cameron Foreman got now Interior Secretary Deb Haaland on record about disenrollment and has drawn many to the cause with his relentless efforts on social media.   THAT's how to honor our disenrolled ancestors, by fighting HARD FOR THEM

Saturday, June 26, 2021

Pechanga's Pablo Apis Descendant Elizabeth Sartuche is FIRST RUNNER Up in MISS CALIFORNIA Pageant

Elizabeth Sartuche

Two time Miss Orange County, Elizabeth Sartuche of Clovis, CA daughter of Fred and Lorna Sartuche is tonights first runner up in the Miss California Pageant in Fresno, CA.

We wrote about her last year. Pechanga Descendant Elizabeth Sartuche is MISS ORANGE COUNTY and the year  

Pechanga Descendant Elizabeth Sartuche Reaches Finals of Miss California Pageant.

Elizabeth is descended from Pechanga's Manuela Miranda Lucy Moreno, and Fred Sartuche, SR. We've posted on the Manuela Miranda's descendants here and here and she is proof positive that her Native American ancestors have instilled a pride in effort.     WELL DONE ELIZABETH, you do your ancestors and parents PROUD

Friday, June 25, 2021


 Since 2007, we have stood with Chukchansi disenrolled. Proud to work with and help my hero, CATHY CORY.

Disenrollment controversy

Since the 2003 opening of the Chukchansi Gold Resort and Casino the Chukchansi Tribe has been one of the leading tribes known for disenrolling its own members. Disenrollment is the process by which a tribe strips members of their tribal affiliation thus denying those members the benefits associated with federal tribal affiliation such as education benefits, land and property rights on reservations, tax benefits, medical benefits, and payments to the tribe from tribal sources of money including money from casinos owned by the tribe as well as child care and elder care.[5][6] 

Since 2003 hundreds of tribal members have been disenrolled allowing the remaining tribal members to receive larger portions of the income from the casino.

NOOKSACK 306 Disenrollment via Wikipedia



We have stood with the Nooksack 306, since the beginning.  Here, the issue is given much space on Wikipedia  You can use the search box on this blog to learn more.

Disenrollment controversy

In the early 21st century, the tribe has become embroiled for years in a bitter political controversy that resulted in 306 living descendants of ancestor Annie George being disenrolled by a 2013 tribal council decision under the leadership of tribal Chairman Bob Kelly.[7] The council questioned the membership of 306 members, all living descendants of elder Annie George and her three daughters.[5] George's name did not appear in a 1942 tribal census, which has been the basis required for documenting descent for tribal membership, nor was she granted land. The 306 comprise about 15 percent of the tribe, and are all descendants of Annie's daughters, who married Filipino migrant workers.[8]

Their descendants enrolled in the tribe in the 1980s, about a decade after it achieved federal recognition. Over time members of these Rabang, Rapada, and Narte-Gladstone families gained political power in the tribe.[7] Other tribal members resented them, as well as worrying about some members prosecuted for drug trade.[8]



Disenrollment Don't Mean a THING
compared to sponsorships

We can always count on the the National Congress of American Indians to IGNORE 11,000 LIVING Native American Indians who have been STRIPPED of Tribal Citizenship by their members.

Just like last year, the year before that, 2018,  2017,  2016, 2015, 2014,  2013,  2012,  2011,  2010,  2009,  2008,  2007, 2006, etc. 

Disenrollment and it's affects on our elders, our children, our grandchildren, and our ancestors, IS NOT ON THE AGENDA for their meeting this week.


Pechanga Tribal Disenrollment FACTS Laid Out: WIKIPEDIA


Wikipedia has the facts on Pechanga's Membership Shrinkage via Disenrollment, which is a cute nickname for STRIPPING THE RTIGHT OF BELONGING to your own tribe.


Further information: Tribal disenrollment and Impact of Native American gaming

The tribe's constitution in 1978 said that members must prove "descent from original Pechanga Temecula people."[7] In 1996 the tribal council tightened the rules, declaring for the first time that "members had to have an ancestor from the subset of Temecula who relocated to the Pechanga valley" where the reservation was established.[7] In cases of disenrollment of large families in 2004 and 2006, Pechanga officials have said they were enforcing rules of membership that required historical residence as well as descent from known Temecula.[7]

Pechanga members moved away in some cases because of economic reasons, but maintained ties to the reservation; including being involved in the nation's activities and development. As with other tribes that have conducted disenrollments, which have increased since the late 20th century, controversy has arisen over application of the 1996 requirements to people of established membership and participation in the nation.[7] Reducing the number of members has increased financial returns paid within the nation from the lucrative casino operations.[7] Pechanga Chairman Mark Macarro has noted that courts have "consistently upheld tribes' sole responsibility for determining their citizenship" and that the disenrollments were not related to money or politics.[2]

In several cases, the Pechanga have disenrolled families who were descended from historic ancestral Temecula, long identified as Pechanga, participated in the nation, and had several members working in a variety of roles for the nation and the casino. An example is John Gomez Jr. and his extended family, who total 135 adult members (plus their children); in 2004 they were officially disenrolled.[7] Another family of 90 adults was disenrolled in early 2006.[2]

In 2002 Gomez and a cousin were elected to the enrollment committee which was struggling to process applications. He said that after he had criticized the committee a group known as Concerned Pechanga People for the first time questioned his qualifications as a tribal member. Several of the group were related to enrollment officials he had criticized.[7] In 2005, Gomez helped found the American Indian Rights and Resources Organization to deal with such civil rights issues.[2] Gomez in 2006 said that the other Pechanga family disenrolled had also opposed tribal leadership.[2]

Michael Madariaga's family was disenrolled in 2006, including his aged grandparents, who lived on the reservation. He said his grandfather had helped upgrade the reservation's water system, provide telephones and electricity, and built the health clinic. He said his grandparents needed their tribal health insurance and felt the loss of financial benefits, but that, his family was most hurt by the loss of their culture and community.[2] He said, "What matters is taking away our heritage" and further, "It's like taking your family and wiping them out of history."[2]

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Disenrollment On the Agenda at California Healing Commission" One Small Step Can Lead to Another


Small steps can have big results.  We aren't there, but thankfully the California Native American Tribal Healing Commission had disenrollment on it's agenda.

Chukchansi descendent Cathy Cory spoke on the topic at the 2:25 mark in  THIS VIDEO   about the THOUSANDS of California Indians disenrolled by their tribes

Carmen Lucas spoke after Cathy.  

"I do feel very strongly that when folks have been part of an Indian tribe through many years, whether it's been part of a bloodline or years ago they were adopted, then all of a sudden they're disenrolled."  "That's a very strong, deep spiritual violation, much like a puncture wound" 

OP: Yes, a puncture wound to the heart and to the spirit of our ancestors

Comments were made in front of Pechanga Tribal Chairman Mark Macarro. 

Council member Joseph Giovannetti (Tolowa) also spoke about some history of meetings he was involved in with Dennis Chappabitty.  And the BIA concept of blood quantum. 

JUNETEENTH Holiday Reminds US That NOT All Slaves Freed . 1866 For Native American Slaves of the Five "Civilized" Tribes

 And a reminder as we celebrate our new holiday JUNETEENTH.. ALL SLAVES weren't freed by the Emancipation Proclamation, nor Juneteenth

The Choctaw and Chickasaw Freedmen Still Suffering Racism from Tribal Hands

All my blog life, I have supported the Cherokee Freedmen in their quest for justice, both tribal and racial.  I have marched together with Creek Freedmen. This weekend, the Choctaw and Chickasaw Freedmen have come with an outstanding response the the Choctaw Nation's "Guide to McGirt v, Oklahoma" which omits their racist history.

I remind my readers, that when you read stories on the "Trail of Tears", you rarely if EVER hear about the black slaves the Cherokee dragged on that PROPERTY  Former Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Chad Smith once claimed their "slaves were well treated

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Chukchansi Tribal Disenrollment Featured Prominently in Rob Capriccioso Piece On The Tribes Resurgence

  has an excellent article on the resurgence of the Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians, a despicable tribe in the central Valley of California.  The PRCI are one of the most egregious disenrolling tribes of this century. 

My hero, Cathy Cory, whom I've been honored to work with, and protest with over the past decade and a half is featured prominently on the disenrollment issue with the tribe.   Thank you Rob, for getting that information out there in TRIBAL BUSINESS NEWS

Cathy Cory, who along with her four children (one of whom was a minor at the time) was disenrolled from the tribe in 2006, is appreciative of the work Gonzales has done so far on the contentious disenrollment issue, especially compared to previous leaders who kept removing more and more members.

“She is a very strong woman, and has been able to stand in the face of much adversity within the tribe to bring things forward and hold her clear position on no further disenrollment at Picayune, and in growing the tribe,” Cory said. “For that, she deserves much credit.

“She is not in an easy place, either as a female in Indian Country leadership in general, and specifically in her position as tribal chair at Picayune, which has the dubious distinction of being constantly in disarray.”

Cory estimates that the tribe under the current leadership has brought back approximately 150 to 200 citizens who were disenrolled immediately before the major tribal infighting of 2014 that preceded the casino closure. But tribal citizens disenrolled in 1999 and 2006-2007 have not been allowed to re-enroll, she said, and she would like the current council to take that up.  

Congratulations to the tribe for making a comeback, but until they do the HONORABLE think, and bring all their people home, I'll keep bringing the issue up.

Monday, June 14, 2021

Pechanga Descendant Cassie Whitten Speaks On FIGHTING for Her Heritage, DENIED by Pechanga's Mark Macarro

 So proud of our cousin Cassie Whitten, who has lived on the Pechanga Rez most of her life.  My family, the descendants of Paulina Hunter, and Original Pechanga Temecula person still live on the allotment granted by the 25th President of the United States William McKinley.

WATCH please and if you are on TIKTOK please follow her.


Reply to @tristt9 and including us in the tribe! ##tribaldisenrollment ##nativetiktok ##pechanga ##payómkawichum ##hunterclan

♬ original sound - Cassie Whitten

We get lots of questions incldding   WHY do you/How can you still live on the rez if you are disenrolled?   We'll address that soon.  

Saturday, June 12, 2021

Former QUAPAW Tribal Chairman John Berrey Faces Disenrollment and BANNED from Running for Office

 Disenrollment is in the Quapaw Nation code, but it's unknown if this punishment has ever been used when citizens commit crimes.  Is it the right punishment?

John Berry
photo Quapaw Nation

Former Quapaw Tribal Chairman John Berrey has been barred from running from office by the Tribal Nation's Business Committee. The decision was made earlier this week after someone challenged his run for vice-chairman in the upcoming elections.

Berrey was the Quapaw Nation's chairman for 20 years until he lost last summer to newcomer Joseph Byrd. Then, a few months later, information from an audit alleged Berrey gave bonuses and pay raises totaling in the millions to himself and others without approval from the Business Committee.

Read more here

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Cherokee Freedmen Advocate Marilyn Vann Falls Short in First Election Bid

 From the ELECTION COMMITTE of the Cherokee NATION:

According to the EC, the other At-Large candidates were Marilyn Vann with 543 votes (22.06%);

A good first attempt by Marilyn Vann who got THOUSANDS of Freedmen their rightful place ion the tribe.  Curious that she cold only get 543 votes.   You'd think her number would be over 1,000.   Shame that once people are in the tribe, they couldn't be bothered to get out and vote?

Friday, June 4, 2021

BONES FOUND at Harry & Meghan's Montecito Home ARE NATIVE AMERICAN


The bones were discovered while work crews were digging a trench for a construction project, the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Office reports.