Tuesday, July 31, 2018

21st Century TRAIL of TEARS: Pechanga's Mark Macarro Leaves Members Culturally HOMELESS

An article from Vince Beiser from 2006 is still worth the read for those who don't know what gaming has done. We will be bringing back older articles to help those new readers find out what is happening in Indian Country while Congress turns a blind eye to the abuses of corrupt tribal governments.

For many Native American tribes, the success of their gambling operations ends a run of misfortune and dispossession that dates back to when white men first dubbed them Indians.

Since full-scale reservation gambling was sanctioned by Congress in 1988, its annual take has grown to some $20 billion, with more than one hundred tribes doling out profits directly to their members.

The Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians whose reservation is a patch of largely useless scrub-and-rock desert southeast of Los Angeles, rake in well over $200 million a year from a 522-room casino/resort with eight restaurants and 2,000 slot and video-poker machines. The cut for each Pechanga adult: $290,000. But if being an Indian has taken on the imprimatur of wealth, high stakes have also led tribes to deal some of their people out.  OP:  The income varies with the success of the casino and the number of adults getting per capita payments.

Monday, July 30, 2018

Emilio Reyes Victorious Against BIA WRONGDOING in FOIA Actions

Good News against some bad activity from the Bureau of Indian Affairs.  Our friend EMILIO REYES has the news on his FACEBOOK PAGE

21,977 California Indian applications were approved under the act of 1928. About 584 applications were approved on the 1928 California Indian Judgment Roll as “Unknown Tribe,” 97 approved as “Tribe Not Given” 70 approved as “Mission Tribe” and 5 approved as “California Tribe.”

The BIA has wrongfully assigned some of these Native applicants in wrong tribes, changed their blood quantum, and have been withholding and redacting their historical errors.

Note: the records from the National Archives are inconsistent with BIA records on these 1928 applications.

Effective today, the BIA cannot redact or withheld any information on the 1928 applications and must show to the public, upon request, each applicant’s determined tribal affiliation and correct blood degree.

Friday, July 27, 2018


Everyone has been asking "What's the latest at Pechanga regarding the elections?"  They are usually held in the summer.

Well, will wonders and miracles NEVER cease?  For the first time this century, and for the most of recent (50 years) elections, THERE WAS NO opposition to the elected officials of the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians.

THAT is what happens when you disenroll any political opposition.  People get afraid to "rock the boat" or dip their oar in the water.   And as is customary with Democrats, of which, most of the council is...they stifle dissent.

Macarro has said that everyone is happy with the council (which includes a felon) yet, even when the casino first appeared, there was opposition for every seat.   Has the Crime Family and Macarro reached a detente?

Here are some links about the corruption at Pechanga, where Mark Macarro has ruled with an iron hand:

Pechanga’s corrupt tribal council
Mark Macarro
READ about moratorium
culture of corruption
child molester testimony
Larry Miranda
On burying the bad news at Pechanga

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Trump Admin Recognizes SIX new Tribes Bringing Federally Recognized Indian Tribe List to 573 Tribes

The Bureau of Indian Affairs has published a new list of federally recognized tribes, adding six from Virginia to the list.

The Chickahominy Tribe, the Chickahominy Tribe - Eastern Division, the Monacan Nation, the Nansemond Tribe, the Rappahannock Tribe and the Upper Mattaponi Tribe all gained federal recognition through an act of Congress in January. But that was after the BIA had published the list so the document had to be updated.

"The listed Indian entities are acknowledged to have the immunities and privileges available to federally recognized Indian tribes by virtue of their government-to-government relationship with the United States as well as the responsibilities, powers, limitations, and obligations of such tribes," a notice published in the Federal Register on Monday reads.

The BIA is required by law to publish the list "annually on or before every January 30," according to the Federally Recognized Indian Tribe List Act of 1994. The last update had 567 entries -- the most recent was the Pamunkey Tribe, also based in Virginia.
The list now boasts 573 tribes.

Friday, July 20, 2018


I know it's late notice, but please make every attempt to listen in tonight to Michelle Hammock and Emilio Reyes as they discuss disenrollment in Native America.

These two have been working hard getting this issue out front.  Please share this post quickly.....

nativeopinion.com     I have added the podcast here:

Listen to "Episode 134 "And Thier Beat Goes On"" on Spreaker.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018


We posted the Daily Beast story earlier this week. It's only FAIR we post AHTNA's side here.

The Port Isabel Detention Center (PIDC) in Los Fresnos, TX has been in the news lately in connection with the ongoing national discussion regarding U.S. immigration policies. Ahtna Support and Training Services (AhtnaSTS)[1] has a contract to provide detention center services at PIDC, and a recent story by The Daily Beast contained several inaccuracies and misrepresentations about our management of this facility. We wanted to take a moment to clarify a few key facts – and address how the core values of our corporation with regard to respect, safety, quality and integrity guide every aspect of the important work we do at PIDC.

Native American Tribes CLASH with UC Over BONES, IGNORE the LIVING. Pechanga Accused of Theft of Ancestors

Cal Matters has an interesting article up today authored by Felicia Mello, this rebuttal of sorts, will be heavily linked by me and I'd love it if you'd take a look at them and share on social media:

Myra Masiel

As tribal archaeologist for the Pechanga Band of LuiseƱo Indians, Myra Masiel uses her UC Berkeley anthropology training daily. Her mission: track down skeletons of Native Californians extracted from gravesites over the last two centuries and shipped off to museums around the world, and return them to the tribe’s ancestral land near Temecula so they can be reburied with dignity.

OP: Masiel is part of Pechanga's Masiel Basquez Crime Family, which we documented. That family also has been determined to have falsified Bureau of Indian Affairs Documents while employed in the Riverside Office.

Monday, July 9, 2018

AHTNA Tribe Has a $800 Million Contract to Run ICE Detention Centers for TRUMP Administration

Photo from the Daily Beast
WHOA...  who will the NCAI BACK on this?  Trump or one of TRUMP's ally's in the "putting kids in a cage" issue?

THE NCAI certainly doesn't care about civil rights violations, do they

Ahtna, Inc. is one of a number of companies profiting off of the deportation of undocumented immigrants from the United States. Previous reporting by The Daily Beast has revealed that the federal government currently employs the services of several companies and charities bringing in millions of dollars off of the Trump administration’s treatment of immigrant families.
The Ahtna, who have also run immigrant detention centers in New York, Florida, and Arizona in addition to Port Isabel, fall under the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) umbrella, and Ahtna, Inc. is an Alaska Native Regional Corporation established by Congress under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971.