Sunday, March 26, 2023

Tribal Disenrollment: A Betrayal of Native American Culture and Identity, It's An Attack on Human Rights

Tribal sovereignty should be nurtured and cherished, not dishonored by tribes who wield sovereignty like a club to abuse their own people

Tribal disenrollment revokes the citizenship or enrollment of their own members, effectively stripping us of our tribal identity and the rights and benefits that come with it. This practice is often used as a tool for political control, many times it happened just before tribal elections.  

Tribal disenrollment is morally repugnant. 

It's a violation of fundamental human rights, including the right to self-identification and the right to belong to a cultural community.

For many tribal members, their tribal identity is an integral part of their sense of self and their connection to their ancestors, traditions, and cultural heritage. Disenrollment can result in the loss of access to important cultural and spiritual practices, as well as financial and social support.

Tribal disenrollment is often used as a weapon against political opponents or those who challenge the status quo within a tribe. At Pechanga, two different family groups who had members on the tribal enrollment committee found wrongdoing in the EC's actions keeping a different family OUT of the Tribe. Both our family's were disenrolled.

This creates an atmosphere of fear and intimidation within the tribe, where remaining members may be reluctant to speak out or engage in political activism for fear of losing their citizenship.

Tribal common law recognizes the right to tribal citizenship as a sacrosanct and absolute right.

Once vested, the right to tribal citizenship is recognized as an absolute right, meaning that it is not subject to arbitrary revocation or removal. This recognition of the inviolability of tribal citizenship is rooted in the centuries-old traditions and customs of Native American tribes, which emphasize the importance of community membership and the protection of individual rights.  Tribes that disenroll do not follow the Indian Way.

Tribal disenrollment undermines the sovereignty and self-determination of tribal governments. By revoking the citizenship of their own members, tribes are essentially telling the world that they cannot be trusted to govern themselves or make decisions in the best interest of their community.  This can have, or more truly, SHOULD HAVE,  a negative impact on their relationships with other governments, as well as their ability to negotiate with outside entities on behalf of their people.  IF THEY CHEAT THEIR OWN, wouldn't they cheat others?

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Chief MoFo said...

Two stand up Straight and Tall Middle Fingers from my Ancestors and Myself to these crooked bastards.Does anyone second that motion?