Tuesday, August 18, 2015

BREAKING: Chukchansi Tribal Council Member Chance Alberta Subject of IRS Investigation

The FRESNO BEE reports:  A criminal investigation summons has been issued by the Internal Revenue Service for records from a Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians business offshoot and its leader, tribal council member Jeffrey Chance Alberta.

Alberta’s name was specifically mentioned in the summons, which was received by the tribal council at its Fresno office about a week ago, said Reggie Lewis, chairman of the Chukchansi Tribal Council that Alberta also is seated on.

IRS investigators interviewed the 41-year-old Alberta for about 45 minutes last week, Lewis said.

No other tribe members are named in the summons, which seeks records from 2010-14. No dollar amounts are noted in the document.

When asked Monday, IRS officials did not acknowledge the summons.

Arlette Lee, a spokeswoman and special agent for the IRS in the Bay Area, said the agency will not confirm an investigation and normally doesn’t confirm the filing of any documents until a criminal complaint, search warrant or indictment is issued. None of those have been filed in this case, which means criminal wrongdoing has not yet been found, she said.

The summons seeks “all corporate records and books of account relative to the financial transactions of Jeffrey Chance Alberta, Chukchansi, Incorporated of Coarsegold, CA, and any entity operated under Alberta and Chukchansi, Incorporated.”

The summons demands examination of inventory records, corporate minute book, stock register, loan, savings and checking account records.

There is no reference in the summons to audits filed with the National Indian Gaming Commission last year that said there was $49.6 million unaccounted for from audits for 2012 and 2013. Late audits and a casino office raid to recover audit information last October led to closure of Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino.

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Anonymous said...

If Capone couldn't get away with it niether can you Alberta. It won't be long now. And you can be sure the tribe will fight against using our money for your lawyers. The fact that Dora Morris nakomis want to use our tribes money to defend a criminal who has robbed this tribe blind just to keep their quorum shows they don't give a damn about their tribe. The fact that the council also seated them selves as CEDA so they could borrow from the tribe and have no one to ask but themselves. Chance your name is on all of that but we know that the other fake council members were involved too. Your all criminals and even stealing the tribes sovereignty Wont save you criminals. Look at rollings hills. The 2nd best news all week.

Anonymous said...

I hope that his ass go down and everybody that had their hand in the cookie jar..Why is tribe paying his legal fee when the membership isn't receiving any benefits and the council is being paid..hmmm that don't sound right..& membership had know say so about paying the legal fees..smh

Anonymous said...

Get ready to grab your ankles the IRS will stick it to you

Unknown said...

He's hiding in Ft. BIDWELL, .ca. they hired him at Ft.Bidwell piaute tribe to do the same thing here. FEDS were looking for his Monday but he was here hiding from the feds.

Jared C. Engleman said...

I cannot believe myself that the authority searches anyone they want to without having the approval of searching. If laws upon the people, then laws also upon to the authority too. Let's see what they find from that investigation.