Monday, March 27, 2023


 “Heather Rae is not a citizen of the Cherokee Nation,” Scott said in the statement. “She has no affiliation with Cherokee Nation Film Office and was not included in any funding it provided to ‘Fancy Dance.'”  

The Cherokee Nation couldn't moondance away from Heather Rae fast enough.

She joins a LONG list of FAKES, in both Hollywood and Academia and politics with Elizabeth Warren (D).

Cherokee genealogist and tribal advocate David Cornsilk clears up the misconception on Cherokee identification

The estimable ACEE AGOYO of INDIANZ has the full story here

Rae, however, has claimed to be Cherokee since the early days of her decades-long career, one in which she has emerged as a key player in the film and television industry, where American Indian and Alaska Native voices are all but invisible. When asked 17 years ago about being “part Native American,” she had a quick answer.

“What tribe?” the host of the Idaho Public Television show inquired in March 2006.

“Cherokee,” said Rae, who was raised in Idaho and who nodded repeatedly when asked about her heritage.

While asserting to be Cherokee, Rae has centered herself as a creator of Native stories, the kind that rarely get told in Hollywood. She ran the “Indigenous” program at the Sundance Institute, which organizes the largest independent film festival in the United States, before going on to write, direct and produce a series of projects with Native themes, including the Oscar-nominated Frozen River.

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