Sunday, March 26, 2023

Native Advocacy Groups' Failure to Address Disenrollment Amounts to Complicity in the Destruction of Indigenous Communities. NCAI, NARF, ACLU ALL ABJECT FAILURES on Disenrollment


It is understandable that not everyone is fully informed or consumed by the issue of tribal disenrollment in Native American communities. It is a completely different matter when individuals attempt to virtue signal by pretending to be concerned without taking any meaningful action to address the issue.

To feign concern and do nothing to combat the injustice of disenrollment is to be complicit in the harm that is being caused to indigenous communities. It is a dereliction of our moral duty to stand up for what is right and to speak out against injustice, no matter how far removed we may be from the issue at hand.

While it is certainly commendable to acknowledge the issue of disenrollment and express concern, it is imperative that we take meaningful action to combat this shameful practice.

Makes you wonder WHAT is bad enough to get our so-called NATIVE ADVOCATES involved?  THIS isn't enough?

•Stripped tribal members of their citizenship
•Denied voting rights to members
•Taken away rightful healthcare to seniors
•Blocked access to land on the reservation
•Denied members due process of law, including legal representation, even writing tools.
•Prohibition of practicing religion, including the right to pray at their ancestor's graves.
•Threatened others if they speak out
•Subjected some to ex post facto laws.

We must keep educating ourselves and others on the issue, advocating for policy changes, and supporting the disenfranchised members of these communities.  Sitting on the sidelines simply will not work.  We must work to support the elders, children and honor our ancestors.

We must move beyond mere performative gestures and take concrete steps to support the indigenous communities that are being torn apart by this egregious practice. 

Failure to act is not only a reflection of our own moral character but also a continuation of the long-standing injustices that have plagued Native American communities for generations.  

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