Friday, February 28, 2020

CNN on MIssing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Trump's Help

Paula Castro-Stops wears a button showing her daughter, Henny Scott, near where the girl was found dead.
Courtesy CNN
Paula Castro-Stops

On a cloudy winter afternoon, a few dozen people stand outside the courthouse in Hardin, Montana, holding banners and signs bearing the photos of young Native American women. In below-freezing temperatures and against an abrasive wind, they read out the names of 24 women and girls they say have 
gone missing or been killed.

If you are on TWITTER, go to this tweet and REPLY and thank them for this story, and ASK they do one on tribal Disenrollment
They read the names to remember and to honor, but also to shame local, state and federal officials whom they accuse of ignoring their women when perhaps they could have been helped.
Everyone in the group has had a loved one go missing or even found dead. And every one says there has been no help or explanation.   READ THE FULL STORY

Thursday, February 27, 2020

PERSPECTIVE: Coronavirus vs Disenrollment in the United States

Much alarm has been raised in the United States over the coronavirus.  Let's compare quickly with tribal disenrollment.

As of yesterday

Coronavirus Cases**  14  Disenrollment Cases  11,000
Coronavirus deaths   0  Disenrollment Deaths       50*
Native Americans with coronavirus:  0
Politicians concerned about coronavirus: All   
Politicians concerned about Disenrollment: Few to None

That's it...

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Wife of Imprisoned Redding Rancheria Member Under Threat of ICWA Theft of her Children

Toni Christie, Ayla & Qotisa

From GOFUNDME page (h/t Carla Maslin)

The Redding Rancheria Council is SCUM. (no offense to scum) Looks like they are pressing an ICWA suit, when they could simply provide for the children.

Toni Christie is a phenomenal single mother who works hard to provide anything and everything for her two kids, Ayla who is 8 and Qotisa who is 7. Their father is serving a life sentence in prison, so she has been a single mother for a little over 6 years now. The children are part of the Redding Rancheria tribe from their father's side. 

Since the kids were little she has done everything to help maintain their culture and heritage. She celebrates special holidays with them, takes them to special functions whenever possible and had tried to keep a relationship between them and their father's family. 

Toni has always been a huge advocate for maintaining Ayla and Qotisa's heritage. She attended events and holidays with the Redding Rancheria when she was allowed to. 

200 Cherokee and Natives ask Lying Liz Warren to APOLOGIZE to Cherokee

Lying Liz Warren
More than 200 Cherokees and other Native Americans sent a letter to Senator Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) urging her to issue a public apology after “vague and inadequate” past steps to apologize for her claims of Cherokee ancestry.

Friday, February 21, 2020

San Manuel Tribe DONATES $9 MILLION to UNLV Law and Hospitality Schools

San Manuel Tribal Chairman
photo courtesy Las Vegas RJ

The San Manuel Band Indian tribe known in Southern Nevada as a major sponsor of Las Vegas sports franchises is donating $9 million to UNLV the Las Vegas Review Journal reports


President Trump Disrespects Agua Caliente

Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians Tribal Chairman Jeff L. Grubbe spoke against President Donald Trump's desert visit, citing a lack of respect shown by the President against the tribe.

"I try not to get political on Social Media, it's ugly enough out there, but I wouldn't be much of a Tribal leader if I didn't express my disappointment about the lack of respect President Trump has shown my tribe," Grubbe wrote.

Grubbe continued, "Not only did he land Air Force One on Tribal lands, but he drove by our Government building, and we were not shown the respect/honor to welcome him on our lands. Take all the politics out of it, the lack of respect is disappointing."


Thursday, February 20, 2020

PALA WATCH: Who is Robert Smith, PALA's Current Chairman Is Bad to the bone

Pala's porcine "leader", Robert Smith is profiled by our friends at PALA WATCH follow their blog for information on the corruption.  He ranks behind the leadership of Chukchansi as one of the most corrupt.   

The government and fools have chosen to refer to Robert Smith as Honorable. They do so even with the knowledge of his far-ranging criminal activities. They do this either because they are the beneficiaries of his ill-gotten gain or simply admirers of power without regard of it source.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

President Trump Pardons Navajo Mother, Crystal Munoz after 12 Years


Crystal Munoz was found guilty in 2008 of conspiring to possess with intent to distribute marijuana, according to a petition filed by the Criminal Defense Clinic at the Texas A&M University School of Law.

Ms. Munoz, who was sentenced to nearly two decades in prison, drew a map that her friends used in a large marijuana trafficking operation, according to Rolling Stone.

Temecula Valley Chamber of Commerce Votes Civil Rights Abuser onto their Board

The Temecula Valley Chamber doesn't vet their candidates? Or are they okay with Apartheid, Segregation and Civil Rights abuses of their board members?

 Andrew Masiel was part of the group that disenrolled, without evidence over 240 adult members of the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians.

The 2020 newly elected board of directors are Cherise Manning, A Grape Escape Balloon Adventures; Tammy Marine, Habitat for Humanity Inland Valley; Andrew Masiel Sr., Pechanga Development Corporation; Julie Ngo, Julie Ngo Agency State Farm Insurance; Jackie Steed, Reliable Realty – Jackie Steed, and Bernie Truax, Truax Management Group.

More on Masiel here from 2015. And here when he lost his election...

Andrew Masiel paid for people to vote against Native American rights as part of the Native American Caucus of the Democrat Party 


Monday, February 17, 2020

Pechanga Descendant Elizabeth Sartuche is MISS ORANGE COUNTY

Pechanga Descendant
Elizabeth Sartuche
Miss Orange County

The Miss Orange County Scholarship Pageant has a beautiful Pechanga Descendant, Elizabeth Sartuche as it's representative this year!

Doing her Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians ancestors proud, 22 year old Elizabeth Sartuche, the new Miss Orange County represented her family and her ancestors well by being selected the winner

She's been successful in the pageant circuit with musical talents and an outgoing spirit and of course, her beauty.  This is an open competition and entrants from all over California and will compete/participate in the Miss CA pageant in June, if she wins that, she will compete in the Miss America Pageant.

Elizabeth is descended from Pechanga's Manuela Miranda Lucy Moreno, and Fred Sartuche, SR and proud mother Lorna. We've posted on the Manuela Miranda's descendants since this blog's beginning and she is proof positive that her Native American ancestors have instilled a pride in effort.   


WHY YOU SHOULD NOT Endorse Expanded Gaming Initiative in CA

Corrupt Tribes should NOT


Over the last 15 years, California tribal officials, including those from Pechanga, Pala, San Pasqual, Redding and Picayune Rancherias have been responsible for the mass disenfranchisement of over 2000 living tribal citizens. The actions to remove these citizens from the tribal roles, and deny hundreds more their citizenship, have been characterized by lack of due process and equal protection of existing tribal and federal laws.  Can we expect these tribes to follow the laws of gaming?

In the mass disenrollments, or stripping of tribal citizenship, laws enacted to protect Indian individuals from arbitrary and capricious acts of tribal officials, such as the Indian Civil Rights Act of 1968, were largely ignored. Those individuals and large family groups were not only denied minimum due process standards. Pechanga even ignored their OWN laws against disenrollment, enacted by the Pechanga General Council that specifically prohibited that action. 

This “cultural genocide” now finds  thousands of California Indians cut-off from much needed health care services, senior services, education assistance and child development programs.

Tribal officials will claim sovereignty, however, immunity from prosecution does not equate to innocence of action.  Remember, South Africa has the sovereign right to live in an Apartheid system. We didn't stand for that action, yet many politicians have turned a blind eye to the segregation and apartheid now rampant on Tribal reservations.

failure to address, even acknowledge gross violations of basic human and civil rights, or to merely brush them aside as tribal matters, only lead to more victims of rights abuse. 

TEXT of Initiative

Summary Date: 01/21/20 | Circulation Deadline: 07/20/20 | Signatures Required: 997,139Proponent(s): Edwin "Thorpe" Romero, Jeff L. Grubbe, Anthony Roberts, Mark Macarro | Official Top Funders List
Allows federally recognized Native American tribes to operate roulette, dice games, and sports wagering on tribal lands, subject to compacts negotiated by the Governor and ratified by the Legislature. Beginning in 2022, allows on-site sports wagering at only privately operated horse-racing tracks in four specified counties for persons 21 years or older. Imposes 10% tax on sports-wagering profits at horse-racing tracks; directs portion of revenues to enforcement and problem-gambling programs. Prohibits marketing of sports wagering to persons under 21. Authorizes private lawsuits to enforce other gambling laws. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: Increased state revenues, potentially reaching the tens of millions of dollars annually, from payments made by facilities offering sports wagering and new civil penalties authorized by this measure. Some portion of these revenues would reflect a shift from other existing state and local revenues. Increased state regulatory costs, potentially reaching the low tens of millions of dollars annually. Some or all of these costs would be offset by the increased revenue or reimbursements to the state. Increased state enforcement costs, not likely to exceed several million dollars annually, related to a new civil enforcement tool for enforcing certain gaming laws. (19-0029A1.)

MODOC NATION Disenrolls 16 From the Tribe. 5% Cut from Citizenship

Cheewa James
courtesy Herald Acrchive
Tribes like the Modoc will say they are "correcting their rolls" but as often happens with disenrollment, it's political:

James said she “incurred the wrath” of Follis, the grandson of long-time Modoc Chief Bill Follis, and other tribal officials when she questioned their administrative works and financial ventures during the Tribe’s annual meeting last May.
Cheewa James and 15 family members have been disenrolled from the Modoc Nation, formerly known as the Modoc Tribe of Oklahoma.  

The Herald Archives has the FULL STORY HERE

Changing The Rules Midstream

This tribe of approximately 300 members had, to my knowledge, a small casino, smoke shop, and buffalo herd. Most importantly — and I am one of the oldest tribal members and a member since the tribe came into existence in 1978 — there has never in the history of the tribe been a per capita payment to members. Chief Follis at the 2018 annual meeting stated that there would never be a per capita payment. Who then was filling the jobs and where was the money going?”

Friday, February 14, 2020

Fifth #StopDisenrollment Advocacy a SUCCESS KEEP THE MOMENTUM GOING


The 5th #stopdisenrollment visual advocacy event for 2020 was a success in many measures.

The Stop Disenrollment Facebook page reports reports over 62,000 interactions of FB, including pictures, shares, likes and comments.  It's a powerful visual and one I hope could be the last one.

This blog has seen the benefit on many visits.  The event created an opportunity to send emails to BIA and congressional staff.  I'm able to see many who check in.

Native America Calling had a show on tribal disenrollment with the estimable Dr. David Wilkins and Attorney Gabriel Galanda leading the discussion. I was able to get a call in around the 21:30 mark.

This has led to other opportunities to get the word on disenrollment and it's theft of our heritage out to many more people.   HAVE YOU shared on social media?  Using the hashtag #stopdisenrollment helps others find the information.  We must work harder in getting the stories of disenrollment out.  Otherwise, how will people know?

You will hear sovereignty often. Sovereignty, without accountability leads to nations like South Africa, which ran an apartheid nation, like some tribe's like my own, The Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians, from Temecula.  My family has to come in a separate entrance to the homes they had since last century.

It also present the opportunity to call out the so-called Native Advocacy groups like the NCAI (National Congress of American Indians) and NARF (Native American Rights Fund) neither of which has done a DAMN THING for the over 11,000 living Native Americans who have lost all their tribal rights.

SPEAK OUT, SHARE POSTS on SOCIAL MEDIA.  This issue is NOT a one day issue.  THANK you to all that participated. Please KEEP HELPING those that BELONG to the Tribes they were born to, return.  FIGHT back... they don't like it

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Fawn Sharp, 3rd Female to lead NCAI IGNORES 11,000 Natives Disenrolled in her State of Indian Nations speech.

Fawn Sharp, new President of the National Congress of American Indians and the third woman to lead the Native American advocacy group, picked up where here male predecessors left off IGNORING TRIBAL DISENROLLMENT


Elizabeth Warren, Her Trail of JEERS Nearing End, Campaign on LIFE SUPPORT

Serial Liar, Elizabeth Warren
NOt even her fantasy Native American connections and high cheekbones can save her campaign. In the land of the Abenaki, Malecite, Passamaquoddy and Pennacook, She finished a distant fourth, barely eking out a lead over old Joe Biden.

Have we seen the last of her?  We can only hope.   She told this story last night:
 A young girl came up to me tonight and said, “I’m a broke college student with a lot of student loan debt. I checked and I have $6 in the bank—so I just gave $3 to keep you in this fight.” We’re staying in this fight for the people who are counting on us.
A politician who would take half the life savings of a college student, rather than, say, "Hey, keep yur money and come work the phones for me"  or "I won't take your money, please knock on doors instead"  is NOT who we should have leading our country. but it is indicative of what her presidency would look like, taking our tax cuts away, for failures of this magnitude.

Read more about Elizabeth Warren
Serial Liar, Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren Comes Clean
Elizabeth Warren IGNORED Real Native Americans While at Harvard Law
Elizabeth Warren Defending her "Fake" Heritiage

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

BIA DOCS Confirms Wrongdoing in Pechanga Tribe FOIA Release to Researcher Emilio Reyes.

We've posted extensively about the FOIA issues researcher Emilio Reyes has been having with the Bureau of Indian Affairs.  NOW, through a subsequent FOIA REQUEST we have uncovered more evidence of BIA wrongdoing in handling tribal records. This time at the Riverside Office.  Virgil Townsend was the supervisor of Riverside in the 80's.

As we proceed, bear in mind that a Pechanga tribal member, was employed by the BIA and elders say that Irehne Basquez Scearce, had made changes to the 1940 census while under their employ.
WHY?  Because she and her splinter group cohorts wanted to USE the 1940 census as the basis for tribal membership.
WHY?  Because her family was NOT on the original Pechanga censuses like Paulina Hunter was.
WHY?  Because they aren't really PECHANGA descendants

The tribe reportedly voted her OFF the enrollment committee for this disgraceful act, yet the then chairwoman who is currently disenfranchised Jennie Masiel Miranda REFUSED to kick her off the committee. Miranda is the NIECE of Scearce.  FAMILY Trumps Truth.

Mark Macarro Destroyed Pechanga Children's Heritage

Many Nations are working to protect Native Children..

Chairman Mark Macarro and Pechanga, not so much.  Over 100 CHILDREN have had their heritage stripped by the Pechanga Enrollment committee headed by Bobbi LeMere and with Ruth Masiel and Frances Miranda.

In the case of Pechanga, whose enrollment committee included a relative of the family they disenrolled, sharing the same common ancestor, destroyed the welfare of a hundred Indian children.   Where were the protections for their welfare?   Why would the BIA refuse to get involved?   They may claim they were powerless, but they certainly could have issued guidance.    WHO protects the Native American child, when it's a Native American tribe that's harming them?

In the case of two large families from Pechanga , the Manuela Miranda and the Paulina Hunter descendants, the tribe voted to end all disenrollments, even though the tribal members knew it meant foregoing the resulting significant increase in their own per capita

The tribal enrollment committee consisting of less than a quorum and including members who had NO Indian heritage, voted to disenroll Paulina Hunter posthumously by a single vote.  That single vote, from a non-Indian has harmed the welfare of 200 Indian Children.  Non Indians taking the rights of Indians, while claiming those same rights for themselves.

I WILL CALL THEM OUT, put your tribe that's disenrolled in the comments.



According to the California State Bar Association Elder Abuse:
It is the neglect, exploitation or “painful or harmful” mistreatment of anyone who is 65 or older (or any disabled dependent adult aged (18 to 64). It can involve physical violence, psychological abuse, isolation, abandonment, abduction, false imprisonment or a caregiver’s neglect. It could also involve the unlawful taking of a senior’s money or property.
Matilda Smith 90 years old
Hunter Family Elder
Great Granddaughter of Paulina Hunter 

In short, elder abuse involves various crimes, such as theft, assault or identity theft, that strike victims of all ages. But when the victim is 65 years old or older (or a disabled dependent adult), the criminal faces stiffer penalties.

Matilda was 75 years old when the Pechanga tribal council, abandoned her, unlawfully taking this senior's money, health care, voting rights and her rights as an allottee, and dishonoring a tribal elder.   At that time, yahoos and felons in the back corner of the room were hollering for disenrolled elders to "GET A JOB"

Hunter Elder Matilda Smith, now 90 years old, recalled being on the reservation in the late 1930’s. “It was a long trip to get there, especially in those days”. “But that is where our roots were, my grandmother loved it there.” Her grandmother was Mary Ann Miller, daughter of Paulina Hunter, an original allottee of the Temecula Reservation known as Pechanga.  Up to her disenrollment, she was attending meetings, travelling out from OKLA 'freaking" HOMA to support the tribe and family.

Monday, February 10, 2020

#stopdisenrollment Visual Advocacy Event Scheduled for February 10 2020

The fourth annual #stopdisenrollment visual advocacy event is happening February 10th this year. PLEASE share on YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Oscar Winner Taika Waititi Gives Shout out to Tongva ChumashTataviam at ACADEMY AWARDS

RESPECT GIVEN to Native People at Academy Awards
Image result for taika waititi

Indigenous Oscar winner Taika Waititi gave respect from the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences tonight at the OSCARS

The Academy would like to acknowledge that they are gathered on the ancestral lands of the Tongva Tataviam and Chumash. We acknowledge them as the first people of this land on which our motion picture community lives and works

Excellent! Lets hope FEDERAL recognition follows.  Native Actor Wes Studi was honored.

Faces of Disenrollment: Grandma Grace Fowler SAGINAW CHIPPEWA DISENROLLMENT:

Tomorrow is the FINAL Appeal in the recent Saginaw Chippewa disenrollments. I've corresponded with a few of them, and from their Facebook pages, I find some who are imploring their people to RESIST.  YOU can help by sharing this post on Social Media and offering up prayers for justice, that those hearing the appeal with do what is right and honorable.

Grandma Grace Fowler
Saginaw Chippewa 1937
Constitution Signatory

The Saginaw Chippewa Tribe has proceeded with Disenrollments and has changed it's Ordinance #14 to continue to exclude members of the Tribe. 

These changes include a " No statue of limitations" on membership dis-enrollment, meaning no one is safe, EVER, NO ONE!!! 

The Saginaw Chippewa Tribe also has the distinction of being one of only two tribes in the Unites states that disenroll deceased members. A disgrace to our ancestors and not the way of the true Saginaw Ojibwe Anishinabek!

Get involved, be informed, let your voices be heard. RISE UP AND FIGHT!

I am linking here to a column from Saginaw Chippewa disenrollee William Masterson  please read and learn more.  An excerpt:

Seven generations ago my paternal and maternal grandfathers, of whom I am a direct lineal descendant, signed the 1855 treaty that was used to establish Saginaw Chippewa tribal lands, yet I was recently notified of my disenrollment. 

I ask again, how can this be? The newly elected Tribal Council can correct the deficiencies in the way in which membership is determined, but they need to hear it from the community. 

Tell them you do not want a system in which some members can be picked and chosen for membership by Council motion while others in the exact same circumstance are disenrolled. 

Tell them you do not want leaders that prefer taking the easy path rather than providing true leadership. Tell them you do not want leaders that shun their responsibilities solely based on what is good for them politically. Tell them you want leadership that addresses issues based on honest and truthful assessments of the facts before them.

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Native America Calling Show on Tribal Disenrollment Tuesday February 11, 2020

big nac logo

Native America Calling will have a show on tribal disenrollment Tuesday Feb. 11  CALL IN and participate:  1-800-996-2848

Disenrollments on the rise?

Removing long-standing members from tribal rolls appears to be picking up after a brief lull. It’s a controversial practice. So much so that opponents established an annual “Stop Disenrollment Day” to call attention to the harm it causes. Some disenrolled members trace their identity to their tribes for generations. 

Tribal leaders defend their actions as an effort to purge their membership of those who don’t belong. We’ll get observations on current disenrollment trends and some of the factors that go into tribes’ decision-making.

Learn MORE about Tribal Disenrollment

#StopDisenrollment Advocacy Event 2/10/2020; Preview of Wilton Rancheria Disenrolled and the Story behind it

A preview of what to see in the upcoming #stopdisenrollment visual advocacy event coming next week:  Wilton Rancheria Disenrolled

Wilton Rancheria Disenrolled
Lisa Jimenez (top)

A bit of Wilton Rancheria History:

Our Families are the historical tribe of Wilton Rancheria. Our families; we are the Blues, Brown and Taylor's. Our families sat on the Interim council before and after recognition. The Wilton Rancheria tribe agreed to a 1999 mediation agreement to not only recognize the 1959 distributees but include all base rolls which included us. Our families were instrumental in Wilton Rancheria Indians being able to achieve federal recognition as a tribe.
Shorty after Wilton Rancheria received federal recognition many of Ione Tribal members from Amador County relinquished their membership from the Ione Band in order to enroll in the Wilton tribe. These Ione members now Wilton Rancheria members are Amy Dutschke family members. Amy Dutschke is the Pacific Regional Superintendent of the Bureau of Indian affairs who is fast tracking the Wilton Tribes fee-to-trust application. These members want a Casino, that why they switched tribes because Wilton's Casino proposal was moving quickly.
Ms. Dutschke's family voted to disenroll our families allowing them to move into leadership at the Wilton Tribe.
Ms. Dutschke's decision to recommend approval of this casino proposal creates a serious conflict of interest. Her decision will financially benefit her family members and indirectly and potentially directly benefit Ms. Dutschke herself.

Thursday, February 6, 2020

I WILL NOT ATTEND the American Indian & Indigenous Film Festival at Pechanga Resort & Casino

The California's American Indian & Indian Indigenous Film Festival will feature films for three days at the Pechanga Resort & Casino.   I will NOT attend.

I can't support any business by the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians, my own tribe, that disenrolled my ancestors and all that followed, stripped us of citizenship, our children of their heritage and forces us to live under an apartheid and segregated regime, led by chairman Mark Macarro. 

To learn about other Casino Tribes that and harmed their people, here's the TOP TEN TO AVOID . Learn how to express your moral outrage, while still approving of tribal sovereignty.  Just because tribe's like Pechanga and a sponsor Jamul Indian Village have a RIGHT to abuse their people, it doesn't MAKE IT RIGHT.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Tribal Sovereignty and a Potential Solution to Tribal Disenrollment: Mulvaney:

Writing in American Indian Law Journal Executive Editor Brent Mulvaney discusses Tribal Disenrollment and it's effects on sovereignty.

The article is The Tribal Franchise: An Expression of Tribal Sovereignty and a Potential Solution to Mass Disenrollment

...Because both the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the Appellants acknowledged that federal courts lack jurisdiction to review tribal membership decisions,251 it is important to recognize that it is possible for tribal officials to constrain facts and the legislative authority of their general membership to serve personal ends that are wholly divorced from the will of the tribe. 

When genuine members of any tribe face disenrollment and the unified will of their tribal community, as expressed through the tribal franchise and recognized in a tribal constitution, cannot preserve their personal, cultural, and biological identities, they have no choice but to turn to litigation. 

Here, the Appellants exhausted the remedies provided by the tribe and were left with no other option than to bring their challenge to federal court. Ideally, such recourse would be amenable to the best argument. However, the only argument to which the federal judiciary is—and arguably ought to be—receptive is an ICRA-based challenge alleging that petitioners have been detained. 

As Jeffredo and other cases illustrate, such challenges have a tendency to prove futile in the disenrollment context. Assuming that the status quo is maintained, this case illustrates the fact that the only effective prophylactic for preventing unjust disenrollment and the potential spread of this epidemic is ensuring that the popular vote of tribal members carries that level of authority that has been recognized in countless tribal constitutions, which is the authority from which every other power of governance arises: the will of the people. 

Even if the authority of those facing disenrollment is diminished, the remainder of the general membership must have some way to challenge those actions of a tribal council that it finds unjust. 

Learn More on Disenrollment, Ethnic Cleansing in Indian Gaming Country at these Links:

Gaming Revenue Blamed for Disenrollment
Disenrollment is paper Genocide
CA Tribal Cleansing
TRIBAL TERRORISM includes Banishment

Monday, February 3, 2020

Stop Disenrollment: Disgraceful Actions by the Pechanga Tribal Council

Here is a previous post concerning the Paulina Hunter Family Disenrollment. Thank you all for your continued support of this blog. Please tell your friends.

50 Links to Tribal Disenrollment Posts
Mark Macarro Pechanga Chairman

Concerning Disgraceful Actions by the Pechanga Tribal Council

In a notice dated August 7, 2006, the descendants of Paulina Hunter, an original allottee of the Pechanga Indian Reservation, were informed that the Pechanga Tribal Council and the Pechanga Enrollment Committee had denied their appeal to over-turn the Enrollment Committee's earlier decision to disenroll the family.

The Hunter Family members were disenrolled in March of this year when the Enrollment Committee concluded that their ancestor, Paulina Hunter, was not a Temecula Indian.
Along with disenrollment notices from the Enrollment Committee, a memo from the Tribal Council explained that it had decided that a law passed by the Tribe's governing body in July 2005 to bar future disenrollments applied to all tribal members except the Hunter Family.

Sunday, February 2, 2020

National Archives Seattle to Close. Money Saved or Evidence Hidden.

This is a sad state of affairs in Seattle. 

The decision to pack up and move the
 National Archives at Seattle to Southern California and Kansas City, Missouri, has rattled those who have spent hours doing research in the mammoth facility.  Seattle Times has the full story here