Thursday, March 30, 2023

Secretary of Interior Deb Haaland, WE HAVE QUESTIONS for YOU on TRIBAL DISENROLLMENT. WHAT DO YOU KNOW Madame Secretary

Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland had some difficulty this week answering simple questions from congress.  I'd love to give her an opportunity to answer my questions on disenrollment, tribal abuse and corruption.   

Madame Secretary please address these questions for 11,000 Native Americans being sacrificed on the altar of sovereignty

What is your understanding of tribal disenrollment and its effects on tribal members?

Have you had any interactions with tribal leaders or members regarding the issue of disenrollment?

Do you believe that tribal leaders should be held accountable for their actions of violations of civil rights when it comes to disenrollment?

Would you direct the  BIA to facilitate mediation between tribes and disenfranchised tribal members in an attempt to resolve disputes and find a mutually acceptable solution?

In your opinion, what steps can be taken to address disenrollment and its impact on affected tribal members?

How do you plan to ensure that the rights of disenfranchised tribal members are protected and upheld, particularly when it comes to access to essential services and benefits?

What role do you believe the federal government should play in addressing issues related to tribal disenrollment?

In your opinion, what impact does disenrollment have on the overall health and well-being of elders and children of tribal communities?

Have you worked with any organizations or advocates that focus on protecting the rights of disenfranchised tribal members? (readers, STOP LAUGHING)  If so, can you share any insights or experiences from those interactions?

Ending disenrollments, working with tribes to bring all the people home would be an EXCELLENT legacy, Madame Secretary


Anonymous said...

So easy to strip a true member of a tribe of their citizenship. Let’s take this a step further- you want all the perks of being a Tribal Citizen, being a member of a Tribe.
1. Pick your citizenship- Tribal or American, no more dual citizenship, Chose!
2. Must live on the Rez, no more living off Rez!
3. Want sovereignty, act as a sovereign nation, no more money from the Federal Government!

Crazy, right! Think about that when your citizenship is being revoked by a bunch of corrupt, evil dictators.

Sleepy Joe just might start revoking American citizenship because your ancestors did not come over on the right boat or not in the right port of entry. That’s what Disenrollment is, stripped of what is yours, a right no one has the right to take that away!

Chief MoFo said...

To:Deb Haaland US District Court finds Saginaw Chippewa Tribe Discriminated against Disenrolled Members! It’s been on your desk for over a year! DO YOUR JOB!!!

Anonymous said...

The issues of Tribal Disenrollment, Tribal Identity & all that are associated with it, such as connection to our Ancestors, history, land, culture, programs/funding for education, health, housing, employment, etc.
How would she feel if she was Disenrolled & had her identity stolen from her?

Anonymous said...

I sent a letter to Deb Haaland asking her what Sovereignty covers the person or people in the tribal government or the Tribal laws because if you have a conflict, it can't cover both. In her insulting way she has not answered the letter.