Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Reconnecting After The Trauma Of Pechanga Disenrollment Cassie Whitten

My young cousin, Cassie Whitten, who still resides on our family’s allotment on the Pechanga reservation in Temecula CA, gives her perspective on reconnecting with her heritage and her native spirit. So many of us who are older like me, feel the sting and injustice differently.  

Cassie suffered trauma after our disenrollment, after Pechanga chairman Mark Macarro sent his jackbooted tribal rangers to physically remove Cassie and her other young cousins from the tribal school.  PLEASE READ HER EXPERIENCE detailed here.

It’s been crazy and something I never thought I could or would do again to tell you the truth. I wanted to share some of my thoughts on the journey to reconnecting after disenrollment in hopes other native people who have been affected want to also. 

The healing journey is the hardest because some wounds are still open. A few years ago I started really reconnecting to my people and my culture. When I did I realized how strong and resilient I am and have been. 

Disenrollment is traumatizing and makes it hard to connect or reconnect to your people when you’ve been told you do not belong for so long. The affects after disenrollment can take an emotional and physical toll on you. I have been blessed not only to meet amazing mentors and community members but people who support me and the work I do. Doing the work to stop tribal disenrollments is also traumatizing and I’ve seen my own elders, family, and cousins be traumatized by the work and see how it affects them as native people. Native people need to heal also in their own communities and then work on bigger issues. 

Lateral oppression is real even in native communities, disenrollment is lateral oppression. 

The one reason I decided to reconnect and I hope this makes others want to also was for the future generations. 

I love passing on knowledge to our young ones now and to the future generations that are not even here yet. I knew to do that I had to want to reconnect even if it’s traumatizing to heal. I’ve always wanted to be a foster parent in ICWA and then eventually adopt and still have those dreams in the future. But to do that I had to learn and take the time to dive into my culture and people. When I did I met some amazing people along my journey who made me feel like I could do the work in my communities or make change. From their Wisdom and their teachings I started feeling more empowered and motivated to do the work and  realized there’s so much work to be done. So many people sit on these injustices and do not care. I truly believe culture can heal and we need to start teaching and empowering each other more in our own communities to do the work. 

The journey is not over and never will be but I pray if you have been affected by disenrollment you feel empowered to speak up and get more involved in your community. 

Do not let people push you out or tell you you’re unworthy or do not belong. If you’re passionate about your people and want to see change do not stop. 

I believe there will be change to stop tribal disenrollments one day but until that day comes we will keep learning, teaching, and fighting for the ones who came before us and fought for us to be here to continue the work.

Monday, April 5, 2021

Hey LeBron, Atlanta’s Got NOTHING on Your Tribal Tribal Sponsor IN The Voting Rights Abuse Category

 James praised the move and said he was "proud to call myself a part of the MLB family today." The Los Angeles Lakers star often speaks out on domestic issues but has been reticent to comment on repression in China, where the NBA has a significant business interest.

He doesn’t rock the boat on one of the Laker’ sponsors The Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians in Temecula, CA EITHER.

PECHANGA has stripped voting rights, made tribal ID’sworthless, practices APARTHEID and  the self titled KING JAMES is okatwith those abuses.  Be consistent Mr.James.  Look into all the issues if you want people to take you seriously.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Pechanga Tribe To Bring Back Disenrolled And Repay Lost (Stolen) Per Capital

 Finally! After 17 years!

The Pechanga Tribal Council, led by Marl Macarro will restore citizenship to 435 surviving  members of their 2004 and 2006 disenrollment purge of legitimate tribal members by adoptees and frauds.

“We finally realized that in order to be grouped with the major tribes, we had to do the honorable thing” said one council member who spoke on condition of anonymity. “Disenrollment was wrong, we knew it, but stealing that per capita felt so right”

The Pechanga Council’s position was that enough disenrolled elders have died, to save on healthcare costs. And hey, after stealing over $3 MILLION from those they kicked out in violation of the tribe’s wishes, the council’s wallets were getting weighed down leading to back problems.

When asked how the tribe would finance the reparations, they would only say, “the crime family will be gone”. Cryptic, but, they are known to the tribal community.

APRIL FOOLS!  The Pechanga Council will only do the honorable thing when public shaming gets strong enough. That will happen when more who were affected get off the sidelines.