Wednesday, April 28, 2021

San Manuel Band to Expand to LAS VEGAS BABY. Buying the PALMS HOTEL CASINO


The word on the street here in my new home of Las Vegas is that the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians from San Bernardino, CA will purchase the PALMS Hotel and Casino

The website Vital Vegas, which is usually ahead of the curve writes:

While this purchase may come as a surprise to many, San Manuel did a pretty good job of telegraphing their intention to get into the Las Vegas market.The tribe has advertised extensively in Las Vegas, including on the digital billboards at T-Mobile during Vegas Golden Knights games.

IF you are a Las Vegas fan and really, who isn't you should follow @vitalvegas on twitter, I have for yearts.

Monday, April 26, 2021

CNN Analyst RICK SANTORUM Denigrates Native American Culture and FAILS American History

 Native Americans had NO CULTURE, says CNN analyst RICK SANDTORUM.    What a fucking moron. He should be beaten with a Lacrosse stick. Here's the text and you can find the video here

Our culture was wiped out, by his ancestors.  OUR right to practices OUR religion, OUR beliefs was wiped out by Europeans and replaced by HIS ancestors.

YES, he has freedom of speech and YES he should be fired for his racist comments.   Who would want to walk a mile in his moccasins right now?   CNN the ball is in your court.  Send him to be with no fry bread.


Saturday, April 24, 2021

Pechanga Development Commission Member Patrick Murphy Jr. Dies Former TASIN Board Member

 Sad news from the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians reservation near Temecula, CA.   

Patrick Murphy Jr.

It is with profound sadness that we inform you that Patrick Murphy, Jr., PDC Board Member and former Vice Chairman and Secretary of TASIN, passed away yesterday afternoon.  Patrick has served as an elected official since 1992, and served on the TASIN Executive Board from 2002 to 2010. Patrick was instrumental in the development and construction of Pechanga Resort Casino and related economic developments.


Patrick’s contribution to protecting tribal sovereignty and the advancement of tribal gaming extends beyond Pechanga.  As a tribal leader, he helped to pass laws that authorized tribal gaming in California and built relationships with local communities that have resulted in improved infrastructure, additional public safety, and funding for local schools. Patrick's generous heart extended beyond Pechanga; he cared deeply about the wellbeing of our community and lifting up those in need through support for several nonprofits in our region. 


Patrick is survived by his wife, Irene Murphy, his daughter Natasha Mendoza, his sons Michael Murphy and Patrick “PJ” Murphy, along with his two grandchildren Nikiilish and Eric Mendoza.

May his family find peace.

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Julie Bogany Vaunted Elder of the Gabrieleno Tongva Band of Mission Indians Walks On


I have been experiencing so much turmoil in my life (all good) that I missed this news piece on Julie Bogany passing. The Los Angeles times has a great article on this. Here is a statement from the Gabrieleno Band of Mission Indians

Educator, Loving Mother, Language Keeper

Monday, April 5, 2021

Hey LeBron, Atlanta’s Got NOTHING on Your Tribal Tribal Sponsor IN The Voting Rights Abuse Category

 James praised the move and said he was "proud to call myself a part of the MLB family today." The Los Angeles Lakers star often speaks out on domestic issues but has been reticent to comment on repression in China, where the NBA has a significant business interest.

He doesn’t rock the boat on one of the Laker’ sponsors The Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians in Temecula, CA EITHER.

PECHANGA has stripped voting rights, made tribal ID’sworthless, practices APARTHEID and  the self titled KING JAMES is okatwith those abuses.  Be consistent Mr.James.  Look into all the issues if you want people to take you seriously.

Thursday, April 1, 2021

Pechanga Tribe To Bring Back Disenrolled And Repay Lost (Stolen) Per Capital

 Finally! After 17 years!

The Pechanga Tribal Council, led by Marl Macarro will restore citizenship to 435 surviving  members of their 2004 and 2006 disenrollment purge of legitimate tribal members by adoptees and frauds.

“We finally realized that in order to be grouped with the major tribes, we had to do the honorable thing” said one council member who spoke on condition of anonymity. “Disenrollment was wrong, we knew it, but stealing that per capita felt so right”

The Pechanga Council’s position was that enough disenrolled elders have died, to save on healthcare costs. And hey, after stealing over $3 MILLION from those they kicked out in violation of the tribe’s wishes, the council’s wallets were getting weighed down leading to back problems.

When asked how the tribe would finance the reparations, they would only say, “the crime family will be gone”. Cryptic, but, they are known to the tribal community.

APRIL FOOLS!  The Pechanga Council will only do the honorable thing when public shaming gets strong enough. That will happen when more who were affected get off the sidelines.