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Pechanga Resort & Casino CRIMEWATCH: Violent Attacker Pleads GUILTY to Felony Assault

Darryl Lealon Taylor admitted to three felonies Feb. 21 in an agreement with prosecutors. He was sentenced to one year in custody, five years’ probation and ordered to complete a domestic violence prevention program, according to court records .
According to court records, Taylor sent the woman messages threatening to kill her before confronting her in the middle of the afternoon in the Pechanga Resort & Casino employee parking area of the casino in the 45000 block of Pechanga Parkway. As the woman opened her car door on her way to work, Taylor grabbed her and began choking her.
A bystander heard the struggle and called out, prompting Taylor to run away, but he soon returned, court records say. Pechanga security guards intervened, detaining Taylor until deputies arrived.
The Pechanga Resort and Casino was the site of a recent murder of a man shot in his hotel room.
The Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians is well know for terminating members from their tribe, in order to steal per capita money.  That total has surpassed $400 MILLION.   The Tribe is also attempting to change the definition of an allottee, in order to control water rights.   

Redding Rancheria Disenrollment: GREED not Heritage Was At Its Core

SADLY, this story is a DECADE old now, and Bob Foreman did NOT live to see Justice.  BIA, what you have done by standing by on the sidelines is SHAMEFUL.  Sally Jewell of Interior, make a DIFFERENCE.
Here is a ten year old LATIMES article.

The late Virginia Timmons was among the 17 Indians still living on the Redding Rancheria when it was disbanded by federal order in 1959, one of the sad milestones of the Indian experience in California.

Her daughter, Lorena, was among the 130 original members enrolled in the tribal group after its reestablishment 24 years later, a restoration that came about partly through the efforts of her grandson, Bob Foreman.

To this day, many of Virginia Timmons' 75 descendants remember her as the cheerful woman they called "Nano." She loved the music of Elvis and used to startle guests by uttering phrases from a near-forgotten tribal language in her sleep. Many of her offspring have served the rancheria as members of the tribal council, executives of its health clinic, administrators of its educational programs or managers of its thriving Win-River casino.

By almost any measure, Timmons' family would have to be ranked among the leading clans of the Redding Rancheria, which sits on 30 acres of land in the shadow of Mt. Shasta. So one can only imagine their dismay at the movement to kick them all out of the tribal organization.

"Our history's always been here," says Carla Maslin, one of Virginia Timmons' great-granddaughters. "I think it's a crime when people start trying to take others' heritage away."

Maslin's father, Bob Foreman -- the same man who was instrumental in reestablishing the tribe -- is more succinct. "It's greed," he says. "Out and out, that's what it is."

Foreman, now 67, is alluding to the feature of tribal life that hangs over the so-called disenrollment case like a shroud: the disbursement of roughly $3,000 that every tribal member receives from the casino each month. Disenrolling the family, which could cut the size of the tribe to about 186 members from 261, could consequently mean an increase of about 40%, or $1,200, in every remaining member's monthly take.

"This proves the truth of an old Chinese aphorism, 'You never really know someone until you share an inheritance with them,' " says the family's Las Vegas-based lawyer, Michael V. Stuhff.

Tribal representatives say the case is not about money, but about the tribe's legitimate interest in establishing its own identity under conditions in which there just happens to be money at stake. "If the Foremans have produced any evidence other than the circumstances to suggest this is about money, I'd like to know what it is," says David Rapport, the tribe's outside lawyer.

It's unclear whether the Redding situation is a harbinger of more such conflicts over tribal membership. Only a handful of disenrollment cases have arisen in California in recent years, including a Pechanga reservation case that reportedly has been dropped. "The incidence rate in California is pretty amazingly low," says Michael Pfeffer, executive director of Oakland-based California Indian Legal Services, an independent agency providing a neutral hearing officer in the Redding case.

Still, it's only now becoming widely appreciated how burgeoning casino wealth means that tribal membership might confer not merely cultural identity but substantial financial reward too.

The challenge to the Foreman family dates to June 2002, when the tribal council received two letters alleging that Virginia Timmons bore no children. The letters, which were written by an elderly tribal member named Dorothy Dominguez shortly before her death, implicitly attacked the bona fides not only of Timmons' only child, Lorena (who was born in 1916 and died in 1995), but of Lorena's five children, their 17 offspring and the two generations that have followed.

The family contends that Dominguez, who they openly deride as an aged, bitter alcoholic, could not have had any grounds to challenge Lorena's parentage. Among other things, they say that Dominguez was 16 years younger than Lorena and therefore not in any position to know the circumstances of her birth. They contend the 10-member tribal council -- which currently includes three Foreman family members -- should have rejected the allegation out of hand.

Instead, an enrollment committee examined Lorena's file and determined that it included neither a birth nor a baptismal certificate. The panel asked the family to provide such documentation, even though it would have been highly unusual for an Indian born in 1916 to have had a formal birth certificate.

The Foremans delved deep into dusty family and public archives. They turned up federal Indian records, census rolls and other contemporary references establishing Lorena's lineage. They offered up pages from the Foreman family Bible recording births and deaths, all of this from a period in which there could be no conceivable gain, financial or otherwise, from fabricating such a familial relationship. They even exhumed Virginia Timmons' body, obtaining a bone sample for a DNA test that established a statistically likely maternal link between Timmons and one of Lorena's living children.

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Eric Holder Hospitalized. Attorney General said to be Recovering.

Word is that Attorney General Eric Holder has been hospitalized for faintness. We wish him a speed recovery, so he can get to the business at hand in Indian Country. We wrote this letter last year and sent in quite a few and we've heard NOTHING but crickets chirping...feel free to send another..

 The Honorable Eric Holder
United States Attorney General
Department of Justice Building
950 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington , DC 20530
FAX: (202) 616-9898

Dear Attorney General Holder:

I respectfully submit this letter urging the Department of Justice Civil Rights Division to commence a full-scale investigation into the gross civil and human rights violations which have infected Indian Country.

Throughout Indian Country, tribal officials have taken actions which have denied and/or stripped thousands of individual Indians of their rights and privileges as tribal members and denied them access to federal benefits and programs in the areas of housing, education, health, voting and public works assistance.  Pechanga, Pala, Redding, Snoqualmie, Nooksack, Chukchansi, Enterprise, San Pascual are just a few who have terminated the rights of their people.

In some instances, the illegal actions occurred decades ago, however, there has been a marked increase since Indian Gaming has evolved into a multi-billion dollar business. Tribal leaders justify their right to systematically deny and/or strip basic rights and privilegesfrom their citizens under the guise of tribal sovereignty.   The time is right for your department to use it's full force on the corruption that has spread throughout Indian Country.

Tribal leaders have routinely committed acts to deny Indian individuals due process; equal protection of tribal, state, and federal laws; property interest rights; and voting rights. Theses actions have been carried out in gross violation of tribal and federal laws, such as the Indian Civil Rights Act of 1968, which were specifically enacted to guarantee and protect the rights of the individual Indian.

Using sovereignty as a club to beat the weak and render them helpless is abhorrent.The federal government can no longer allow the offending tribes and tribal officials to claim that this is a sovereignty issue that rests solely within the domain of tribal courts and tribal law. Few Tribes actually have tribal courts.And, in most cases, the tribal government officials responsiblefor the violations of law are the very same people who pass judgment as to whether or not lawshave been violated - they are the judge, jury and alleged criminal all rolled into one
The United States has a trust responsibility to the thousands of individual Indians whose basic rights have been infringed upon. Unfortunately, the Bureau of Indian Affairs has determined that their trust responsibility extends only to the tribal government and government officials and not to the thousands of individual Indian victims. Therefore, I believe that the DOJ has the legal and moral responsibility
to investigate and prosecute such violations of basic rights.

I urge you to direct the DOJ Civil Rights Division to initiate an investigation into the growing number of human and civil rights violations described above. In addition, I hope that any investigation would not be short-circuited by those who would claim tribal sovereignty as a justification for inaction.

Nor should justice be denied as a result of political wrangling by politicians fighting to protect their tribal “clients” who funnel millions of dollars into their campaign coffers.

Theft from Native Americans Tops $700 Million. Corrupt Councils Harm Indians Under BIA's Watch.

Nearly three quarters of a BILLION DOLLARS, have stolen by corrupt tribal councils and their leaders, including Mark Macarro of Pechanga and Robert Smith of Pala and the STOOGES, Reggie Lewis and Nancy Ayala of Chukchansi, among others. 

They claim disenrollments and moratoriums weren't about the money, but the figures don't lie.   The Cherokee Nation is excluding descendents of their OWN SLAVES, which by treaty, should be in the tribe.  WHY?  Because 25,000 is a huge number even if the benefits are small.

The loss of tribal citizenship includes the loss of Federal recognition of Native Americans. Corrupt tribes are harming their own.That's something the Bureau of Indian Affairs, led here in California by Amy Deutschke, buries their heads in the sand to avoid.  They have avoided their duty to protect Native Americans.

We first wrote about this story in January 2011, and many of the numbers have been revised upward. We have reached the 10 year mark for the Redding Rancheria, which terminated the rights of their first Chairman, Robert Foreman.

Follow the Money....

From the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians in Temecula CA:

The Hunter family has lost $2,073,000 per person, in per capita payments alone. We arrived at that figure by taking the last full year of per capita $268,000/12 months and multiplying that loss times 93 months of disenrollment. 95 adults at the time of disenrollment equals:  $197,020,500

The Apis/Manuela Miranda family was disenrolled two years prior in 2004, our previous posts mistakenly put their disenrollment in 2005. The per capita was slightly less, about $17,000 per month times 117 months of termination: $1,989,000 times 135 adults equals:  $268,515,000

Moratorium People NEVER shared in what was rightfully theirs. The per capita went up to $360,000 per year for those remaining after elimination of 25% of Pechanga’s tribal citizens. 

From the Picayune Rancheria in Coarsegold, CA:

In the case of Chukchansi Gold, the casino had been averaging $5 million per month in payments to the Tribe over the past 61 months (as reported to me by a former Tribal Council member). Not as per capita, but as benefits, housing stipends, heating. 
The tribe disenrolled 625 members whose share would be $3,200 per month. This equates to $122,000,000 stolen. They are now disenrolling an additional 300 members

Lets add what we have so far:

Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians: $485 MILION Includes additional $21.4 Million in Health Insurance. Corrected Insurance due to coverages, some double covered as family. Per capita losses are $200,000 PER DAY. These totals do not include lost education assistance, tribal jobs, nor does it account for family members that attained the age of majority since extermination.

Picayune: $ 122.0 MILLION Money is from share of dollars casino sends to tribe per person will grow with 200 just receiving ejection letters..

Redding Rancheria: $ 40 MILLION Totals being tabulating but includes tribal JOBS lost.

Mooretown Rancheria: $13 MILLION   Housing, benefits

Enterprise Rancheria: $3.5 MILLION No Per Capita. Tribe gets revenue allocation. Losses include housing help. 

Pala Band of Luiseno Indians: $30 MILLION. Per Capita loss for 160 members ejected 

United Auburn $2 MILLION per year projection is for one year. and growing by 180 K per month

San Pascual    $14 MILLION in losses for two years of Alto family’s ouster.

Nooksack Tribe: $300,000 so far, not included wasted attorney’s fees.


Marc Benjamin of the FRESNO BEE has the story of the missing THREE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS from The Chukchansi Gold Casino.

Two bags stuffed with hundreds of thousands of dollars from Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino that were not deposited in a tribal bank account -- and have now disappeared -- have sparked charges of money mismanagement by one of the tribe's competing factions.
But an attempt by the faction to obtain a federal temporary restraining order to force the funds into the account failed when U.S. District Judge Anthony Ishii said the faction was attempting to overstep its jurisdiction.
The question of Chukchansi tribal authority and leadership continues to be murky.
Equally murky, said Richard Verri, attorney for the Reggie Lewis group, is what happened to the $316,017.
In legal documents, the Lewis group claims a note inside the two money bags listed the tribe's gaming commission address as the money's destination. The information was provided in a letter from the San Francisco-based law firm of Bingham-McCutcheon, which represents Rabobank. The tribe's Rabobank account pays Wells Fargo, the trustee for investors in the $250 million restructured financing for the casino complex.
The money had been counted in the casino's cage and then was driven by armored car transport to another location for a second count, Verri said. During that count, a note was found inside the bags that said the money should go to the tribal gaming commission offices.

Read more here:
Read the Rest of the story HERE

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BIA Failure: Chukchansi Disenrollment Verdict Letters Going Out, WITH THREATS ATTACHED.

The BIA dozed while sedition and treason hearing went on at Chukchansi.  Now THREATS of reinstituting the charges dismissed here if there in contact or involvement with the Reggie Lewis faction.  You know, the SAME Reggie Lewis the BIA said they would do business with. 

On Dec. 12.2013 you were notified that the Tribal Council of the Picayune Rancheria of the Chukchansi Indians affirmed findings and recommendations of the Picayune Rancheria of the Chukchansi Indians Enrollment Committee in connection with a complaint for "Sedition and Treason" that was filed against you by a tribal member. 

You were provided with due notice of a hearing and informed and informed you had the right to present evidence or mitigating circumstance regarding your alleged actions, which were the basis of the complaint. 
Based upon the investigation and the evidence presented you are hereby notified that the complaint filed against you has been dismissed without prejudice. No further charges or complaints regarding "Sedition & Treason" are now pending before the tribal council regarding your involvement with the Reginald Lewis Faction; however, if additional evidence is discovered relating to your commission of acts that constitute " Sedition & Treason" against the Picayune Rancheria of the Chukchansi Indians- the Enrollment Committee may institute additional charges against you. 


We apologize for any inconvenience the dismissal of the charges may have caused you and the Tribe appreciates your attention to this matter.
  • Original Instigator Nancy Ayala is on Suspension, now it's a TEX faction
  • BIA allowed violence and elder abuse to occur
  • BIA FAILED to protect the rights of Native Americans
  • Chukchansi eliminated original language speakers.
  • With no ruling council, the casino should be shut down.

Read about Chukchansi Language Speaker RUBY CORDERO
Thuggish Chukchansi Tribe…
Indian vs. Indian

UPDATE: BABY in ROOM! MURDER at The Pechanga Resort & Casino, Follows Carjacking and Customer Beatings...

Death stalks the halls of the Casino that has led to corruption, greed, civil and human rights violation and theft...
UPDATE:   A BABY was in the room where the murder occured.
A 32-year-old woman is expected to be booked on suspicion of murder in the fatal shooting of her boyfriend at the Pechanga Resort and Casino near Temecula, in Riverside County, authorities said Monday, Feb. 24.
Maria Vihanek was being treated at a hospital for a self-inflicted injury that Riverside County sheriff’s officials said was not life threatening.
Keith Rodman, 49,  died at Temecula Valley Hospital shortly after he was shot in the hotel room Friday night, said Sgt. Mike Manning.
After he was shot about 11 p.m., Rodman made his way to an elevator and into the lobby of the 45000 Pechanga Parkway resort in seek of medical help about. Vihanek was later found injured in the hotel room.
Manning said Vihanek’s injury was not a gunshot wound but declined to elaborate. No word on whether bullets penetrated other hotel rooms.

Letter To Interior Secretary Jewell, BIA Secretary Washburn

The Nooksack 306 Representatives have sent letters to Department of Interior Secretary Jewell and Assistant Secretary of Indian Affairs Kevin Washburn, regarding the recent tragedy at Cedarville and the impending disenrollments.  When will they honor their trust responsibility to ALL NATIVE AMERICANS .

Secretary Jewell,  protecting individual Indians is not accomplished by merely giving the chiefs all that they want.....

Secretary Jewell, Assistant Secretary Washburn:

In the wake of the Cedarville tragedy, will you now honor your trust responsibility to all American Indians to prevent such disenrollment-atrocities? 

As the media has rightfully observed, “the shooting in Modoc County is the latest, and most chilling, example of tribal violence over power struggles and disenrollments.” 

In December, Nooksack Tribal Secretary Rudy St. Germain and I wrote each of you, after you ignored a petition signed in October by 900 tribal members in Washington State, imploring your intercession in our disenrollment.  We asked you:

What will it take for you to honor your trust responsibility? The threatened unconstitutional taking of Indian-owned homes? Further educational discrimination against Indian children? Tribal elders’ loss of health care or their resulting death? Violence amongst our people? We hope not. We hope you will do something, now.
But you ignored that letter and our follow-up emails, too.  You have not even given us the courtesy of a single response or acknowledgment.
Our family and tribal members have also been subject to abuse of process by others on our Tribal Council, racial slurs and taunting by our opponents, visits to our homes by tribal police at all hours of the night, and treatment like criminals by the tribal court and cops.  Meanwhile, there has been almost no democratic process at Nooksack in well over  a year; no General Council meetings; no public Tribal Council meetings.  Recall petitions signed by hundreds of us have been thrown away.  And the doors of the Tribal Court have been closed to us.
So we have worried about the dispute turning violent on our reservation.  History teaches us that when democracy falters, when there is no due process, when free speech is stifled, people take matters into their own hands. 
We have read about the Chuchanski "civil war" that resulted in a riot and stabbing, and about the protest at Berry Creek that was broken up by county cops with a flash-bang grenade.  Yet you at Interior pick and choose whether to get involved, and when to get involved.  You got involved with the Cherokee Freedman when you didn't have to.  You finally got involved at Chuckanski.  But you have turned a blind eye and deaf ear to our situations and our pleas for help.   
What now will it take for you or Congress to do something—anything?  Another tragedy?  More bloodshed?
We have presented you with proof of countless federal law violations, most recently IGRA, involving hundreds of thousands of dollars in improper gaming per capita distributions.  Last summer, a Secretarial election funded by federal taxpayers was carried out to cause our disenrollment.  It was riddled with voting rights violations, which would not be allowed in any state or federal election.  But you turn a blind eye and deaf ear to those violations of federal law as well.  These concerns are not “internal to the tribe” or matters of “self-governance.”  Those are just excuses.
And do not forget that tribal “disenrollment” is a creature of the federal government.  It was foreign to Indian people until the 1930s, when the United States began “reorganizing” tribes and Interior began foisting boilerplate constitutions on tribes. Those constitutions include “disenrollment” provisions.  Our traditions do not.  There is no Nooksack or Coast Salish word for “disenrollment.”  It is Frankenstein in Indian Country that the United States has created, and now ignores.
disenrollment is paper Genocide
is therefore your business.  It is a federal concern.
This is our last communication to you; our last desperate plea for your help. This time we are copying the media in hope that they might get your attention, should you still choose to ignore us and to flout your trust responsibility and moral duty.    

Michelle Roberts
Nooksack Tribal Councilperson

IS CHUKCHANSI PREPARING FOR A FIGHT? Fortified Positions Against Law Enforcement or Disgruntled Members?

It looked like the recent shooting in Cedarville Rancheria may have caused some "thinking" at 

the Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians in Coarsegold. They have fortified the tribal buildings. Are they LOOKING FOR A FIGHT? Here is what sources say:

my relatives are back from the Reggie/ Morris meeting. they drove by the tribal buildings and saw that

there are in fact barricades and bunker type structures with holes for ... guns? The Reggie/Lewis council

claims that no type of law enforcement will fight to place the BIA CHOSEN COUNCIL on tribal lands. To 

prevent violence BIA MUST shut the whole thing down

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Cedarville Rancheria Mass Shooting only 2nd by Woman in last 30 years.

The shooting at the Cedarville Rancheria, by Cherie Rhoades which wiped out almost 10% of the tribe in five minutes, was only the second mass shooting by a woman in the last 30 years, according to MOTHER JONES.

Previously, a female postal worker killed seven people including herself in 2006 in Goleta, CA.


Elizabeth Warmerdam of Courthouse News has an excellent story on Chukchansi Council Corruption:

Managers at the Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino in Coarsegold diverted more than $316,000 in revenue to an illegal faction after a leadership dispute that included acts of violence, according to a federal lawsuit and tribal statement.

     Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians, operators of the casino, have been disputed their tribal leadership since the December 2011 election, and three groups - led by council members Nancy Ayala, Reggie Lewis and Morris Reid - lay claim as representatives of the rightful council.

     In February 2013, Ayala attempted to disenroll hundreds of tribal members, then forced the other six members of the Tribal Council out of office and replaced them with an entirely new council consisting of her friends and family members, according to local media reports and the tribal website,

     She also took control of the casino, by installing a security and management team loyal to her, according to a tribe's website, checked this morning.

     The factions continued to battle and the situation deteriorated, so the federal Bureau of Indian Affairs stepped in on Feb. 11 this year. The BIA said it would conduct business on an interim basis with the last uncontested Tribal Council, which was elected in December 2010.

     That council consists of Lewis as the chairman, Nancy Ayala, Dora Jones, Chance Alberta, Jennifer Stanley, Morris Reid and Nokomis Hernandez.

     In the Feb. 11 letter sent to tribal, local, state and federal authorities, Amy Dutschke, the Sacramento-based regional director for the BIA, said that the level of conflict within the tribe "is extremely concerning." She cited a report in February 2012 that "an attempt to take over the Tribal Office by one of the factions led to violence, resulting in a stabbing of one individual, and requiring the Madera County Sheriff's Department to intervene. In February 2013 it was reported that a faction occupied the Tribal Office threatening violence with respect to anyone who attempted to remove the faction."
     The political dispute interfered with operations of the casino and led to multiple financial hardships, Dutschke said. Federal agencies were unable to determine who they should be conducting business with, causing some federally funded tribal programs to shut down.

     On Feb. 19, the BIA asked the Department of the Interior to make the BIA decision effective immediately, noting "concern that 'immediately following the Regional Director's issuance of [the United States Decision], counsel for the Ayala Faction communicated his concern that any attempt by the Tribal Council recognized I the [United States Decision] to resume control of the Tribal Officers and/or Casino could possibly result in murder,'" according to a lawsuit filed in federal court the same day. (The Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians et al. vs. Giffen Tan, et al., paragraph 21.)

     That lawsuit was filed after the reinstated tribal council was notified on Feb. 13 by its depository bank that casino management had delivered two bags of cash containing $316,700 to an illegal faction led by Ted McDonald, claiming to be the Tribal Council, the Lewis-led council said in a statement.

     Named as defendants in Picayune et al. vs. Tan et al. are Tan, Joyce Markle, Larry King and Ted Atkins, all part of the casino's management team.

     That Feb. 18 lawsuit states: "Defendants' past and presently ongoing conduct provide plaintiffs and this court with reason to believe that defendants will make additional distributions of Casino revenues in the very near future to entities or individuals who are not recognized by the United States as the Tribe. Such distributions are estimated to be more than $1,400,000.00 on a monthly basis, and, if issued to persons or entities not recognized by the United States as the Tribe, will violate the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act, the Tribe's Gaming Compact with the State of California, and the Tribe's Gaming Ordinance."

     The council claims that once the casino's assets have been disbursed they cannot be recovered, which will harm the 900-member tribe.

     "It is unfortunate that a small group of individuals continue to defy the will of an overwhelming majority of Tribal members and the recognition of the federal government," Lewis said in a statement on the tribal website. "There is only one Tribal Council recognized by the United States and stealing money from the Tribe will not be tolerated. Threatening violence for following the BIA's decision shows that the illegal faction is desperate, but the Tribal Council will follow the legal process as we always have done to ensure the smoothest transition possible."
     The tribe seeks an injunction preventing casino management from making any further disbursements to any person or entity other than the tribe recognized by the United States.

Sunday, February 23, 2014


The Bureau of Indian Affairs won't protect Native Americans from their corrupt tribes.....but they WILL send grief counselors.   OUTSTANDING use of resources Secretary Kevin Washburn.  Wait until we can 'see dead people'.   BIA needs to protect THOUSANDS from losing their heritage.

From the SACBEE:    The U.S. Bureau of Indian Affairs sent a team to Alturas on Saturday to provide grief counselling for anyone wanting it, agency spokeswoman Nedra Darling said in an email.

Read more here:

HOUSE of CARDS, Netflix's Hot Show, Get's Disenrollment (Ethnic Cleansing) Right

Sad to see that disenrollment, the ripping of one's heritage and violations of civil and human rights have made the grade in Netflix's HOUSE OF CARDS, starring Kevin Spacey.

Kevin Spacey Stars in HOUSE OF CARDS

Amy Stretten, of has the story:

Each tribe determines who can be considered part of their tribe because they are sovereign nations. Much like how the United States decides who is a citizen, a tribal government determines their own criteria for membership. And, unfortunately for some, those requirements can change over time leaving tribal members tribeless.
What's the reason? Well, as with the "Ugaya" tribe in House of Cards, recently, disenrollment has been related to allegations of greed by casino tribes (tribes that own casinos). The issue has been happening all across Indian Country since bingo halls and eventually casinos became a potential source of income for Indian tribes seeking a way to provide for their people.
The Chukchansi, the Nooksack and the Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde, to name just a few are recent examples of disenrollment cases to make the news.  OP:  Add Pala, Pechanga, Redding, Robinson Rancheria, Enterprise, San Pasqual and others..

Consider the United States deciding one day to take your citizenship away. You woke up an American and by lunch, you were stateless and without valid identification or a passport.
For many who have been disenrolled, it cuts even deeper – it's a matter of losing ones identity. For tribal members who work for their tribal government, they may lose their job or be forced to leave their home and switch schools if they live on tribal land or attend a tribal school.
For tribal governments and the remaining tribal members (who met the newly established enrollment requirements), it has meant a greater share of the money.
As the New York Times reported in 2011, "Clan rivalries and political squabbles are often triggers for disenrollment, but critics say one factor above all has driven the trend: casino gambling."

Learn More on Disenrollment, Ethnic Cleansing in Indian Gaming Country at these Links:
Gaming Revenue Blamed for Disenrollment
disenrollment is paper Genocide
CA Tribal Cleansing
Tribal terrorism
TRIBAL TERRORISM includes Banishment
Nooksack Disenrollment

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KILLING at Pechanga Resort & Casino in Temecula: CASINO CRIMEWATCH

A man was shot to death Friday night, Feb. 21,  and a woman wounded inside a hotel room at the Pechanga Resort and Casino in Temecula in what authorities are calling a domestic violence case. It's unusual for this kind of news to break out, as A Previous Death at Pechanga Resort & Casino was kept quiet for two weeks.  And there was a Pechanga member who was accused of car-jacking in the front of the Casino.   Pechanga Resort and Casino guest was beaten by Pechanga Security in 2008
Riverside County Sheriff’s Sgt. Mike Manning said there no suspects at large, although investigators are not yet announcing any arrests.The man, about 50 years old, was shot in one of the hotel rooms and went down to the lobby to seek medical attention, Manning said. He was taken to a hospital, where he died.
No one else was hit by the gunfire and the casino remained open, Manning said.
The woman was found in a hotel room with non-life-threatening injuries, the release said.
Pechanga is well known to have terminated 25% of it's tribe, violating civil and human rights and practicing Apartheid on it's reservation. It has used TRIBAL TERRORISM to control it's remaining members. The tribe has been accused of Elder Abuse at Pechanga.   

Chukchansi Corruption Leads to Canceling Payments to Charities

Madera County officials and 30 local agencies that include many nonprofit groups have been pulled into the battle between Chukchansi Indian factions over annual tribal donations.
Under a contract with the county, the tribe is obligated to donate $1 million annually to local groups. This year's recipients include schools, animal welfare agencies, tribal organizations, churches and veterans groups.
But the money has been held back because of the ongoing legal wrangling between the two leadership factions.
In November, the tribal council led by Nancy Ayala submitted a list of recipients to Madera County and held a banquet for the agencies that earned the grants.
Ayala's group, whose leader is now Tex McDonald, operates the Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians business complex and oversees operations at Chukchansi Gold Resort & Casino. Leadership of the tribe is still in flux.
The federal Bureau of Indian Affairs announced last week that it intends to recognize the seven members of the 2010 tribal council. That council includes Ayala and the other group's leader, Reggie Lewis. McDonald's group is appealing the BIA decision.
In December, the Lewis group legally challenged the tribal donations, alleging the other faction improperly designated a casino account to pay them.
A New York state court, which has been serving as a mediator in the conflict, said that casino revenues are supposed to pay off the tribe's debts of more than $250 million after financing bonds for the casino complex were restructured last year.
The court upheld the Lewis group's challenge, and so the money has not been distributed.
The withheld funds include a $50,000 grant for the Eastern Madera County Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals for a spay and neuter program. Last year, the all-volunteer organization raised $40,000 for the work -- but none from the Chukchansi program, said Sharon Fitzgerald, the animal group's board chairwoman.
She said the tribal donation is expected to allow her organization to concentrate its fundraising on money to build a no-kill shelter.
The group has received money twice previously from the tribe, Fitzgerald said.
Madera County officials said they are considering legal action.
The best move?  DO NOT GO to Chukchansi GOLD Casino.  Don't support CORRUPTION, Don't support Civil Rights Violators

Read more here:

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Cedarville Tribal Disenrollment Shooting a FAMILY AFFAIR -UPDATED

A woman who opened fire at the headquarters of a Northern California Indian tribe killed her brother, nephew and niece, police said Friday.   THAT is how serious disenrollment is.   At Pechanga, Frances Miranda oversaw the disenrollment of her own family.

The alleged killer, Cherie Rhoades

Cherie Lash Rhoades, former chairwoman of the Cedarville Rancheria tribe, killed a total of four people and critically wounded two others on Thursday during a meeting at tribal headquarters about evicting her and her son from tribal land, authorities said.
Those killed included the suspect's brother, 50-year-old Rurik Davis, her niece, 19-year-old Angel Penn and her nephew, 30-year-old Glenn Calonicco, Modoc County Sheriff Mike Poindexter said.
The other person killed was identified as Sheila Ross, 47, who was not related to the suspect.
WILL CONGRESS now have hearings into disenrollment of Native Americans?  Senator BOXER, Senator Feinstein, STOP all disenrollment.

UPDATES:  SacBee is reporting: A woman suspected of killing four people at the headquarters of an Indian tribe that was evicting her and her son from its land had been under federal investigation over at least $50,000 in missing funds, a person familiar with the tribe's situation.

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Is the BIA Responsible for the TRIBAL DISENROLLMENT SHOOTINGS at CEDARVILLE? Senator Feinstein, Time to ACT

Tribal disenrollment, the cute name given to the ripping out of the culture/history of Native People, has been growing for a decade, under the eyes of the Department of Interior, The Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Justice Department.

This blog has been working for seven years to bring those stories to light and to seek justice for those Native Americans harmed by their own tribes.

I am Pechanga, and the Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians have eliminated 20% of their tribe under the guidance of Mark Macarro and his chief council member Andrew Masiel. Acting OUTSIDE the Tribal Constitution

The BIA watched while at the Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians they shot pepper spray and threw flaming embers at elders.

The Redding Rancheria forced the Foreman family to DIG UP their ancestor for a DNA test which was 99.8% positive...and disenrolled them anyway.

San Pasqual, PALA, Nooksack, Mixed Blood Uinta.  The list is growing and look at what the lack of leadership has culminated in:  MURDER.    Did the BIA really think this wouldn't happen?   Do they think it WON'T happen again?

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Thursday, February 20, 2014


Four people are dead and two are wounded after a woman opened fire inside an American Indian tribal headquarters in Modoc County, Alturas Police told the Modoc County Record.
The woman shooter, whose identity hasn't been released, is in custody, officers told the Record in Alturas, which is a two-and-a-half-hour drive northeast of Redding up Highway 299.
Reports of the shooting came in about 3:45 p.m. at the former RISE (Resources for Indian Student Education) building at 300 West First Street, police told the Record.
The Cedarville Rancheria had purchased the building, which became the Cedarville Rancheria Tribal Office and Community Center. The Rancheria was holding a meeting on evicting several residents from its Rancheria, police told the Record.
A woman attending the hearing pulled out a gun and shot four people in the building and a fifth person who tried to flee, police told the Record. The woman then grabbed a butcher knife and stabbed another person after running out of ammunition.
The stabbing victim and one shooting victim have been taken to the hospital, which has been calling outside sources for blood, police told the Record.
Police told the Record that the Department of Justice will aid officers in investigating the shooting.
Cedarville is about 15 miles west of Alturas.

Dodger Fight Accused Plead Guilty. Louie Sanchez, Brandon Norwood Sentenced.

The two where accosted by Giants Fans and WON their fight, now because one got beaten, they will face more jail time: 

Two men who pleaded guilty to the 2011 beating of San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow at Dodger Stadium have been sentenced in Los Angeles.
Judge George Lomeli excoriated smirking convict Louie Sanchez and handed him an eight-year state prison term Thursday, with some credit for time served.
Co-defendant Marvin Norwood received a four-year sentence. He also received credit for time already spent in custody and it was unclear if he would be immediately released.
Stow was left permanently disabled by the beating.

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

How do you WIN at Pechanga Resort & Casino, Professor Falken?

How to WIN at the Pechanga Casino

Get outta here! YOU CAN'T WIN, the machines are designed to take your money. They don't even have to tell you win percentage.  And besides if a machine malfunctions, WHO are you going to complain to? The tribe? Heck, even a BEATING victim couldn't win on that one.

Manager's have been fired for cheating THEIR OWN WORKERS, (even though it took MONTHS to fire the son of the former tribal spokesman who ALSO stole from the TRIBE) you think they care about YOU?  They even have the danger of second hand smoke to worry about.

The Pechanga Casino in Temecula features hundreds of table games and over 4,000 slot machines. Do you think they would be able to put all those games and machines in their casino IF there was a good chance you would win money?  

The best thing you can do is take a coupon in for the buffet and start with the expensive items! Lamb, shrimp, crab cakes, steak or sushi (not rolls). Asparagus instead of corn!  LEAVE the salads and cheap jello desserts and go for the chocolate. Take a ziploc for snacks and Splenda to extend your pleasure!  At least you'll take away something.

Avoid the fancy restaurants because a steak is: $39 for a 8 oz filet and a breast of chicken is $28 at the Great Oak. Shoot, which is much more than a BUCKET with sides at KFC.  a plate of SPAGHETTI is $18 and that's with NO MEATBALLS at Paisano's.

STAY away from the machines.
REMEMBER, Pechanga has cheated their own people to make their share of the pie much larger. So you know that: IF THEY CHEAT THEIR OWN, THEY'LL CHEAT YOU

Exactly how do you think that each Pechanga member can be paid $360,000 per year, five years ago? (We heard the per capita was now lower)  By you WINNING? Hardly.  They DID win by stealing over $450 MILLION dollars from fellow Tribespeople.

Take $20 and if you don't hit it big, QUIT. If you win more than 25% STOP PLAYING and go home with your winnings.

Like in the movie War Games, the answer is:
The only way to win is NOT TO PLAY