Tuesday, June 13, 2017

BIA, Weldon Loudermilk, Amy Dutschke and Javin Moore SUED for Civil Rights Violations, Fraud and Conspiracy By San Pasqual

Bureau of Indian Affairs
Pro Indian, or just SOME Indians

Issues of abuses by the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) at San Pasqual are reaching critical mass for both San Pasqual members AND the descendants that have been denied their rights as Indians, so that NON Indians can benefit.  
Amy Dutschke, a Miwok, Allen Lawson & Cheryl Calac have 1/32 Mesa Grande blood, but they have 1/8 Miwok blood through their mother, Lena Montes.

Amy Dutschke and Ursula
Never seen together..coincidence?
It leads to these questions:

Did Amy Dutschke conspire with Allen Lawson & Cheryl Calac to harm the San Pasqual Indians?  Did she disregard the law to appease a fellow Miwok?

Will U.S. Attorney George Manahan seek JUSTICE, or just side with the Bureau of Indian Affairs?

Recent court filings show the complaints, you can find that here:

San Pasqual Complaint Part One

Interesting to note, that the San Pasqual TRIBAL officials have turned their back on the very agency that helped them screw over dozens of Indians on their behalf.

Read this from an amicus brief filed ..in Black v. Alto

"We hold that the exercise of jurisdiction was proper, and that the Band is not a required party for the adjudication of the claims underlying the preliminary injunction, as they concern solely the propriety of final agency action.


Anonymous said...

"Did Amy Dutschke conspire with Allen Lawson & Cheryl Calac to harm the San Pasqual Indians? Did she disregard the law to appease a fellow Miwok? ?
To answer this question:
HELL YES SHE DID! this thing most definitely conspired with thise thieving pigs! She is no good! Alln is a damn thief and a lying sack of shit and as for Cheryl Calac? Well lets just say she is a sad excuse for a human being along with Lawson, Toler, and the rest of the BC currently illegally holding a stolen tribal government office on my rez! Their time is coming very very soon! You will all reap what you have sown for many years! Get out of my rez you can lying pig faces!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Amy is no good, she was set up to be Regional Director by Howard Dickstein, knowing that she would do anything it takes. She does not care about all Natives she only cares about the leaders and those who have money for her.