Monday, January 30, 2023

San Manuel Donates $350,000 to YUROK Tribe To Investigate #MMIP

San Manuel works for ALL of Indian Country.  This is a big boost to help with Missing and Murdered Indigenous People

“On behalf of the Yurok Tribe, I would like to sincerely thank San Manuel for investing in our effort to end the MMIP crisis in Northern California,” said Joseph L. James, the Chairman of the Yurok Tribe. “The investigator and ancillary resources will significantly increase our capacity to address existing and future MMIP cases.”

“There is an urgent need to hire a permanent investigator, who is solely focused on MMIP,” said Yurok Tribal Court Director Jessica Carter. “The Yurok Reservation is in a rural, economically disadvantaged area, where there are extremely limited resources for the investigation of current MMIP cases, not to mention those that have gone unsolved for long periods of time. We are hoping to fill this critical position as soon as possible.”

The grant provides resources to establish a database to analyze patterns in missing persons cases and identify potential perpetrators. Also, a portion of the San Manuel award will be invested billboard space to raise awareness about specific cases.

San Manuel Band of Mission Indians Tribal Youth and MMIP advocate Raven Casas says the Tribe remains dedicated to the MMIP issue, which the group of youth advocates will continue to support. “Countless lives have been lost at the hands of those who do not value Native lives. We are encouraged that the Yurok Tribe is continuing the path towards justice for MMIP victims.”

The new Tribal Court investigator will be housed within the Yurok Tribe’s Office of the Tribal Prosecutor. The investigator, in coordination with the tribal prosecutor, will lend support to and supplement efforts of local law enforcement.

Sunday, January 29, 2023

CA Native American Truth and Healing Council Shows DEPRAVED INDIFFERENCE With February Meeting at Chukchansi

I KNOW!  Let's have a meeting at the most ABUSIVE TRIBE in CALIFORNIA!  

Gavin Newsom probably had a good idea for his Truth and Healing Council, a part of the Governor's Office of Tribal Affairs.   The 16 member Native American Truth and Healing Council was set up to give Californian's a view of the historical wounds CA's Native Americans have experienced over the centuries.  

As we who have been dismembered from our tribes in THIS century, via tribal disenrollment, it appears only SOME historical wounds matter.  And when they put one of the chief purveyors of stripping tribal citizenship for power, Mark Macarro, chairman of Pechanga on your committee, HOW SERIOUS can you be about truth or healing?

Mark Macarro

Friday, January 27, 2023

Pechanga Band of Indians Donates $100,000 to Monterey Park Murder Victims Fund

WELL DONE, Pechanga.  

The Pechanga Band of Indians in Riverside County has donated $100,000 to the Monterey Park Lunar New Year Victims Fund, according to Pechanga.

Pechanga and Monterey Park have a partnership, officials saying that the city “opened its arms to Pechanga more than a decade ago to partake and contribute to the excitement of its Lunar New Year Festival.”

Gabriel Galanda: Indigenous Kinship Renewal and Relational Sovereignty

Noted Indigenous Attorney Gabriel Galanda, a champion for Native Justice,  has a treatise up on Indigenous Kinship Renewal and Relational Sovereignty  It's a must-read for all.  Can tribes return to the "Indian Way"?   Disenrollment is NOT the Indian Way

“The simple fact of being born establishes one’s citizenship.”  - Vine Deloria Jr. 

The first part deconstructs the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1978 landmark decision in Santa Clara Pueblo v. Martinez to expose its distinctly economic underpinnings. That case exemplifies a steady erosion of Indigenous reciprocity, and concurrent rise of tribal per-capitalism and neocolonialism.  (OP:  Thurgood Marshall ruined the rights of Native Americans)

The second part suggests five actions that Native nations could take to restore inclusionary, duty-based kinship systems and rules. 

First, Native nations should replace blood quantum with alternative citizenship criteria rooted in traditional kinship principles.