Friday, January 27, 2023

Pechanga Band of Indians Donates $100,000 to Monterey Park Murder Victims Fund

WELL DONE, Pechanga.  

The Pechanga Band of Indians in Riverside County has donated $100,000 to the Monterey Park Lunar New Year Victims Fund, according to Pechanga.

Pechanga and Monterey Park have a partnership, officials saying that the city “opened its arms to Pechanga more than a decade ago to partake and contribute to the excitement of its Lunar New Year Festival.”

“As we mourn the victims of Saturday night’s tragedy, Pechanga’s commitment to the community remains unwavering, the Band said in a statement. “A contribution of $100,000 has been made to the victims’ fund in solidarity with their families and community.”

Gabriel Galanda: Indigenous Kinship Renewal and Relational Sovereignty

Noted Indigenous Attorney Gabriel Galanda, a champion for Native Justice,  has a treatise up on Indigenous Kinship Renewal and Relational Sovereignty  It's a must-read for all.  Can tribes return to the "Indian Way"?   Disenrollment is NOT the Indian Way

“The simple fact of being born establishes one’s citizenship.”  - Vine Deloria Jr. 

The first part deconstructs the U.S. Supreme Court’s 1978 landmark decision in Santa Clara Pueblo v. Martinez to expose its distinctly economic underpinnings. That case exemplifies a steady erosion of Indigenous reciprocity, and concurrent rise of tribal per-capitalism and neocolonialism.  (OP:  Thurgood Marshall ruined the rights of Native Americans)

The second part suggests five actions that Native nations could take to restore inclusionary, duty-based kinship systems and rules. 

First, Native nations should replace blood quantum with alternative citizenship criteria rooted in traditional kinship principles.   Second, Native nations should renew kinship terminology to eliminate neocolonial identifiers.   Third, Native nations should outlaw disenrollment and bring their relatives home.   Fourth, Native nations should lift enrollment moratoria and welcome their lost generations. Lastly, Native nations should—after pausing to understand the colonial legacy of federally sanctioned monetary distributions to tribal individuals—cease per capita payments and reinvest in community revitalization. 

By drawing on Indigenous traditions of reciprocity and shared destiny, Native nations should reconcile their peoples’ modern individual rights with their customary obligations and duties to one another. Through these strategies, Native nations can engage in a new paradigm of relational sovereignty, whereby Indigenous human existence is exalted and protected over individual power and profit.

Monday, January 23, 2023

CA Native American Truth and Healing Council Shows DEPRAVED INDIFFERENCE With February Meeting at Chukchansi

I KNOW!  Let's have a meeting at the most ABUSIVE TRIBE in CALIFORNIA!  

Gavin Newsom probably had a good idea for his Truth and Healing Council, a part of the Governor's Office of Tribal Affairs.   The 16 member Native American Truth and Healing Council was set up to give Californian's a view of the historical wounds CA's Native Americans have experienced over the centuries.  

As we who have been dismembered from our tribes in THIS century, via tribal disenrollment, it appears only SOME historical wounds matter.  And when they put one of the chief purveyors of stripping tribal citizenship for power, Mark Macarro, chairman of Pechanga on your committee, HOW SERIOUS can you be about truth or healing?

Mark Macarro

Why does the historical trauma get more attention than the current 21st century trauma our elders and our youth experience now, when it matters to the LIVING?   Are bones more important than people? Tribal disenrollment in Indian Country is a sort of paper genocide. It's nothing compared to the horrors in Africa, however, tribes have eliminated large percentages of their people.  

California is COMPLICIT in the ongoing abuse of it's living Native Americans  

The February meeting of the Truth and Healing Council is going to be held at the casino of the state's MOST EGREGIOUS disenrolling tribe, the Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians, which has eliminated FIFTY PERCENT of their tribe THIS CENTURY.

Read more on Chukchansi.  They are HORRIBLE

Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians
Picayune Rancheria  > So bad, even the NEW YORK TIMES got it
Chukchansi thuggery
Nancy Ayala > Native American Hall of Shame member
Chukchansi disenrollment

As John McEnroe famously said, YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!  To reward an abusing tribe like Chukchansi is depraved indifference to the suffering of their people BY the leaders of the tribe.

Compare what's happened to native Americans by disenrolling tribes in California:

Stripped tribal members of their citizenship
Denied voting rights to members
Taken away rightful healthcare to seniors
Blocked access to land on the reservation
Denied members due process of law, including legal representation, even writing tools.
Prohibition of practicing religion, including the right to pray at their ancestor's graves.
Threatened others if they speak out violating free speech
Subjected some to ex post facto laws.
Banishment from reservation at a whim.
Failure to follow the tribal constitutions (Pechanga's Macarro did)
Disallow burials where their ancestors were buried. We are surprised we haven't had to dig up our ancestors and have them buried elsewhere.

Tribal Disenrollment is "Like Being Raped,Then Going to the RAPIST for Justice"

This is TRUTH, why aren't they looking at HOW TO HEAL this TRAUMA?   Why does Gavin Newsom choose civil and human rights violators to be on his commissions? Get serious Gavin.

Send them an EMAIL and express your moral outrage: