Thursday, March 23, 2023

Is Gavin Newsom Losing Control on California's Tribal Gaming Business? RINCON Goes FEDERAL on Oversight

 Interesting news on the tribal gaming front in California. The Rincon tribe has OPTED OUT of State Oversight according to this San Diego Union Tribune article.   Rincon was one of the first tribes to open a bingo hall in California, and Bo Mazzetti has been fighting for their right of sovereignty for decades.

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          Ariana Drehsler / For The SD Union-Tribune

With California and the tribe unable to reach agreement in the years since, Mazzeti said Rincon entered into an interim arrangement known as a secretarial procedure that allowed it to operate its casino under federal approval instead of state approval.  Read Schwarzenegger is a political blackmailer

On Nov. 21, the state and tribe agreed the regulatory role would permanently shift to the NIGC and the tribe would no longer need to reimburse California for regulatory costs, a spokesperson for Gov. Gavin Newsom said in an email. The agreement with the NIGC was signed Jan. 3, said a spokesperson with the federal agency.

Elizabeth L. Homer, a tribal gaming attorney in Washington D.C. and former NIGC vice chair, said that moving away from a state gaming compact can increase sovereignty and self-governance. In California, she said, tribal gaming compacts often include stipulations related to child support enforcement or environmental policies.

“Compacts are really only supposed to govern the conduct of Class III gaming and are not intended as a mechanism for the state to start pressing its policies onto tribal governments,” Homer said.

Although the tribe will no longer be under the state’s gaming regulation, that doesn’t mean there won’t be an abundance of regulatory oversight.

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