Saturday, February 5, 2022

BEIJING OLYMPIC Games: I will NOT Be Watching the Communist China Games

 I will be that ONE grain of sand that might get into the eye of an oppressive government.  Will you?

They violate the rights of millions of people, China gave the world the COVID 19 virus that killed my friends.    WHY would I watch?  I'm not getting money from China, like LeBron James

China won't bow to pressure from us, because it's not widespread enough.  I'll be an arrow in that quiver for justice. Will YOU?

I do not spend my money at tribal casinos of tribes that have violated the humanity of their own people via disenrollment.  I have a TOP TEN LIST of tribal casinos to avoid.  Currently our friends in the Nooksack 306 are in the media over their elders being evicted from their homes.  Boycott them as well.

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