Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Disenrolled Saginaw Chippewa Judy Potter Leaves Final Thoughts on Disenrollment

Sad news from Michigan that JUDY POTTER, Saginaw Chippewa member who was disenrolled, was tragically killed in a traffic accident.  She left these words, shared with the BIA and Dept. of Interior and more which are embedded below on what she and her family have endured because of decisions made by Saginaw Chippewa's councils.   READ and SHARE with YOUR elected representatives.  #STOPDISENROLLMENT can't be a ONCE a year activity

Judy Potter Disenrolled
From Saginaw Chippewa

How do you explain the loss of ones citizenship, the loss of their rights to a community, the right to vote, the right to be apart of decisions for that community, the right to participate spiritually, culturally, the loss of your heritage, you are literally wiped from the pages of existence in your own tribe, with your own people.

You can not quantify that loss, for it is unimaginable, beyond heart breaking, it is beyond devastating. Imagine proving who you are in a system that you did not create, a system created by the United States government.


Anonymous said...

She fought a good fight. May she walk on in peace. The ones responsible for the pain they caused will eventually pay, and they will not walk on in peace.

twitch said...

She is a brave woman, she deserves to enjoy peace!

Anonymous said...

Love you nanny