Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Has the California Tribal Business Alliance JUMPED THE SHARK? Two of Three Member Tribes UNDER FIRE for Corruption

We wrote last year about the California Tribal Business Alliance and one of their three members, the PALA BAND of Luiseno Indians:

A Gaming Tribe consortium led by the DESPICABLE ROBERT SMITH, is against a state exercising their sovereignty in the internet gaming area. Meanwhile, the rotund leader of the Pala Band of Indians in CA, wields sovereignty like a club to beat the weak of his tribe. 
Almost immediately after New Jersey legalized Internet gambling, an alliance of American Indian tribes operating thousands of miles away issued a statement decrying the move, accusing the state of weakening gambling license requirements.
The California Tribal Business Alliance’s reaction was a testament to the far-reaching effect of New Jersey’s decision in February, affecting a debate American Indian tribe casinos have grappled with for years even though no tribes operate in New Jersey, observers said.

NOW,  that a 2nd member of the CTBA, The Paskenta Band, with Leslie Lohse under fire for corruption:

A $3 million jet and more than 162 ounces of gold are at the center of a simmering dispute within the Paskenta Band of Nomlaki Indians in California.

John Crosby, the tribe's economic development officer, says the jet and the gold were purchased with tribal funds. They are being held in undisclosed location due to a dispute with Chairman Andy Freeman.

“I did buy the gold for the tribe,” Crosby told The Sacramento Bee.

But Freeman says Crosby was not authorized to buy $209,000 in gold. And he accuses Leslie Lohse, who has been serving as treasurer of the tribe, of using the private jet for personal trips, including some to see her son -- Kyle Lohse, plays for the Milwaukee Brewers.
All told, Freeman claims Crosby and Lohse stole $10 million from the tribe. But they showed employment contracts to the Bee that authorized the tribe to extend $5 million lines of credit to each one of them.
Lohse also claims the dispute began when Freeman asked the tribe for funds to buy a third house. The chairman disputed that accusation.

CAN THIS GROUP really be taken seriously anymore?


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't Lohse have to declare her "free" plane rides as income?


Anonymous said...

Change is good, but acts being allowed inside that our ancestors went through from outsiders is not our way I believe (apartheid, dis enrollment, lies, greed ect.). Criminal acts (unwanted sexual acts, drug use, stealing ect.) on others is different. Disagreements & unsettled questions is a different thing and should be handled together inside. Misusing customs and traditions to hold power, telling lies to outsiders to justify your actions is not our way either. These acts are running through because $$ is blinding, and people are forgetting these acts could be used against them. They would feel uncomfortable too, feeling their children watch the bad mistakes. No one is going anywhere.