Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Covid 19: Tribal Sovereignty Allows Casino Tribes to Withhold Information on Covid 19 Contact Tracing Leaving Patrons without

When CA tribal Casinos opened up against the wishes of Gov. Gavin Newsom. Tribes put their concerns for cash, over the health and safety concerns of CA's health experts.  

Since the casinos reopened, San Diego county public health officials say 112 employees and 196 patrons with confirmed COVID-19 diagnoses visited a local casino within 14 days of their illness. The 308 cases are as of Oct. 5 and include three people who died.

From a report by KFMB news San Diego  but here is a video on how Coronavirus (COVID 19) attacks our bodies

Public health officials have confirmed that more than 300 of the county’s residents who contracted COVID-19 reported visiting a casino shortly before testing positive

SAN DIEGO COUNTY Protecting Tribes?
But the county won’t disclose whether any community outbreaks occurred at local casinos because they’re on tribal lands. The tribal governments have released little information and aren’t subject to federal and state disclosure laws as sovereign entities.

The good of the citizens of the county, are outweighed by tribal sovereignty?  Or tribal contributions to local politicians?

In early September, we wrote on this story:

Former RINCON HARRAH"S Resort GM in VALLEY CENTER SUES over COVID 19 Health Concerns

Pala Casino Spa Resort in North County, for example, has reduced its transportation program but continues to bus in guests from throughout Southern California.  That's a good way to spread the virus, during extended travels, yet, the county won't require disclosure?

Sovereign right to withhold information that could protect the health of our citizens, doesn't MAKE it RIGHT.  Demand that information be gathered and shared.

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