Wednesday, February 9, 2022

I Call on All 11,000 Disenrolled Native Americans to GIVE NARF What they Deserve: ZERO DOLLARS

The Native American Rights Fund is soliciting donations for Valentines Day

NO MONEY for Native American
Rights Fund.

Instead of flowers, give fairness.
Instead of jewelry, give justice.
Instead of chocolate, give change.
This #ValentinesDay, give the gift of justice to the ones you love by donating in their honor!

I call on all 11,000 Disenrolled Native Americans to GIVE @NDNrights (twitter) the support they have given we disenrolled over the past two decades.

We should be able to raise ZERO DOLLARS easily. Equal to the ZERO FUCKS they've given us.
They jump all over the REDSKINS nickname fight, but brought on disenrolling chieftain Mark Macarro to their board. Because denying civil and human rights, abusing elders and children, stealing per capita, banishment is okay as long as there's no mascotry?


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