Monday, February 11, 2019

Sexual Predator Pechanga Member Instrumental In Disenrollment of Two Families ARRESTED AGAIN

Former Pechanga Chairman
Vincent Ibanez
Old age isn't a deterrent from sex crimes, apparently, but no children were involved this time.   The man, whose statement from prison the Pechanga Tribe was HAPPY to use in the disenrollments of the Hunter Family was arrested AGAIN on suspicion of sexual crimes charges, which according to Riverside Sheriff's Arrest Log include:
243.4(B) - Sexual Battery On Institutionalized Victim
667(A)(1) - Conviction Of Prior Serious Felony Offense
29800(A)1 - Addict in Possession of Firearm
One of the statements against us was from former Pechanga chairman Vincent Ibanez who wrote a letter from prison, where he was finishing up a sentence for child molestation, in which he says, “I praise you for all your hard work and wish you all success in beating these imposters and all of the others too. I only wish I could be there to sense the real Pechangas coming forward.” Read more HERE.

THIS is the type of person the Pechanga Tribe was HAPPY to use against us, even if he was wrong...


Anonymous said...

The firearm complaint will be thrown out because Mr. Ibanez said he was just going to shoot some dice.
Didn't they already name a guitar after this man.

Anonymous said...

You better pray that they don't cut your dick off Vincent because then you would have to squat to pee.