Monday, December 9, 2013

Tracey Avila Dies; Receives FINAL JUSTICE for her Mistreatment of Rancheria Families

Tribal Chairwoman Tracey Avila of Robinson Rancheria died on Wednesday night from complications while on dialysis. She also suffered a stroke. She was 52. I hope she had the decency to repent.

Avila was accused of stealing more than $60,000 from the Elem Pomo Tribe. She used to be the tribe's fiscal officer.

Elem's own investigation led to the conclusion that Avila had allegedly taken the funds through three principal methods – increasing her hourly pay rate without authorization, giving herself unapproved pay advances and signing several of her family members up for health care coverage but not having the required premiums deducted from her paycheck, Attorney Dutschke's letter stated. Her trial was repeatedly delayed amid concerns about her declining health. She suffered from diabetes and kidney failure and recently had a stroke, her attorney said.

 Avila had police with ASSAULT WEAPONS, evict members: It was a cold, rainy day on the Robinson Rancheria today, when two Tribal Police Officers came to the door of Monica Anderson's house on Quail Top Drive with assault rifles in their hands. Monica was being evicted because her husband belongs to the Duncan clan, a clan who Tribal leader Tracey Avila has spent the past year trying to eradicate from the Rancheria for no other reason than the patriarch, Clayton, speaks out against the wrongdoing he has witnessed there since Avila took control of the administration of the Robinson Band of Pomo people. Read more on Robinson Rancheria:

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