Saturday, February 5, 2022

Corrupt Nooksack Tribe DEMANDS United Nations RETRACT Their Statement On Forced EVICTIONS of ELDERS


The Nooksack Tribe has it's feathers ruffled by the act of the United Nations.   Apparently, they are upset that the UN took the word of Attorney Gabriel Galanda, whom they DISBARRED and banished from their kangaroo court system, because he was kicking their asses so badly.

You can read their letter below.  The Nooksack disenrollment was not lawful.  The Tribal Leaders are NOT to be trusted.  Learn more about the Nooksack issue here   The Nooksack tribe REFUSED to take filings from the 306, should the UN respond in kind?


Anonymous said...

Great effort by the Nooksack 306 in keeping their issue in the media. Something many other disenrolled have failed to do.
Is it too late?

Anonymous said...

It's never to late to fight unless you give up.

Mimi said...

What Tribe calls out the UN?!? It just goes to show the Power Nooksack Council thinks they have and want to keep.